Sunday, March 31, 2013

Neil Keenan Easter Sunday Update by Drake

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Neil Keenan Easter Sunday Update

by Drake
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Anonymous said...

Video is listed as private. So where is the update?

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Anonymous said...

First time seeing or hearing Mr. Niel Keenan and I am greatly disappointed. Unless he is a more astute person than what he says on this video, his oversight of this task does not seem to be within his abilities at all.
Reasons for concern-
- He said it started out as a one man venture and now there are three or four.
- He said he will need help from others to do accounting,
- He said he will just file papers from 'Lawyers' and that should do it.
- He could not even name the current U.S. Attorney General and said he had been away so long he could not remember. WHAT?

How can a person be involved with negotiations or representations on an international basis without knowing WHO the prime participants are in a brokered agreement?
How can one trust active 'statutory lawyers' to speak actively for the best interests of any 'common peoples' anywhere?
Did he even hint of a plan to have auditors or independent accountants come to an understanding as to how to proceed.
And once again, he does not seem to have a clue that it is going to take more efforts than just three or four others to get this gigantic world-sized boulder to begin to move while not even speaking about rolling along.
Am I disappointed in seeing the current status? Well, I hope the celestial helpers and advisors are more on the ball than Mr. Keenan, otherwise, I might as well finish perfecting my 6th dimensional death ray - it looks like I may need it sooner than I thought.