Friday, March 29, 2013

Casper 3-29-13

This is one of the few times I post Casper 'the packie boy' postings. I actually agree with much of what he saying. We are being lied too by these intel sources and we are being played. Even I cannot rely anymore on the stories we are being told. I know of at least 7 times were Obama has stopped the RV.

Now does this mean Poofness, who idolizes Obama is in league with the Bad Guys?
John MacHaffie

As usual our Intel is different than that of other messengers. It says that OBAMA continues to block EVERYTHING just as WE have been reporting for many many months, even years.

While others were reporting Hillary under house arrest, she was partying in New York that weekend and on television the following Monday pushing gay marriage.

While others were reporting Lew and Lagarde in China that weekend (celebrating) our sources say Lagarde was in Europe dealing with the Cyprus situation and Lew was still in the States until the following Monday when he did finally go to China. His meetings did not go well, went very badly in fact, and even now, those truly in the know, will not discuss the specifics.

Obama is PERSONALLY blocking everything just as WE have reported to you on a hundred previous occasions, saying no one deserves any money except himself.

Obama is, in our view, a Communist who is intentionally destroying historical America by spending it into oblivion with the intent of installing a New World Order/Communist World Government/Police State with himself as its HPIC (head puppet in charge).
It is difficult to watch as half our population sells their souls and their freedom and their children for a Government Check while the other half is bankrupted trying to pay for it.
He has established in full view a Police State, bypassing Congress and ‘ruling’  the country via Executive Orders. No amount of bullets or body bag purchases or cameras or domestic drones or tanks are sufficient to awaken a zombie constituency unable to observe the obvious.
CONTROL is his objective as with every true Communist.
He has recently graduated his first class of ARMED young people (250/brown shirts) in keeping with his pledge that he must have a domestic force at his command equal in size to that of the military.
The Fiat Status Quo Monetary System is the source of his/their CONTROL without which they could not survive hence his continuous blockage of any and all prosperity for the people. There should be a vote by those he has not managed to hypnotize or brain wash: Should the word tattooed on his forehead be “EVIL” or “SATAN”?

Vast sums of ‘funny money/thin air money/e-currency’ continue to be manufactured and distributed by the Fed Res/Corporate Govt. partnership. Domestically its running 100B and more monthly, not the 85B announced by Bernanke.
The Ron Paul partial audit of the Fed disclosed that 16T had already been sent to Europe at that time, another 1.2T in January of this year shows there is no let-up.
In the midst of this they would have the world believe tiny Cyprus is a problem.
B.S., it’s a test of the peoples reaction to the outright theft of bank account deposits by the Banking/Govt. Partnerships. That and the other motive of ‘scaring’ money out of the banks and into the manipulated equity markets. Much of the monthly e-currency created domestically by the Fed finds its way to the PPT (Plunge Protection Team) which is keeping the Stock Market artificially pumped up to help with the illusion that 50 million people reduced to food stamps is not reality. “Are you going to believe me” says Obama, “or those lying eyes of yours”? The outcome of all this is already visible in gas and utility and health care cost and in prices and reduced size packaging in super markets.
You ain’t seen nothing yet.
Not even his highness Obama can repeal the basic laws of economics.
Inflation will hurt the poor more than anyone else and once again the Liberals will have proven that their rank ignorance of economics will devastate those they profess to help. It is as if their brains were inserted upside down and backwards.
Want to see the inevitable outcome presuming Obama continues to successfully block deliveries?
Take a look at Detroit where they (the Democrats) ran wild for decades spending Billions and Billions, tens of, dozens of Billions of taxpayer funds until finally the taxpayers had enough, got up and left and now the whole city is a ghetto.

This week other messengers had Lew, Lagarde and Wu in Reno. On the day that bogus Intel hit the internet LaGarde was in Brussels and the day before that in France our sources say. WE are virtually never ‘on the same page’ as others likely because WE are not dependent upon the twice each week B.S. put out by Obama’s ‘Agency’ dis-info teams.

WE continue to hear that Lew and Lagarde are not ‘on our side’ as so many others profess including the Dinar Crowd.

While the U.S. has only 17 or so percent voting rights in the IMF there are provisions requiring 85% approval for them to do anything important therefore the U.S. has Veto Power therefore Obama controls the IMF and Lagarde just as he was bragging  that he does as previously reported. Lew was Obama’s Chief of Staff and prior to that led CITI into the toilet.
Do you really believe Lew is doing anything other than he is instructed to do by Obama?

Until those seeking answers and understanding are able to overcome their desperate need to believe Obama is a good guy wanting deliveries done they will never be able to understand what is going on and this includes, especially includes, the ‘Celestial Messengers’ who continue their FALSE REPORTING claiming Obama is a good guy supporting the new.
The opposite is true and has been true all along just as WE have reported on a hundred occasions over the last four plus years.
He and all the other employees and defenders of the CORPORATION and the FIAT FED RES care only about preserving their personal power and their taxpayer funded Gravy Train and they are all in on the preservation of the Status Quo together, not just the Democrats.

Time and time again Obama has ‘pretended’ to be in favor of the new which is the stance other messengers have reported to you.
Time and time again when push comes to shove, when it is again time to ‘push the button’ so to speak, Obama stops it. Not Obama’s ‘handlers’ although they are likely giving the orders.


                          Casper   3-29-13            


Anonymous said...

Right on John, agree too and always did in Casper. He always ripped Bush and now Obummer, and always appeared to say what's real.

Anonymous said...

Disinfo here and disinfo there. Each playing off each other. Fact is, there are PP Packs, NESARA, St Germaine funds, and will be no RV. Just a bunch of disinfo agents with their own agendas. If you don't get it by now, you never will. You'll be waiting until hell freezes over and then some.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading Casper and Poof since they started posting many years ago. Casper gets it right - we don't have deliveries yet, do we? On the other hand Poof writes a fantasy post every week. He has been saying the same thing every week for the past 10-12 years. It is apparent that Poof knows nothing - just thinks he does.

Obama does not want the Americans to be prosperous. That is obvious by now because of the stoppage he has caused. His plan seems to be the destruction of America and the people and so far he is doing a pretty good job.

We should applaud Casper for his ability to find the truth and then writes a post to keep us informed. His effort is truly appreciated by all who believe what he tells us. He has been right every time......................

Anonymous said...

well I am suffering from intel fatigue and am now convinced that all of this is nothing more than a psyop. As much as I love Poof, because he cracks me up every Sunday, I never resonated with O being on the good side of anything and it just keeps getting worse. Why they can't take him out also escapes me. That being said, I have not been a fan of Casper but then again, although we do see massive changes going on global, the US just keeps going down the tubes and nothing good seems to materialize with this President in power. The only thing that keeps me going is a "knowing" that we win in the end and the end is our generation.

Anonymous said...

It makes alot of sense even though I am depressed about it. I do believe that Lew is a white hat because i heard them talk about him a year or so ago and did not know who he was at the time.

Steve G said...

JC! What the hell is it now!? Its on, its not on! Its on, its not on!! What the hell am I supposed to believe anymore?! I have had a problem believing Casper before but I'm not so sure I don't now...How could ONE man hold up the freedoms and liberties of 190+ countries!? Going back to NOT believing Casper, why aren't THEY sanctioning HIM!? This piece of garbage has to go! I NEED MY MONEY NOW!!! Seriously, what the hell is going on and how much longer do I have to wait?!

Anonymous said...

damn it hurt me to think that Poof is a bad guy but in the case of O, I believe Casper and Elvis.

Anonymous said...

Poofness is some faggot OBOT. I've never trusted him. I don't trust anyone who thinks obama is a good guy.

Anonymous said...

How could Poof be in bed with the bad guys ? He is one of the original 5 rogue agents that old man Bush wants dead. Poof gets his info directly from the office in Virginia. Always remember and don't ever forget .. Mike Kodoski told us to listen to Poof.

Casper told us 3 years ago that 10,000 bankers were arrested. NOT

Casper told us that Bush and Cheney were placed under house arrest .. in the White House. NOT But funny.

Casper told us years ago that we were receiving our money thru 37 debit cards. NOT

And then there were all the tarmac stories. Always a hoot.

Casper, who made sense a few times over the past year, can not be taken seriously.

Where has he been anyway? I bought a wreath. I thought he died.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this report rings true. If Lew was not the guy to take Obama’s (or his handler’s) order, they would not have placed him there.
Yes, I am losing faith in Poof because he talks so highly of Obama as well as the “way showers” or the “light workers”.
Something is very wrong with the entire picture, and we may be headed to the FEMA camp, the slaughter house while waiting for the RV.
So what can we do to save this nation and its people?
Any new ideas?

Anonymous said...

stop lying bitch

Anonymous said...

Casper to my opinion knows absolutely nothing. T o say Obama is blocking anything is utter stupidity, shows he knows nothing about how the government is run. Who really is in control of the money? If you think Obama you need to go back to school. Blaming the president for everything that goes wrong is utter childishness and ignorance of the highest order.

Anonymous said...


You "haters' are ALL Chattering OBAMA? Are you Nuts? Who Gives an F*** whether it's

GHWB,Gorge Jr. Or Obama EVERYONE HAS TO GO NOW! When you FOOLS keep "Yammerin"

Obama this, Obama That it is 100% Friggin OBVIOUS YOU Just have a Racist Problem! These

Fools (Rothschilds etc) WILL DO ANYTHING & EVERYTHING To keep you Numb NUTS from

Addressing THE REAL Problem! SHUT UP "Obama/BUSH" Any of these PUPPETS (Does NOT

matter which) IS Poison for this country & the Crackpots that say 60% suck because

They collect the SSI They paid into is despicable! STFU! ROTHSCHILD ROTHSCHILD

ROTHSCHILD & the 13 Black Nobility Families & Knights of Malta/Jesuits Rothschild

RUNS These BANKS FOR!-------That Ladies & Gents IS ALL THAT MATTERS!


John, Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

I agree John and don't blame you because it is true that you don't know who is feeding you misinformation or not anymore and I think Anon 10:40 is right this is exactly what they want us to believe anything and everything and nothing at all just to keep us from the "real" truth because that's just it now ... who even knows the real truth anymore. Exactly their game plan. I was listening to the Batman call and he tells another story, the one that most of us want to really believe but until we see any announcements or actual arrests publicly of people that really count like he said.. Bushes and Clintons...Nobody is going to believe anything anymore. That's why I remain watchful and only believe in myself.

Anonymous said...

Between Casper and Poof, Drake and Erasmus, The Galactics and Fulford, The Channelers, The Seers, The ET'S , People that dream, and The Ridiculous OPPT people, I have to admit, I am confused. Truth is, none of this guys have really EVER giving us anything solid. Is just a game for them, see who is going to sound more mysterious, who gives the most complicated twists, and while we are here being feed all this crap that actually NEVER happens, The Powers That Be continue to fulfill their agenda. Funny how all this gurus report this so called INTEL week after week and TPB don't seem to care, usually enemies of the Cabal either suffer murder by suicide, develop Cancer or simply disappeared, yet this people are allowed to report the "behind the scenes going ons" without any retaliation. Strange. Also strange NONE of them predicted the Pope's resignation. Is 2013 and Nothing has happened!

Anonymous said...

How about America has a revolution, but this time do it properly. Soon please, the rest of the world is sick of being bossed around by puppet barry, and it would create a serious problem for the handlers. Oh, and it might just be of help in waking up the rest of the fawning world, couldn't be buried outside mass media. Stop sitting around waiting for RV and Nesara, get on with it :D

Anonymous said...

Hear me now !!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Well said Anonymous 1:52am

When you have unlimited funds (they create money out of thin air and convince us that it is real), you can do just about anything you want. They have always known the best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition. All of the people you mention may be willing, unwilling, or unknowing accomplices. If the purpose of all this disinfo is to keep people from taking action, then it has been worth every fiat dollar they have spent (can you say - free???).

If I might humbly suggest that someone much wiser than I said, "You will know them by their fruits."

Under this standard, their fruits are, well, non-existant...