Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dinar Update 3 30 ,,,, Can you say GAZETTE??.... ITS NOW CLOSER THAN EVER !!!




Date: Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 1:05 PM
Subject: Can you say GAZETTE??

Well, here it is buddy, guess it's OFFICIAL!!!!!
from Eagle Has Landed

FinCEN FORM 104 specifically states "Currency Exchange" at Part II number 33 of the form. Also look on page four of the form at Item 33 and you will see "Currency Exchange"

Here is the FinCEN site which shows the correct form the bank will use to report the transaction will be FinCEN Form 104.

Peace, Eagle Has Landed

*** Please refer to the advice of a professional as to which Form(s) you should sign when exchanging IQD or VND for USD.

3-28-2013  Newshound Guru Stryker    Kobler Announces Border
Demarcations are Complete, One of the domino's is ready to fall,
Kuwaiti Prime Minister Maburak now can come to Baghdad and sign his
part of removing Iraq from Chapter VII to VI, domino #2...The
Domino's are getting ready to fall Folks.


3-29-2013  Intel Guru SteveI   We are aware of many things that we have not shared, and when I say done, I mean the major obstacles have been removed to allow the final process to take place. As you are all aware by now, Chapter VII is no longer an obstacle, the voting of the budget is no longer an obstacle. Yes a few final laws that have been in the works for some time will be completed. These are not new laws that just came up, but rather existing ones to wrap things up.  The budget is now in the hands of their legal ministry court or department to formally publish it.   

3-29-2013  Intel Guru SteveI     We all think April 1st is a very good date for this to happen because of the many underlying factors.  Ocrush said the budget will get posted in the Gazette by the 31st. There have been no amendments to allow for any additional delays.   We also know that the parliament is keeping their session open which means they can meet at any giving time to vote on the remaining few laws. Ocrush explained it to me that the Council of Ministers will have the approval(s) of all final laws for parliament in time to vote on Monday April 1st..

3-29-2013  Intel Guru SteveI      I have been told that they are all on board. I believe you will see a formal announcement next week regarding the lifting of Chapter VII.  Ocrush confirmed the new wages April 1st so that is also reassuring that we are still on track. Can things change? Heck yes. Will they change? Probably not. The entire economic stability of Iraq is riding on finishing these last little details.   The chasing is truly finally over. I think we finally caught it.  For me, there is no more work for me to do regarding posting...This is my goodbye post to this chapter. See you in the next one. 

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