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IMF Tax by Drake

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by Drake
                                           >  ATTENTION <
              There is no outside 'authority' that has any right to impose any 'tax' that
is not 'approved' by our legislative processes.
              This 'proposal' in its working paper format, is nothing more than the ghost
of another 'TAX' known as The Carbon Tax.
              Further, it has been shown that America is slow on the uptake in dealing
with impositions by International Institutions.
              These people figure that We The People can NOT raise a loud and strong
enough objection fast enough to Stop them...?
              It is these same people who decided that stealing our bank deposits was Not
a good idea. The objection was that strong.
              In order to 'enrich' those already rich, the idea comes in the form of a 'proposed'
TAX. The Carbon Tax was already 'Rejected' in several and various meetings,
international, national, and local.
              The reality of what America and its people are faced with is kicking the can down
the road, followed by the idea of 'Continuity of Government' at ALL Costs!
              Refusal to correctly apply 'balance' OR 'restraint' of our government spending on
themselves, has resulted in most of our present financial problems. When the outright
'Theft' is added in, the real problem becomes obvious, or should.
              In addition, NONE of any part of any of the 'Austerity' programs has done Anything
BUT make everything worse! Even so, None of those who are supposed to be representing
the people have taken any responsible actions of any kind to do so.
              The 'Battle Cry' is as it was heard a couple hundred years ago :
              To date NONE of our elected officials has kept their Oath of Office to our Constitution!
              None of our elected officials is even attempting to do their job.
The ideas of the multiple 'bailouts' was our Governments ideas, as such those responsible
NEED to pay the bills they created.
The financial wizardry of legally 'cooking the books' has been a work of art. Problem is
We The People have been watching and taking notes.
Further, the so called borrowing of funds that are obligated to specific expenditures, not
only needs to stop, BUT the funds 'taken/stolen' need to be paid back. It never was your money in
the first place!
Base social programs are 'already' paid for and are NOT increasing the debt!
ALL monies paid into the general account that are designated to pay for specific programs
Have to be left 'Untouched'! It does Not matter if there is more than is required for payouts. It matters
that The Federal Government has been 'taking' these funds without permission. THEFT!
Many of the several 'funds' have and have had, more than sufficient payments in to keep
them flush/paid for/running for a couple of hundred years.
I suggest everyone read the pdf from the link below. It is a copy of the IMF working paper.
For those who want to 'visit' the IMF they are located at :
700  19th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20431
The phone number is online.
The major problem in ALL of this are those who do nothing.
For all those who believe in our federal government and feel that they are being taken care of,
you might want to rethink the idea.
So far, the only advantage has been the access to welfare.
There have been cuts in food stamp programs across the nation, where are the riots?
Most of the small social programs, neighborhood clinics, public transportation subsidies, and
the section 8 housing assistance are to be cut to the bone or eliminated.
An expanding economy requires only one thing...Jobs! And no, I do not mean the sorry as $1.98
jobs that are the only thing out there. I mean a work into a decent wage (survival is $15/Hr) and a possible
career.  Seen any of this yet?
The Foreclosures should be a solid indication that 'we' got problems!
Guess who these foreclosure loans were made to? The poor, people of 'color' ( several races),
and anyone who was playing the 'grab and flip' games that gamed the system.
The second impact of nothing falls right in the laps of the Wealthy.
Taxes were raised, but with no cuts, then sequester those cuts!
None of the major projects ( thousands of jobs) have even gotten into a conversation...!
So these people are not making anything either.
IF anyone has been paying attention, they will know that the 'layoffs' and 'pink slips' were delayed
until well after the election.
Just the 'cuts' to Defense alone has some 800,000 pink slips/layoffs waiting... Reported to be
happening around April 5th.
Several high level financial institutions are talking several thousand layoffs each...
Note :
We paid off the Banks and our Legislators with the famous 'Bailouts'...
Out Treasury has sent hundreds of Billion$ to banks in the E.U.
Now We The People are to PAY the rest of the world?
You tell me, are your TAXES high enough already?
Who is it that 'Likes' some government clerk telling them How to live their life?
Obama Care says everyone who is overweight will pay more...
I strongly suggest that those who can, reverse course on most of the 'business as usual' and start
being 'representative' of We The People.
We might just be ready, willing, and able to manage Our Freedom much better than you have.
Drake IMHO
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