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7 Super-Effective Heartburn Remedies

7 Super-Effective Heartburn Remedies

Go 'Cuse! On to the Elite Eight!
Sorry, you non-basketball fans (and Indiana fans too).  I had to do that -- I'm from Central New York.
OK, on to today's topic...
I read an editorial recently by a mainstream medical practitioner discussing ways to help with heartburn that I found to be pretty forward-thinking.
It wasn't all about the latest acid reducers--as a matter of fact, the author actually discouraged use of them.
Plus she also DIDN'T regurgitate the same old tired advice-- avoid spicy, greasy foods, eat several small meals and sleep propped up on pillows, etc.
But there was one GLARING omission from the piece...
And by leaving that out, many people with heartburn will continue to suffer and may eventually cave in to the purple pill.
Let's take a look at some of these natural ways to beat heartburn, plus the one glaring omission that can make the difference between whether you'll sleep peacefully tonight or mimic a fire breathing dragon.

7 Natural ways to put out the fire in your chest
1) Fresh ginger
Fresh ginger root has been used since ancient times as a natural anti-inflammatory and a treatment for digestive conditions.
It can easily be peeled, sliced, diced or grated. You can stir it into barbecue sauces, steep it in a cup of tea, use it in a stir-fry, add some to smoothies or enjoy it thinly shaved with sushi.

2) Licorice
Licorice root is soothing to the mucous membranes of the GI tract and can promote healing.
However, the glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root can raise your blood pressure and lower potassium levels if you eat too much, so look for deglycerrhized licorice (DGL licorice) supplements in health food stores.

3) Slippery elm bark
Slippery elm bark is an herb which soothes mucous membranes and has been used as a remedy for stomach problems for centuries by European and Native American cultures.
You can brew a tea with slippery elm bark or purchase slippery elm lozenges at health food stores.

4) Quit the butts
Here's yet another addition to the long resume of health disasters caused by smoking. The toxins and chemicals in cigarette smoke encourage overproduction of acid in your stomach.
There are some good stop smoking programs and aides out there--pick the one that's right for you and do it.
Now don't get discouraged if you fall off the wagon! Most ex-smokers report having to try several times before they kicked the habit for good. Just keep trying.

5) Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera juice is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help soothe inflammation in the stomach or esophagus.
Aloe Vera is available at many health food stores and retail merchants.

6) Chiropractic treatment
The nerves along your spinal cord are closely tied with the vagus nerve, which wraps around your digestive organs. So having something awry with your spine can actually affect your digestion.
Many people have gotten tremendous relief from indigestion with chiropractic adjustments.

And now for the BIGGIE...the one glaring omission from the article I read...
7) Prevent heartburn to begin with through proper digestion!
This is the heart and soul of heartburn relief -- preventing it to begin with!
When you help your body accomplish digestion easily and completely, heartburn becomes a complete non-issue.
When your body can efficiently break down all your foods, there is no overproduction of acid to come gliding up into your throat. And your stomach contents can stay "where they belong" and move down into to the intestinal tract like they're supposed to, instead of getting burped up.
Ahhh, relief!
If that sounds good to you, here are the two simple steps you need to take to make a heartburn-free existence a reality for you...
Step 1- Food, glorious food
When you structure your meals carefully and pair together the right foods so that your stomach and intestines can tackle them easily, your digestion improves DRAMATICALLY.
That means: No more acid sliding up into your throat. And no sleeping propped up on pillows!
I will show you exactly what to in the Great Taste No Pain health system.  It's so simple.
Follow it and the fires of heartburn will be doused as quickly as your first meal!
And for those of you who are sensitive to gluten too, Great Taste No Gluten is for you.
Now don't worry -- you'll still be able to eat foods you love. You just need to be watch the foods you eat together so everything can be broken down efficiently.
And both the Great Taste No Pain and Great Taste No Gluten recipe books are loaded with delicious, easily digested creations that are sure to become some of your family's favorites.
Talk about a win-win -- delicious meals AND no heartburn afterward!

Step 2- A digestive helping hand from a bionic arm
Poor digestion and heartburn can also be the result of too FEW digestive enzymes.
You see, after years of eating hard-to-digest meals, you can diminish your body's ability to produce enough enzymes to digest your foods, because you've used up SO many trying to digest complex meals for SO long.
And when your body's done making enzymes, it's DONE. When that happens, your old "cast iron stomach" will give you trouble when you've been able to "eat anything you wanted" your whole life with no trouble.
Plus, eating cooked foods of any type inherently uses more of your body's enzymes because the naturally occurring enzymes in the food are reduced or destroyed the more you cook the your body has to do ALL the work.
Digestizol Max digestive enzyme formula can give your body a much-needed boost when you eat meats, dairy, starchy carbs, and any foods that have been cooked.
Digestizol Max is loaded with 14 natural, plant-derived enzymes (so it's even OK for vegetarians) that will help you break down everything you eat -- proteins, starches, carbs and fats alike.
Plus, its herbal formula can help soothe a cranky digestive tract.
Aaaahhh, you can almost feel the relief already!

Well, heartburn sufferer, are you ready?
There you have them--safe, natural ways to help soothe your GI tract, stop heartburn AND prevent it from happening again.
Now, like Dirty Harry says, you have to ask yourself one question:
"Are YOU ready to say goodbye to heartburn? Well, are you?"
I hope you are.
Because you can make the dream of a heartburn-free life a reality for you. Easily.
Start now.
To your good health,
Sherry Brescia
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Ron and Jean
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