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Leader of Anonymous (Owner of the official Youtube Channel) died - R.I.P. Bro

Leader of Anonymous (Owner of the official Youtube Channel) died - R.I.P. Bro

30 March 2013
Published on Mar 29, 2013
Leader of the Anonymous Group (Owner of the official Youtube Channel) died - R.I.P. Brother
I am TAM2(truths2012 is not tam), a trusted friend of TAM, the original owner of this  channel, and I have been keeping his channel running in the past several months he wasn't able to. This video was made by WorldUnitedAnonymous's channel, and I share the same message. We are all grieving. TheAnonMessage will always live inside of us...and we will not lose hope. Our condolences go out to the family and friends that knew him personally, wherever they may be...and our condolences also go out to "Ellie" who was presumably involved in a relationship with him prior to the kidnapping. If you see this, Ellie, know that you are not alone. We are all devastated by this.

Estimated Date of Death: March 24th, 2013
Presumably his last video:


Greetings citizens of the world,

Whether you know it or not, humanity has loss an amazing human. TheAnonMessage is no longer with us, he has passed away. TAM was so much more than a legendary Anon, TAM was a smart human being, he had a great sense of humor, yet was very serious when working on Anonymous operations. He knew exactly how to keep things short and simple without being confusing or uninspiring while getting an important point or message across.

Personally I was privileged to have many wonderful and truly moving conversations with TAM. I will always consider TAM my friend, he was and still is like a brother to me. He wanted humanity to be free, he dreamed of seeing the day when peace would surround the globe, when brothers and sisters would care for one another, when soldiers would lay down their arms and return to their families, leaving the battlefield forever.

Several months ago TAM was kidnapped, afterwords he went on the run in fear for his safety, pledging to return to Anonymous when he could. He died in a world of corruption and hate, yet his legacy and dreams live on in all of us. We have the power to honor TAM's dream and make it a reality! To many have died, technology today can prevent many of the deaths we see in the world. It's our duty to ensure everyone has access to that technology, and we have a duty to create new cures and technology for those that can't be saved by current technologies.

We need to unite for peace, TAM's dream is our dream. This is it, it's time to make a decision humanity! Are you going to continue to sit by while thousands of people like TAM die everyday? We don't simply want peace, we need peace to prevent the senseless deaths of fellow humans all around the planet. Our species is under attack by itself, we are our own biggest threat. Life is something we take for granted much too often, even worse we fail to protect the life of those we see around us. TAM never got to see peace on Earth in his lifetime, however we can ensure no one else dies before seeing that day.

This is your chance humanity, don't let everything TAM and so many others fought for be in vein!

Rest in peace TAM, you were one of a kind on Earth. You helped me when no one else would, I'll forever be in your debt.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive,
We do not Forget,
Expect us.

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Anonymous said...

There is never a real death . He just went on to a higher place to watch the end game playing out . Grateful for all the great souls to come to the earth to inspire and make us awaken from illusions of the 3D world .