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Grandma in Georgia Schools Senator Chambliss on Guns and More!

Grandma in Georgia Schools Senator Chambliss on Guns and More!

Glenn Canady
Note: This is one of the greatest letters I've ever read to Senator!  Any Patriot would be proud of Teri Hinkle who is a grandma from Georgia tired of Washing trying to take her guns!  I've never seen a grandma that is so  awake to the new world order and their scumbag agents in DC.  Spread this letter far and wide!   She wrote this letter after all emails to Senator Chambliss began bouncing back!  She wants this letter to go VIRAL so PLEASE share it with everybody you know!
Mr. Chambliss,
You are dangerously wrong..."I believe that the ability of sportsmen, hunters, gun enthusiasts and citizens concerned with their personal safety to own a gun, whether for sport or protection, is clearly defined in the Constitution and must not be compromised."
The founders were VERY clear about the purpose of the 2nd Amendment and it had nothing to do with hunting, sport or personal protection from street crime... it HAS everything to do with protection from treasonous leaders and out of control government. ANY usurpation of gun rights is in direct violation of the purpose of the 2nd Amendment and ANY representative who votes for or even abstains from voting on a single restriction of the rights of the people PROTECTED by the Constitution and Bill of Rights is guilty of a treasonous act.
Make no mistake Mr. Chambliss the American people have awakened and are watching every single move our representatives are making. The people have reached the line in the sand and are not going to tolerate any more encroachment into their private lives or violations of their rights endowed by their Creator. Governments do not endow rights and only dictators can give and take away privileges. We will not tolerate any more dictatorial and unconstitutional legislation. In fact we will not rest until all of the unconstitutional legislation including the immunity from it for those creating it is reversed!
We are watching while our law enforcement is militarized, our military conducts UNLAWFUL drills such as the gun confiscation in New Orleans during Katrina, the firing of blanks over the citizens of Miami and other cities recently, the movement of heavy arms and military machinery across the nation, the staffing of internment camps (please don't insult by denying that, you don't put gun towers and razor wire around emergency facilities designed to help people), our borders left wide open and our border patrol, state governors and private citizens prohibited from protecting them, our military using biological and chemical weapons on innocent people in the middle east destroying both the lives of unborn infants and our own men and women in uniform, DHS demonizing our returning vets as well as our veterans of other wars, obvious false flag events staged for political agenda, our children drugged on a massive scale in order to control them by a system of indoctrination designed to turn out a robotic work force in the public schools and our churches neutered by the government through the 501c3 and Christians once again being thrown to the lions! According to Agenda 21 and our out of control government I am deemed a domestic terrorist because I still believe in my Constitution and our REPUBLICAN form of government not to mention the ideal of patriotism, secure national borders, free markets and freedom from governmental tyranny!
Honor and truth is now so foreign to our members of Congress in this country that the people are finally realizing that the Fox has clearly decided to surround and destroy the hen house. The only thing standing in the way of a massive banquet featuring chicken soup for the Fox is the fact that the chickens are armed! The chickens are fully aware of what the Fox is up to which should be more than evident in the exponential rise in weapon and ammunition sales since Obama took office the first time and even larger the second. There is no such thing as "Continuity of Government" guaranteed by our Constitution. In fact in our form of Government (Constitutional Republic not Democracy), God is supreme over the people and the people are supreme over the states and the states are supreme over the federal government which has ZERO jurisdiction over the people (read the exact description of its jurisdiction in the Constitution)! No amount of BS or educational spin can change that or convince the American people that they must bow to the will of those in Washington D.C. who are governing by force, deceit and corruption and personal gain.
The American people sure as HELL are not going to bow to the will of the U.N. or the global genocide of Agenda 21. We've had enough and if Congress has become so inconsequential and cowardly as to kiss the feet of the global banking masters and the Communist U.N. instead of serving the people of this great nation, reign themselves in to the lawful parameters outlined by the Constitution and protect this nation and her people, the people will be forced to protect themselves.
That, Mr. Chambliss may be what is planned and being forced on us whether we like it or not and it will cost many innocent lives but any lives lost among those in collusion with the global take over of our country will be treasonous lives and certainly not innocent nor will they be lamented. All of you in Congress need to man up, accept the consequences of whatever dirty deals you have thus far been involved in and remember who you work for.
The people no longer buy the spin, the rhetoric and the excuses or the silly infighting and false red/blue debate. We know the parties are controlled by the same masters. We know it's all a big show to keep us distracted and occupied and we don't buy a word of it anymore. We also know that all three branches of government have been taken over by Lawyers and the one cliche we do believe in is that if any one of them is moving their lips they are lying! We're also well aware of the unlawful and illegal fourth branch of government created unconstitutionally with the passing of the Administrative Act which has resulted in a complete dissolution of due process, law and equal protection. Now we have so called judges who think they are immune from their own criminal actions on the bench! We absolutely know what "human resources" means and we are fully educated on the irrefutable fact that we have been traded on the open market as if we were cattle; unfortunately for those responsible we are not dairy cows, have opposible thumbs and more closely resemble a Texas longhorn! We are aware of the hundreds of thousands of people in prisons just for the purpose of securitizing them and lining the pockets of the crooks.
The gig is up and the people are fed up. Washington has squandered our nation's wealth, resources and honor and collapse is imminent. So what? We are American's and we know how to act like Americans to stand up and solve the problems we face, help each other and defend our liberty. Which side of the fence do you intend to place yourself on?
All the absurd political distractions streamed at us in the mainstream media have become less entertaining than Sponge Bob Square Pants and we don't even watch anymore unless it's to get a clue as to what you guys would LIKE to see us paying attention to instead of what we SHOULD be paying attention to. The division isn't working, we don't buy the BS race card, don't care who marries who (my neighbor can marry his dog if he wants to what do I care), don't care if Ms. Whatsherface gets birth control or not so long as we don't have to pay for her lack of moral terpitude, and couldn't care less if the banks collapse due to their massive ponzi scheme of theft and financial rape of the nation. We don't need money that isn't money but nothing more than imaginary zeros on a computer screen. We know what value is and we know how to create and build on a legitimate monetary system. We're not all a bunch of entitlement junkies lining up for "Bama Phones" and food stamps nor do we ever wish to. We know the difference between charity and redistribution and we know the later leads to totalitarian slavery, not buying it.
Shame on you all. It is true what they say you know, what goes around definitely comes around and the guilty know who they are and should be needing sleeping pills and eyes in the back of their heads. They won't escape the retribution they deserve though, fate is funny that way and we all reap what we sew in the end. We the people accept our part as we allowed the D.C. crooks a free reign for far too long and we will willingly step up to save that which has and is being stolen from us. Naturally we need eyes in the backs of our heads too, just to protect ourselves from the domestic enemies we have foolishly placed in office. No more spin Mr. Chambliss, it no longer works.
BTW.... the folks in Georgia now know about the illegal and unlawful Loyalty Oaths and the fact that we currently have not a single legally sworn judge, sheriff, representative, commissioner or any other elected official including Governor and AG. There has been a law suit filed on March 20, 2013, case number 2013-cv-167, for the illegal Loyalty oath and violation of Georgia law on the content thereof, sworn by Judge Thomas H. Wilson in the Superior Court of Munroe County Georgia. At last inquiry the clerk of said court is in direct and felonious violation of her oath of office by refusal to docket the case. Even the Attorney General's office has gotten in on the fun in an attempt to coerce the plaintiff, John Reynolds into dismissing the case. Of course upon further investigation it has been revealed that there are in fact NO lawfully sworn judges at this time to preside over the case, all of them having taken the same unlawful loyalty oath. Anyone care to read the Governor and Attorney General's Loyalty Oaths? No, the judges do not enjoy immunity from anything they have done while illegally presiding in Georgia's courts as they were not legally sworn judges (or elected officials either) when they did it. Unringing a bell is not possible and we cannot make things legitimate retroactively. The final part of the last sentence used in the oath under Georgia law must be: ", and I am not a member of the Communist Party." Just to make it easier you can look that up in Georgia codes 45-3-11 to 45-3-14. Funny how the Communists managed to take over our fair state just by omitting a comma and a few simple words isn't it? The question is, what are the people of Georgia going to do about it... what do you intend to do about it as a Georgian or are you going to try to duck that responsibility too?
Teri Hinkle... just a grandmother on a porch in Georgia who is not willing to relinquish that which her ancestors fought and died to provide to her.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Grandma.
We seniors seem to be the only people awake.
The young are too busy texting drivel to one another and haven't a clue what is going on.
But! they get to vote!
Not that that matters as the machines are rigged.