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Friday, October 21, 2011

Spirit Of The LORD --- 10/20/11

The Spirit of the Lord says:

I will always have a generation of warriors who are willing to walk in the realm of the Spirit with demonstrations of sign, wonders, and miracles. Arising from the ashes is coming My army that has been in preparation for the times that lie ahead. This new breed of conquerors will cause many of My front-line runners to begin to brush off their running shoes,in order to keep up. They have been practicing by doing My Word on a consistent basis. They have great evidence and confidence in Me and My abilities. They have kept fear at bay by knocking it down with great tenacity and perseverance. Their diligence shames the enemy and he cannot stop them, though he has tried many times. This mighty army is totally persuaded that My Word is all powerful and that My protection is sufficient. Many of My 'end time warriors' will give aid to places where My Word's fire has gone out, for they have My heart and passion and their desire for the Kingdom consumes them. The fire in them will heat up all that want more of Me, and at the same time burn down places that reject Me. Their minds have been made up and their hearts are fixed trusting in Me. And there is nothing that I will withhold from them. Heaven's portals are open wide over them, and they are willing to receive every gift that is available to them. I do not have to convince them that I Am for them, they know this assuredly! By their knowing they freely receive all. In the past I have had to plead and implore with My children to believe that I only had the best in My heart for them. I was limited in what I could do by their belief or unbelief, but this generation of warriors are open, ready, and willing.

These 'end time warriors' will usher in a desperation for all of Me. They will not be denied and I will not deny them anything that they ask according to My Word. They are increasing in strength and are very forceful against the kingdom of darkness, using all that have been given to them from heaven's open doors. The wind that thrust them forward is the true foundation of My love that keeps them motivated to go forward. They will not quit! Any of you can be one of My great 'end time warriors'. All you need to do is simply believe that I Am able to help you master any sin, iniquity, weakness, addiction, or anything that has lied to you and kept you from soaring. So come up to where the elevation is lighter and easier. To the place where you can see from afar and with greater clarity. Where living for Me and with Me becomes simple, because you have yielded to believing! The high place is choosing My Word and yielding to My Spirit.

And we receive from Him whatever we ask, because we [watchfully] obey His orders [observe His suggestions and injunctions, follow His plan for us] and [habitually] practice what is pleasing to Him. (1 John 3:22)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New publisher for nesaranews!

Please welcome Soaring Spirit! She shares many interesting articles and will be a great addition to nesaranews.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SOLSTICE: Communion of Souls

SOLSTICE: Communion of Souls

Article with graphics at:


Summer Solstice
is the longest day of the year when
there is an "official standstill" (equilibrium) for a few
days of Earth's yearly tilt towards and then away
from the Sun.  This marks the second of four
 seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter).

 This is the time when the seeds planted in spring
are at their maximum growth. It's a good time to
   ask yourself. "How is my personal life-garden
growing? Did I prepare the soil well?  Am I
nurturing opportunity for optimal growth?

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind
and nourish with repetition and emotion
will one day become a reality."
~ Earl Nightingale


The genesis of a new order of the ages is emerging.

Toxic inhumanity in mankind is now purging.

Global healing awareness is surging.

   Hearts and minds are merging.

<cut for brevity>

Take it from the 'top'... the highest principle at the heart of
 holistic healing in the quantum fields of one's own body...
  the spiritual frequencies of 'heart coherence' (equilibrium)
with peace, joy and loving kindness that clears all blocks
    to positive healing energies in your atoms, cells, body and
   the spirit that matters with conscientious common sense...
immunity against negativity:
(picture with quote)
"The cells in your body react to everything your mind says.
Negativity brings your immune system down."


Each soul has a connection to 'Creator' and one's
divine destiny in co-Creation with the larger
 eternal scheme of soul evolution.

Every soul is connected through the same process,
a 'communion of souls' you might say,
and 'Solstice' is a good time
for 'Soul Soaring'.


You are creating your summer with your
 beliefs, thoughts feelings and actions.

 Recognize your power as Co-Creator
 with the Divine Creator, and together,
 all things are possible with this higher
 power, wisdom and love of Creation.

 Great Love is the fruit of great souls.
 Those on inner planes support "
US ",
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Continued at: 'Solstice Communion of Souls'

by Christos Lightweaver

Previous article:
'Soul Soaring'

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nikola Tesla: Calling All Freethinkers!

Nikola Tesla: Calling All Freethinkers!

Tesla Coil

by Rand Clifford for Veterans Today

Humanity’s horizons glowed from the brilliance of Nikola Tesla. But to our horrible misfortune, the glow was much too bright for the Power Status Quo (PSQ). Money means power, and Tesla cost tycoons a lot of money by slaying with alternating current (AC) the dead-end direct current (DC) power distribution system of Thomas Edison (financed by J.P Morgan). More than forty of Tesla’s patents from 1888 cover the entire system of “polyphase” AC that, virtually unchanged, powers civilization to this day—a monumental lifetime achievement for any man.
But polyphase AC didn’t lead directly to the PSQ’s campaign of erasing Tesla from history. It was “Tesla’s Coil”, key to unlocking “Aether” and harnessing “Radiant Electricity”. The ultimate forbidden technology, Aether and Radiant Electricity was a primary focus of Tesla’s last forty years on Earth.
By tapping the Aether, by touching “…the wheelwork of nature”, Tesla illuminated visions of humanity freed from domination by the likes of Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller…the entire global tyranny machine powered largely by fossil energy, private central banking, war.
One man found an antidote for pathocracy, humanity’s premier poison.
[1] His name was Nikola Tesla; that remains one of the few things about the man that has not been altered by the PSQ. The name survives, but little else about Tesla has not been violated. His crime, or “sin” was competition tycoons couldn’t control.
Tesla always knew he would triumph. In his own words, regarding tycoons such as J.P. Morgan:
“I am unwilling to accord to some small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These men are to me nothing more than microbes of a nasty disease. My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time, but the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.”
Tesla’s “…triumphal success” has the power to unwind tyranny. All we need is for enough humans to awaken from the PSQ’s spell. Tesla obviously thought awakening was possible even while insisting that, “No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market.” Tesla knew that mass awakening was the wildcard. If we let him down, we let humanity down.
Tycoons throw enormous wealth at protecting people from reality by keeping them asleep. But waking up is free, the only ticket to freedom of development of the human potential.
Freedom…a gorgeous concept increasingly hollowed-out by the PSQ. Try to imagine what humanity might achieve without being kicked in the face by the psychopathic elite.
George Orwell said in his novel, 1984, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”
If we have any chance at proving Orwell wrong, Tesla might be our best hope. So he gets the boot. But they haven’t stamped out Tesla’s spirit. His ultimate technology is still alive not only in Black-Ops, but in laboratories of valiant researchers cheating death-by-truth.
The PSQ’s perpetual fouling of Tesla accents his elevation of what it means to be human. That most salient testament to Tesla’s brilliance, his suppression by the PSQ—it’s all around us, hidden in plain sight.
Style of the PSQ exhibits fear of people thinking for themselves. As long as pockets of human intelligence resist brainwashing, and independent thoughts fly around uncontrolled, that means the PSQ’s choke hold on power is not “safe”.
Similar alarm flourished in America’s top Rothschild agent, J.P. Morgan.
[2] He knew monopolistic fortunes were not safe with Tesla a funded free spirit. Morgan and other tycoons stung by the “War of the Currents”
[3] went into a defensive blitz. And when Tesla denied Morgan control of Radiant Electricity, Morgan had Tesla’s laboratories burned down. Works of genius were destroyed, but not the man. Morgan also instructed the four publishers of school textbooks to never mention Nikola Tesla; ditto for the Smithsonian—Nikola Tesla was an unperson. Morgan stamped like a professional on truth about Tesla. And the money boot keeps stamping with help from public ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in “authority”….
Creativity…humans working outside “the box”—writers, inventors, scientists and researchers and free spirits soaring above dogma embody what the PSQ fears in humanity. Nikola Tesla is a stellar example of what the PSQ fears most.
Tesla revered nature, not money. That got Tesla the electrical wizard off to a bad start with the PSQ—a moral eminence compounded by Tesla’s public declaration: “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.”
Those were fighting words to the tycoons—especially the part about, “…betterment of humanity.” Tycoons seek “arrested human development”, conspire to fit humanity with cement overshoes. Tesla’s treasures remain difficult to fathom with the PSQ so good at not only mangling and suppressing them, but misrepresenting many as works of Edison, Marconi and others.
On his deathbed, Edison said his biggest mistake had been in trying to develop direct current, rather than the superior alternating current system that Tesla had put within his grasp.
Tesla’s reply about Marconi’s work in radio: “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using 17 of my patents.”
If Tesla doesn’t terrify the PSQ, why their obsession with polluting his accomplishments? Why did they ban Tesla in textbooks and at the Smithsonian, choke off his funding and conjure him into a bogeyman?
Standard indoctrination coddles third graders along in this video of an “Awesome! ‘Tesla Coil’” (don’t miss Alex Jones growling in the wings).
[4]Here’s an encouraging story of spunky third graders with a great teacher, and their letter-writing campaign focused on getting Tesla acknowledged in the Smithsonian.
[5]Among Tesla’s most noble contributions to humanity and the cause of freedom…his intimate disclosure of PSQ’s will to protect their power at the complete disregard of humanity. Tesla revealed what it means to be psychopathic, and elite, showing humanity what inhumanity we are up against. Destruction of competition is a martial situation where, as the PSQ likes to frame it: “No options are off the table”.
The Internet has made progress against common public sentiment regarding Tesla being derivatives of: “I heard Tesla was kind of a crackpot.” Big money manipulates this idea from off in the wings, but when it comes to truth about Tesla, austerity takes center stage.
A nurtured “…then how come?” variety of popular ignorance clings to the idea: “If Tesla was so great, then how come we’re not utilizing his so-called ultimate technology?” The PSQ religiously stamping out competition is “how come”. And once again, when it comes to protecting their monopolies, “…nothing is off the table”.
Accurate information about Tesla still haunts the Internet. People can even learn about Eric Dollard.
[6] But the PSQ’s “Internet problem” seems merely a speed bump, considering the PSQ’s record of successfully controlling whatever they want to control, if given enough time. Where would the PSQ be without it’s enablers, us?
A great quote from Eric Dollard:
“Tesla scared the central bankers senseless. They knew what his plan meant. Energy independence meant an almost complete loss of control of the people.”
Tesla fought in the trenches, pulling back curtains on the PSQ—on humanity versus tyranny, freedom versus slavery. Profit from death and destruction—perpetual war fueled by fossil energy. Private central banking’s “…continuous consolidation of wealth and power into higher, tighter and righter hands” (GHW Bush quote). Continuous consolidation of wealth in the fewest hands drives debt slavery, genocide, looting of the future, the “New World Order”.
“If we don’t exploit every resource with alacrity and no mercy, our competitors will”—that’s the apparent creed of the PSQ. Sugary platitudes regarding people yet to be born seem vulgar in light of the PSQ twisting future generations into competitors. First come, first served. A penny stolen is a penny earned.
Imagine “free” energy.
Imagine no contrived shortages and price gouging. No ”gas” tanks, power lines, meters, power bills, wars for oil and pipeline routes, Alberta tar and Keystone XL kinds of high-pressure DilBit arteries of death—imagine some of the PSQ’s worst nightmares. Toss in no climate-changing hydrocarbon pollution, no more churning out mountains of radioactive waste to attack the human genome for thousands of generations, no psychopathic domination by an invisible elite controlling what billions of people need to survive. Imagine modern warfare obsolete.
[7] Tesla offered salvation from survival of the wickedest.
The wicked panicked….
Truth is the antidote for diseased wealth and propaganda smothering and mangling the best of Tesla. A rare step in the right direction would be millions of people realizing that Tesla really did not dedicate the second half of his life to making bigger and ever-more-“Awesome!” sparks—but rather, he was absolutely dedicated to freedom of humanity. Tesla’s greatest invention being reduced to a toy for “…entertainment and educational displays”—that’s very potent PSQ mind venom. They even tagged Tesla the “God of Lightning”. Can’t beat lightning for “Awesome!” sparks. Can’t beat the PSQ for…perhaps W.C. Fields said it best: “There comes a time in the affairs of man, when we must take the bull by the tail, and face the situation.” The “bull” in this case is the PSQ; the situation is what blasts from under the bull’s tail to foul humanity, and our nest.
Do we still have, if we ever did have, the mettle to wake up and rub the PSQ’s nose in their foulness? The stakes have never been higher.
The Sin of Competition
A quote variously attributed to both J.D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan set the stage for maniacal fouling of Tesla: “Competition is a sin.”
[8]Chutzpah of these two “tycoons’” implies that monopoly is divine—especially monopoly on energy, money, food, fresh water, and war; a “royal flush” in this Earthly game of poker.
Consider our nightmare of perpetual war in terms of this quote from Aldous Huxley, author of the novel, Brave New World:
“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”
Lies are the foundation of the PSQ’s reaction to Nikola Tesla. It’s paramount to humanity that freethinkers survive the elite and witness epiphany of this wisdom from Buddha:
“The lie tastes sweet at the beginning, but bitter at the end. The truth tastes bitter at the beginning, but sweet at the end.”
“Tesla’s Coil” Versus “The Tesla Coil”
The jungle of confusion and suppression of Tesla’s masterpiece might be easier to navigate if we distinguish between “Tesla’s Coil”, and the “Tesla Coil”. The former could be the epitome of human invention, the latter is its neutered caricature. For elaboration on this distinction, let’s check in with Zionist propaganda, the richest kind.
Wikipedia is hailed by Zionist Israel as “…the major source of information in the world.” They even advertise, with standard Zionist chutzpah, that Wikipedia is “…under constant, paid review of Zionist assets.”
[9]Below is Wikipedia’s first three paragraphs (underlining added) for their listing: “Tesla Coil” (as opposed to Tesla’s Coil”):
“A Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891. It is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity.
“Tesla coils can produce higher voltages than other artificial sources of high-voltage discharges, electrostatic machines. Tesla experimented with a number of different configurations consisting of two, or sometimes three, coupled resonant electric circuits.
“Tesla used these coils to conduct innovative experiments in electrical lighting, phosphorescence, x-ray generation, high frequency alternating current phenomena, electrotherapy, and the transmission of electrical energy without wires. Tesla coil circuits were used commercially in sparkgap radio transmitters for wireless telegraphy until the 1920s, and in pseudomedical equipment such as electrotherapy and violet ray devices. Today their main use is for entertainment and educational displays.”
Please note the use of “high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity”, and, “high frequency alternating current phenomena”, topped off with, “Today their main use is for entertainment and educational displays.” In terms of what Tesla actually achieved—in terms of transcendent capabilities of “Tesla’s Coil”, Wikipedia’s “Tesla Coil” definition could not be more misleading if Wikipedia’s goal was to mislead.
Smell a rat? Tesla has offered to show us that rats don’t always win.
Regarding Wikipedia’s, “Today their main use is for entertainment and educational displays”…this is a naked example of Wikipedia’s Zionist-propaganda roots, and propagation of twisted truth.
Frank Zappa characterized America’s educational system as a mechanism designed to create “…functional ignorance.”
Disguised as an educational system, America’s youth indoctrination system also gets a nod in Wikipedia’s line about the “Tesla Coil” being for “…entertainment and educational displays”.
Entertainment, surely, but educational? Entertainment and indoctrination are more accurate here; the “Tesla Coil” is hailed while “Tesla’s Coil” is…what, “conspiracy theory”?
We suffer severe multi-generational distress when “education” is largely indoctrination aimed at inhibiting independent thinking. Students memorize dogma sanctioned by the PSQ so they can pass standardized tests sanctioned by the PSQ. Students learning to think for themselves, learning how to distinguish truth from dogma—this will not do. The PSQ wants young minds regurgitating hive thinking in preparation for becoming obedient workers in thrall of authority, wingless and weighed-down by leaden dogma planted in their minds by PSQ ovipositors.
Tesla’s “Wheelwork of Nature”
While the primary function of the contrived “Tesla Coil” is to disengage Tesla’s masterpiece from reality, the primary function of “Tesla’s Coil” is to disengage voltage from current—disengage “the true electricity” (Aether) from the flow of massive electrons. Only when zero current is achieved in “Tesla’s Coil” will Aether flow freely and the “Tesla Effect” be realized. Any flow of electrons chokes off the Aether. It’s no coincidence that the awesome-spark-toy “Tesla Coil” has popularly replaced “Tesla’s Coil” to choke off Tesla’s threat to the PSQ.
Tesla’s inspiration regarding the decoupling of voltage and current grew during his brief employment by Thomas Edison.
Edison’s DC power distribution system was so inefficient that power-line resistance would cause voltage to fade within several city blocks. Voltage was cranked up very high at the main generators, and “pumping stations” were required every half mile to boost sagging voltage and current.
When a main switch was thrown to hit transmission lines with cranked-up voltage right off the main generators, a blast of blue and purple spikes and stinging, shocking sensations radiated in all directions from the transmission lines before electrons (current) flowed in the lines. This instantaneous phenomenon actually killed some linesmen. Engineers considered these bursts of magnified electrostatic potential a nuisance to be eliminated. Tesla saw them as a powerful, mysterious form of energy to be explored.
In Part Two:
— Tesla and the Earth (his laboratory)
— “Tesla’s Coil” (the real thing)
— The “Tesla Effect”
— Aether’s “whitefire” fountains and “mass-free cold electricity”
— Wardenclyffe without propaganda
— Tesla allowed a cameo appearance in the Smithsonian
— Eric Dollard’s eight destroyed laboratories, and why a most profound and honorable way to help humanity, Earth, and generations to come is also the most dangerous

Rand Clifford lives in Spokane, Washington. His novels, CASTLING, TIMING, Priest Lake Cathedral, and many earlier essays are published by StarChief Press. Contact for Rand Clifford:

Wednesday, March 16, 2016



By now some of you have seen a video of the prayer session with Donald Trump. As a rule I don’t like publicizing my meetings with leaders and don’t share details that could in any way embarrass them or empower their enemies. Billy Graham made that mistake as a young Evangelist after meeting with President Truman. He spoke with reporters on the White House lawn after his first meeting…and was never invited back again.
I admire Trump for being willing to host the encounter and for not being ashamed of prayer, the Bible or his affiliation with Christians (and he also had great sandwiches.)
Our meeting was in the boardroom on the 26th floor. Trump Towers is quite a grand facility. A journalist from Rolling Stone described it as an impressive architectural marvel whose entrance looks like a combination Cathedral and Las Vegas Casino. Couldn’t describe it better myself.
Whether he wins the Republican nomination or not one thing is sure, "Trump is Heavens Miley Cyrus wrecking ball to the spirit of Political Correctness." (You can quote me on that one.)
He has single handedly shaken up the establishment media and political elite - the people sitting at the gates of influence who thought they had the undisputed power to prop one up or take down another. Much to their collective horror he has proven to be impervious to their bullets. Even more so, with each blow his base solidifies. Trump, like no other personality in 20 years has shaken the establishment up and exposed them for the elitists' they are. Their condescension and indifference to the fears and frustrations of the plebian masses so far removed from their enlightened L.A. or D.C. or N.Y. perch is no longer unchallenged. The common folk, the hobbits in the Shire, who work hard and pay taxes and voted in two sweeping elections will no longer be ignored.
This is one form of anticipated “shaking” in America that we should celebrate regardless of who your favorite candidate is.
Regarding Trump, you don’t notice it on TV but he is a big guy, and I don’t just mean in terms of personality. He is physically tall – at 6ft 3 inches. Add heals and hair and its more like 6 ft.4.
His personal style is less bombastic than his platform and interviewing style. He was gracious, non confrontational and surprisingly open to "give and take." For instance, here is one exchange that could have been tense. A Messianic Rabbi sitting near me said, “Your comments don’t always represent you in the best light. People want to know you have a Presidential temperament. They want to know that you are a person they can trust with a finger on a nuclear button.” Trump perched his lips in characteristic fashion, nodded thoughtfully and said, “I hear you.”
The conversation turned to some of the more heated moments if the campaign. Trump explained, “You know, people aren’t aware of what is coming at me...what I am responding to. Rush Limbaugh calls it “incoming.” Like the storm that broke out when I took a stand on immigration. It can get pretty vicious. You don’t always know the back-story. And so many of these guys are nice and then suddenly they are on the attack, probably because of polling numbers. I can say this…I never punch indiscriminately. I’m a counter puncher. If you get hit and do nothing it sends the wrong message… but I fully hear what you are saying. I know where you’re coming from.”
Several of us exchanged glances and nodded. This was the best answer possible. There was no denial and no need to drill deeper on the subject. Equally, there were no flippant or disingenuous comments to appease the group.
One African American Bishop, Darrell Scott, spoke up, “I wouldn’t change a thing. Be you and keep being consistent. That’s what people like about you. You’re not playing politics.” Trump looked around the boardroom table and laughed. “So you’re saying, ‘don’t change?’ That’s interesting.” “Right! People would see you not being who you are and that will look fake.” I see this as a new breed of outspoken courageous leadership being raised up.
Around this time I got the feeling that Trump was meeting a different sort of Evangelical group than the one he met so far on the campaign trail, say, in Iowa. And he was enjoying the new sampling of Evangelicals he was getting exposed to.
You get the impression that he takes in information quickly and objectively but filters it equally fast to distinguish one idea from another. It’s an executive skill I’ve noticed in Super Achievers in whatever field I meet them. They are avid learners but have a built in filter that winnows out solid ideas from the superficial. He is an equally quick judge of people. As people spoke he was reading them and weighing their power in the group.
In one poignant moment the room erupted in applause. Here is what happened. A discussion commenced about the African American community of churches. Bishop Clarence McClendon shared something that moved Trump. “In my church we don’t preach a message based on grievances and handouts. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaims a Kingdom that has the ultimate power to lift any individual right out of the most impoverished circumstances. Gods Word can empower anyone with the wisdom and ability to rise above any obstacle and make it!”
Trump said, “Wow!” as the room erupted in spontaneous “amen’s” and applause.
While he is someone who ultimately forms his own opinions he does not do so in a vacuum. He likes hearing from expert sources that feed him first hand information. He told us that he developed his ideas about the issue of immigration by talking to front line security experts. He has little interest in pencil pushing consultants. In his youth he travelled with his father to the actual building sites and later worked with construction people directly. He has more confidence in experienced real world practitioners than Ivy League theorists. This is a classic businessman’s approach to gauging reality.
This week you’ve no doubt heard his unpopular statements about returning Syrian refugees? WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW is that He was personally debriefed by a high level Syrian security screener. In this mans experience President Obama made it almost impossible for Syrian Christians to escape Syria but put Muslim immigrants on a fast track. That may be changing recently. If you find that information disturbing you don’t know the half of the behind the scene stories on how this President has been unsympathetic to the persecutions of Christians yet favorable to the interests of Islam. Trump is concerned, however, saying: "It makes you wonder about who exactly has been getting into the United States over the past several years?" In 1960, there were about 200,000 Muslims in the U.S., according to a study in the International Journal of Environmental Science and Development. Today, the U.S. census estimates that there are more than 6 million Muslims here. Christians fleeing ISIS were not an Obama priority. Trump suspects that militants and extremists are numbered among them…along with some of the front men for setting up gang operated drug distribution for Mexican and South American Cartels. Again, this isn’t paranoid posturing by a man removed from the facts – it is the feedback from front line law enforcement given to him in private. He is an information hound.
One of the Pastors spoke: “I came here with an open mind. To my way of thinking there are three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. You are clearly gifted for the Executive Branch. That’s what you do.” Trump responded, “Thank you for that. You know, in Real Estate, everybody likes renderings of buildings, you know what they are?” Trump asks and explained, “They are the elaborate sketches of the building. I’m not big on renderings, I like to see a photo of the finished project.” Trump if nothing else, is a decision maker with a built in bias toward action.
“We can cut so much waste in Government. So many duplicated agencies at the State and Federal level. It’s ridiculous.” I could see Trump the CEO speaking. I remember once hearing him slip – “I can make this Company great again…I mean Country.” It was a curious Freudian moment. He continued, “We can recapture so much income. This is what I’m good at. The U.S. trade deficit with China in is $400 billion, Japan, $70 billion, Mexico $50 billion. It’s ridiculous.”
I’m more attuned to the economics and business crisis that is looming, so this line of thought interested me. Here is the real “Harbinger” Jonathan Cahn is talking about. This is the ticking time bomb as dangerous as Iran with a nuclear missile. We have an economy going over a cliff and drunken Liberals scheming like Socialists behind the wheel. I wanted to weigh in but this was not the area most of the ministries were focused on so I waited.
I think great entrepreneurs tend to be Prophetic. Think of Steve Jobs. This will surprise some, but Trump is more Prophetic than most people realize. Repeatedly he said, “Leadership is all about seeing the future and not listening to the short sighted thinker. This is the kind of leadership we need to turn this country around – and fast.” Over and over again he has said and written – “Leadership is about seeing the future.” He is Churchillian in this regard. He see’s the threat nobody else has courage to talk about…till it’s too late. He see’s it with radical Islam, he see’s it with the soaring 18 trillion dollar debt and he see’s it in America’s tinderbox of the inner city. “There are more Fergusson’s and Baltimore’s out there,” he warned us.
I dug around a bit and asked one of his top advisors some questions about Trumps business and some facts about female employees. To my surprise I was told that Trump has currently 43-46% of his key positions occupied by women, (higher than the national average) and they are paid significantly higher than the national average for women in those roles!
This was an astounding discovery. Of his 800 employees (I assume this applies to the Trump Towers and Trump enterprises located in NYC) the retention and turn over rate beats all national averages. I was told, “These people don’t view Mr. Trump as a scary CEO or remote personality. They have a distinctive loyalty to the man.” Struggling to find the word, my high level source told me, “they are more like a…” I said “family?” He said, “yeah.” Trump is like a Patriarch not an Ivy tower executive figure.” Again, I was surprised.
Whatever he does he does to win. WINNING is part of his core value system. Trump is like George Patton. He hates losing. He thinks it’s un-American. As long as he’s fighting on the American side you can bet he’s fighting to win the war and distinguish himself as a great General. Anyone suspecting otherwise does not know Donald. The last thing he will ever do is to pour his assets, time and energy into running a race with the outcome of losing it. Getting Clinton elected is not only the furthest thing from his mind, it is a formula he thinks likely to fiscally ruin America. Trump will never do anything, including a third party; if there is any likelihood it will diminish the Trump brand.
This update is long the next post I will share:
1. "Thoughts on TRUMP and BEN CARSON?"
Is what I am writing making sense?
Helping you get a feel for the meeting, the man and the Nation? 
Articles about the 'candidates' for the defunct criminal corporation are posted simply FYI and are NOT intended to be endorsements by the NESARA blog or by the poster for any of these traitors.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dead Doctors: Now 8 Dead And Disappeared

Are Medicine's Finest Being Assassinated? The Shocking Links!

thirddoc.jpg groB-950x400.jpg

Published on ANP with permission from Deborah Dupre

Adding to mysterious deaths and disappearances of three American holistic anti-vaccine doctors in one state over the past two weeks plus three Mexican doctors and their two employees recently disappeared, supposedly found dead in the back of a pickup on June 19, are two more doctors missing, possibly disappeared in the US. Earlier this year, another holistic doctor met an untimely death after months of pleading for help as a self-identified targeted Individual, as reported by Deborah Dupré. It has emerged that most of these had at least one common link. Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick, a retired opthalmologist who had practiced in North Dakota, went missing in neighboring Montana around July 3rd. Fitzpatrick, 74, is an MD specializing in Ophthalmology. NBC reports that the vehicle and trailer of Bismark resident Dr. Fitzpatrick were found abandoned next to a pea field Saturday, south of Willow Creek, near Three Forks, sheriff’s officials reported.  “Officials believe Fitzpatrick could have abandoned his vehicle as early as Friday. He is described as 6’ tall and over of 220 lbs.  He has white hair and a goatee, and speaks with an Irish accent.” Anyone with information about Dr. Fitzpatrick is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office: 406-582-2100.” (NBC News)
Also mysteriously missing as of June 29 is physician and preventive health advocate Dr. Jeffery Whiteside, in Fox Valley area, residing in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. Door County Sheriff’s Department is reportedly looking for Dr. Whiteside, last seen in the Ephraim area of northern Door County at a family vacation home and boat slip in Ephraim. He was last seen walking away from his boat slip at the family gathering.  WFRV reports on Dr. Whiteside, saying he is M/W DOB: 05-07-52 Age: 63, Height 5’09” Weight 185 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown, He was last seen wearing a maroon colored polo shirt and gray shorts. He wears eye glasses. Dr. Whiteside’s boat slip and vacation cabin is in Ephraim. Officials say he is believed to be on foot and still in the northern Door Co. area. Door Co. Sheriff’s Department was notified that Dr. Whiteside was missing on 07-01-15 at 0906 hrs. The Door Co. Sheriff’s Dept. along with Ephraim Fire Department volunteers and others continue looking for Dr. Whiteside, with search efforts concentrated in the Ephraim area. The Sheriff’s Department asks for the public’s assistance in finding Dr. Whiteside. If anyone has seen Dr. Whiteside, please call the Door Co. Sheriff’s Department at 920-746-2416. Whiteside is a doctor at Fox Valley Pulmonary Medicine, serves as ThedaCare Board of Trustees secretary and is an Executive Committee member. He was previously president of Appleton Medical Center and ThedaClark Medical Center staff. “Thousands of employees worked and work with (Dr. Whiteside) and the same number of patients have been helped by him,” said Megan Mulholland, spokeswoman for ThedaCare. “He has never stopped caring and developed long-term relationships with those patients.” “The longer he remains missing the more suspicious it is,” said Chief Deputy Pat McCarty, Door County Sheriff’s Department. The second doctor, also holistic in his anti-vaccine advocacy, is Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC PhD  of Boca Raton  (E Coast, North of Miami). Dr. Hedendal suddenly died on Father’s day. His body was found in his car, but there was no accident nor was the car running. Hedendal held a PhD in nutrition from Harvard and a colleague of his said he was in great shape, “very healthy.”
Bradstreet’s family have established a GoFundMe campaign, asking for donations to assist them in pressing for a thorough investigation into what happened to him. Their GoFundMe web page says theyneed support “To find the answers to the many questions leading up to the death of Dr Bradstreet, including an exhaustive investigation into the possibility of foul play. Thank you for your support!”
Holisitic Dr.
Teresa Ann Sievers MD, 46, also in Florida, in the Naples area of the South West coast in Bonita Springs, was found dead on June 29 in what has been ruled a homicide. She was a well loved, popular holistic medical doctor, according to her clients, website and close associate. “Sievers’ work as a holistic doctor focused not just on healing the body, but the mind and spirit as well, according to her close friend and colleague,” NBC reported.
“We don’t know anything but that she was murdered,” said Sievers’ sister, Annie Lisa, 52. She said Sievers, her husband and children had come to Connecticut for a gathering and her sister flew home alone Sunday, according to News
“The 46-year-old victim’s relatives remained mystified as to who would want to harm the beloved physician who dedicated her life to helping women and girls,” the Daily Mail reports. The professional’s neighbors said they are now concerned for their own safety, especially because authorities have remained tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding her murder. ‘I’m very scared for my safety,’ resident Donetta Contreras told WINK News, based in southwest Florida.
Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday they were pursuing several leads in connection with the slaying. They reassured locals that no threat to the general population exists and that the murder was targeted, not random (no reassurance whatsoever to the thousands of self-denitrified targeted individuals).
Sievers’s husband Mark, office manager at Sievers’ Restorative Health & Healing Center clinic, is said to have adored his wife and worked hard for her tireless contribution to clients. Neighbors say they heard from law enforcement that this was a “gruesome murder scene,” some saying it involved a hammer. Neighbors reported to a tan-colored pickup truck was parked at the home the morning Dr. Sievers was found dead.

Dr. Sievers lived in a safe area where neighbors said problems are rare, if ever. That is no deterrent, however, to dangerous stalkers, including multi or gangstalkers who work in organized groups. She was murdered in her home while her husband and children were with relatives in Connecticut. She’d flown home alone the night before. Her body was found Monday morning at her Jarvis Road home after she didn’t arrive at work. Sievers’ neighbors, however, describe hearing screams on day of death. Her murder has reportedly left family and friends puzzled.
“We don’t know anything but that she was murdered,” said Sievers’ sister, Annie Lisa, 52. She said Sievers, her husband and children had come to Connecticut for a gathering and her sister flew home alone Sunday, according to News
“The 46-year-old victim’s relatives remained mystified as to who would want to harm the beloved physician who dedicated her life to helping women and girls,” the Daily Mail reports. The professional’s neighbors said they are now concerned for their own safety, especially because authorities have remained tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding her murder. ‘I’m very scared for my safety,’ resident Donetta Contreras told WINK News, based in southwest Florida.
Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday they were pursuing several leads in connection with the slaying. They reassured locals that no threat to the general population exists and that the murder was targeted, not random, (no reassurance whatsoever to the thousands of self-denitrified targeted individuals).
Sievers’s husband Mark, office manager at Sievers’ Restorative Health & Healing Center clinic, is said to have adored his wife and worked hard for her tireless contribution to clients. Neighbors say they heard from law enforcement that this was a “gruesome murder scene,” some saying it involved a hammer. Neighbors reported to a tan-colored pickup truck was parked at the home the morning Dr. Sievers was found dead.
“It’s a very complicated case; there are details I wish I could share, but I can’t.” Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott. CBS reports on
Dr. Sievers’s death and a donation site on CBS’s official website. Blogger Erin Elizabeth wrote from Florida, “A few still write that I shouldn’t cover these stories, but I am a journalist, and now that 3 doctors have died so quickly from my state (at least one murdered) I feel I need to write about it.” Now, Elizabeth is uneasy about her fate. “Dr. Bradstreet had lived just 45 minutes from us here in Florida before moving to the neighboring state of Georgia. I also have been with a prominent well known doctor for the last 6 years so this concerns me. Several high profile MD’s have contacted me these last 2 weeks who are also concerned and mourn the loss of their colleagues.”

“It’s a very complicated case.  There are details I wish I could share, but I can’t.” Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott. CBS reports on
Dr. Sievers’s death and a donation site on CBS’s official website. Blogger Erin Elizabeth wrote from Florida, “A few still write that I shouldn’t cover these stories, but I am a journalist, and now that 3 doctors have died so quickly from my state (at least one murdered) I feel I need to write about it.” Now, Elizabeth is uneasy about her fate. “Dr. Bradstreet had lived just 45 minutes from us here in Florida before moving to the neighboring state of Georgia. I also have been with a prominent well known doctor for the last 6 years so this concerns me. Several high profile MD’s have contacted me these last 2 weeks who are also concerned and mourn the loss of their colleagues.”

Three Mexican Doctors and their Attorney Murdered.
Added to the disappeared or deceased American doctors within the same couple of weeks are three Mexican doctors plus their attorney, a story that took an even more suspicious turn today. Authorities reported finding the three missing Acapulco, Mexico doctors and their lawyer dead in the back of a pickup on June 19, in the troubled southern Mexico state of Guerrero, around the time the American doctors began dying mysteriously. A prosecutor’s office official then reported that the four young men were kidnapped by an armed group on the federal highway linking Mexico City to Acapulco as they headed to Chilpancingo,
according to NDTV.
Then, State Attorney General Miguel Ángel Godínez Muñoz told reporters Saturday that DNA tests confirmed the dead men were Dr. Raymundo Tepeque Cuevas, Dr. Marvin Hernández Ortega, Dr. José Osvaldo Ortega Saucedo and Julio César Mejía Salgado, the lawyer. The four were graduates of Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAG). The doctors worked at a community hospital, according to Today, it is
reported that before their disappearance, doctors Marvin Hernández Ortega and Reynaldo Tepeque Cuevas, and two “administrative employees” José Osvaldo Ortega Saucedo and Julio César Mejía Salgado, were traveling in a gray car that police later found in Xolapa riddled with bullet holes, blood stains, and shells from a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. PanAm Post reports that to get the case closed as quickly as possible, officials delivered the wrong corpses, not those of the doctors and their attorney (as originally reported) nor administrative employees. Sunday, the victims’ families again distributed leaflets, set up posters, and painted murals in Acapulco, as they had on Saturday to urge authorities to keep searching for the missing medical professionals. “Contrary to statements from Guerrero Attorney General Miguel Ángel Godínez Muñoz, their families do not believe they have yet been found,” PanAm Post reports.

Possible Links - an anti-vaccine link - has been posted regarding the first three American doctors meeting untimely deaths in June. Each of the three were anti-vaccine holistic doctors. The first was compassionate but controversial Autism researcher Dr. Jeff Bradstreet MD. His body was found far from home in a river, with a gunshot wound to his chest. Officials were quick to rule 'suicide'.
Family and friends disbelieve this. Dr. Bradstreet treated hundreds of children with autism through chelation therapy at his medical clinic in Palm Bay, Florida. His son has autism that he believed was due to a vaccine induced reaction when 15-months old.

While many still view anti-vaccine doctors as quacks, Italy is one nation that does not do so anymore. On Sept. 23, 2014, an Italian court in Milan awarded compensation to a boy for vaccine-induced autism. (See the Italian document here.) A GlaxoSmithKline Infanrix Hexa vaccine against six childhood diseases caused the boy’s permanent autism and brain damage. The vaccine contained antigens, thimerosal (mercury-containing preservative), aluminum, an adjuvant, and other toxic ingredients. The child regressed into autism shortly after receiving the three doses. The US media underreported the case. Secrecy enshrouding vaccine adverse affects on the human population was also revealed in the case. Mary Holland, a research scholar and Director of the Graduate Legal Skills Program at NYU Law School, in a Global Research article, points to Presiding Judge Nicola Di Leo’s consideration of another piece of damning evidence: a 1271-page confidential GlaxoSmithKline report (available on the Internet). This document provided ample evidence of adverse events from the vaccine, including five known cases of autism resulting from the vaccine’s administration during its clinical trials. In 2012, Judge Lucio Ardigo of an Italian court in Rimini presided over a similar judgment, finding the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine caused a child’s autism. Both cases went underreported in the US and both court decisions flatly contradict decisions from the “U.S.. vaccine court,” a Court of Federal Claim’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. There, from 2007 to 2010, in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding, three decision makers, “Special Masters,” found vaccines did not cause autism in any of six test cases, and one Special Master compared the theory of vaccine-induced autism to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The US government seems determined for autism to strike 50% of all children by 2025, as predicted by MIT senior researcher Dr. Stephanie Seneff. (See: Autism To Strike Half US Children In 10 Years: MIT Sr. Researcher Sounds Monsanto, Vaccine Alarm) The American Medical Association (AMA) recently began crafting its ‘ethical guidelines for physicians in the media’ to ‘defend integrity of the profession.’
The new guidelines target unorthodox medical information that the AMA deems dubious and unsubstantiated and create disciplinary guidelines for doctors who make public claims that do not align with the ‘best available science’. The AMA spent nearly $20 million on lobbying in 2014 alone. Its roots are deep into American medicine. It has a powerful influence over the way state licensing boards oversee and discipline physicians in the U.S.. -
Dr. Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the well respected Lancet peer-reviewed medical journal, recently published a statement declaring that much published research is unreliable at best, if not completely false.
“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analysis, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”
Organized medicine would like nothing more than to continue lining their pockets with the profits generated by Americans who are dependent on medications rather than taking charge of their own health and wellness.” (Erin Elizabeth) Dr. Mark Sircus reported Wednesday on just how sleazy the American medical system is and how dangerous the FDA is: “It is hard not to think about doctors when talking about con games. The entire medical system is a con, a sleazy mix of lies and deception where medical studies are often not worth the paper they are printed on yet the FDA swallows medical studies as if they were chapters out of the bible.”
In relation to vaccines, Dr. Sircus points to mercury in the flu vaccine as one example of the cocktail’s danger: “In the flu vaccine, there is a whopping 51,000 ppb (parts per billion) of mercury in the multi-dose flu vaccine—the most common type of flu vaccine given. How much is 51,000 ppb? It is
25,000 times the legal maximum for mercury in drinking water established by the Environmental Protection Agency. Keep in mind that when you inject mercury, it is 100% absorbed so it is more toxic to inject it as compared to eating it in fish or drinking it in water. Do pediatricians rise up against the CDC and complain? (
As far as I am concerned pediatricians, who inject children with the flu vaccine are criminals but like everything else, people are conned and very few complain,” says Sircus.
There is little to no kindness in mainstream medicine because they are too busy making money practicing a form of human butchery that maims and kills people by the hundreds of thousands a year around the world.” Another possible link between at least two of the American doctors missing and the Mexican doctors is they had all had recent encounters with federal government officials.
Two of the American doctors had recently been contacted by 'federal agents'.
Both doctors Hedendal and Bradstreet reportedly had recent run-ins with US federal agents. FDA and DEA agents raided Dr. Bradstreet’s office on June 16. Reportedly, federal authorities has also contacted Dr. Hedendaldays before his death,
according to ABC7. An associate of Bradtsreet stated under anonymity: “I know enough about Jeff Bradstreet to know his state of mind.  He was a sound thinker!  He was prudent and calculated.  Acting out on the spur of the moment and deciding to kill himself is like a joke.  He was a jet pilot!…  The one thing all instrument pilots share is a high IQ with the ability to multi task and make sound pragmatic decisions in emergency situations.  In other words, [they] don’t freak out!” A commenter wrote that he’d spoken to Bradstreet while the agents were with him. “I spoke to Jeff at 12:30 that Thursday just when the FDA was there. He was calm and told me there was a emergency he would call me back the next day, Friday.
He was a genius, a very very smart man who would not have killed himself over this on such short notice.” El Sur
reports that hours before their deaths, the Mexican doctors had also been in contact with government officials.
“The complaint details that the three workers took early Friday headed to Chilpancingo to reclassification procedures at the State Health Secretariat. They stopped in Acapulco, and one of the doctors borrowed the car [an SUV] Ibiza gray family to move to Chilpancingo. (sic) At noon they came to government offices to gather documentation requested dependency site when last seen. The document details that the three doctors returned around 3:00 pm bound for Acapulco…”
El Universal reported last Thursday that investigators found an abandoned taxi near the SUV and in the back of the vehicle, they found a shirt with the state police logo on it and a cartridge belt.
Violence against Mexican health workers is not new, says Escobar Secretary Habeica. Recent American history is also littered with government-sponsored covert targeting of individuals, people PI William Taylor say are “Americas’ best people.” 'Accidental deaths' and 'suicides' of scientists with evidence showing what mainstream touts as news is leaving a big gap in truth.
These targets had potential to sabotage important agendas not in best interest of humanity. The five American doctors who recently died untimely deaths or remain missing are among 74 prominent scientists murdered over the past ten years. Another commonality between the mystery disappearances and deaths is that families and friends are accusing officials of fraudulent reporting on the disappearances and/or deaths. In the US, funds have been established to pressure further investigations. In Mexico, family and friends are demanding full, transparent investigations. “Cecilia Ortega Solórzano, mother of Hernández Ortega, disagrees with the official report: “The day we were told about the bodies, we went to identify them, but they didn’t belong to our relatives, who have been missing for four days. These corpses were decaying as if they have been dead for 15 days,” she said.

On June 28, the Mexican victims’ families met with Governor Rogelio Ortega Martínez, who “does not believe the prosecutor … He is on our side, he believes us,” relatives told local reporters. In a document delivered to the governor, they reject the forensic analysis and demand the prosecutor resign over his “ineptitude, lack of professionalism,” and “attempts to impose” his conclusions. Guadalupe Reséndiz, a psychologist and wife of Tepeque, reported irregularities during the investigations. She says investigators tampered with the crime scene, and that the advanced decomposition of the corpses found suggests they died days before the physicians went missing.
Carlos Mejía Salgado, brother of Julio César, told press that he wants the federal police to run new DNA tests on the bodies. “We don’t anything they tell us here anymore; 'evidence' can be manipulated,” he says.
One difference between Mexico and the US regarding the deaths and disappearances is that enough Mexican health worker targeted individuals have been disappeared for Mexicans to protest.

Doctors, nurses and hospital employees stage protest in Acapulco on June 24 demanding return of four missing men. Photo: Cuartoscuro

A second difference is that after the Mexican doctors and their attorney and/or employees disappeared, the US issued a red alert warning to Americans about the danger of traveling to Mexico. Mexico has not issued a similar travel alert for traveling to the US. A representative from the National School of Topical Medicine says he isn’t buying “conspiracies that are surfacing on the web” about the disappearances.
He is what is called a “Coincidence Theorist.” Peter Jay Hotez of the National School of Topical Medicine said: “Look at some anti-vaxxer sites and there is a heavy component of conspiracy theorists that say pharmaceutical companies are in collusion with the Public Health Authorities.” Are other American doctors at greater risk for being targeted to death for their upholding their “Do no harm” Hippocratic Oath by promoting safe and effective natural protocols rather than caving to the AMA and Big Pharma? How many other holistic doctors or doctors with interest in natural, alternative remedies rather than drugs Big Pharma pushes have been covertly murdered? We have documentation of one in recent months, Dr. Deborah Gilmaker. (See: Secret Society Kills TI Doctor (Videos)

Dr. Gilmaker had been in contact with Deborah Dupré with her account of how she was being covertly targeted. “Deborah touched my heart after only one phone conversation and a couple of emails. This almost never happens to me – and now my heart is broken,”   commented Stephen Axelrod wrote four months ago about Dr. Gilmaker’s suspected murder.
“Even though our encounter was brief, it was immediately clear to me this is a woman of wisdom, of kindness and perhaps a kindred spirit and her untimely death diminishes us all. I am sad.” “She was an extremely beautiful soul who, even though I didn’t see her much these past few years, helped me, encouraged me, and kept me going when I was very ill. I just can’t believe she’s gone. It’s devastating to me…”
writes commenter Karen Redding.
Two days ago, Eve Axelrad commented about Dr. Gilmaker, “I think about Debbie often and it is close to her birthday now and I am wondering how the family is managing. Debbie kept me going when I was very ill. She was so magnificent and brilliant and funny and empathetic, and talked about her wonderful kids that she adored often.” Perhaps as more US doctors are targeted for upholding their Oath are covertly disappeared and/or assassinated, more Americans will believe the targeted individual phenomenon and demand change. In this regard, the USA is becoming more like the country they are warned to not travel in, Mexico.
Perhaps only when more Americans realize that drug / chemical profiteers are planning for some half of the U.S. population to be disabled with autistism or with Alzheimer’s by 2050 will enough American citizens demand better. Meanwhile, the targeting to death of America’s best professionals is soaring, as are autism and Alzheimer’s rates.

The FACT that nearly EVERY sickness man contracts IS CURABLE via NATURAL MEDICINE (that which each of these dead and/or 'missing' doctors provided - NOT the pharmaceutical allopathic 'doctors'  prescribing drug poisons and procedures (chemo-therapy and radiation) that most Americans foolishly rush in to have done) explains WHY these effective naturopathic medical practitioners are being targeted for extermination.  Protect those naturopaths you know and frequent, and use wisdom for who you consult for help with your own medical needs.  Consult THEM and NOT the 'enemy' doctors whose practices and procedures will continue to keep you sick so they can make all the money they possibly can before they OBEY the 'gov' and finish you off.

The FACT that nearly EVERY sickness man contracts IS CURABLE via NATURAL MEDICINE (that which each of these dead and/or 'missing' doctors provided - NOT the pharmaceutical allopathic 'doctors'  prescribing drug poisons and procedures (chemo-therapy and radiation) that most Americans foolishly rush in to have done) explains WHY these effective naturopathic medical practitioners are being targeted for extermination.  Protect those naturopaths you know and frequent, and use wisdom for who you consult for help with your own medical needs.  Consult THEM and NOT the 'enemy' doctors whose practices and procedures will continue to keep you sick so they can make all the money they possibly can before they OBEY the 'gov' and finish you

Saturday, September 27, 2014

White feathers that convince Gloria Hunniford guardian angels DO exist

White feathers that convince Gloria Hunniford guardian angels DO exist ...and make her certain that her darling daughter Caron Keating is watching over her

Racing out of my front door one morning last week, I was acutely aware that I was running late for my lunch meeting, and felt a wave of panic. I absolutely hate the thought of keeping people waiting — it sends the old stress levels soaring.
I fumbled with my keys in the lock then half-ran from the house, feeling flustered and rushed — certainly not a desirable state for driving.
But as I looked down the drive, there on the ground beside my car lay a single white feather. As I bent to pick it up, I knew instantly what it was: a reminder from my late daughter, Caron Keating, to drive safely.
‘Hi Caron,’ I smiled, as I tucked it into my blouse, close to my heart. 
Gloria Hunniford's daughter, Caron Keating, died in 2004 after a long battle with breast cancer
Gloria Hunniford's daughter, Caron Keating, died in 2004 after a long battle with breast cancer
For when she was alive, Caron — loved by millions for her TV and radio presenting roles — told me that an isolated white feather was an angel’s calling card. And since her death, I am certain that she uses them to send messages to me.
We were so close in life, and I am in no doubt that our bond has increased since her death.
I am convinced that Caron — who died of breast cancer ten years ago, at the tragically young age of 41 — has been my guardian angel. People may think I am deluded, but I know she is there for me, protecting and comforting me whenever I need her most.
Like many people, I was once sceptical about the existence of angels.
But, as time has passed, I have become completely convinced Caron is an angel whose primary task is to watch out for me. How else to explain some of the extraordinary things that have happened since her death?

These events started in August 2004, just four months after Caron died. My husband Stephen Way, now 74, and I were driving to the family villa we had just bought in the South of France.
It was our first visit and the car, a Toyota Celica, was loaded to the gunwales with everything from saucepans to suitcases.
The traffic was so bad that we decided to leave the motorway and make our way through the back roads of Northern France. 
As I took my turn at driving, it was an incredibly hot day, the air conditioning wasn’t working and I can only assume I was distracted for a second. The next thing I knew I had careered across the road, and smashed through a pedestrian crossing sign.
I opened my eyes to see our car embedded in a huge concrete flower pot and Stephen hurled against the windscreen, with blood pouring from his head. Overwhelmed by shock and disbelief, I thought I had killed him.
Gloria believes that Caron is her guardian angel, and that white feathers fall at moments when she is particularly looking over her
Gloria believes that Caron is her guardian angel, and that white feathers fall at moments when she is particularly looking over her
Suddenly police cars, ambulances and fire engines were arriving and we were being dragged from the car. I was in such shock that every bit of schoolgirl French deserted me.
Yet no one in the assembled crowd seemed to speak English, except one young woman — an exquisitely slim girl in jeans with the most glorious tumbling blonde hair.
As the ambulance driver led us away, she took my hand and asked in perfect English: ‘Would you like me to look after your things?’
Her offer came at a time when I felt quite confused and I was so concerned for Stephen I said, ‘Yes please’, and gave it no more thought.
Late that evening we were released from hospital; Stephen had suffered a cut to the head and, mercifully, was OK. After a fitful night’s sleep in a hotel in the square of the little town — whose name I never got to know — we went to a café.
As we sipped coffee, the girl from the crash scene once more appeared at our side. Gently, she asked in perfect English how we were feeling, then asked: ‘Would you like me to take you to where your car is?’
We were in such a state of shock, we didn’t stop to wonder how she knew where our car was, we were just so grateful. We assumed it had been moved by the police but wouldn’t have had a clue where to start looking.
We got into her smart little car and exchanged pleasantries as she drove us some 4 km to the middle of the countryside. ‘Here you are,’ she said, as she pulled up in front of a garage and gestured for us to get out.
We barely had time to thank her and say goodbye before she sped off.
Sure enough, there was our car in the garage — with every scrap of our precious belongings still inside.
The car was a write-off. It was caved in at the front and the engine was totally stoved in. Looking at it, I shuddered — realising how fortunate we’d been to escape virtually unscathed.
The AA arranged a hire car for us and, as we loaded our belongings into it, we thanked the heavens that we were safe and said goodbye to our Celica. 
As I felt calmer, I also felt terrible for not thanking the girl who had done so much for us. I bought a bunch of flowers for her.
Later that same day, after a final check-up at the hospital when Stephen was given the all-clear, we went back to the café where, I assumed, she was a waitress.
But she wasn’t there and — to our amazement — the owner had no idea who I was talking about when I described her. With a mixture of schoolgirl French and pointing to my own blonde hair, I explained: ‘I’m looking for the beautiful girl with long blonde hair who speaks English.’
Caron, who died at the age of 41, was best-known for her role as a presenter on Blue Peter
Caron, who died at the age of 41, was best-known for her role as a presenter on Blue Peter
‘Non,’ he shrugged. ‘Je ne sais pas.’ (I don’t know). It was the same at the garage. The owner didn’t know her either. I even asked more people at the cafe. They were eager to help but they all shook their heads and said: ‘Non.’
This was a tiny French town. We couldn’t understand it. Where had she come from — and where had she gone? Perhaps, if we had been there for a few days longer we would have solved the puzzle.
As the weeks passed and I mulled over how incredibly lucky we were, not just to survive the crash but to find someone to take care of our possessions, I began to wonder — was a guardian angel looking out for us?
It seemed extraordinary, but what other explanation could there be for this woman arriving twice in 24 hours to save us and then disappearing into thin air?
Even now when I talk about it, I get goosepimples.
And then the feathers started appearing — just when I most needed comfort, and leaving me in no doubt that Caron was indeed watching over me.
The first time was in January 2005, nine months after her death. We were on our way to Disneyland Paris with her sons Charlie, ten, and Gabriel, seven. It was meant to be a birthday treat for Gabriel, but trudging along the rain-soaked platform at Folkestone, Kent, hand-in-hand with the boys, I felt consumed with memories. It wasn’t just the lashing rain that dampened my mood.
Every fibre ached with pain and despair as I thought of Caron; she should have been here — skipping down the platform with her beloved boys, eyes sparkling, long blonde hair whipped up by the wind.
For the boys’ sake, I was trying desperately to put on a brave face. But inside I was breaking apart.
Then suddenly I looked down and there on my shoe was a single, snow-white feather. It had quite literally dropped from the sky. There was no rational explanation.
Caron’s words from long before she died came flooding back to me: ‘Remember Mum. If an isolated white feather appears out of nowhere, it’s a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you.’
She had become seriously interested in angels when she was co-presenting ITV’s This Morning and interviewed experts on the subject.
She even made a documentary about them, so it was something we had spoken about many times, long before her illness.
Yet although there’s a growing interest and belief in angels, I know many people will brush aside the whole idea. I have to confess that I was once very sceptical too.
Beautiful bride: Caron (right) married Russ Lindsay (centre), both pictured with Gloria, in 1991
Beautiful bride: Caron (right) married Russ Lindsay (centre), both pictured with Gloria, in 1991
When Caron first talked about angels, I didn’t take her seriously at all. I used to tease her when she talked solemnly about asking the parking angel to find her a parking spot. It always seemed to work for her. ‘See Mum,’ she would giggle.
But, even though I sometimes found myself doing the same, I still didn’t take it seriously. And I was dubious when she first told me that angels used feathers as their calling cards.
But there was absolutely no mistaking the message that day. The rain was lashing, and there wasn’t a bird in sight.
Yet, as this single fluffy feather landed, it was perfectly dry.
Where else could the feather have come from?
I didn’t tell the boys — they were too excited about the trip — but Caron’s watchful presence helped me. Suddenly I didn’t feel quite so bereft. Although Caron was gone, I felt her comforting presence and knew without a shadow of a doubt that her spirit lived on — I can even see that spirit in her boys.
The next time I remember it happening was the summer of the same year. The boys and their father, Russ Lindsay, were spending the holiday with us at our home in Sevenoaks, Kent.
It was a baking hot day and they were splashing about in our little indoor swimming pool.
I would never have believed two boys could have so much fun or make so much mess. There was water everywhere and I was soaked to the skin.
Then just as I was thinking how much Caron would have loved to have shared the fun, that very moment, out of nowhere, a huge, plume-like bone dry feather drifted through the air and landed near the pool.
As I bent to catch it, I felt instantly it was Caron again.
She was telling us she was watching and was happy that her boys were having such a good time. And knowing that gave me so much comfort. I may not be able to see her, but at least I could sense her.
Since then I have lost count of the number of times I have found her calling card.
Birthdays and anniversaries rarely pass without the arrival of a white feather. And no, there are never any birds nearby when they land.
They also always float down to a place where you just wouldn’t expect to see one, like on your shoe or the doorstep.
Whenever I see one of Caron’s feathers, I pop it in my blouse pocket — close to my heart — until I get home. Then I take it out and keep it safe.
I’ve put all the feathers — and there are hundreds — in jars around my house.
Gloria says the 'terrible grief' of losing her daughter never goes away, but believes they will be reunited in death
Gloria says the 'terrible grief' of losing her daughter never goes away, but believes they will be reunited in death
I feel Caron at my side during my darkest moments, too.
Two years ago, in April 2012, Stephen was rushed to Tunbridge Wells hospital after suffering a minor heart attack. I was in pieces. I was terrified that I was going to lose him. I spent all day at the hospital with Stephen, where he was in intensive care. When I finally got home alone that night, I was trembling with shock and fear as I tried to get my door key into the lock.
I looked down and there — on the mat under a deep porch — was a single white feather.
I knew then it was going to be all right; and Stephen was allowed home a few days later.
I am in no doubt that Caron keeps an eye out for her boys, too: Charlie, who’s now 20 and studying at Bournemouth University, and Gabriel, 17, who is studying for his A-levels.
They have grown up knowing my belief that their mother is looking over us all.
At home above their beds, they still have the little wooden plaques that Caron had made for them, with the inscription: ‘May angels watch over you while you sleep.’
They are young. Their lives are full and happy. But I have no doubt that — whenever they need her comforting presence — a feather will appear.
Caron’s brothers, my sons — Paul, 49, and Michael, 43 — have received her ‘calling cards’, too, on special occasions such as their birthdays.
Only a few weeks ago, Michael and I were driving to St Peter’s Church, Hever, to put fresh flowers on her grave when a perfect snow-white feather landed on the windscreen.
‘There you go Mum, it’s another of Caron’s feathers,’ Michael smiled.
The terrible grief of losing Caron never goes away. I am a Christian and fervently believe in an afterlife when we will be reunited.
But I still miss her desperately and think of her hundreds of times every single day. She was the one woman in the world I enjoyed talking to the most. I’ll see a dress that she would have loved, or hear a joke she would have enjoyed, and feel a knot in my stomach.
Now I have her feathers to remind me that my daughter may not be visible but she is with me, wherever I go.
I am convinced she is always close to me, her pockets filled with feathers to drop at my feet when I need her comforting presence most.
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