Legal Definition of "PERSON" from LAW.com

1)  Converts every; man, women, and child, into a piece of paper (a corporation).  The fake judge (corporate administrator) can use any definition present.  The presence of the latter definition (a corporation) proves the global crime syndicate is using it.  Welcome to BABYLON the GREAT, the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME, all owned by the QUEEN of ENGLAND.
2)  Rich people are exalted over the poor.  The rich can afford justice because they can afford the lawyers required to search out statutes hidden amongst trillions of statutes.  This also allows the rich to capitalize on the poor because the poor are unable to receive justice.
3)  Poor people cannot afford justice, they cannot afford the lawyers to search out the hidden statutes. This is why we have police corruption, this is why we have corporations who make decisions based on the predicted outcome of cost verses profit when it comes to analyzing class action lawsuits against them.  The lawyers have taken away the key of knowledge, so if you cannot afford lawyers, you are afforded no justice. "Legalese" and "word-crafting" have paved way for atrocities small and great, which is why Christ said, "Woe to you the lawyers for you have taken away the key of the knowledge.  You yourselves not did enter and those who are entering, you hindered." (LUKE 11:52)


 Thursday evening: 6pm Pacific – 7pm Mountain - 8pm Central – 9pm Eastern
 I want every state represented in mass, call in 10 minutes early, ROLL CALL starts right ON-TIME, when your state is called, announce your state present.
ASSEMBLY BUSINESS ENDS, then Second hour is general discussion (Q & A)
Call Number: 1-712-770-4160 Participant Access Code: 226823#
For anyone having trouble dialing in to the conference call: Use a backup number. 1-716-293-9720 then when prompted enter ( do NOT use 1) enter 712-770-4160# then 226823#.
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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Anna Von Reitz & Soaring Spirit - STING OPERATION - CABAL AGENTS EXPOSED - Forgiveness Is The Most Important Asset Moving Forward

A recent sting operation exposed both Soaring Spirit (a former Contributor at Nesara News), and Anna Von Reitz as both being Cabal Agents.

The first discovery was evidence against Soaring Spirit exposing her as an agent attempting to disrupt the exposing of "The Great Fraud," here at Nesara News.

Any day that Nesara News would post info about the Jural Assemblies or about the "Foreign Owned Corporation, "United States Inc," Soaring Spirit would then upload 20 to 40 videos per day (most being of very poor content)  that it would spam the important articles back several pages of "Older Posts," making it difficult to get information out to people, because nobody wants to sift through pages after pages of worthless videos to find a buried written article.

This was the same disruption that Olive Oil (previous contributor) and Popeye (previous contributor) had previously performed for the Cabal.  It was just before Freewill was sentenced to over 50 days in jail, that Freewill and I decided to delete the contributor privileges for Popeye and Olive Oil.  

Days after deleting their privileges, a new individual showed up posting lots of great articles on the forums at National Assembly, she would later choose the name "Soaring Spirit" after Freewill got out of jail and gave her limited contributor status for posting on Nesara News.

The quality of Soaring Spirits content soon devalued quickly.  She started posting lots of annoying YouTube videos (20 to 40 per day) that just had people gabbing with very limited actual intel.

We were able to expose Soaring Spirit as being a Cabal Operative by having a meeting with her, where we asked her to only post videos that she had actually watched in total entirety (which she responded saying, "I watch each of the videos I post, all the way through"), and we asked her to write two to three sentences for each video, explaining what the important, "Intelligence" gained from the video was.  

Countless attempts were made to get Soaring Spirit to write any text along with her posted videos, she refused to write any summary at all, we concluded that she was not watching the videos (20 to 40 videos per day, most over an hour long), there simply is not enough time in any given day, and because the videos were worthless gab, we finally knew who she was and what her mission was, "To Disrupt The Flow of Information Exposing the Foreign Owned, "United States Inc," and to Disrupt The Flow of Information Informing The Public To Form Their Jural Assemblies.

Once we had determined beyond any doubt that Soaring Spirit was a Cabal Operative, and because Anna Von Reitz had recently veered off from her original course, where she originally whole heartedly supported the Michigan Jural Assembly (her words: "Michigan did everything exactly right"), then all of a sudden Anna Von Reitz veered off course, telling everyone, "That in order to join the Jural Assemblies, everyone HAD TO REPUDIATE THEIR U.S. CITIZENSHIP."

That coupled with the knowledge that students of Anna, that we call the "Colorado 9" (a group of nine "Judges") were arrested by FBI, some of them still in jail, but before the FBI arrested them, the FBI visited Anna Von Reitz in Alaska, after which she immediately removed the title "Judge" from her name, but she did not call and warn her students to do the same, and so they were arrested a short time later.  Anna Von Reitz set them up for arrest and imprisonment, and she totally had the opportunity to save them from that fate, they were after all her students, they used the title, "Judge," because she taught them to do it.

After both Soaring Spirit and Anna Von Reitz were determined to be Cabal Agents.  A sting operation was concocted, whereby information was provided to "Soaring Spirit," in order to see if that information would be provided to Anna Von Reitz, and be published in Anna's articles.  The intelligence communities sometimes call this type of sting operation, "Beryllium Pebbles," meaning that if you take something "radioactive," you can use a geiger counter or satellite technology to track that radioactive signal in real time.   There are two ways the intelligence community does this, the first is to feed a piece of information to a source(s) and see where that information reemerges from, the second method, is to take fine radioactive dust and scatter it on the ground, the specialized satellites can then track the radioactive footprints of any individuals who step on the radioactive dust (known to kill animals that accidentally lick or sniff the ground).

Freewill fed Soaring Spirit information, via email from his "contentmanager1@yahoo.com" email account, that he (Freewill) had obtained his diplomatic immunity via the "Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act (you do not need to be a diplomat to get diplomatic protection, anyone can utilize this)," to protect himself against unlawful arrest by the de facto foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc," and Freewill told Soaring Spirit that he filed his paperwork in the Netherlands.

Four hours later... Anna Von Reitz published a hit piece article on "Freewill."  Anna Von Reitz called "Freewill" a NWO Cabal operative & saying Freewill has dual citizenship in NETHERLANDS, and U.S."

Anna Von Reitz then instructed all supporters and Jural Assembly members to run away from "Freewill," and everything he is a part of, which means Anna is telling everyone, to run away from the Michigan Jural Assembly, and to run away from the National Assembly, which Freewill is the Comms Secretary for, and Freewill works closely with both groups, despite his recent moving away from Michigan (where he was a member of the Michigan Jural Assembly).  

Freewill is a PATRIOT and a major moving force in the erection of the Jural Assemblies, Freewill & Others, are following in the footsteps of our American Forefathers & The American Framers, to take back our nation from the foreign enemy who's invaded our shores and enslaved us all.

PLEASE NOTE: Anna's Articles do not have dates, there is a logical reason for this, it is not good.

Here is the link (for as long as it lasts, she will probably pull it down when she discovers she is exposed, thats okay, "screenshots are forever"):

Thus these two Cabal Agents (Anna Von Reitz & Soaring Spirit, have been fully exposed, showing their true colors, & Their TRUE mission, "DISRUPT AND DISMANTLE THE JURAL ASSEMBLIES, and weaken all key members erecting the Jural Assemblies.

In Closing:
"Freewill" and I (Sun Tzu) both agree firmly, that the Cabal ruins and hurts everyone that it touches.  When the Cabal does not have dirt to use as ammunition, they threaten life, and much worse, the Cabal tortures, the Cabal murders, the Cabal has more ways to bend people to their will then the dictionary has words.  

Thus, Freewill and I ask you all to be very understanding, and very forgiving, for both Anna Von Reitz, and Soaring Spirit.  We do not know if they did it for money, or if they were threatened, but we know one thing for sure, no one would need to do anything bad... for money... if the Cabal was not first forcing us to live in a world of lacking resources, in which the fruits of our labor are stolen from us by every second of the day, our foods are poisoned, our air is poisoned, constant schemes to steal our bank accounts, to steal crypto currencies (scam), to steal our stocks (Stock Market =SCAM), to steal our bonds (murder/fraud), to steal our Nation (foreign owned "United States Inc,") and the Cabal New World Order Crime Syndicate will stop at nothing to save itself, so we all must learn to forgive our fellow brothers and sisters....  

As soon as Anna Von Reitz and Soaring Spirit are ready to be devout Children of Earth and to fight for FREEDOM from Tyranny & Genocide, WE WELCOME THEN AGAIN, BACK INTO THE FOLD.   We would ask them to answer a few questions though, in honor of Good Faith, moving forward.

Until then, everyone everywhere should be informed that any and all continued information from Anna Von Reitz requiring that citizens repudiate their U.S. Citizenship in order to form the Jural Assemblies is FALSE.  You can if you want to, but you do not have to, and life without a driver's license, without a passport, without a bank account, is a one way ticket to live under a bridge and get thrown in jail every time you drive, or any time you try to do anything at all.  

That is why the Cabal wants you to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship, because no one will say anything when the Cabal kills a bum living under a bridge (do not let that be you).

Below is the email, Freewill sent to me this morning of his email conversation with Soaring Spirit, I cannot post the whole contents because both Freewill's real name as well as Soaring Spirits email address would be exposed.  But what I can show you is the email sent to me, its attachments, and photo of the file contents, i replaced Soaring Spirits email with "@@@@@@@@@.net," and you can see below where Freewill tells Soaring spirit that his paperwork for diplomatic immunity is filed in the Netherlands.

Follow "The Handbook" as found on:

Erect Your Jural Assemblies, Now Is The Time, & Not Much Time Left

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Anna Von Reitz - Cabal Agent Exposed - Anna Von Reitz CALLS BeforeItsNews.Com & Nesara News Controlled Opposition (WE ARE MOST CERTAINLY OPPOSED TO YOUR (ANNA'S) CABAL NWO MASTERS) - written by Sun Tzu

Here is Anna Von Reitz's response to being exposed by the recent sting operation, exposing both her and Soaring Spirit as being Cabal New World Order Agents spreading disinformation and increasing profits for the Vatican & Vatican owned foreign corporation crime syndicate, "United Nations Inc," and Anna Von Reitz increases profits for the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc."

By getting natives in every nation on Earth to repudiate their citizenships, Anna Von Reitz is decreasing the liabilities and increasing the profits for the de facto foreign owned crime syndicates.

Federal Statutes for every nation forbid each nation's crime syndicate from communicating & having business with non-fictional entities (in other words the "United States Inc," foreign owned corporation can only have comms and business dealings with, "Corporations.") which means as soon as you dissolve "YOUR CORPORATION," by repudiating your U.S. Citizenship (or your citizenship of wherever you live) the foreign owned corporation enslaving you, example being, "United States Inc," can now pretend you do not exist, and is forbid from even communicating with you.  

Not only that, but after you repudiate your citizenship, good luck getting a bank account, driver's license, flying on commercial air traffic, or any other services that you need to survive.  Repudiating your citizenship will destroy your life, and make you easy to kill (disappear) that is why Anna Von Reitz wants you to repudiate your citizenship, to ERASE YOU.

We do not need to repudiate our citizenships in order to "peaceably assemble" as protected by our Bill of Rights, and its First Amendment.  

The American Forefathers and the Framers were also unlawfully converted into corporations by the British & French & Spanish parent corporations, nothing new since ancient Rome enslaved the world, which Rome still is doing today, as the Vatican owns everything (not Payseur as Qanon says).

Here is the sting operation that exposed Anna Von Reitz as a Cabal operative (although many Anons knew for a very long time):

Here is the link to Anna's WEB OF LIES:
The rest of Anna's New World Order Psy-OP is here:

Anna is doing the same thing the Angry Child Murdering Democrats do, "define PROJECTION":

Anna Von Reitz projects false truths on others, to protect the exposed truths about her.

 What is the penalty for Treason Anna?  You should know, GITMO will be your home soon.
Define Projection:
The attribution of one's own ideas, feelings or attitudes to other people or to objects; ESPECIALLY: THE EXTERNALIZATION OF BLAME, GUILT, OR RESPONSIBILITY AS A DEFENSE AGAINST ANXIETY.

Define Psychological Projection:
"in Psychology, the theory describing how the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive & negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others."

Anna Von Reitz got her own students arrested by telling them to use the title, "Judge" and after the FBI visited Anna Von Reitz, Anna removed the title "Judge" from her name, but Anna did not call and warn her 9 students in Colorado, who were all days later arrested for using the title, "Judge" in their name, many of them are still in prison.  

Even if what Anna say is TRUE (which it is not) in her "Psychological Projection"(Anna's article above), then Anna Von Reitz would still be a horrible teacher of disinformation for teaching her 9 Colorado students to use the title Judge, which got them arrested and imprisoned, by the foreign owned de facto crime syndicate corporation, "United States Inc."  So it is obvious that Anna is either spreading disinformation (bad information being taught) or she is a lier, NEITHER ARE GOOD, and if you've read about the sting operation (link provided again below:) then you know the truth is BOTH, Anna Von Reitz is both a LIER and a purveyor of FALSE INFORMATION.

Sting Operation Exposing Anna Von Reitz as a Cabal New World Order Crime Syndicate AGENT:

Anna, whatever the Cabal has on you.  Just come clean with us, and cease your attacks against the Jural Assemblies.  Anna, you are attacking the very fabric that our Founding American Forefathers wove in order to kick KING GEORGE out of America, do you really want to be remembered as one of the biggest TRAITORS ever in the history of our nation, and the of the world?

Cease your attacks, desist your purveying of damaging(deadly) instructions (U.S. Citizenship Repudiation) that will cause every one of your victims to end up under a bridge or in a jail cell, destitute, without a bank account, arrested every time they drive, and instead, aid us (Jural Assemblies) in understanding who your handlers are so that they can be brought to justice.  

Anna, do this, and all will be forgiven, for we all understand that the Crime Syndicate is very convincing through their threats to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, the Cabal wields evil to enslave, we can forgive you, if you can forgive yourself, and then Anna, you must speedily come to aid the forces of light against PURE EVIL.

Otherwise, Anna Von Reitz, Guantanimo Bay Detention Facility awaits your speedy arrival.

Sun Tzu

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Friday, October 21, 2011

Spirit Of The LORD --- 10/20/11

The Spirit of the Lord says:

I will always have a generation of warriors who are willing to walk in the realm of the Spirit with demonstrations of sign, wonders, and miracles. Arising from the ashes is coming My army that has been in preparation for the times that lie ahead. This new breed of conquerors will cause many of My front-line runners to begin to brush off their running shoes,in order to keep up. They have been practicing by doing My Word on a consistent basis. They have great evidence and confidence in Me and My abilities. They have kept fear at bay by knocking it down with great tenacity and perseverance. Their diligence shames the enemy and he cannot stop them, though he has tried many times. This mighty army is totally persuaded that My Word is all powerful and that My protection is sufficient. Many of My 'end time warriors' will give aid to places where My Word's fire has gone out, for they have My heart and passion and their desire for the Kingdom consumes them. The fire in them will heat up all that want more of Me, and at the same time burn down places that reject Me. Their minds have been made up and their hearts are fixed trusting in Me. And there is nothing that I will withhold from them. Heaven's portals are open wide over them, and they are willing to receive every gift that is available to them. I do not have to convince them that I Am for them, they know this assuredly! By their knowing they freely receive all. In the past I have had to plead and implore with My children to believe that I only had the best in My heart for them. I was limited in what I could do by their belief or unbelief, but this generation of warriors are open, ready, and willing.

These 'end time warriors' will usher in a desperation for all of Me. They will not be denied and I will not deny them anything that they ask according to My Word. They are increasing in strength and are very forceful against the kingdom of darkness, using all that have been given to them from heaven's open doors. The wind that thrust them forward is the true foundation of My love that keeps them motivated to go forward. They will not quit! Any of you can be one of My great 'end time warriors'. All you need to do is simply believe that I Am able to help you master any sin, iniquity, weakness, addiction, or anything that has lied to you and kept you from soaring. So come up to where the elevation is lighter and easier. To the place where you can see from afar and with greater clarity. Where living for Me and with Me becomes simple, because you have yielded to believing! The high place is choosing My Word and yielding to My Spirit.

And we receive from Him whatever we ask, because we [watchfully] obey His orders [observe His suggestions and injunctions, follow His plan for us] and [habitually] practice what is pleasing to Him. (1 John 3:22)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New publisher for nesaranews!

Please welcome Soaring Spirit! She shares many interesting articles and will be a great addition to nesaranews.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Form Your Jural Assemblies - For We Are Not a Nation of Laws, But Instead a Nation of Slaves and Statutes - Send the Crime Syndicates and Satan back to the waters from whence they came - written by Sun Tzu


Cease and desist all violent acts!
Cease rioting!
Cease marching!
You give the Crime Syndicate(s) cause to harm you, imprison you, kill you, all while the secret to your freedom is in front of you.


<Click the little, "Read More," Button>

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

ALLEGED Member of Oregon Jural Assembly Demands "Anna Von Reitz" be left alone, and claims to speak for the Oregon Jural Assembly - I Sun Tzu, one of the people forming Oregon's Grand Jural Assemblies, do respond AND CHALLENGE YOUR STATEMENTS

Sun Tzu:
Dear Bobby,
Thank you for posting on the forums at National-Assembly.net
I discovered your post on the forum and I am responding to you and it.

I agree with some of what you said, Anna Von Reitz is in fact the individual who's writings first WOKE ME UP to the situation at hand.  I began working with the Michigan Jural Assembly members as soon as Anna DECLARED, "Michigan Jural Assembly did everything right!"  -  Those were her exact words.

So I worked with members of the MGJA(Michigan Grand Jural Assembly) to discover what it meant to "Peaceably assemble, to redress grievances, and to self represent," the MGJA members helped me understand all of these things.  The MGJA members informed me that I did not have to "repudiate my U.S. citizenship," as it would bring great hardship upon my life.  MGJA members did however tell me that if I chose to do so (repudiate citizenship) that I WAS WITHIN MY RIGHT to do so.  

However, the MGJA members then put me in touch with other Michigan Grand Jural Members who HAD REPUDIATED THEIR U.S. CITIZENSHIP and the information I learned from them WAS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE.

Just as Anna Von Reitz has advised, in order to repudiate your citizenship, you send them back your Social Security Card, if you do it proper, you send them back all other U.S. government provided identification too (driver's license).  Then the MGJA members informed me of what happens when you get pulled over without a driver's license, how the intentionally low IQ hired law enforcement officers do not give a rats butt about any papers you have on you to prove that you have the right to drive without a driver's license.  The very presenting of "Documents" to the officer, has in many times alerted that officer that you are a threat, a domestic terrorist known as a sovereign citizen, and anyone paying attention knows that the government has declared sovereign citizens as "Domestic Terrorists."  

The Michigan Grand Jury members I spoke with who had repudiated their U.S. citizenship informed me that upon the law enforcement officer realizing that they had just traffic stopped a "Domestic Terrorist," the MGJA member was then cuffed and stuffed.  

Upon refusing to sign the corporation, "United States Inc," paperwork at the local jail, the MGJA members sat in jail for 60 days, which is as long as the U.S. corporation can legally hold someone for driving without a license.  Please bare in mind that these were 60 days in jail for FIRST OFFENSE.

So, I present you the following evidence.

1)  Is a U.S. Citizen protected by the Bill of Rights?

Answer: YES

2)  Does the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantee the right to, "Peaceably Assemble, to Redress Grievances, and to Self Represent?"

Answer: YES, IT DOES

3)  Yet Anna says that in order to EXERCISE that right, you need to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship!


A)  Why would Anna Von Reitz knowingly provide false statements?

B)  Anna originally used the title of Judge in her name.

Answer:  The Alaska Government HAS NO RECORD of any variations of Anna Von Reitz, aka Anna Reitzinger, aka Anna Von Reitzinger EVER BEING A JUDGE in the State of Alaska.

C)  Anna originally stated that she was a COMMON LAW JUDGE.

Answer:  In order to be a Common Law Judge, Anna Von Reitz would of been required to submit her name for candidacy in a local election in her county of the State of Alaska and she would have been required to get 60 signatures to get her name on the ballot, and then if there was no incumbent, she would have obtained the seat of "JUSTICE OF THE PEACE."

She did not run for election, nor did she obtain the seat.

That is why when the FBI visited her, they asked her the following questions:
1)  What Oath did you swear to become a Common Law Judge?
2) What is the significance of the 1783 Treat of Peace?

Upon the FBI leaving, she IMMEDIATELY removed her title as "Judge."

She however did not inform 9 of her students in Colorado to do the same.  They were all days later arrested, some of whom are still in jail.

Now I present the final evidence:
An Interview Anna Von Reitz gave:
The above interview given by Anna Von Reitz exposes the true nature of this PSY-OP.

Anna says"You have to go through all this process and all of this development of a public paper trail in order to reestablish who you are."

Answer:  FALSE

Anna is attempting to make it difficult for you to represent yourself, she is trying to make you think that it is difficult to exercise your GOD given rights, when all you have to do is pull out your BILL of RIGHTS, dust it off, and read the FIRST AMENDMENT.

Anna says you have to repudiate your U.S. Citizenship.

Answer:  FALSE

Anna is very effectively performing several tasks:
1)  Obviate 
define Obviate:

Anna is "Obviating" threats, to "Remove threats who would pose a challenge to Corporate United States Inc's RECKLESS OPERATIONS and ENDLESS felony OVER BILLING, there is trillions of dollars more to steal coupled with vast underground resources to steal from the people, vast resources of public lands to SELL, which is a theft against the people as the public lands were constitutionally granted to the people forever, and could not be withheld, sold, or multiple use permit denied.

Anna Von Reitz is protecting the ability to continue THE THEFT via THE GREAT FRAUD, as people rotting in jail cells for driving without a driver's license can hardly be capable of challenging the corporation, "United States Inc," let alone living under a bridge, with no job, because they have no Social Security card, so no one will hire them, and even if they did find work, they have no bank account, and cannot get one, as I said, a person living under a bridge does not pose a threat to the corporation United States.

2)  Obfuscate
Anna is making the necessary path "Unintelligible, unclear, or obscured."
define Obfuscate:

Anna is "Obfuscating," making the path forward unclear and full of; doubt, worry, and concern, for personal well being.  

Anyone with reason knows that they are putting themselves in harms way when they "Repudiate their U.S. Citizenship."

Anna "Obfuscates" when she makes up a WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS that you NEED TO DO, in order to exercise these God given rights, when all you really had to do was DUST OFF YOUR BILL of RIGHTS.

3)  Injure
define Injure:
Anna is attempting to "Injure" any fully motivated person who would move against the United States Inc corporation.  

It is difficult for injured prey to mount an efficient, intelligent, and calculated attack against a seemingly all powerful corporation, "United States Inc."

4) Deter
Anna is "Deterring" anyone from joining up with other Grand Jury Assembly Members whether it be the Michigan Grand Jury Assembly or any others.  

Anna is sewing devision between Patriots who are looking for a solution.

And THE ANSWER is that our Founding American Forefathers knew that this day would come!  They knew the enemy; in the Vatican,  the enemy in England, and any other Royal Power that would seek to weaken or destroy the greatest threat to continued world domination would eventually come to steal America from We The People.  Thus the Founding American Forefathers ensured that any Constitution coming after the First Constitution, would have to contain all of the original constitution.  Although the Bill of Rights is the greatest weapon against the forces of Evil that our Founding Fathers & the Framers gave us to destroy the enemy even in the midst of the DARKEST LONG NIGHT.  The weapon, the SILVER BULLET, has been discovered.

All you need to do is follow "The Handbook" as provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly.  The Patriots operating the National Assembly and the Michigan Jural Assembly, many of them are former special forces Patriots who served long and hard to protect the people of this nation, and once they discovered the plot and how far the rabbit hole of death and suffering was dug, they set out to correct the wrongs and liberate We The People from the Evil of a foreign power that had overtaken us.

All you need, you will find here:

Follow The Handbook - 

All other Handbooks, like the one Anna stole and is selling on Amazon, will put you living under a bridge, in jail for 60 days at a time, without a bank account, without the ability to leave the country and gain RE-ENTRY.

However Bobby, I suspect you are also working for the Cabal.  Because if you were listening on that National Assembly call when we were discussing Anna Von Reitz, you would have heard the testimony that both I and Others gave, revealing both Anna Von Reitz, and Soaring Spirit as being Crime Syndicate operatives to Obviate, Obfuscate, Deter, and Injure

Have a nice day.  If you end up being a provocateur, the people will simply vote to remove you from their presence.

As a member of the forming Oregon Grand Jural Assemblies, I reject your statements, I reject your logic, and I reject anyone who would knowingly provide people with incorrect information which will CAUSE MANY VICTIMS.

Good luck to you though.

Sun Tzu

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SOLSTICE: Communion of Souls

SOLSTICE: Communion of Souls

Article with graphics at:


Summer Solstice
is the longest day of the year when
there is an "official standstill" (equilibrium) for a few
days of Earth's yearly tilt towards and then away
from the Sun.  This marks the second of four
 seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter).

 This is the time when the seeds planted in spring
are at their maximum growth. It's a good time to
   ask yourself. "How is my personal life-garden
growing? Did I prepare the soil well?  Am I
nurturing opportunity for optimal growth?

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind
and nourish with repetition and emotion
will one day become a reality."
~ Earl Nightingale


The genesis of a new order of the ages is emerging.

Toxic inhumanity in mankind is now purging.

Global healing awareness is surging.

   Hearts and minds are merging.

<cut for brevity>

Take it from the 'top'... the highest principle at the heart of
 holistic healing in the quantum fields of one's own body...
  the spiritual frequencies of 'heart coherence' (equilibrium)
with peace, joy and loving kindness that clears all blocks
    to positive healing energies in your atoms, cells, body and
   the spirit that matters with conscientious common sense...
immunity against negativity:
(picture with quote)
"The cells in your body react to everything your mind says.
Negativity brings your immune system down."


Each soul has a connection to 'Creator' and one's
divine destiny in co-Creation with the larger
 eternal scheme of soul evolution.

Every soul is connected through the same process,
a 'communion of souls' you might say,
and 'Solstice' is a good time
for 'Soul Soaring'.


You are creating your summer with your
 beliefs, thoughts feelings and actions.

 Recognize your power as Co-Creator
 with the Divine Creator, and together,
 all things are possible with this higher
 power, wisdom and love of Creation.

 Great Love is the fruit of great souls.
 Those on inner planes support "
US ",
United Sovereigns of Earth.

Continued at: 'Solstice Communion of Souls'

by Christos Lightweaver

Previous article:
'Soul Soaring'

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nikola Tesla: Calling All Freethinkers!

Nikola Tesla: Calling All Freethinkers!

Tesla Coil

by Rand Clifford for Veterans Today

Humanity’s horizons glowed from the brilliance of Nikola Tesla. But to our horrible misfortune, the glow was much too bright for the Power Status Quo (PSQ). Money means power, and Tesla cost tycoons a lot of money by slaying with alternating current (AC) the dead-end direct current (DC) power distribution system of Thomas Edison (financed by J.P Morgan). More than forty of Tesla’s patents from 1888 cover the entire system of “polyphase” AC that, virtually unchanged, powers civilization to this day—a monumental lifetime achievement for any man.
But polyphase AC didn’t lead directly to the PSQ’s campaign of erasing Tesla from history. It was “Tesla’s Coil”, key to unlocking “Aether” and harnessing “Radiant Electricity”. The ultimate forbidden technology, Aether and Radiant Electricity was a primary focus of Tesla’s last forty years on Earth.
By tapping the Aether, by touching “…the wheelwork of nature”, Tesla illuminated visions of humanity freed from domination by the likes of Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller…the entire global tyranny machine powered largely by fossil energy, private central banking, war.
One man found an antidote for pathocracy, humanity’s premier poison.
[1] His name was Nikola Tesla; that remains one of the few things about the man that has not been altered by the PSQ. The name survives, but little else about Tesla has not been violated. His crime, or “sin” was competition tycoons couldn’t control.
Tesla always knew he would triumph. In his own words, regarding tycoons such as J.P. Morgan:
“I am unwilling to accord to some small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These men are to me nothing more than microbes of a nasty disease. My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time, but the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.”
Tesla’s “…triumphal success” has the power to unwind tyranny. All we need is for enough humans to awaken from the PSQ’s spell. Tesla obviously thought awakening was possible even while insisting that, “No free energy device will ever be allowed to reach the market.” Tesla knew that mass awakening was the wildcard. If we let him down, we let humanity down.
Tycoons throw enormous wealth at protecting people from reality by keeping them asleep. But waking up is free, the only ticket to freedom of development of the human potential.
Freedom…a gorgeous concept increasingly hollowed-out by the PSQ. Try to imagine what humanity might achieve without being kicked in the face by the psychopathic elite.
George Orwell said in his novel, 1984, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”
If we have any chance at proving Orwell wrong, Tesla might be our best hope. So he gets the boot. But they haven’t stamped out Tesla’s spirit. His ultimate technology is still alive not only in Black-Ops, but in laboratories of valiant researchers cheating death-by-truth.
The PSQ’s perpetual fouling of Tesla accents his elevation of what it means to be human. That most salient testament to Tesla’s brilliance, his suppression by the PSQ—it’s all around us, hidden in plain sight.
Style of the PSQ exhibits fear of people thinking for themselves. As long as pockets of human intelligence resist brainwashing, and independent thoughts fly around uncontrolled, that means the PSQ’s choke hold on power is not “safe”.
Similar alarm flourished in America’s top Rothschild agent, J.P. Morgan.
[2] He knew monopolistic fortunes were not safe with Tesla a funded free spirit. Morgan and other tycoons stung by the “War of the Currents”
[3] went into a defensive blitz. And when Tesla denied Morgan control of Radiant Electricity, Morgan had Tesla’s laboratories burned down. Works of genius were destroyed, but not the man. Morgan also instructed the four publishers of school textbooks to never mention Nikola Tesla; ditto for the Smithsonian—Nikola Tesla was an unperson. Morgan stamped like a professional on truth about Tesla. And the money boot keeps stamping with help from public ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in “authority”….
Creativity…humans working outside “the box”—writers, inventors, scientists and researchers and free spirits soaring above dogma embody what the PSQ fears in humanity. Nikola Tesla is a stellar example of what the PSQ fears most.
Tesla revered nature, not money. That got Tesla the electrical wizard off to a bad start with the PSQ—a moral eminence compounded by Tesla’s public declaration: “Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity.”
Those were fighting words to the tycoons—especially the part about, “…betterment of humanity.” Tycoons seek “arrested human development”, conspire to fit humanity with cement overshoes. Tesla’s treasures remain difficult to fathom with the PSQ so good at not only mangling and suppressing them, but misrepresenting many as works of Edison, Marconi and others.
On his deathbed, Edison said his biggest mistake had been in trying to develop direct current, rather than the superior alternating current system that Tesla had put within his grasp.
Tesla’s reply about Marconi’s work in radio: “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using 17 of my patents.”
If Tesla doesn’t terrify the PSQ, why their obsession with polluting his accomplishments? Why did they ban Tesla in textbooks and at the Smithsonian, choke off his funding and conjure him into a bogeyman?
Standard indoctrination coddles third graders along in this video of an “Awesome! ‘Tesla Coil’” (don’t miss Alex Jones growling in the wings).
[4]Here’s an encouraging story of spunky third graders with a great teacher, and their letter-writing campaign focused on getting Tesla acknowledged in the Smithsonian.
[5]Among Tesla’s most noble contributions to humanity and the cause of freedom…his intimate disclosure of PSQ’s will to protect their power at the complete disregard of humanity. Tesla revealed what it means to be psychopathic, and elite, showing humanity what inhumanity we are up against. Destruction of competition is a martial situation where, as the PSQ likes to frame it: “No options are off the table”.
The Internet has made progress against common public sentiment regarding Tesla being derivatives of: “I heard Tesla was kind of a crackpot.” Big money manipulates this idea from off in the wings, but when it comes to truth about Tesla, austerity takes center stage.
A nurtured “…then how come?” variety of popular ignorance clings to the idea: “If Tesla was so great, then how come we’re not utilizing his so-called ultimate technology?” The PSQ religiously stamping out competition is “how come”. And once again, when it comes to protecting their monopolies, “…nothing is off the table”.
Accurate information about Tesla still haunts the Internet. People can even learn about Eric Dollard.
[6] But the PSQ’s “Internet problem” seems merely a speed bump, considering the PSQ’s record of successfully controlling whatever they want to control, if given enough time. Where would the PSQ be without it’s enablers, us?
A great quote from Eric Dollard:
“Tesla scared the central bankers senseless. They knew what his plan meant. Energy independence meant an almost complete loss of control of the people.”
Tesla fought in the trenches, pulling back curtains on the PSQ—on humanity versus tyranny, freedom versus slavery. Profit from death and destruction—perpetual war fueled by fossil energy. Private central banking’s “…continuous consolidation of wealth and power into higher, tighter and righter hands” (GHW Bush quote). Continuous consolidation of wealth in the fewest hands drives debt slavery, genocide, looting of the future, the “New World Order”.
“If we don’t exploit every resource with alacrity and no mercy, our competitors will”—that’s the apparent creed of the PSQ. Sugary platitudes regarding people yet to be born seem vulgar in light of the PSQ twisting future generations into competitors. First come, first served. A penny stolen is a penny earned.
Imagine “free” energy.
Imagine no contrived shortages and price gouging. No ”gas” tanks, power lines, meters, power bills, wars for oil and pipeline routes, Alberta tar and Keystone XL kinds of high-pressure DilBit arteries of death—imagine some of the PSQ’s worst nightmares. Toss in no climate-changing hydrocarbon pollution, no more churning out mountains of radioactive waste to attack the human genome for thousands of generations, no psychopathic domination by an invisible elite controlling what billions of people need to survive. Imagine modern warfare obsolete.
[7] Tesla offered salvation from survival of the wickedest.
The wicked panicked….
Truth is the antidote for diseased wealth and propaganda smothering and mangling the best of Tesla. A rare step in the right direction would be millions of people realizing that Tesla really did not dedicate the second half of his life to making bigger and ever-more-“Awesome!” sparks—but rather, he was absolutely dedicated to freedom of humanity. Tesla’s greatest invention being reduced to a toy for “…entertainment and educational displays”—that’s very potent PSQ mind venom. They even tagged Tesla the “God of Lightning”. Can’t beat lightning for “Awesome!” sparks. Can’t beat the PSQ for…perhaps W.C. Fields said it best: “There comes a time in the affairs of man, when we must take the bull by the tail, and face the situation.” The “bull” in this case is the PSQ; the situation is what blasts from under the bull’s tail to foul humanity, and our nest.
Do we still have, if we ever did have, the mettle to wake up and rub the PSQ’s nose in their foulness? The stakes have never been higher.
The Sin of Competition
A quote variously attributed to both J.D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan set the stage for maniacal fouling of Tesla: “Competition is a sin.”
[8]Chutzpah of these two “tycoons’” implies that monopoly is divine—especially monopoly on energy, money, food, fresh water, and war; a “royal flush” in this Earthly game of poker.
Consider our nightmare of perpetual war in terms of this quote from Aldous Huxley, author of the novel, Brave New World:
“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”
Lies are the foundation of the PSQ’s reaction to Nikola Tesla. It’s paramount to humanity that freethinkers survive the elite and witness epiphany of this wisdom from Buddha:
“The lie tastes sweet at the beginning, but bitter at the end. The truth tastes bitter at the beginning, but sweet at the end.”
“Tesla’s Coil” Versus “The Tesla Coil”
The jungle of confusion and suppression of Tesla’s masterpiece might be easier to navigate if we distinguish between “Tesla’s Coil”, and the “Tesla Coil”. The former could be the epitome of human invention, the latter is its neutered caricature. For elaboration on this distinction, let’s check in with Zionist propaganda, the richest kind.
Wikipedia is hailed by Zionist Israel as “…the major source of information in the world.” They even advertise, with standard Zionist chutzpah, that Wikipedia is “…under constant, paid review of Zionist assets.”
[9]Below is Wikipedia’s first three paragraphs (underlining added) for their listing: “Tesla Coil” (as opposed to Tesla’s Coil”):
“A Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit invented by Nikola Tesla around 1891. It is used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity.
“Tesla coils can produce higher voltages than other artificial sources of high-voltage discharges, electrostatic machines. Tesla experimented with a number of different configurations consisting of two, or sometimes three, coupled resonant electric circuits.
“Tesla used these coils to conduct innovative experiments in electrical lighting, phosphorescence, x-ray generation, high frequency alternating current phenomena, electrotherapy, and the transmission of electrical energy without wires. Tesla coil circuits were used commercially in sparkgap radio transmitters for wireless telegraphy until the 1920s, and in pseudomedical equipment such as electrotherapy and violet ray devices. Today their main use is for entertainment and educational displays.”
Please note the use of “high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity”, and, “high frequency alternating current phenomena”, topped off with, “Today their main use is for entertainment and educational displays.” In terms of what Tesla actually achieved—in terms of transcendent capabilities of “Tesla’s Coil”, Wikipedia’s “Tesla Coil” definition could not be more misleading if Wikipedia’s goal was to mislead.
Smell a rat? Tesla has offered to show us that rats don’t always win.
Regarding Wikipedia’s, “Today their main use is for entertainment and educational displays”…this is a naked example of Wikipedia’s Zionist-propaganda roots, and propagation of twisted truth.
Frank Zappa characterized America’s educational system as a mechanism designed to create “…functional ignorance.”
Disguised as an educational system, America’s youth indoctrination system also gets a nod in Wikipedia’s line about the “Tesla Coil” being for “…entertainment and educational displays”.
Entertainment, surely, but educational? Entertainment and indoctrination are more accurate here; the “Tesla Coil” is hailed while “Tesla’s Coil” is…what, “conspiracy theory”?
We suffer severe multi-generational distress when “education” is largely indoctrination aimed at inhibiting independent thinking. Students memorize dogma sanctioned by the PSQ so they can pass standardized tests sanctioned by the PSQ. Students learning to think for themselves, learning how to distinguish truth from dogma—this will not do. The PSQ wants young minds regurgitating hive thinking in preparation for becoming obedient workers in thrall of authority, wingless and weighed-down by leaden dogma planted in their minds by PSQ ovipositors.
Tesla’s “Wheelwork of Nature”
While the primary function of the contrived “Tesla Coil” is to disengage Tesla’s masterpiece from reality, the primary function of “Tesla’s Coil” is to disengage voltage from current—disengage “the true electricity” (Aether) from the flow of massive electrons. Only when zero current is achieved in “Tesla’s Coil” will Aether flow freely and the “Tesla Effect” be realized. Any flow of electrons chokes off the Aether. It’s no coincidence that the awesome-spark-toy “Tesla Coil” has popularly replaced “Tesla’s Coil” to choke off Tesla’s threat to the PSQ.
Tesla’s inspiration regarding the decoupling of voltage and current grew during his brief employment by Thomas Edison.
Edison’s DC power distribution system was so inefficient that power-line resistance would cause voltage to fade within several city blocks. Voltage was cranked up very high at the main generators, and “pumping stations” were required every half mile to boost sagging voltage and current.
When a main switch was thrown to hit transmission lines with cranked-up voltage right off the main generators, a blast of blue and purple spikes and stinging, shocking sensations radiated in all directions from the transmission lines before electrons (current) flowed in the lines. This instantaneous phenomenon actually killed some linesmen. Engineers considered these bursts of magnified electrostatic potential a nuisance to be eliminated. Tesla saw them as a powerful, mysterious form of energy to be explored.
In Part Two:
— Tesla and the Earth (his laboratory)
— “Tesla’s Coil” (the real thing)
— The “Tesla Effect”
— Aether’s “whitefire” fountains and “mass-free cold electricity”
— Wardenclyffe without propaganda
— Tesla allowed a cameo appearance in the Smithsonian
— Eric Dollard’s eight destroyed laboratories, and why a most profound and honorable way to help humanity, Earth, and generations to come is also the most dangerous
[1] http://www.ponerology.com/evil_2b.html
[2] https://www.google.com/search?q=J.P.+Morgan+Rothschild+agent&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a
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[8] https://www.google.com/search?q=quote%3A+competition+is+a+sin+JP+Morgan&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a
[9] http://www.ascertainthetruth.com/att/index.php/the-media/who-controls-the-media/429-zionist-control-of-wikipedia

Rand Clifford lives in Spokane, Washington. His novels, CASTLING, TIMING, Priest Lake Cathedral, and many earlier essays are published by StarChief Press. Contact for Rand Clifford: randoc@live.com

Wednesday, March 16, 2016



By now some of you have seen a video of the prayer session with Donald Trump. As a rule I don’t like publicizing my meetings with leaders and don’t share details that could in any way embarrass them or empower their enemies. Billy Graham made that mistake as a young Evangelist after meeting with President Truman. He spoke with reporters on the White House lawn after his first meeting…and was never invited back again.
I admire Trump for being willing to host the encounter and for not being ashamed of prayer, the Bible or his affiliation with Christians (and he also had great sandwiches.)
Our meeting was in the boardroom on the 26th floor. Trump Towers is quite a grand facility. A journalist from Rolling Stone described it as an impressive architectural marvel whose entrance looks like a combination Cathedral and Las Vegas Casino. Couldn’t describe it better myself.
Whether he wins the Republican nomination or not one thing is sure, "Trump is Heavens Miley Cyrus wrecking ball to the spirit of Political Correctness." (You can quote me on that one.)
He has single handedly shaken up the establishment media and political elite - the people sitting at the gates of influence who thought they had the undisputed power to prop one up or take down another. Much to their collective horror he has proven to be impervious to their bullets. Even more so, with each blow his base solidifies. Trump, like no other personality in 20 years has shaken the establishment up and exposed them for the elitists' they are. Their condescension and indifference to the fears and frustrations of the plebian masses so far removed from their enlightened L.A. or D.C. or N.Y. perch is no longer unchallenged. The common folk, the hobbits in the Shire, who work hard and pay taxes and voted in two sweeping elections will no longer be ignored.
This is one form of anticipated “shaking” in America that we should celebrate regardless of who your favorite candidate is.
Regarding Trump, you don’t notice it on TV but he is a big guy, and I don’t just mean in terms of personality. He is physically tall – at 6ft 3 inches. Add heals and hair and its more like 6 ft.4.
His personal style is less bombastic than his platform and interviewing style. He was gracious, non confrontational and surprisingly open to "give and take." For instance, here is one exchange that could have been tense. A Messianic Rabbi sitting near me said, “Your comments don’t always represent you in the best light. People want to know you have a Presidential temperament. They want to know that you are a person they can trust with a finger on a nuclear button.” Trump perched his lips in characteristic fashion, nodded thoughtfully and said, “I hear you.”
The conversation turned to some of the more heated moments if the campaign. Trump explained, “You know, people aren’t aware of what is coming at me...what I am responding to. Rush Limbaugh calls it “incoming.” Like the storm that broke out when I took a stand on immigration. It can get pretty vicious. You don’t always know the back-story. And so many of these guys are nice and then suddenly they are on the attack, probably because of polling numbers. I can say this…I never punch indiscriminately. I’m a counter puncher. If you get hit and do nothing it sends the wrong message… but I fully hear what you are saying. I know where you’re coming from.”
Several of us exchanged glances and nodded. This was the best answer possible. There was no denial and no need to drill deeper on the subject. Equally, there were no flippant or disingenuous comments to appease the group.
One African American Bishop, Darrell Scott, spoke up, “I wouldn’t change a thing. Be you and keep being consistent. That’s what people like about you. You’re not playing politics.” Trump looked around the boardroom table and laughed. “So you’re saying, ‘don’t change?’ That’s interesting.” “Right! People would see you not being who you are and that will look fake.” I see this as a new breed of outspoken courageous leadership being raised up.
Around this time I got the feeling that Trump was meeting a different sort of Evangelical group than the one he met so far on the campaign trail, say, in Iowa. And he was enjoying the new sampling of Evangelicals he was getting exposed to.
You get the impression that he takes in information quickly and objectively but filters it equally fast to distinguish one idea from another. It’s an executive skill I’ve noticed in Super Achievers in whatever field I meet them. They are avid learners but have a built in filter that winnows out solid ideas from the superficial. He is an equally quick judge of people. As people spoke he was reading them and weighing their power in the group.
In one poignant moment the room erupted in applause. Here is what happened. A discussion commenced about the African American community of churches. Bishop Clarence McClendon shared something that moved Trump. “In my church we don’t preach a message based on grievances and handouts. We believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaims a Kingdom that has the ultimate power to lift any individual right out of the most impoverished circumstances. Gods Word can empower anyone with the wisdom and ability to rise above any obstacle and make it!”
Trump said, “Wow!” as the room erupted in spontaneous “amen’s” and applause.
While he is someone who ultimately forms his own opinions he does not do so in a vacuum. He likes hearing from expert sources that feed him first hand information. He told us that he developed his ideas about the issue of immigration by talking to front line security experts. He has little interest in pencil pushing consultants. In his youth he travelled with his father to the actual building sites and later worked with construction people directly. He has more confidence in experienced real world practitioners than Ivy League theorists. This is a classic businessman’s approach to gauging reality.
This week you’ve no doubt heard his unpopular statements about returning Syrian refugees? WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW is that He was personally debriefed by a high level Syrian security screener. In this mans experience President Obama made it almost impossible for Syrian Christians to escape Syria but put Muslim immigrants on a fast track. That may be changing recently. If you find that information disturbing you don’t know the half of the behind the scene stories on how this President has been unsympathetic to the persecutions of Christians yet favorable to the interests of Islam. Trump is concerned, however, saying: "It makes you wonder about who exactly has been getting into the United States over the past several years?" In 1960, there were about 200,000 Muslims in the U.S., according to a study in the International Journal of Environmental Science and Development. Today, the U.S. census estimates that there are more than 6 million Muslims here. Christians fleeing ISIS were not an Obama priority. Trump suspects that militants and extremists are numbered among them…along with some of the front men for setting up gang operated drug distribution for Mexican and South American Cartels. Again, this isn’t paranoid posturing by a man removed from the facts – it is the feedback from front line law enforcement given to him in private. He is an information hound.
One of the Pastors spoke: “I came here with an open mind. To my way of thinking there are three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial. You are clearly gifted for the Executive Branch. That’s what you do.” Trump responded, “Thank you for that. You know, in Real Estate, everybody likes renderings of buildings, you know what they are?” Trump asks and explained, “They are the elaborate sketches of the building. I’m not big on renderings, I like to see a photo of the finished project.” Trump if nothing else, is a decision maker with a built in bias toward action.
“We can cut so much waste in Government. So many duplicated agencies at the State and Federal level. It’s ridiculous.” I could see Trump the CEO speaking. I remember once hearing him slip – “I can make this Company great again…I mean Country.” It was a curious Freudian moment. He continued, “We can recapture so much income. This is what I’m good at. The U.S. trade deficit with China in is $400 billion, Japan, $70 billion, Mexico $50 billion. It’s ridiculous.”
I’m more attuned to the economics and business crisis that is looming, so this line of thought interested me. Here is the real “Harbinger” Jonathan Cahn is talking about. This is the ticking time bomb as dangerous as Iran with a nuclear missile. We have an economy going over a cliff and drunken Liberals scheming like Socialists behind the wheel. I wanted to weigh in but this was not the area most of the ministries were focused on so I waited.
I think great entrepreneurs tend to be Prophetic. Think of Steve Jobs. This will surprise some, but Trump is more Prophetic than most people realize. Repeatedly he said, “Leadership is all about seeing the future and not listening to the short sighted thinker. This is the kind of leadership we need to turn this country around – and fast.” Over and over again he has said and written – “Leadership is about seeing the future.” He is Churchillian in this regard. He see’s the threat nobody else has courage to talk about…till it’s too late. He see’s it with radical Islam, he see’s it with the soaring 18 trillion dollar debt and he see’s it in America’s tinderbox of the inner city. “There are more Fergusson’s and Baltimore’s out there,” he warned us.
I dug around a bit and asked one of his top advisors some questions about Trumps business and some facts about female employees. To my surprise I was told that Trump has currently 43-46% of his key positions occupied by women, (higher than the national average) and they are paid significantly higher than the national average for women in those roles!
This was an astounding discovery. Of his 800 employees (I assume this applies to the Trump Towers and Trump enterprises located in NYC) the retention and turn over rate beats all national averages. I was told, “These people don’t view Mr. Trump as a scary CEO or remote personality. They have a distinctive loyalty to the man.” Struggling to find the word, my high level source told me, “they are more like a…” I said “family?” He said, “yeah.” Trump is like a Patriarch not an Ivy tower executive figure.” Again, I was surprised.
Whatever he does he does to win. WINNING is part of his core value system. Trump is like George Patton. He hates losing. He thinks it’s un-American. As long as he’s fighting on the American side you can bet he’s fighting to win the war and distinguish himself as a great General. Anyone suspecting otherwise does not know Donald. The last thing he will ever do is to pour his assets, time and energy into running a race with the outcome of losing it. Getting Clinton elected is not only the furthest thing from his mind, it is a formula he thinks likely to fiscally ruin America. Trump will never do anything, including a third party; if there is any likelihood it will diminish the Trump brand.
This update is long enough...in the next post I will share:
1. "Thoughts on TRUMP and BEN CARSON?"
Is what I am writing making sense?
Helping you get a feel for the meeting, the man and the Nation?
Articles about the 'candidates' for the defunct criminal corporation are posted simply FYI and are NOT intended to be endorsements by the NESARA blog or by the poster for any of these traitors.