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Message from Montague Keen August 7, 2011

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Message from Montague Keen August 7, 2011

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Date: Sunday, 7-Aug-2011 21:19:26

Message from Montague Keen

August 7, 2011

Endings are never easy, my dear, so it is understandable that those who have controlled your Earth and who have believed that they alone should be in control, will fight to the bitter end to try to keep what they believe to be rightfully theirs. That they do not belong on Earth is becoming more obvious everyday as people wake up. Remember, one always has to clear out the rubbish to make ready for the New. Believe me, everything is in place, we have positioned people all over the Earth in readiness. When we give them the word, they will reveal themselves. We, too, have planned this moment with the utmost care. We owe a great deal to those brave souls who have been prepared to stand up and speak the truth.

Nothing goes unnoticed on this side of life. We are well prepared. I am not saying that it will be easy - it will be very painful for some. But you undertook to transform your planet, to rescue it from the grasp of the Evil Ones. You ask, should they expect mercy? Will they repent? Many will see the error of their ways and seek forgiveness. We have given them time to step back from their evil plans and to exercise their free will.

The right people are being brought together so that they are prepared for our coming. We do not wish to shock anyone, so we ask that you are prepared to receive us, along with those from other planets who have been assisting us to thwart the evil plans of the Cabal. Their off-planet banking system is falling apart; they cannot hide from us. We observe their thoughts as well as their actions. We do not need language to do this. There are many advantages to being Spirit: we are unobserved. Locks and keys do not prevent us from getting to what we need to see. There is no hiding place.

You know of the many Centres that are being set up, so that those who believed the Illusion will receive the help needed to move forward. As all the seats of power crumble and fall apart - finally exposed to the world for what they truly are - it will be a time of great confusion and fear for some. Healing will be necessary. This will be available to all who need it. For many of you, this will be an exciting realisation of all you believed would happen. We owe much to you for your support. Without you, this would not be possible. In the midst of darkness, you have stood up for truth and integrity.

We are twelve in the Network. You have met us, my dear, you know that we come in peace to rescue your planet. There are nine also, who are a major part of this Transition. Some are already on Earth, carrying out our plans; some have taken on human form, they move among you unnoticed. They are recognised only by those who know on a soul level who they are.

There are those also, who take on human form for evil reasons. They try to prevent the move to the Light. You, my dear, have come into contact with them, you have seen them shape-shift. I know that even though it's happening before your eyes, it's hard to get your head around it. They appear to be friendly but they have another agenda completely. Your world is such a mixture of Good and Evil. There are those who portray themselves as pure and good, whose whole purpose in life is to destroy your souls and to lead you into the depths of darkness, while all the time preaching love and peace. Their double lives are being exposed. The fear that they instilled in the innocent will be removed and replaced with love and acceptance. This month of August is important. Much will happen: some good, some alarming and sad. Never lose sight of the end result. You are many, they are few ! Together, we will triumph. Let love be your guiding light.

Veronica and I would like to thank all of you who sent their love and best wishes to her from so many parts of the world. It is a difficult time, dealing with illness and coping with the many bodily changes that are necessary before full consciousness is completed. You are all part of our team on Earth. Every thought has energy, so sending good wishes to those less fortunate is important. Our work will remove poverty. All men will be equal. Countries will no longer be plundered and kept in poverty. The gun and tank will no longer figure in the great scheme of things and the killing will stop forever.

I look forward to making your acquaintance when I return. I want to thank you personally for your trust and faith in me. Veronica trusted me from the moment we met. Though she has been attacked and ridiculed, she has never, even for one moment, doubted that our project would achieve its ends. The love and trust that we shared in life and continue to share, is important and necessary to enable us to continue to work together.

A New Beginning awaits all on Earth. Be brave ! Sweep away all traces of the Dark Cabal forever.

My dear, I am with you always. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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Message from SaLuSa 8 -August-2011

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Message from SaLuSa 8 -August-2011 by Mike Quinsey

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Date: Monday, 8-Aug-2011 06:41:55

SaLuSa 8 -August-2011

As you can see, the financial situation in the world is out of control and before much longer; our allies will have to step forward to implement the new policies. It does not take a genius to understand that creating more debt will not solve your problems, and debt forgiveness is the only certain way out. With the general disarray that is happening, people are realizing that a totally new approach is required if you are ever to move on. What is necessary to get done is part of our plans, as the breakdown of your societies has been anticipated and allowed for by us. We wait the right time to instruct our allies to go ahead, knowing that our offer to help you through this period will be accepted. Once we are acknowledged and accepted by the majority, we can then proceed to reveal the mission we have to carry out and prepare you and Mother Earth for Ascension. Have some compassion for your leaders, as they are working to the old model which is now defunct. They do not have the power or will to tackle the problems in the way we are intending, and obviously it could not work without every countries co-operation. Since you normally believe in the survival of the strongest, you will always have inequality and great differences between the rich and the poor. A measure of how you view others is evident from your response to the serious famine in Somalia, and the urgent needs of the suffering and dying people. We are pleased to note that the public are responding to it, and doing so in times when many of you are under pressure yourselves. For too long you have been under the influence of the dark Ones, who mostly ignore the plight of others and have no compassion or love in their hearts. You ask why we do not come to your aid now but please remember that all souls presently involved in the suffering, have at a higher level already accepted it as part of their experiences. As we so often point out, in such circumstances our intervention would be seen as interference, and denying them the experience they have undertaken. It does not mean you cannot help, and the reaction of others to their plight is also part of their experience. Try not to judge situations without knowing all of the facts, as you cannot know what is behind decisions that other souls take. Duality by its very nature is testing and bound to place you in difficult situations, and often it is for you to find ways of dealing with it. Be assured your life plan will take you wherever it needs to fulfill it. Fortunately the less desirable experiences are being countered by the promise of extensive changes that are really underway now except that you are unable to see them. Also with Ascension approaching very quickly you have no need to dwell upon what is happening on Earth now, as the cleansing gets underway and with our coming will be speeded up. One thing is for certain, and that is the Earth will not be largely destroyed as some predict. It will not be hit by a comet or any other missile, and we will deal with any such threat. Yes, there are the inevitable physical changes that have already been taking place for some time now, but we monitor them. Your part Dear Ones, is as always to keep focused on the future and not be distracted by any attempts to instill fear in you. There is of course fear still around, but that largely comes from a lack of understanding as to what is happening within your Universe. All is in a state of change and in the hands of exceptionally powerful Beings who will ensure that all action is completed In accordance with the Divine Plan. They oversee our activities and we have complete and utter faith in them. We obey their instructions to the letter, and know we are taking the best course of action for all concerned. If you knew how much interest there was in your Ascension, you would not worry about any developments that might involve you. Each of you is accompanied by a number of Guides or Angelic Beings, and they are with you to protect you and ensure you make Ascension if that is your wish. Some of you are aware of their presence, and all of you can communicate with them and indeed should do so if they are to be fully aware of your needs. Often the only time people call upon them is when they are in danger, and that is perfectly in order and they will “hear” your call. However, remember that they are also there as your spiritual mentors and helpers. They are pleased when you acknowledge their existence and engage in thought contact with them. In time you will meet your Guides and teachers, as your evolution is ongoing and does not stop with Ascension. However, once ascended your consciousness levels will be such that you will need fewer helpers in attendance. To be fully conscious is something you have to experience to understand the extent of your knowing, as compared to your unawakened state at present. The veil that has kept you this way is falling away, and as you draw more Light to yourself so you increase your degree of awareness. With it also comes the assurance that you can handle your own spiritual development. In fact you never stop learning, and the axiom that the more you know the more you realize how little you know, is quite true. At present you carry out a lot of reading, attend lectures or watch videos in your learning process. Again in the future you will be able to absorb the knowledge of a book load at the time through new teaching methods, and information can literally be downloaded into your brain. The laborious means you use now will be superseded by various new technologies, including implants. Schooling such as you know it will not be necessary, and you will choose the subjects that you want to follow and are therefore of interest to you. It will be known which subjects you need to develop to follow your ordained path, and time is not wasted on pointless exercises as now. Many of you will join a group consciousness, and that will immediately increase your level of consciousness through the sharing that takes place. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and gratified that we can give you some idea of what the future holds for you. So far you will hopefully see that you have so much to look forward to and absolutely nothing to fear. Indeed, all the changes are to bring you into a peaceful and happy existence.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


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Date: Sunday, 7-Aug-2011 22:25:37

Please forgive me for the disjointedness of this post... I am writing it quickly before I forget everything I was told. The last paragraphs are most important... don't miss any of this post. If you know ex SEALS... send this to them.

I just got off the phone with a source who had spent several hours on the phone with former SEALS. Some of these SEALS are the parents of our current SEALS. (I say parents because women have always been attached to SEAL teams... at least the SEAL teams that I knew personally)

The SEAL-Dads are very concerned about their SEAL-Children...

Having known the betrayal that our country has done to the military and special ops in the past, they realize that this current murder of SEALS could be a forerunner to a SEAL setup.

Some are speculating that someone in the administration decided to kill two birds with one stone... get rid of SEAL Team Six AND make the rest of the SEALS so angry that they will lash out without thinking... thereby giving a good reason for disbanding the SEALS.

Remember... SEALS and Marines are part of the Navy. The Navies about the world are aligned with Faction Two and the current administration knows this.

Please remember that Obama wants to do away with the Marines. Most Marines consider themselves as well trained as SEALS. Many Marines cite their origin in Roger's Rangers in the Revolutionary War.

(Robert Rogers actually fought against the Colonies, but many of his Rangers joined the revolution. If you don't know about Robert Rogers and his Rules for Rangers, take a look at this link. It has Rogers original Rules, plus a modern day version of the Rules. These rules are good common sense that we all need to know. )

Remember also that Obama has put SEALS on trial.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Obama is Prosecuting Navy Seals for giving a Most Wanted Terrorist a Bloody Lip

Navy SEALs have secretly captured one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq — the alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. And three of the SEALs who captured him are now facing criminal charges, sources told

Full story:

Obama hates the military. He knows that the United States military is the ONLY thing standing between him and complete world control.

The SEAL-Fathers fear that this current mass murder of their SEAL-Children could be a false flag in progress and they are warning all current and active SEALS to


Await further instructions from those who have gone before you.

A hot headed allegiance to your comrades may get you killed as a terrorist... remember John Rambo in the little town of Hope? Obama is playing the part of the Sheriff and if he labels you a terrorist... he will sic his civilian swat agencies on you.

The media will crucify you and the swat teams will kill you. You will go down in history as mentally deranged and/or a home grown terrorist.

Clear thinking is what is needed right now.

Mass resignations is another thing that will work.

Make sure your families are safe. There is nothing that will bring a SEAL to his knees quicker than having a live video camera showing his young son about to be raped by a pedophile.

Most SEAL families were put on military reservations under the guise of protecting them from terrorists. The real reason was to use them as hostages.

Make sure your families are safe. That means part of your SEAL teams will have to stay home to guard the family.

Find a place where one or more families can live in safety. Choose a place with a strong Sheriff who will keep the FEDS out. Leave a SEAL behind to protect them, or bring in some of the SEAL Dads to do this duty.

Do not talk on phones.

Know that you are monitored in everything you do.

All computers in your homes and offices are monitored.

All phones are monitored.

Even you homes are monitored.

It's possible that even your most private thoughts are monitored.

If you are wanting to organize to do something about the murder of your comrades... don't talk about it out loud.

Write it on paper, show it to the people you want to know, then eat the paper or light it on fire over a toilet and flush it.

Go to the beach... and pretend to be examining a dead fish. Write in the sand. Erase it and write again. Remember that it takes a while to position a satellite over you. Don't stay too long or your words will be picked up on the satellite. Or crouch over the words so your body is blocking them.

The sound of the surf usually keeps a distance microphone from hearing you.

Always remember that there are spies even in your midst. Don't do this sand writing unless all the SEALS are wearing Speedos which will let you know that they are not wearing a wire. Always remember that THEY can implant a listening device INSIDE a living human.

Sadly... this means that you will have to use the interrogation techniques you use on enemies on your own friends to be sure they are not working for your enemy.

The best would be to use the truth drugs. It's hard to hide an infiltraitor when truth drugs are used. Sadly, a split personality infiltraitor can stay hidden for years... even on truth drugs.

And yes I know that I spelled infiltrator incorrectly... I did it on purpose.

The former SEALS that my Source talked with said that there are rumblings in the underground that the 31 men who died on this helicopter were NOT alive when they were blown up.

There are rumors in the underground that someone is killing off SEALS. Most military men do NOT believe that all of these SEALS would have been on one helicopter. This goes against everything they have been taught. The rumors speculate that someone is killing off SEALS and to cover their deaths, they piled the bodies on this helicopter and then blew it out of the sky.

Some of the rumors even doubt that it was blown out of the sky. They believe the bodies were piled on a helicopter that was on the ground and it was blown up.

Did anyone see it being blown out of the sky?

Is there independent confirmation of the debris field?

One final thing that the SEAL-DADS said.

"If you mess with our kids, you have declared war of us!"

Those is power need to remember what John Rambo did to the little town of Hope. Also remember that old SEALS never die...

And if any of the old SEALS need to regain their health... Talk to me about organic sulfur. We need you in perfect health right now and I don't know of anything that can restore your health as quickly as organic sulfur.

25 Reasons to Despise Bankers

25 Reasons to Despise Bankers and their Boot Lickers

July 25, 2011

Also see: RIP-OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE The Banking Industry Scam at:

And (Because the Bankers are merely "Contract Agents" for the Vatican ) see: "The Black Pope" at:


1) Bankers, according to the London Times, launder about 400 billion dollars a year or more in illegal weapons sales. The next time you hear of an African war lord killing families so he can kidnap young boys to become child soldiers and young girls to become child sex slaves, please remember that this could not have happened without the active assistance and cooperation of the bankers and the politicians they own.

2) Bankers told American businessmen that entering World War I would make the Great War last longer which would be good for the United States because it would bankrupt England , France and Germany . Calvin Coolidge on Veterans Day in 1928 said America had lost only 30,000 soldiers during the war but another 100,000 since the war ended. Those men had died of their wounds after the Armistice was signed. Everyone who died after 1915 in WW I died for bankers and Israel .

3) Bankers have been laundering drug money at least since the Opium wars. Currently bankers launder a trillion dollars a year in drug money. That these illegal drugs are killing millions of people and destroying cities one family and one neighborhood at a time is of no concern to them.

4) Gordon Duff of Veterans Today tells us that the Global Hawk which is a pilotless drone version of the U2 Spy plane is frequently used to carry 3,000 pound payloads of opium paste out of Baluchistan Pakistan . This lucrative opium trade is one reason why Afghanistan in America ’s longest war. America has killed millions of innocent civilians for nothing. America will one day have to pay that debt.

5) On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld told us that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon spending. On 9-11-2001 four planes were electronically hijacked which together with pre-planted explosives killed 3,000 Americans that day and many more since in needless wars. 189 people died at the Pentagon. Most of these were auditors trying to find the missing trillions the bankers and their friends stole. American taxpayers are treated as indentured servants by the bankers. We are not allowed to audit the books and demand the return of the stolen money. Trillions more have gone missing since Rumsfeld promised on 911 to do a better job tracking down that money.

6) On March 22nd 2000 Susan Gaffney, the Housing and Urban Development Inspector General, testified before the House Governmental Affairs Committee detailing the 59.6 billion dollars that went missing from HUD during the previous two years. When asked if she did anything to recover the missing money she said No. If we were equal to a banker, we would have demanded audits. Years earlier Catherine Austin Fitts was at HUD under Bush I. She found one block in San Diego that had 20 million dollars in HUD guaranteed loans for buildings that never ever existed. All of these loans defaulted and were paid for by taxpayers who do not have the right to audit the books.

7) Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert are both American financial experts who now report on gross banking fraud from their base in Paris . They have made several trips to Dubai and have told us what multiple bankers told them. American contractors returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan have deposited suitcases full of money in Dubai banks. If we did not have a government owned and operated by the bankers, would any of this be possible?

8 ) Bankers financed the Soviet Revolution which allowed their Communist minions to kill over 60,000,000 real human beings. They deliberately starved 10,000,000 to death in the Ukraine .

9) The UN estimates that worldwide the slave trade traffics 250,000 mostly women and children a year. Many young children are killed for snuff films by Russian Jewish mobs. None of this could happen without the active participation and cooperation of bankers and the governments they own in the United States , England , Israel , Belgium , France , Portugal and elsewhere around the globe.

10) Several years ago documents revealed that the African slave trade was financed through front men like Aaron Lopez . The African slave trade resulted in the deaths of millions of human beings en route to North and South America . No estimate has been made of the numbers killed by the wars over 3 and one half centuries engendered by the desire to capture their fellow Africans to be sold to the bankers and their minions. The slave trade would not have been possible without the active participation and cooperation of the bankers and their governments. Did I neglect to mention the other end of the African slave trade? Every school book cites the trade of rum made in Newport Rhode Island by the 21 Jewish distillers for the slaves of Africa . What they do leave out is the fact that those distillers also sold rum to Indians who routinely massacred white settlers while in drunken rages. Then the settlers would take revenge so all sides except for the distillers and the bankers lost in this trade.

11) Asia Times told us that the big international banks launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes for politicians. This does not include campaign contributions and cash payments. Remember the congressman in 2008 who said he had two types of calls from his constituents about the proposed Banker Bailout. He said some said No and the rest said Hell No. Yet the Bailout was passed by both Houses and approved by both Presidential candidates. Now you know why the Congress, the news media and the President do not listen to you and do not care what happens to you and your friends and your family.

12) Bernie Sanders revealed the Federal Reserve Bank created 16 trillion dollars in loans over the past couple of years. Many of these loans went overseas. But many of these sweetheart loans made at negative real interest rates (i.e. below the rate of inflation) were made to news organizations like NBC-MSNBC-Comcast. This company is owned by a defense contractor and two Zionist business partners. MSNBC, which is supposedly the most liberal news source in America , has been firing and disciplining liberal anti-war newscasters and hosts. This would be surprising to the casual observer if he or she was not aware of the loans made by the privately owned Federal Reserve bank.

13) Back to that 16 trillion dollar money bomb dropped on the people of the world by the Federal Reserve. Bankers were bundling up home mortgages into bonds and used MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) to register their deeds. The bankers allowed their minions to sell one home mortgage into five different bonds in effect selling five different people a legal claim to your house. These bonds were worthless. The ratings agencies Standard and Poor, Fitch and Moodys gave these bonds triple A ratings in exchange for hefty fees. The banks did not do due diligence before selling them to banks overseas. They knew the loans were bad because they bought insurance (Credit Default Swaps) to cash in on the inevitable losses. More than 6 trillion dollars was paid by the FED to overseas banks. Why? Because they wanted to keep New York bankers out of jail. You see those bonds had to go into default and the bankers knew that. A bondholder whose underlying mortgage went bad would not ask for the return of his money. But if the mortgages were good, five different companies would come to collect from one homeowner and the courts might actually have to send bankers to jail. All the inflation you will see over the next few years will be due to the active participation of the Federal Reserve in financial fraud. Obviously those bankers in New York owe Zero Mostel and the writers of the movie script for the Producers a sizable bonus.

14) Do you remember the Presidential election of 2000? I knew Bush would become President years before. But I remember telling my friends that it was obvious to me that the Federal Reserve Board was spiking the election in Bush’s favor so we could go to war. My reasoning was thus: the FED was raising interest rates and tightening credit so the stock market would go down before election day. If the market declines in an election year, the incumbents lose seats in both Houses of Congress and a couple million votes in the Presidential race. Alan Greenspan made George W Bush President of the United States allowing Bush to invade Iraq and Afghanistan for Israel . Can I prove Greenspan knew in advance 911 would happen? One of the Rockefellers told Aaron Russo 911 was coming years in advance. What Greenspan knew about 911 and when he knew it, we will not know until we have war crimes trials.

15) Let’s revisit the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) of 1994. Since that date, America has lost 50,000 manufacturing plants. America has a little over 3,000 counties with an average population of 100,000. If you divide 4,000 into 50,000, you get an average loss of 13 to 14 manufacturing plants closing and going overseas per county. This has destroyed local tax bases, government revenues and jobs resulting in millions of unemployed and millions of foreclosed homes. Instead of testifying before the Congress and telling the nation what would happen Greenspan covered it up by printing lots of money. There was no price inflation, because traditionally a manufacturing based economy has to bid workers and raw materials away from competitors. Not so since NAFTA. We had no manufacturing base left to create price inflation. All the monetary inflation went into the stock market. Greenspan crashed the stock markets to end the dot com bubble and elect the warmonger Bush. After the dot com bubble went pop, Greenspan ignited the Housing Bubble. Why do we have a Bubble economy? The Bankers and their minions sent all the jobs overseas so the only way to make money in America today is through the Subsidized Bubble Machine known as the Federal Reserve and the Federal government. Citizens are required to buy insurance under penalty of law. But the insurance companies who wrote the Obamacare bill are not required to treat you when you get sick. This is a subsidized medical system which when the Bubble pops will send wages down, down down for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, EMTs and others in the health care field. Local schools and police were in the subsidized Bubble economy but the implosion of the tax base is forcing layoffs in many cities and states. Providence Rhode Island gave pink slips to every teacher. Ashtabula county Ohio (population 102,000) laid off all of the Sheriff deputies save those working in foreclosures for the courts. This means they have one deputy per shift for the entire county. A local judge told the residents to buy a gun. We have reached the point where the only Bubbles left are war and other subsidized government endeavors. The next sucking sound you hear will be civil service and healthcare jobs evaporating. This will send the unemployment rate above 30% from its current 22%. By definition and by law, Bubbles cannot give the illusion of productive employment and real wealth without the participation and cooperation of the bankers and the politicians they own.

16) President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed on November 22nd 1963. He had issued Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963 which returned the power of the Sovereign to issue currency to the Treasury from the FED. JFK was killed and that Executive Order was never rescinded but his US Treasury Notes which were non-interest bearing were recalled. I keep making the point on public and in print everyone else fears to whisper in secret that Kennedy was murdered on the anniversary of the day the bankers first met in 1910 to draft the legislation their hired politicians would pass on December 23rd, 1913 during Christmas break. My point is that the bankers were giving us a message by killing JFK on the anniversary of their secret meeting. We are peasants and they were born to rule over us. They have the right to kill your President and you do not have the right to try them for their crimes.

17) Martin Luther King was killed on April 4th, 1968. He was killed on the first anniversary of his famous anti-war speech at Riverside church in New York City . King planned to have a Summer of Ant- War protest in Washington D.C. He was going to use passive resistance and civil disobedience to stop the Vietnam War. The Bankers, the Zionists and the Imperialists could not allow King to win so they killed him. The message to the American people was that you are peasants, we are the feudal lords and you cannot refuse to die in our wars. You do not have the right to say No. Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy and his nephew JFK Jr. were also killed by the same people though for different reasons.

18) Dr Alan Sabrosky is a former Director of Studies at the US Army War College. Dr Steve Pieczenik was deputy Secretary of State for three Presidents. They are both of Jewish descent. They both say 911 was an inside job and that Israel did it with the help of traitors inside the US government. Sabrosky has been telling his former colleagues at the Army War College that Israel did 911. Do you for one minute believe that Israel could have done 911 and gotten away with it without the active participation and cooperation of Jewish Americans on Wall Street and in the government and news media?

19) When you go into a bank for a $10,000 loan, the bank is not lending you Mrs Jonses’ life savings. What the bank is doing is creating a $10,000 deposit in your checking account. There a few points of interest in this transaction. The banker only created enough money for you to pay the principal and not the interest on the loan. The interest on the debt can only be paid if the banker loans more money out and increases the total money supply so there is money to make the payments. This is called monetary inflation and usually leads to price inflation. Another point of interest is that the banker gets all of the benefit of making the loan and you, even if you are not part of this transaction, pay for it. How so, you ask? Because your purchasing power was diminished every time the banker made a loan. Years ago I remember reading a study of the loss of savings due to banker induced inflation. It was twice as great as the value of all Social Security payments received by the elderly. But a good deal for anyone involved except bankers who now want to cancel Social Security benefits but not the taxes you pay in so we can afford to continue to pay the Banker Bailouts.

20) The federal government under Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln issued non-interest bearing currencies. They saw no reason why the Treasury should not just issue a currency. They did not want to allow the bankers to create money (i.e. Federal Reserve Notes) they would trade for Treasury bonds which would require the taxpayers to pay interest on ever increasing national debts. Eventually, we would create what I have called a Debt Bomb of Unpayable Debts. The burden of those interest payments becomes unbearable and we all go in to bankruptcy at which point the bankers buy everything from us for pennies on the dollar in foreclosure sales with money they stole from us. Then we and our descendants are permanently reduced to the status of a landless serf. There is no reason for a national debt other than to transfer wealth from us to the bankers.

21) Since there is no reason for a national debt, there is no reason for Austerity Cuts so wages and benefits to be matched by taxes on the working and middle classes. The only reason for the European banks to bailout Greece is so that the banks can keep the Ponzi scheme going long enough to trade their Greek debts for euro bonds which they can sell and use to buy gold, silver and oil. All of our sacrifices are for nothing and only increase their ill gotten gain.

22) Harry Markopolos took in more than 300 pages of documented evidence to the SEC to prove to them that Bernie Madoff was stealing tens of billions of dollars from his mostly Jewish clients. The case was not hard to prove. Catherine Austin Fitts said the SEC had to do was to match Madoff’s bank transactions up with his brokerage accounts. So if he was moving lots of money around in his bank accounts but not buying stocks, then he was an obvious fraud who needed to be arrested in time for the Evening News. This is not the end of the story. Markopolos told us that a much greater fraud was waiting in the wings called Credit Default Swaps (CDS) which he valued at a potential loss of 600 trillion dollars. This is ten times the total output of the world’s goods and services. Yet to date neither the House nor the Senate nor the Obama nor Bush Departments of Justice and SEC have seen fit to ask Mr Markopolos to come and give evidence. Why? Because all politicians are frightened little cowards.

23) CDS were invented by a girl from England named Blythe Masters. She is the VP for Global Commodities at JP Morgan. Her boss is Jamie Dimon. In 1999 Brooksley Born was Chairwoman of the CFTC and attempted to regulate CDS which are a hybrid between insurance and a derivative which is a bet on the future value of a bond or a commodity. Four men (Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan and Arthur Levitt) told her that she was not allowed to regulate CDS. That would spoil their fun. If you remember, I previously mentioned that the purchase of a CDS enabled the banks to sell bonds they knew to be worthless. It is illegal to do this. The purchase of a CDS gave the ratings agencies cover to give AAA ratings to zero value, fraudulently induced, no recourse bonds. Now remember the bailout of AIG. The banks knew AIG could not cover the losses they knowingly passed on when they bought CDS, because they both created the moral hazard of less than junk grade bonds and insured against it. They then went to their kept whores in the Congress and had them pass legislation that Bush, Obama and McCain approved of to cover AIG’s losses. It must be so much fun to be a banker, to steal a nation’s wealth, to start wars, to kill millions of people around the world and to make up assassination lists of honest politicians.

24) Jim Willie has a PhD in Statistics. He is so despised by the bankers that he, Bob Chapman and a few others can no longer safely live in the United States . He told Max Keiser that in the 1990s the US Treasury Department sold 2.2 trillion dollars more in Treasury bonds than were needed to fund the federal deficit. Remember that this was a deficit already swollen by missing trillions from HUD, Defense and other agencies. Did I tell you that Indira Singh who worked as a high level computer consultant for the Big Three New York banks until 911 said the bankers were even stealing from Social Security. They would enter say a million non-existent recipients into the computers, give them monthly checks. Those frauds were not part of the 2.2 trillion the bankers put directly into their pockets from the sale of bonds. Nor does it count those gold bars at Fort Knox which were sold and replaced with gold plated tungsten. Nor does it include the gold bars the bankers leased from the government and sold as if the gold were theirs.

25) Do you remember the newscasters during the recent Egyptian uprising saying that they lived on two dollars a day in Egypt ? The reason for their poverty was that the bankers used the IMF and World Bank to stop the Egyptians from developing agriculture so they could raise their standard of living and they could say No to bankers. The banks have forced Africans to accept Genetically Modified Organisms knowing that they emit pesticides into your blood and also increase your risk of cancer and sterility. They also force poor nations like Bolivia to privatize their water resources. When the bankers did this in Africa , people died of cholera. The bankers grind every last dollar out of the poor before they kill them. They are taking all those trillions of dollars from the Bailouts and buying commodities and sending the price of food and energy higher. In fact prices in a year will be so high that people who used to have jobs will no longer have enough to pay their bills and buy food. Those already poor will simply just die from starvation, or in riots and revolutions. Maybe the bankers will be kind to the poor and release a plague that will kill a billion or two billion people.

Finally, I must tell you why I despise bankers. It might be one of the reasons why all decent and intelligent people everywhere should hate them. They serve no useful purpose. They have no redeeming qualities. They steal our money. They lie to us. They impoverish nations and make wars. They ridicule our traditions and our way of life. They casually destroy countries. They have destroyed my country, America . America was on the road to ruin before I was born. The bankers are not real human beings. No real man or woman would look for honest, intelligent men and women who are well respected and then have them put on a Death List. When the dollar collapses, the bankers will go down their lists of honest and intelligent and courageous men and women killing them until we say No More.

Have I convinced you that bankers are pond scum?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Dawning of a New Age has finally arrived

Found in a posting in a Skype Room

The time of waiting is over
The time of Truth has begun
The Dawning of a New Age has finally arrived

The momentous event of the official Disclosure of our star family is drawing ever closure each day. With Disclosure we will change our perceptions and know the Truth of what an who we really are.
The governments of the world will have a gathering with the Galactic Federation of Light to present to the all media so all questions can be answered and everyone will begin to connect and come to know each other.

After the first official announcements it is important to Tune into your inner knowing, to listen to your heart and open your mind to the light of truth that resonates with you when you hear it.

Look around you, there are people, neighbors, friends, perhaps even a family member who you will notice are joyous, Dancing in the streets at the formal disclosure of your space family.

We are Starseeds who are here to help you as the unprecedented Disclosure unfolds.

Victory and Vindication

P. O. Box 499
Silverthorne, Colorado 80498

Victory and Vindication

August 5, 2011

I AM with you. I go before you. I am your rear guard. I protect and watch over you as you face innumerable odds, as David did in battle, as Joshua did in battle. For the battle ensues. The time of victory is come, and the Lord your God, the Captain of the Host, goes before you to fight for you and to vindicate you as My faithful, tested and purified people.

What will I not do for you in this hour? Expect victory. Believe for victory, for I AM your Victory, says the Lord, the Lord of Hosts, who is your Jesus.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bill Clinton attempts to kickstart Iraqi Dinar revaluation.

Sunday, August 07, 2011
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Bill Clinton attempts to kickstart Iraqi Dinar revaluation. Thirty billion new US Dollars, printed by Bank of England in UK, diverted by Jamie Dimon through Guatemala to Citibank, Chicago. Barack Obama opens big new family bank accounts in Sao Paulo and Brasilia (Brazil).
Prominent individuals said to be involved in enabling the covert capital flows include George Bush Jnr, Timothy Geithner and Paul Sagae (or Sigue? - the Bush syndicate's Connecticut Trustee). A related papertrail threads through the Vatican Bank. It is understood that the scam has an operational connection with the Edward Falcone funds theft and with the disbursement of The World Global Settlement Funds.

- White Hat Report #27

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

- White Hat Report #27 - UPDATE: First Settlement Payment for 30 Billion Completed

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 6-Aug-2011 09:51:08

August 5, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #27

UPDATE: First Settlement Payment for 30 Billion Completed And Clinton, Obama, Bush Jr. and Geithner Take It For Personal Accounts

Early this week Obama made a phone call and gave the order to settle with Ed Falcone. That’s the financial fraud situation we have talked about where Bush Sr., Romney, Herzog and their gang of associates stole Falcone’s 700 million dollars. This is the situation were the Federal Bureau of Investigation have buried Falcone’s complaints in the “Bush-directed-us-ignore-this” file. Well, apparently our reporting of this matter not only accurate but has uncomfortably exposed our former leaders as it was directed by Bush Sr to Obama to pay him off to get him out of their hair.

Obama travels to Chicago for his Birthday bash/fundraiser and in the middle of the bash gets a call from William Jefferson Clinton who has managed to make his way to the United States Treasury in Washington D.C. While at the Treasury, Clinton orders a conference call with George W. Bush, Timothy Geithner and our President Barrack Obama, who’s in Chicago.

Clinton wanted to have the Iraqi Dinar revalue sooner than later, so he negotiated a deal wherein if Obama would order the Iraqi Dinar revaluation sooner, he would arrange the immediate wire transfer of the first payment on the Settlements to be wire transferred to a bank in Guatemala, which then would immediately be wire transfer the funds to a Chicago bank for use in a High Yield Trading Program for the benefits of the Bushes, Geithner and Obama’s famous offshore bank accounts. So, with the deal agreed to the following occurred.

The order was processed by Geithner, using his position as Secretary of the Treasury, and the US Treasury facilities to move 30 Billion Dollars, using new US Dollars printed in England. The movement of this money was approved and coordinated by the Connecticut Trustee, Paul Sagae, a long time associate of Bush Sr. and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase under the disguise of paying Ed Falcone immediately, but this is not what happened.

The order and instructions went through The Vatican Bank, but Jamie Dimon routed the 30 Billion Dollars through Central America (Guatemala) and arrived in the United States mid week in CitiBank, Chicago. At this time they put the funds into a high yield trading program utilizing the accounts “tear sheet” to commence the trading program. Not so amazingly, Obama was once again in position to handle the transaction when the funds arrived in Chicago. Under the disguise of paying Falcone, they cleverly diverted 30 Billion Dollars from the US Treasury and stole from each American citizen for their own greedy personal gain. The details at this time are continuing to be investigated. The proper worldwide authorities, as our authorities are virtually impotent to handle these matters.

In other news, to the shock and alarm of Falcone's investigators, as of today they have tabulated Obama's foreign accounts already reported to be in excess of 10 Billion Dollars including new bank accounts in Sao Paulo and Brasilia, Brazil. They are still not finished tabulating, investigating and do not know yet where all these funds were derived from. Not bad for two (2) years in the Presidency making a $425,000 salary as a Government employee.

We will update you as more information becomes available and when the Global Settlements continue.

The White Hats Report

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

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Date: Tuesday, 2-Aug-2011 20:45:44

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

2 Ix, 7 Pop, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Everywhere, your world is undergoing transformation. Those in charge of manifesting this new reality are in meetings. The purpose of these working sessions is to put into effect the new governmental and monetary systems. These new ways of administering your financial and governmental powers are forcing out the old ways and the many institutions that have controlled your globe since the beginnings of the so-called "Age of Discovery" some six centuries ago. Those who benefited from this wealth and power are finally losing their grip and their swift slide to a new epoch has indeed begun! We are impressed with how effectively the various Agarthan liaisons assigned to this divine task have implemented methodologies that can be used to manifest all of this as quickly as is truly possible. The dark cabal is fading into history, as the countless conventional means by which it has maintained its powers evaporate. Thus, the dark's grand schemes to keep the impossible going are proving ineffective in preventing the new social order, and its multitude of adherents from taking their inevitable place in your history. The dawning of a New Age has finally arrived!

This wondrous new time will also feature the unprecedented formal disclosure of your space family and a monumental first contact that grows closer by the day. We are proud of your many groups dedicated to the Light and of their ability to support the divine plans of your Ascended Masters. This shift is, in fact, a spiritual one. You are changing your perception of what and who you truly are. You are showing a willingness to pass through whatever travails await you as you return to the glory that is full consciousness. The dark has created many ruses and numerous false events in a fruitless effort to delay the inevitable. Yet, you have stood your ground and moved forward, toward your destiny. Even horrid and formerly hard-line regimes have been forced to relent in the face of your brave and courageous movements, which promise to free humanity at last from the fear and manipulations that previously kept these dark governments firmly in control. The hour arrives for a new period that will be merely the swift transition between your old and your new reality!

This transitional interlude will not last long. Heaven sincerely desires you to be prepped, prompted and prepared for your formal transition to full consciousness as soon as is possible. This mission has been slowed by the persistent lingering of a number of dark states that have run your world since the end of the 16th Century. These regimes have flaunted their power and used frequent ruses to appear to be righteous and sovereign rulers. In fact, they were all merely fronts for the dark minions and their Anunnaki overlords. The Anunnaki have recently left. Their minions, however, refuse to abide by the decisions of the Anunnaki to rejoin the forces of Light. This has left you and your supporters in a ticklish plight: how to successfully overthrow the dark Earthers and their impressive show of strength. This is where our technology and commitment to the Light enters the picture. We are here to bring into existence a new age of eternal Light and to help you swiftly morph into fully conscious Beings.

This operation by the forces of the divine to return you and Gaia to full consciousness has inestimable consequences throughout this Milky Way Galaxy. Literally billions of individuals who formerly were the backbone of the dark's Anchara Empires now yearn to become fully conscious and free. This desire has brought your efforts to the forefront. To these Beings, what you are on the brink of accomplishing is a sign that their deepest desires can be fulfilled. You are thus a most important example of what Heaven can achieve. This curiosity has brought us a large group of sympathetic observers who sit at the very edge of your solar system, watching intently as you move forward on your divine mission to become fully conscious. It is for this reason that we tell you that one of your first missions as a member of the Galactic Federation will be to assist many of our newest star-nations in becoming fully conscious Beings of Light. In effect, you will be cementing the new relationships that are destined to guarantee permanent galactic peace!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world is moving quickly toward the time when a new governmental and financial system can become manifest. Those who now control your world are using their final desperate tricks to maintain their ever-slipping grip. We have asked our associates to prepare for the magic moment that we all have been waiting for. The Galactic Federation's First Contact Team is to send special liaisons to three major governments. Their task will be to ensure that the transition to a new financial and governmental system starts immediately. Over the past few months, agreements have been signed that transfer this power broker role to a committee consisting of individuals designated by the dark, together with a much larger group belonging to powerful secret societies dedicated to the Light. This extraordinary committee has set a time for the transition to begin. The agreement is now about to be enforced.

The agreement and the committee it spawned are very specific as to what is to be done when it is enforced. This statement of purpose was hammered out only after a great many formal negotiations, and a deadline was set for the approval of the documents that came out of those heated discussions. Their points are now clearly spelled out. What is needed is a party with the indispensable oomph to ensure that each distinct item will be set forth. These documents entrust the special liaisons with the legal force to carry out the measures needed to manifest the documents' various intentions. Therefore, we fully expect that the meetings now underway will bring about the actions outlined in these pages. The individuals designated by our associates are currently ready to assume positions of authority in these several caretaker governments.

We are happy to say that those liaisons from the Galactic Federation's First Contact Team have assured us that they consider it their responsibility to quickly carry out a series of governmental transfers of power and the implementation of a new global financial system. This will include a full debt forgiveness program, as well as a complete reorganization of bank operations and the fiscal responsibilities of each type of bank. The new system will permit a general re-issuance of new currencies, based upon specific hard currency reserves. These monies are to be concentrated on central banks that are truly part of a nation's public treasury. Government-run "treasury Banks" will be the outcome of these actions. The resulting prosperity is yet another aspect of the program outlays that are to flow from St. Germaine's world Trust!

Today, we elaborated upon the actions that are now taking place around your world. They are to lead to new governments and a new world-wide financial system that will introduce a whole new era of prosperity to your global society. It will also be a mere swift forerunner of first contact and your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

White Hat Report # 25

Long read..... but worth every educational bit of it. Please note the reference to "President Zero" (.... giving credit where credit is due....)
----- Original Message -----
Subject: Updates From The Fly On The Wall-- As The Plot Thickens See the post below dated July 22nd for a brief review on many of these stolen funds by the Dark Cabal. One recent event involved Ed Falcone (Florida real estate billionaire) who originally requested assistance from Mitt Romney and George Bush Sr. before the 2008 election to invest a Billion of his fortune into off shore trades. Well, this Dark Cabal parlayed that into a massive sum and then kept it --- cutting Falcone totally out of the deal.
Needless to say, Falcone isn't rolling over easy on this and has contacted political authorities to intervene reaching all the way to the current White House. Once O got involved, he bargained to sweep it under the rug for his take on the deal. $3 Billion Dollars later, President Zero is in a quandry as to where to hide and/or launder this dirty money.
Pure Conjecture: Puppeteer George Soros comes to mind that may have been the person that recently put $1 Billion on futures betting that the U.S. would default and lose its AAA rating in the near future. Hmmmmmm! That could gain that wager 1:10 or $8 to $10 Billion -- . . . . especially controlling the strings to the current White House puppet veto power. Question is . . .does a link exsist here???
August 1, 2011 - WHITE HATS REPORT #25

As we indicated in our last White Hats Report #24, the following is new preliminary information just received in reference to Obama's illegal funds. World Security Agencies and Falcone’s investigators continue to watch the movement of Obama's illegal funds with trading profits exceeding 3 Billion Dollars.
  • At this time, Obama has not moved his funds from HSBC, but he has started to move his illegal funds out of Barclay Bank. We are watching these activities and suspect this is partly due to the fact that Price Waterhouse Cooper has put Barclay Bank on notice for the mismanagement of massive stolen funds.
  • As we reported, Obama was moving some of his illegal funds into Asia. Investigators have found new accounts in the following Asian Banks:
Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank of America
JPMorgan Chase
  • Obama has moved some of his illegal funds and trading profits to Central America. Investigators have discovered accounts in BNP Paribas and Standard Charter Bank.
  • Obama is trying hard to hide part of the stolen funds and profits from investigators by moving funds into Chayma Bank, located in the tax haven of the Republic of San Marino, Italy.
The above is hard information and we will continue to report on the status of the funds as he moves them. We want to make sure that each and every American and World Leader is aware that we will relentlessly continue to watch Obama's many illegal activities.

We certainly know what Obama has been doing with his time. While the Senate and House have worked diligently to resolve America's Debt Ceiling and other financial problems of our Country, Obama has continued to be void of any involvement as he continues to focus mainly on his own illegal funds.

America is going bankrupt and our President is lining his pockets in secret. Only in America can the President get away with this right under everyone’s nose.
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