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Sheriff: 2 bailiffs, suspect dead in Michigan courthouse shooting Today

People are fed up with the Michigan Demonstration Project Court system. Kangaroo Court at it's finest. No due process, no rules apply in these courts. The judges do as they please with no accountability. I have personally held them to their own rules and fought with them for ignoring their own rules. I even had the coastguard in the courtroom to witness the inland piracy and ignoring of their own rules. The Coastguard investigator was shipped out of the country to Afghanistan shortly after he reported his findings to his superiors.

Do I condemn this guy for fighting back the way he did? Not really. I don't blame him for fighting the tyranny.


Berrien County Courthouse

July 11, 2016, 3:56 PM Last updated: Monday, July 11, 2016, 6:02 PM

Berrien County Courthouse

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — Two bailiffs in a southwestern Michigan county courthouse were killed in a shooting by an inmate, the county sheriff said Monday.
The unnamed suspect in the shooting at the Berrien County Courthouse was killed by other officers, County Sheriff Paul Bailey said. A deputy was also wounded.
Gov. Rick Snyder tweeted that state police had secured the scene and started its investigation.
A Berrien County Commissioner told WBND that a man who was on his way to jail took a gun off a deputy and started opening fire.
Bailey told the Detroit Free Press the shooting happened about 2:25 p.m. when a "disturbance" occurred on the third floor of the courthouse.
"The person had shot two bailiffs, they're both deceased, and shot a deputy sheriff who is at the hospital right now being treated in an emergency room," Bailey said.

The sheriff's deputy is in stable condition at Lakeland Regional Hospital, he said. "Several civilians" were also taken to Lakeland and are in stable condition.
"They went for shelter once the shooting occurred and other brave officers were able to come to their rescue and take the shooter down," Bailey said.
The sheriff's department is investigating the shootings along with the St. Joseph's Police Department and Michigan State Police, he said.

Bailey called the shootings a "terrible, terrible" event and said additional information would be released later Monday.

"We're asking people to pray for the families of the deceased," Bailey said.
Retired Benton Township Police officer Kim Fowler knew both of the slain bailiffs well. He said he worked with one of the men for a quarter of a century at Benton Township. The other, a retired state trooper, was his neighbor. He said he was stunned by the news, calling both men "100% police officers carrying on in their retirement by being in the courtroom."

Fowler said the last time he recalled a law enforcement officer being killed in the line of duty in Berrien County was in 1984 when Michigan State Trooper Robert Mihalik was killed during a traffic stop in Shoreham, just south of St. Joseph.
“There are always sporadic incidents everywhere in the country," Fowler said. "Fortunately nothing has happened recently here, but I guess it was our turn in the barrel.”

Berrien County Commissioner Jeanette Leahey told the Free Press, "We’re in a difficult time in the world. We all know that. It’s unfortunate that it’s coming close to home. … I’m discouraged and disgusted.”

Sen. Debbie Stabenow tweeted: "Horrible news out of Berrien County just now. I am monitoring the situation closely and my heart breaks for everyone affected."
U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, who represents the district, said in a statement: “What occurred today in my hometown breaks my heart."

Upton added, "As we learn more about this horrific situation, one thing is clear: We must do better to prevent these types of tragedies from occurring.”

Contributing: Katrease Stafford, Michelle Crandall, Detroit Free Press; Vahid Sadrzadeh, WBND; Greg Toppo, USA TODAY


June 19 2016

Interview with psychologist Nicolai Sennels: “Muslims instinctively see our lack of reaction as fear, its an invitation to attack”

Interview with psychologist Nicolai Sennels: “Muslims instinctively see our lack of reaction as fear, its an invitation to attack”

1) What are the differences between the Muslim and Western man?
Nicolai: Working with Muslim clients I found four important psychological differences. Understanding these differences makes us more able to understand the psychological aspects of integration problems that the West experiences when it comes to Muslim immigrants.

The first difference concerns anger. Western cultures see anger as a weakness, and expression of anger is a way to lose social status. In the Muslim culture, where , “might is right”, anger is seen as strength. Some Muslim communities even declare “days of anger”, where they try to convince others by screaming, shooting in the air and hopping up and down. While we Westerners see such behavior as embracing or even psychiatric, Muslim culture defines our lack of aggression as weakness, that can – and should – be exploited. To avoid such invitations to exploitation, we should speak the truth, make demands, be consequent – and carry a big stick.

The second difference concerns honor and self confidence. Inside the Western culture it is generally seen as a sign of honor and self confidence, if we are able to handle criticism either with and shrug (if we disagree) or with a “I think you are right – thanks for helping me to improve”. In Muslim culture, it is honorable to defend against criticism with aggression and exhibit the courage to risk physical confrontation – no matter if the criticism is true or not. Islam can not defend, Islam can only attack. This is why we very seldom hear Muslims defend their religion through logic or reason, but almost always with intimidation and violence: It does not matter who is right, it matters who is the strongest. From the perspective of traditional Muslim culture, the Western concept of honor is dishonorable. It makes us look pathetic and fearful, and for a religion that is basically imperialistic and aggressive, it is an invitation to attack.

The third difference concerns self responsibility, and here the psychological term “locus of control” is important to understand. Western culture leans towards an inner locus of control, meaning that we think that our lives are mainly governed by inner factors, such as our own choices, our own view and our way of handling our emotions. That is why we have countless therapists, coaches etc., and countless books and magazines, which all aim at helping us to be better at helping ourselves. Muslim culture and especially Islam is strongly characterized by outer locus of control. Everything happens “Inshallah”; almost every aspect of life is regulated by Islamic law, the brutal sharia that steals away so many human rights from the people living under it; male authorities – fathers, big brothers, uncles, imams, etc. – make the rules and have enormous power over especially the women. There is very little room for personal choices and freedoms, and this naturally creates a feeling of outer locus of control: Your life is created by outside factors, and the freedom to explore and train inner locus of control is very limited. This is also the reason for the world famous, and – from a Western perspective – embarrassing and childish victim mentality, that characterizes many Muslim communities and immigrants. When this victim mentality meets with our Western compassion and questions like “what would you like to do”, integration is doomed to fail. Only now are Western authorities beginning to learn that we need to meet Muslim immigrants with demands, and consequences – “you have to do this and that and this is the consequences if you do not.” People with outer locus of control mostly have very little control and needs clear communication, a clear frame work and clear consequences if they break the rules. But even though we are starting to realize this now, it might be too late to stop the failed integration of millions of people from this very different culture from destroying our societies.

The fourth difference concerns tolerance and openness. In the West, being “tolerant and open” is considered a de facto definition of a good person. Hundred years ago, “good persons” went to church every Sunday, while today they stand with “RefugeesWelcome” signs on train stations. In Islam, a good person is somebody adhering strictly to the sharia, which is very intolerant and closed – even violent – towards outsiders. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to predict how the meeting between to such different cultures will evolve: As a cultural osmosis, the “open” culture will be consumed by the intolerant culture: The cultural exchange will be a one-way street. This is what is eating up our countries these years in the form of Islamic parallel societies that develop into small Gaza Strips with extreme dense population; radical Islam going viral; poverty, low education and dependence on economic support from outside; and a hostile and violent attitude towards their non-Muslim surroundings: A constant source of aggression that needs constant containment in order not to spill over and into its context.

2) What are the characteristics of Arab culture, as expressed in communication with the Western world?
Nicolai: Arab culture’s, or Muslim culture’s exchange with the Western world is mainly characterized by the Western world trying to contain – or sometime even harvest and exploit it through proxy wars – Muslim aggression. There is very little communication based on the two parties being equal. Instead, the West use appeasement, diplomacy, bribing or bombs in an attempt to tame the constant flow of violence and aggressive imperialism. From the Islamic side, they instinctively have spotted our weaknesses mentioned above, and they are convinced that through the power of their god and through patience and intimidation, they will continue and finish the work that their prophet began one and a half millenium ago and which has already emptied most of the Middle East, North Africa and great parts of Asia from non-Muslims.

3) How can a Muslim change and build a different personality that integrates in the western world?
Well, since this would mean that they would have to adopt a long list of human rights (democracy, freedom of speech, sexuality, religion, etc.) that the sharia punishes with death, it would first and foremost be based on security for those wishing to change. We can start by undermining the sources of the sharia, the imams and the mosques.

4) If they are so different, what are they looking for in Western countries?
Nicolai: Safety, freedom, money and material goods, uniting with their families, and spreading the sharia. Unfortunately, on an average, they give very little back to the countries they enter, and often their concept of freedom is not compatible with human rights and democracy. Of course there are also many Muslims who want to really integrate and embrace our values and rights, but much too often they are stopped by their Islamic surroundings or their own lack of motivation or skills.

5) One who does not integrate – what happens to him? When does he turn into a criminal and when does he run a normal life?
Nicolai: To integrate you need three things. You have to want it, you have to be allowed by you Muslim peers and family, and you have to be able to. Too few Muslim immigrants, refugees and their descendants manages all three. Because of their intolerant culture, many have very little or no feeling of commitment and thankfulness towards non-Islamic culture and societies. And if our Western welfare societies provides them with food, money and housing – even if they do not integrate one inch – why should they integrate? And if we let radical imams and mosques spread all over, how can we expect that any attempt on integration into our Western values will be supported by the Muslim community? And if we do not discriminate between what immigrants we take in, and therefore end up with millions of illiterate, uneducated and often inbred migrants, how can we expect that they are able to integrate into our high tech, knowledge-based civilized societies?

6) What often happens in the next generation – in both cases?
Nicolai: The first generation of immagrants often has a sense of thankfulness to the country receiving them. Statistics show that the following generation are more criminal. Those who really integrates often have to live in fear from the practicing Muslims. Some even need police protection.

7) What are the consequences of a failed immigration?
Nicolai: Ultimately it will lead to civil war inside our countries. The point where we could handle this challenge without blood, sweat and tears was passed decades ago. I blame our politicians and media.

8) How can the western world deal with it successfully?
Nicolai: a) Stop Muslim immigration. b) Help refugees in their own region, where they feel home with their culture, language and climate. In this way we can afford to help many more, and not just the young men that are sent here. On top, the refugees will not have to live with the extra traumatization that happens when especially disadvantaged people move to a completely other culture. c) Honorary repatriation for non-citizens who are not self-supporting, speaking the language and law abiding. d) Long prison sentences in prisons outsourced outside Europe to Muslim criminals (so they do not radicalize and intimidate non-Muslim prisoners in national prisons, cheaper). e) Close down every mosque and Islamic organisation that do not actively support democratic values and human rights and which do not openly and pro-actively reject the criminal principles and verses of the Islamic scriptures and of the example of their prophet. f) Integration should be based on demands and consequences. Not complying should lead to honorary repatriation.

9) The protesters against Islam-phobia, what leads them? Are they right and honest, or is it a cover for something deeper?
Nicolai: The greatest islamophobes are to be found among the Muslims themselves. Only fear can lead people to accept such a suppressive system. As one imam said, Islam would have been long gone, had it not been for sharia’s death penalty for apostacy. I think Western protesters against “islamophobia” are either afraid to confront an obviously criminal, sexist and fascist ideology and its intolerant and violent adherents, or they are simply being naive and a modern day version of the “good people”. The violent “anti-fascists” I consider a reincarnation, half joking, of the Inquisition.

10) After the Danish Mohammad cartoon was published in the news – what did you learn from the reactions of both sides (Islamic and Western)?
Nicolai: We learned that giving in to Muslims demands will just lead to more demands. That we have to find our footing, define our values and borders, and be ready to protect them by any means necessary. And Muslims got aquainted with the concept of Free Speech.

11) What reactions do you get from your writings?
Nicolai: I think many people find that a psychological perspective on the subject helps them to understand the dynamics of the situation. I have of course been accused of racism from the Left, but I am no racist. Islam is not a race. It is a weapon of mass destruction (that the CIA have been exploiting for decades) and the greatest enemy of peace, freedom, democracy and human rights. I was born into a Leftist family, and the values that I grew up with – the equality of women, a critical view on the dangerous power of religion, and the freedom for the little guy to speak freely – I consider basic values of the Left. I feel today that I am a Leftist, but somehow the world changed, and today basic Leftist values are, if applied to Islam and Muslim culture, considered “far Right”. I do not care. I am true to myself and wish happiness and freedom for everybody, Muslims and non-Muslims.”


June 15 2016



June 28 2016


Below for your information is the text that I believe Gary is reading. This may help us to more easily understand what we are supposed to be learning here.

Ex-CIA Spy: A Global Open Source Revolution Is About To Begin

When Robert David Steele speaks, people listen. Especially those within the military and intelligence communities around the world. With his continued rhetoric on the open source everything manifesto as a way to positively transform this world for all, Mr. Steele has additionally begun discussing the world’s largest financial/gold cover-up story which has ties to JFK’s assassination and 9/11: That is, the global collateral accounts.

As a former CIA spy who has trained over 7,500 officers from over 66 countries,  Robert Steele has over 18 years experience across the U.S. Intelligence community  and an additional 20 years experience in commercial intelligence and training. He is also a former Marine and he is the co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence  Activity.

He has also written several books, which include, The Open Source Manifesto and  Intelligence For Earth: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity and Sustainability, among others.

In accord to open source everything, Robert’s motto is: The truth at any cost, lowers all other costs.

Essentially, when information, technology and resources are opened up as the  commons to all, the true cost plummets and the well-being of our planet and all living  beings here begin to thrive, as well as our social, political and financial systems. In Robert’s own words, the open source revolution will transform our world for the better and for all.

“Sharing, not secrecy, is the means by which we realize such a lofty destiny as well as create infinite wealth. The wealth of networks, the wealth of knowledge, revolutionary wealth- all can create a nonzero, win-win Earth that works for 100% of humanity. This is the ‘utopia’ that Buckminster Fuller foresaw, now within our reach.” 

utop“If a universe can be imagined, it exists.” – Professor M. R. Franks, Member, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Similar models to Steele’s open source everything also include The  Venus Project: Beyond Politics, Poverty and War, which calls for a  holistic approach to changing the systems on this planet in a way that  utilizes technology and human ingenuity to provide a high standard of  living for every person by opening the planet’s resources for the use of  all– in a strategically sustainable and efficient manner.

Another model that is similar is Sustainable Human’s gift-based  community in which all who participate are volunteers and everything  created is done to “spread knowledge, ideas and alternative ways of  living that enable humanity to live in harmony with the rest of life on Earth."

All of these models are wonderful and appropriate to envision, and what is certain is that most of the social systems we have in place currently, must go. Fundamental change is necessary.

In an interview with The Guardian, Robert David Steele was asked his opinion on the idea that the U.S. is on the verge of revolting against the elitist 1%:
 Mr. Steele’s matrix on the pre-conditions for revolution. Click to enlarge.

The preconditions for revolution exist in the UK, and most Western countries [including the U.S]. The number of active pre-conditions is quite stunning, from 'elite' isolation to concentrated wealth to inadequate socialization and education, to concentrated land-holdings to loss of authority to repression of new technologies, especially in relation to energy, to the atrophy of the public sector and spread of corruption, to media dishonesty, to mass unemployment of young men and on and on and on.” 

What then needs to happen for this to begin? Steele says:

Preconditions are not the same as precipitants. We are waiting for our Tunisian fruit seller. The public will endure great repression, especially when most media outlets and schools are actively aiding the repressive meme of ‘you are helpless, this is the order of things.’ When we have a scandal so powerful that it cannot be ignored by the average Briton or American, we will have a revolution that overturns the corrupt political systems in both countries, and perhaps puts many banks out of business. 

Vaclav Handel calls this ‘The Power of the Powerless.’ One spark, one massive fire.” 
Interestingly, this interview was  conducted almost exactly 2 years ago. Have we not seen the divide  between the 99% and the 1% continue to grow in that time? Humanity will not remain quiet for much longer. We are  indeed close to some big and positive changes.

Perhaps this massive  scandal/event we are waiting for is the conclusion of the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, or maybe it is Britain’s vote to leave the EU, potentially triggering a cascade of revolts throughout Europe and then the world, or perhaps it will be a large enough group of people  becoming aware of the global collateral accounts, the world’s largest  financial/gold cover-up which has relation to JFK’s death and the  events of 9/11; a story which just three weeks ago Robert David Steele started to write about publicly:

It never occurred to me that accidentally becoming the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, partially associated with my being the lead for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for 25 years across 66+ countries, would be vastly more important than everything I ever learned across multiple graduate degrees, as a former spy, and as co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA).

As I encounter disbelief about Neil Keenan and his role as the main juncture between the Dragon Society and the West as we move toward a global economic re-set, I have to remind myself that 80% of the public still thinks JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald; J. Edgar Hoover was a moral man; the Israelis attacked the USS Liberty by accident, and 9/11 was carried out by a bunch of “rag heads” armed with box cutters. 

I must emphasize that it was not the books that underlay my absolute confidence in Neil Keenan and the Dragon Society and the broad outlines of the coming global re-set, but rather the people behind the books that I have taken the trouble to meet, sometimes under quasi-clandestine circumstances. Sterling and Peggy Seagrave — Peggy has passed — stand out. Their book, Gold Warriors–America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold, came with a CD containing 60,000 additional documents including maps and photographs. That led me to a quasi-clandestine meeting in France to interview them for the 2004 offering of my international conference — the transcript is online — and a deep continuing relationship of trust. 

The public endorsement of Neil Keenan and his team’s efforts to open the global collateral accounts from Robert David Steele is another clear indication that these accounts are indeed real and that those who are working with Neil Keenan (positive factions within The Pentagon and CIA, Russian Intelligence, presidents and prime ministers of  multiple South American countries and several Asian countries, among many other political, financial and intelligence and military groups who are all quietly and sometimes openly working for humanity’s best interest) are legitimate.

JFKWHP-KN-C18795The global collateral accounts have such a deep and complex history which can be read in great detail here. In short, they are off-ledger accounts backed by gold, silver and many other assets which were originally intended for humanitarian projects. JFK signed what is known as the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement with President Sukarno of Indonesia, which was to use these accounts to issue a new US Treasury Note (backed by gold and silver) and end the Federal Reserve’s control over the global financial system.

Neil Keenan is now getting very close to opening these accounts for the intended purposes of transforming our world for the better through many humanitarian projects as well as the release of free energy technologies and an overhaul in the global financial system. Russia, China, Iran, Indonesia and almost the entire Eastern hemisphere is supporting this plan in one way or another.

Perhaps Robert David Steele’s ideas on an open source world will be part of the coming humanitarian projects.

As almost anyone can see when they look around either at their own lives or the world at large, everything is changing. Everything is in flux. Everything happens in cycles. The time for positive global change is now.

***For more information on some of the topics mentioned above, check out these articles:

SOTT Earth Changes Video Summary – June 2016:

SOTT Earth Changes Video Summary – June 2016:
Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Mass Animal Deaths

Have they stopped? Slowed down at all? No. Quite the opposite. As usual, this is the most complete list of mass animal deaths available on the Internet today, complete with links. You will notice that massive numbers of fish deaths are the key stories lately. They are continuing on a large scale around the world.
As explained in Planet X Signs No. 6, we believe this is due to increased meteor activity and cosmic dust falling to earth, which adds phosphorus to surface water. This, in turn, feeds algae growth such as red tides. Many of these algae blooms are toxic, and they kill fish and other aquatic animals, and additionally cause respiratory distress to those breathing the air nearby.

Lightning Deaths Continue to Increase

Are we seeing an increase in the amount of “positive lightning” strikes? Science tells us that these strikes are much more powerful and dangerous than the more typical “negative lightning” which comprise 95% of lightning strikes. According to Brad Panovich, a chief meteorologist in Charlotte, NC, positive lightning is much more dangerous.
One reason is that it comes from the top of the storm cloud, and can be a “bolt from the blue” that strikes far away from the storm itself, even 20-30 miles away. Another reason is that positive lightning, “…can be up to 10 times stronger and last 10 times longer than a negative strike. So it can reach 1 billions volts and 300,000 amps! The stronger voltage and longer lasting bolt is the reason they cause so much damage and cause so many deaths.
Positive strikes are usually the cause of forest fires, house fires and damage to planes and power grids.” Panovich notes, “While only 10% of lightning strikes victims die from being hit, most are hit by negative strikes. The percentage of positive strike fatalities is much higher.”

“Positive lightning has been identified as a major source for the recently discovered sprites and elves,” says, Panovich. And we are certainly seeing more red sprites and other “space lightning” phenomena lately, as noted in Planet X Signs No. 9, these events are no longer so rare as they were. This is another indication in the change in our atmosphere, and could indicate a higher proportion of these positive lightning strikes.
And most interestingly, “Positive lightning is usually composed of one stroke (negative lightning typically consists of two or more strokes)…Some studies have found a correlation between tornado genesis and positive lightning strikes spikes.”

Here are links to two scientific articles showing the link:
Positive Cloud-to-ground Lightning Associated With the Spencer F4 Tornado…
In the freak, multiple tornado outbreak in Cuba on July 2nd (more information about this below) this strong, single bolt of lightning, with a pink/purple color was captured in one of the videos:

7/2/16 Multiple Destructive Tornadoes, Cuba
July 2, Cuba, One of the Tornadoes and a Positive Lightning Strike

Many have observed, anecdotally, that pink or purple lightning is more powerful. And here we see a single bolt characteristic of a positive lightning strike, and also with that pink and purple coloration, right next to a tornado. Could pink and purple coloration be a characteristic of positive lightning? Perhaps so, particularly if we are seeing a single bolt, like the example above from Cuba.
An increase in positive lightning strikes would certainly explain why such large numbers of animals are being killed in single lightning strike incidents around the world. A strike that is up to ten times more powerful and lasts ten times longer would certainly have a more deadly effect. As things on our planet and in our atmosphere change due to the incoming Planet X System, we can expect to see a wide variety of unusual effects. An increase in positive lightning strikes along with increased and more widespread tornado activity appears to be one of them.
Nepal – “As many as 109 people have been killed—47 in landslides and flooding and 62 in lightning bolts—and 197 others have been injured in such natural disasters since April 13…lightning was the leading cause of death across the country…121 cases of flood and landslide were reported during the period.”
Bangladesh declares lightning strikes a disaster as deaths surge. “So far this year, 261 people have died from lightning in the country, putting the South Asian nation on track to beat last year’s 265 deaths.”
Lightning kills 55 sheep in Kyrgyzstan on June 20th. This is a separate incident from the June 16th lightning strike incident which killed 120 sheep in that country, which we reported in Planet X Signs No. 9.

18 cattle killed by lightning, Austria
18 cattle killed by lightning, Austria

Lightning strike kills 18 cows in Austria on July 2nd. “Cow herder Georg Buchegger was shocked to discover all but one of his herd dead under a tree on Sunday, after they were struck by lightning while sheltering from a storm.” This same storm caused extensive flooding in Tirol [Austria].
As of June 19th, the UK has already had more thunderstorms this year than its average for a whole year. Clearly this, and the other storm and flood examples in this article, show that something has changed in Earth’s atmosphere.

Freak Tornadic Waterspouts Cause Destruction in Cuba

Multiple waterspouts made landfall with very destructive results in southern Cuba on July 2nd. Local residents did not seem to be fully aware of the danger from this very unusual event, and as many as 30 homes were destroyed.
Translated from the description from this video: “The start of the summer stage in the province of Mayabeque could not be more tragic. A waterspout burst into Playa Caimito, wreaking havoc and above all, endangering the lives of many swimmers. Preliminary figures suggest thirty wounded, of which 6 are in serious condition.”
This video shows the approach, and some strong lightning strikes that appear to be the “rare,” and more powerful, positive lightning. This video shows the aftermath, interviews a resident whose home was destroyed, and has some English captions. This is a raw video of the aftermath.

Waterspouts do not cause this type of destruction. These were tornadoes.

German Twin Tornadoes Video Translated


June 5, German Tornadoes Merged to F3
June 5, German Tornadoes Merged to F3

In Planet X Signs No. 9 we included a link to a video of a German couple close to the twin tornadoes in their car, who then saw them merge into a powerful F3 tornado. If you were wondering what the two of them were saying, here it is with English captions.
As I suspected, they were not fully aware of the extreme danger they were in from those powerful tornadoes. They were very fortunate. Even professional storm chasers sound edgy when they are this close to a strong twister!

Disaster Psychology and Tornadoes


In a National Geographic special about the Joplin tornado in 2011, at 21 minutes and 36 seconds in, two young men are filming the aftermath at the WalMart store. You may need headphones to hear them. They are both sounding dazed and disoriented at this point. One of them asks, “Is this for real?” even though he is there, and he is seeing the cars that were tossed around, and the destroyed buildings, firsthand. Even so, it is still very hard for him to believe it is actually real. His mind is saying, “Did this really happen?”
This is a good example the normalcy bias function of our human minds which is also what causes people to deny the possibility that something as severe as the Planet X tribulation could ever happen. Unfortunately, yes, this is for real.
Another example of normalcy bias happened in the April flooding in Houston, Texas. A man’s car was swept away. Instead of taking immediate action to save himself, he asked the newscaster crew that was filming him what he should do. He seemed shocked to be told to leave his car and swim! But he finally took action to save himself, and the newscaster pulled him from the flood waters as his car became completely submerged. If he had stayed in the car he likely would have drowned. Why? Normalcy bias, “I have to leave my car? Is this really happening?”
A big thank you to two of our YOWUSA contributors, Frances and Greg, for bringing this book to our attention: “The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why.” If you want to understand what can give you and edge in surviving a disaster, and how you can understand your likely mental and emotional reaction style, this book is excellent and helpful. I strongly recommend it.
Concrete vs. abstract processing helps prevent PTSD. What does that mean? Don’t try to figure out why something is happening, or to completely understand it. If you are in a high-stress emergency situation or disaster, be aware of what is actually happening, and that is is real, then think, “What do I need to do right now?”  This is the most helpful approach for you to survive whatever situation you are dealing with in that moment. It also helps to prevent or reduce PTSD later on. A true win-win.

Learn to Keep Yourself Safe

Learn about tornado safety, lightning safety, and flood safety now. With strong, destructive storms, tornadoes, and floods popping up in unusual places, and with more extreme storms, tornadoes and floods in the usual places, this is the summer to be prepared to encounter the unexpected.


According to Volcano Discovery on July 8th there were 33 volcanoes currently erupting around the world.

7/8/16 Volcano Discovery Active Volcanoes Map

A few months ago we were seeing more volcanoes erupting at one time, however, 33 is still very significant. This is a high level of volcanic activity. We are still seeing concurrent volcanic activity at or around the yearly average for eruptions, when this many would be spread over the course of the year. These kinds of pictures have become very commonplace:

Volcanic Emissions in Canada?

On July 5th Dutchsinse posted an excerpt from his live stream titled, “Sulfur + Carbon Dioxide Gas from Giant Dome in Northern Canada / Alberta.” This carbon dioxide gas release appears to be caused by volcanic activity in that area, but it could also indicate that oil is burning underground. Carbon monoxide from the fire is also being seen. His discussion of this gas release activity begins at 9:11 in the video.

At 31:25 he was going to show some carbon dioxide emissions in Russia, but suddenly the carbon dioxide feed was not working. He said, “No data. CO2 feed removed.” Interesting timing for that outage.

Here are his notes from the video:
A large emission of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide gas has been detected coming from a very large (230 mile wide) dome formation in the crust of Northern Canada / Alberta (Northeast Alberta)…The large emission of sulfur dioxide indicates either magmatic activity, or burning fossil fuels in the crust (Oil and natural gas).
Forest fires do not produce large emissions of sulfur or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Normally forest fires produce Carbon MONoxidie gas…We should only see plumes of Sulfur and CO2 if a subterranean oil deposit is burning, or if magma is rising.
Some others have speculated that the Fort McMurray fire was related to magma rising and heating the ground in the area to the point of burning. Others have blamed the recent huge outbreaks of wildfires on stronger lightning strikes or meteor impact events that started the fires. The reality of the situation could be, “all of the above,” along with ongoing drought conditions in some areas, combined with higher than normal wind speeds.


The IRIS Earthquake Browser shows 1,434 earthquakes in the last 30 days.

IRIS Earthquake Browser, Last 30 Days

In the last 30 days USGS shows 2,035 earthquakes around the world with a magnitude of 2.0 or greater, 670 with a magnitude of 4.0 or greater, 120 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater, and 9 with a magnitude of 6.0 or greater.

USGS Map of Earthquakes Over 2, Last 30 Days

On USGS’ main Earthquake Hazards Program page it lists 5 “significant earthquakes” over the last 30 days. One of them is a 5.1 magnitude quake. And yet, when I run a search for earthquakes of 6.0 magnitude or higher in the last 30 days I get a list of 9 earthquakes. The 5.1 quake they listed would be a 10th “significant” earthquake. So why are there only 5 listed as “significant” on their main page?

USGS 7/9/16 List of Significant Earthquakes


Slow Slip Earthquakes: New Zealand, Japan, Cascadia


A ‘silent’ earthquake that’s been happening for a week, and could continue for months, has been detected off the coast of Gisborne,” New Zealand. “The slow-motion earthquakes, also known as “slow slips”, are undetectable by humans or seismographs, and are instead measured using changes in distance between global positioning system stations across the North Island…They have been shown to be able to trigger – or alleviate – large, tsunami-generating earthquakes.” These earthquakes, “are found around the world in subduction margins, where one tectonic plate is slipping under another into the earth’s mantle.”

“It is a double edged sword, these slow slip events, they can relieve stress and also cause stress,” Dr Wallace said.” Japan’s 2011 Tohoku quake and tsunami was preceded — and likely triggered by — shallow, slow slip on an offshore fault.

What about closer to home? From 2015, “New research shows that the large fault off the Northwest coast [Cascadia] is so weak and slippery in places that minuscule tidal forces produced by the sun and moon are enough to cause tremors…they’re part of a recently discovered process called slow slip that ratchets up pressure on the offshore fault called the Cascadia Subduction Zone — slightly boosting the risk of a megaquake and tsunami.” “Each slow-slip event releases as much energy as a magnitude 6.5 quake…it adds a little pressure to the shallower portion — called the locked zone — that will unleash a quake of up to magnitude 9 the next time [the Cascadia Subduction Zone] ruptures.”

Which reminds me, we recently saw a 4.3 earthquake off the Oregon coast, and a cluster of small earthquakes along I-5. Remember when the article about “The Really Big One” came out last summer? And a paleoseismologist said, “Everything west of I-5 will be toast”? Look at the two images below side-by-side. Are we seeing a potential land mass separation line indicated by the earthquake swarm, which is roughly along the line of I-5? Maybe so.


New Madrid Increases Activity


Dutchsinse on July 5th: “We’re starting to see more earthquakes strike on the New Madrid than we have since 2011.” Apparently the fracking-generated earthquakes in Oklahoma were relieving some pressure for the New Madrid Fault Zone. Now that steps have been taken to reduce earthquakes in Oklahoma, New Madrid is becoming more active. If you are in the area, be prepared. If you are in the potential inundation zone from a massive New Madrid quake and the resulting land mass separation, consider moving to a safer area soonest.

Puerto Rico Experiences Earthquake Swarm


Puerto Rico Earthquake Swarm, Last 30 Days

USGS is showing there were 268 earthquakes of 2 or greater magnitude in the last 30 days in and around Puerto Rico. That seems unusual and significant, and I haven’t noticed a cluster like this in the area previously. When I searched for news articles about it, nothing came up, except that others in alternative media have noticed and commented on this large cluster of earthquakes. I found this site, but it only lists a long series of “minor earthquakes” in the area of Puerto Rico. No one in mainstream media is concerned about this pattern and what it might mean?

An undated blog entry on talks about the “fear inspiring” Puerto Rico Trench and the danger of seismic movement there causing landslides, and tsunamis.
The Atlantic Ocean’s deepest part is found on the eight kilometer trench line, with a depth of 28 232 feet. Puerto Rico is located to the south of the trench and its fault line. The Puerto Rico Trench can most easily be described as the border between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea…
Surveys of the trench have shown that the tectonic plate, just north of the Puerto Rico Trench is shifting. It is moving downwards almost underneath Puerto Rico and shows signs of recent movement. These findings are supported by the cracks in the limestone layer to the south of the trench indicating the movement of the plate, and the descending of the plate is continuing. In short, the North American tectonic plate is moving underneath the Caribbean tectonic plate.
Although the movement of these two plates do not show to be a major danger in regard to earthquakes, the concern for tsunamis is great. It was previously believed that the plates moving past each other could cause large-scale seismic activity, but most of those fears have been laid to rest through the study of the plate activity. The concern is with the descending North American tectonic plate. Landslides that might occur during the down ward movement of the plate could bring about devastating tsunamis.
Even though the future is unknown, research and studies have confirmed that the Puerto Rico Trench will trigger earthquakes and tsunamis in the years to come.
This earthquake swarm appears to be occurring mainly in the same trench area as described above, and could be leading up to a devastating event in the area. The mainstream media should be covering this, but is not.

Mystery Booms, and Explosions


There’s a mysterious explosion sound in Alhambra and no one knows what’s causing it,” says the Pasadena Star-News on July 5th.
Alhambra [California] residents have heard loud booming noises for the last five months, but never see residue of fireworks or explosives. The city has spoken with CalTech seismology, LA Department of Public Works and Alameda Corridor East (trains), but none had any answers nor evidence of the sounds…a loud, booming sound that is louder than a gunshot, has more force than a firework and leaves no trace of an explosion.
In 47 years living in the same home near Garfield Elementary School, Saunders has never experienced anything like the booms, which she has heard sporadically since February…Since Feb. 15, the city has received 114 reports of booms [from residents]…
Mystery Explosions Baffle Alhambra, Caltech Seismologist. “Whether it’s a man-made or natural phenomenon, I don’t know,” one scientist says. So is he ruling out a seismic cause? Sounds that way.
These are the typical “mystery booms,” similar to what has been reported on the East Coast. The description is similar to what happens at the time of these “mystery explosions” of houses. Since seismologists are saying they do not know what is causing these booms, the most logical explanation is meteors. Since we are seeing an increase in meteor activity, this seems likely. As this activity intensifies, we will likely see many more “mystery explosions” of houses and buildings, as well as larger impact events that will eventually hit a heavily populated area, with devastating results.
A recent example, with a fairly limited range of destruction compared to a large asteroid impact, is the house explosion in Mississauga, Canada. It was very devastating, “…one home completely destroyed and 24 others that are either moderately or extremely damaged…a total of 58 homes had gas and water turned off, and 15 homes were evacuated.”
The blast was felt as far as one kilometre away. Joe Silva was inside his home when he heard a loud sound. ‘My house kind of shook and my windows rattled,’ he said. His background in aviation led him to assume that perhaps a fighter jet had flown overhead.”
Other eyewitnesses reported:
“My stomach is still churning…We heard a boom and everything was just brown (in the sky). Bricks were all over and there was a lady calling for help.”
“…said she was hanging out with her friend in the house when they heard a terrible rush of noise. She said she doesn’t scare easily but described the blast as ‘honestly terrifying.’ She felt the house shake and heard glass shattering…’There was no fire so I was so confused; there were no flames, just lots of smoke.’ ”
These descriptions sound similar to the descriptions in Planet X Signs No. 9. We believe this Mississauga explosion event, and many others, are related to meteor activity striking the earth, or air-bursting and destroying property. Does it really make sense that suddenly there are so many “gas explosions” around the world?

What To Do Now?


The time for just looking at interesting and unusual events around the world has passed. We are now in the early phases of the tribulation. The Planet X System is bearing down on us like a freight train. Worse things are going to happen soon. We have to get prepared for what is coming.
Until now we had Marshall’s book, Being In It for the Species to offer you, to show what will happen and give the overall, philosophical strategy for getting humanity free, and beginning our spiritual evolution. That was good, and now we have something even better to add for this particular time Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide.
It’s time to take action and prepare. Don’t let normalcy bias stop you from doing what you feel in your bones needs to be done — start right now!


Planet X Signs — Update No. 11 for July 11, 2016

Planet X Signs — Update No. 11 for July 11, 2016

| July 11, 2016 
Planet X SignsIf you have been watching the  extreme weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and other events taking place around the world recently, you are aware that the Tribulation has already begun, all around the planet. It is time to get serious about preparing for the worse events that are on the way.

Marshall’s new book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide, is designed to help you form effective, stable, spiritual and practical communities of 100 or more to get through what’s coming. It is a message of hope that we all need right now. It’s time to prepare, and this book shows the positive way forward, the way that will work.

Meteor Increase Accelerates

From January through June of 2016 we had an average 31.2% increase in fireballs (meteors). But notice in June there was a 49% increase in fireball activity. The significant increases continue, and are increasing faster than before.

June, 2016 Monthly Total Fireballs Chart

An example of this sharp increase in fireball activity happened on July 9th when NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office fireball number was 148!  The image below is from on July 9th. 141 of these fireballs were “sporadics,” which means they are not part of a normal, cyclic, known meteor shower group such as the Perseids.
This is a huge increase over the typical 11-36 fireballs per day that we have been seeing tallied for the first eight days of July, for instance. What will the above chart look like once July is tallied?

7/9/16, 148 Fireballs Detected!

What does this mean? We are moving further into the bow-wave of the Planet X System’s debris field. More rocks will be falling from the sky and either burning up, blowing up, or impacting our planet. We can expect some larger objects to make impacts, including the catastrophic asteroid impact predicted in Marshall’s book, Being In It for the Species.

J. P. Jones has said that the Mayans were looking for a harbinger event period to start at the end of 2012. Our meteor activity chart shows a sharp increase after 2012. Now, in 2016, we are moving into an even sharper increase in meteor activity. We believe this increase will continue to accelerate, ultimately leading to massive impact events. It is time to get prepared for what is coming. This is why Marshall has written his new book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide.

June, 2016 Total Fireballs Per Year, Jan. thru Jun. Chart

When might we see larger objects impacting Earth? The two charts below are for larger fireballs, where they are viewed in multiple state and/or multiple countries. We can see that there are more of these events happening August through November.

June, 2016 Multistate/Multicountry Fireballs Chart

Even more concerning, look at “Huge Event Fireballs,” which very sharply increased in June of this year. We see that September has historically had the largest number of these huge events. As overall activity is increasing, might we see the huge asteroid impact event this September? This has been prophesied by many people. It would be wise to be well away from any coastlines before September, just in case.

June, 2016 Huge Event Fireballs Chart

Here are some recent, larger fireball events:

Fireball recorded on 8 July 2016 over North Africa…The event was brighter than the full Moon.

June 28th, small meteor crashes through roof of house in Thailand. “’I was having breakfast when there was a loud bang, like a gunshot sound. I looked around and found a rock about the size of an egg and some fragments nearby. I picked up the largest chunk and let go quickly as it was very hot,’ 65-year-old home-owner Bualom Chalomprai said.”

June 27th NASA reports 1.2kt bolide over Mauritania. “Fireballs that explode in the atmosphere are technically referred to as bolides although the terms fireballs and bolides are often used interchangeably.”
June 20th, bright meteor over Spain.

Jet Stream Crosses Equator; Climate Chaos Intensifying


While Robert Scribbler attributes this to “global warming” or “climate change” and talks about the “death of winter,” what we are actually seeing is that very warm or very cold weather could appear at any time, in any place, regardless of the season, often accompanied by violent storms and/or flooding. This is “climate chaos,” and it will make it increasingly difficult to grow crops successfully as the Planet X System approaches and intensifies this chaotic weather, and other effects.
The upper level zonal winds are swinging wildly from record high positive anomalies to record low negative anomalies. Gravity waves — the kinds of big atmospheric waves that tend to move air from the Tropics all the way to the Poles and are powerful enough to cause the Caribbean Sea to ‘whistle’ in the satellite monitors — are growing larger. And the Jet Stream now has redefined all boundaries — flowing at times from the East Siberian Sea in the Arctic across the Equator and all the way south to West Antarctica.

Unprecedented? Jet Stream Crosses Equator


In response to Robert Scribbler’s blog entry, Paul Beckwith has made this YouTube video examining and explaining this phenomenon.
 Unprecedented? Jet Stream Crosses Equator

“The jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere has crossed the equator and joined up with the jet stream in the Southern Hemisphere. This seems like new behaviour, and indicates that climate system mayhem is ongoing. Our climate system behaviour continues to surprise us in new and scary ways that we have never anticipated, or even seen before. Welcome to climate chaos. We must declare a global climate emergency.” PB

Paul Beckwith says near the end of his video, “There’s very strange things going on, on Planet Earth right now.” Yes, there certainly are. Let’s examine some of them.

Extreme Weather


With the jet stream moving around and mixing from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa, is it any wonder we are seeing things like this happen?
Chinese Floods Kill 186: Earth’s Costliest and 2nd Deadliest Weather Disaster of 2016. This video shows terrible flooding in Southern China, and tragically, someone is swept away in one clip. “Torrential monsoon rains along a stalled frontal boundary near the Yangtze River in China have killed 186 people, left 45 people missing, and caused at least $7.6 billion in damage.

In the Hubei Province, 1.5 million people have been evacuated or are in need of aid, almost 9,000 houses have collapsed or are seriously damaged and more than 710,000 hectares of crops have been affected, the provincial civil affairs department said. According to the May 2016 Catastrophe Report from insurance broker Aon Benfield, the $7.6 billion in damage from these [Chinese] floods would make them the world’s most expensive and second deadliest weather-related disaster so far in 2016. The only deadlier weather disaster in 2016 was an April heat wave in India that claimed 300 lives.”

China flood season: Millions displaced amid record rainfall,” this video from July 6th summarizes the flooding that has been taking place in China. 1.6 million people have had to be evacuated, 26.7 million have been affected. “Residential areas in Wuhan devastated by flood,” a city of 11 million people.

“On June 22, a tornado hit near the city of Yancheng in Jiangsu province [China], about 500 miles south of Beijing, killing 98 and injuring 800.”

“1,000 year flood” in West Virginia. A least 26 people died in the flood. NOAA and the National Weather Service report, “Extremely rare amounts of rainfall on June 23, 2016, most of which occurred in several rounds with high rainfall rates all in a time window of under 12 hours, fell across portions of Greenbrier County, West Virginia and Alleghany County, Virginia. Radar and rain gauge measurements showed as much as 8-10” (perhaps higher locally) in a band across the central portions of these counties.

Return period data suggest this would be nearly a 1 in a thousand year event.” This was nearly one fourth of one year’s rainfall for this area, or three month’s worth of rain, in one day. “The excessive rainfall caused some rivers to swell to record levels, numerous water rescues, tens of thousands of power outages, structural damage and displacement of hundreds of people.”