Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dinar - Peoples Dinar Post 2-7-2011

Posted Today, 06:20 PM

I sit on a board with 8 retired CEO's and CFO's whom are heavily invested in the IQD. I'm going to share with you a few things that were discussed and passed around for comment. Here is what they know and see first hand as to why they are convinced we are at the point of NO return.

1. High security alert in Iraq - CONFIRMED

2. Dignitaries ( High Ranking Officers) have arrived for a special announcement - CONFIRMED

3. Banks put on notice a week ago (influx of cash on hand) no other reason for additional cash but - CONFIRMED

4. Staging areas throughout Iraq for the purpose of a historic announcement - CONFIRMED

5. CBI bank has relocated to it's new bank building, new computers, software, latest high-tech security in place - CONFIRMED

6. Vice-President Joe Biden arrival for announcement, they could not confirm

7. Kurds now pumping and drilling oil - CONFIRMED

8. The CEO's truly believe the GOI was and has already been seated

9. The CEO's truly believe the budget has been read twice and does not have to be read the 3RD time in order to RV

10. The lower denominations are in the banks and ATM's ready for disbursement - CONFIRMED

Now I will explain what all of this means to the CEO's: Could you possibly imagine the involvement in staging an event of this magnitude not taking into account all the dignitaries who were invited to attend this historic announcement and all issues mentioned above have been put in place and they don't execute the RV? The embarrasment to Iraq and it's gov't would be the final blow in front of the entire world.

We can't imagine even though this is Iraq, they would substantiate the fact they really are not capable of engaging and demonstrating themselves as being competent to protect and care for the Iraqi people. Here are the CEO'S final thoughts, this train is coming to a complete STOP, Iraq will RV in the next 24 hrs. Prepare yourselves, I believe this is the end of our roller coaster ride! My prayers are with the Iraqi people that the CEO's are 100% correct! "GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM"

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