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Farmers Begin Planting Hemp Under New Colorado Hemp Legalization

 Farmers Begin Planting Hemp Under New Colorado Hemp Legalization

31 January A.D. 2013

If the coasts get clobbered the way some expect may happen, then having hemp growing in the "high lands" may provide a source of fuel, among other by-products from hemp, that could be unavailable from the popular and convenient sources today (which depend on coastal-area refineries, which, if the coasts get clobbered, may not survive whatever it is that's coming).

Why Prohibition? To keep alternative fuels out of the marketplace during the start of the auto industry. Hemp is one of those alternative sources of fuel. It's pretty well been clobbered as a "drug." It was the exact opposite early in this nation. Hemp is one of the sources for the fibers for the ropes used for the sailing vessels, among other places we find "hemp" ropes.

The beneficial by-products from hemp are numerous. It may be one of the crops that helps whoever survives what's coming survive. God [YAHUAH] willing, it'll be a crop that helps the entire nation survive what's coming.

As with guns, as with raw milk dairies, as with goods and services of all types, the "place" in which the feds have authority "to regulate" is that "place" where goods and services are exchanged for "funny money." If the hemp farmers will insist on trading for something, anything, other than "funny money," they'll have a defense, at any rate, that may keep the feds at bay.

Don't plan anything based on one email or even a series of emails. Get the whole of the reality in mind first. That may be a considerable study. Just know that "choice of law" is "everything" when it comes to the "authority" to regulate, and where the commercial activity is over/with/via "funny money," i.e., to be extremely, overtly clear, if the hemp is sold for "federal reserve notes," in any form, whether "paper" or "plastic," those hemp farmers are dangerously close to inviting federal regulatory authority right down on top of themselves.

May YAHUAH guide and protect those who call upon His name (which means, in the main context, those who make it a habit of doing their absolute best to be obedient to His Laws in everything they do) and who venture forth into the hemp industry, which this nation, and likely this world, so badly needs to see revitalized.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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 Farmers Begin Planting Hemp Under New Colorado Hemp Legalization
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Farmers Begin Planting Hemp Under New Colorado Hemp Legalization

Articles Environment Society — 29 January 2013
by Anthony Gucciardi

Many farmers in Colorado will be expanding their list of planted crops this Spring after groundbreaking legislation was passed last November that allowed not only for the legalization of marijuana, but hemp as well. Now in case you’re not familiar, hemp is actually a multi-purpose substance that does not produce the high effects of marijuana. In fact, it’s mainly used as a super cheap and highly efficient building material — at least in other nations where ridiculous bans are not enforced on the ‘high-free’ material.

Colorado farmers like Michael Bowman will be planting 100 acres of hemp to be harvested and sold off as not only building material, but a highly nutritious superfood. While marijuana is considerably high in the substance known as THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), which of course is the compound that produces the ‘high’ effects, it’s also significantly low in what’s known as CDB [sic; CBD] (cannabidiol). That’s where hemp comes in. Both THC and CDB [sic; CBD] are known as cannabinoids, but hemp is particularly high in CDB [sic; CBD] while lacking in THC.

Hemp as a Superfood, Industry Transformer
These cannabinoids have actually been promoted by many first hand sources as not only a health optimizing substance, but a serious solution to cancer. One popular documentary titled ‘Run from the Cure’ by Rick Simpson, which is available for free on Youtube, focuses on the use of hemp oil to conquer cancer.

Rich in essential oils, fiber, and a close to complete amino acid profile, hemp contains beneficial ingredients such as:

•Linoleic acid (44% of the weight of hempseed is actually full of edible oils)
•Omega 3 fatty acids (shown time and time again to fight against anxiety, depression, and even inflammation)
•A ‘complete’ amino profile that surpasses the profile of eggs, milk, soy, and many meats. This includes the 9 essential aminos that the human body cannot produce on its own.

It is for these reasons that hemp is utilized today in many high quality products like protein shakes, energy bars, and many more food products. Two tablespoons of shelled hemp seeds contain about 11 grams of protein and 2 grams of unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

Its versatility allows it to be a prime ingredient even in clothing and fabric-based industries. It could transform the entire industry, replacing unsustainable materials with environmentally friendly hemp.

Feds: ‘We Will Come for Your Hemp’
That is if the federal government doesn’t seize it across the nation. The DEA has its sights set on confiscating all hemp planted and grown in the United States through citing the Controlled Substances Act, which doesn’t differentiate between marijuana and hemp. The agents, which will ignore state law and enforce federal law throughout any state, say that they will be going after farmers who plant non-THC hemp as if they were planting marijuana. After all, they say it doesn’t matter what it actually is.

“It really doesn’t matter whether it looks different or it looks the same,” DEA agent Paul Roach told NPR. “If it’s the cannabis plant, it’s in the Controlled Substances Act and, therefore, enforceable under federal drug law.”

In the event that Colorado manages to generate acres of hemp without the federal government raiding the super efficient substance that is classified as a dangerous drug, it will provide a serious industry change that may spread to other states and potentially even federal law. In the more likely scenario of federal agents jailing hemp farmers and raiding their ‘drug’ operations, an intellectual and legal resistance will be in order to attempt to alter the ridiculous laws surrounding the cultivation of hemp.

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You might want to review the "run from the cure" video in question, the thc which is lacking in the hemp crop is the key ingredient in the cancer cure you are referencing.

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Please read Ezek 34:29 and tell my, "this can't be."