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July 17 2014

Now confirmed and therefore top posted


And says it never took off and was CANCELED. Is this "shoot down" really the disposal of flight 370? I am trying to figure this out, but something seems to be amiss.

Malaysia airlines MH17 777 flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpoor shot down at border between Ukraine and Russia

A malaysian jet flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by either Russia or Ukraine. Obviously the press is mum about a shootdown, but it is all to obvious and if Russia shot it down, I do not think they would be mum. FULL STORY HERE this could end up being big.

And speaking about false flags, remember that Flight 370 clone in Tel Aviv? and do not forget about the 777 that was stopped by the Dutch from crashing the nuclear summit right after flight 370 vanished, as this web site predicted was likely to happen.

Missile system identified

The jet was shot down by a BUK missile. The American press is being quick to blame Russia, but is failing to mention that Ukraine had a large supply of these. And that says a lot - it pretty much proves that 1. The Ukraine uprising had American/Israeli roots and that 2. the real goal is war with Russia, after all if it was not, why struggle to blame them?

Video of smoke from crash

Interesting tidbit - Planes first flight was on July 17 1997 and was shot down on the anniversary of TWA flight 800 . . .

McCain: "HELL TO PAY" if plane shot down

Sure a lot of debris from this Malaysian airlines flight. Why so little for flight 93 in Pennsylvania?

Usually the media will scrub body pics from crash photos, not true with this photo and I beg to question why? These types of photos in crashes never make it out, and I have now confirmed multiple news sources are posting these. WHY NOW? The media is quick to blame Russia for this, but I doubt it was Russia when this plane was shot 50 miles inside of Ukraine. But then again what about those three Israeli teens? This could be "useful" . . . . .

Unconfirmed but interesting: Air traffic controller claims plane was being escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets right before shoot down. This is unconfirmed, but worth adding to the mix.

When so much is "known" about what went on so soon after any event, a false flag is virtually guranteed. With Russia already being blamed in the MSM, I suggest people consider a different culprit.

Here is a quote from a forum that says it all:

"The debris is still smoking, and the liar MSM has ALL the answers already? (including the type missile "used"?). How? Again: HOW? Fox News was there??
The truly stupid dupe here is YOU swallowing the MSM bullshit hook, line and sinker. Obviously, you are utterly unable to THINK; you stick your stupid face on the TV screen and swallow all the garbage coming through, without an ounce of critical thinking."
I agree exactly. The reporting has all the hallmarks of 911 reporting, where the "target" was named and convicted on DAY ONE. THAT is the biggest indicator that this was indeed a false flag.


Anonymous said...

Russian militants that coordinate terrorists on the Ukrainian land shot it by mistake. They targeted Ukrainian plane and immediately proudly announced it in the news. Soon later they found out they shot a passenger aircraft. The phone conversation captured by Ukrainian Secret Service was released within an hour after the tragedy. Militants telephoned to Russia to report about this. Shortly after Russian strategy of denying everything leaked. They even said on central TV that Ukrainian shot the plain because they targeted Putin in it... Ukrainians keep the situation on radar, because Russians shot 3 Ukrainian military planes in the same region during last 3 days. All over Ukrainian territory. Russian side participation here is absolutely undeniable and have a million of proofs.

Anonymous said...

If you look at Putins plane then look at the plane that went down. They are very similar in appearance. My first thought when I saw them was. Hells teeth. The Ukraine thought they had Putin. Ukraine did this crap. They just got the wrong plane. Russia wouldn't shoot their own plane down now would they. So who is responsible? Not hard to work out. Israel and US are behind this. 2+2 makes 4.

Anonymous said...

There will be a lot of this crap bull shit soon... Rebels tells that they are shoot another plane AN-64 (Ukranian army), and it was BEFORE this strange Mallasyan airplane

Anonymous said...

What a pity that Russia has confirmed that Putin was not near the area, and was in fact flying back from Brazil at the time- a flight path that would go nowhere near the Ukraine. p.s. go take some grammar lessons, this site is almost unreadable.

Anonymous said...

What a bounce of crap! This whole story is the biggest BS on the web. My friends family was in this plane. Of course America remains suspicious, but the crash and the people inside are real.

Unknown said...

I knew someone who was on that flight also.
see how easy that was for me to stick up for the media?
anyone can play the game.
who was it that you actually knew on that flight?

Anonymous said...

I knew someone who was on that flight also.
See how easy that was for me to stick up for the media?
anyone can play the game.
Who was it that you actually knew on that flight?
Did you happen to know any one from any flights from sept 11 as well?

Unknown said...

Yes, they were real people. I agree. That does not mean it was NOT a False Flag...A false flag can, and often does kill innocent people. God Bless their souls!!

Dan Tanasescu said...

The phone conversation captured by Ukrainian Secret Service is fake.

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Shivam said...
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Anonymous said...

Sharpshuter: Let us assume that flight MH17 was hijacked by the two jet fighters and and blown up to discredit Putin. Why not? Do not forget that "already decomposing bloodless bodies" fell from the sky as reported by crash site witnesses. Bodies do not decompose within two hours, impossible. I believe they told the truth. So....what else was on board besides live passengers ??? Obviously a well constructed conspiracy . Shot down