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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

( Well Keenan says those notes are real…  I dunno…  you decide!  /dt )
Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me
By The Keenan Team
WELL, Neil has given everyone a few days to enjoy themselves bashing our names around.  Neil says: “In fact it was their Pied Piper who was leading them over the cliff.  My father used to say give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.”
We are now clearing the air, setting the record straight with facts, and just the facts.
Bitcoin Account
Yesterday Jean had to delete a member of our Team’s name from her latest post.  This individual only helped Jean set up the Bitcoin account since she didn’t know how to do it.
Jean has always been the sole administrator of the Bitcoin account.  Complete control of the account was hers alone, and the proof of this was the screenshots she posted; only an administrator can access the account and thereby take screenshots of it.
She could have told the truth and said she did not know the status of the account, but she chose to lie in one more vain attempt to throw Neil under the bus. The fact that she chose to lie says volumes.
To make this whole matter worse, Jean has threatened the individual who helped her set up the Bitcoin account by making public the Skype exchange between them about the account. Since the original unedited Skype exchange clearly proved that she had sole control of the account, her threat is meaningless except for the unwanted exposure of this individual and his family. Obviously, she seriously disliked having to retract her false statement about the account.
The point of this revelation is to make it known that Jean is not above resorting to a criminal element in her tactics. She also states that she received the Skype exchange via a third party and claimed that there was a leak on our Team.  The person who shared a copy of this Skype conversation can be none other than someone who works closely with Jean.
Jean has now amended her post with no apology for her lie about Neil having the funds.  On August 26, Jean finally transferred the Bitcoin funds for Neil’s use. As intended, these funds will now be utilized in his continued efforts to release the collateral accounts for humanitarian projects (free energy being a priority) as well as his upcoming travels to have the No-Fly Accord officially executed, signed and put into full effect for each country.
As many are aware, Neil has spent millions of his own money toward these efforts, and since his funds became depleted, donations were asked for.  We thank each and every one of you who have contributed and assure you that your money will go toward what you intended – freeing humanity from cabal control.
The Gold Note
Neil had a good belly laugh at those who really thought they caught him displaying a novelty item.  The note displayed is the real deal – a genuine gold FRN.
Novelty notes are copies of the real notes that anyone can buy online or at novelty shops – they are fake notes with fake gold.  At the train station in Zurich, you can buy FRN’s nearly identical to the originals for $5 USD.
Try and cash them in and you will buy yourself anywhere from 3-5 years in jail.  The novelty note says that it’s a novelty and shows who printed it.  These copies are all based on original notes and quite often look as good as the original.
The real note that was displayed by Neil is worth cash with compounded interest from 1933-34 and comes with documentation.  It was provided by a legitimate Elder for display purposes only.  The gold note came from a documented “baby box” which is part of the “mother box,” and there are 40,000 boxes or more of these in existence.
Dealing with these notes requires a verification process of procedures and safety precautions.  A real note presented to the bank is put through a process to verify its authenticity and who it actually belongs to — the Dragon Family.  If you are working with the Family, then they would be the ones to authorize whether payment of the note would be made.
But there is no-win “game” that is played with the presenter of the note.  Even if the note(s) is real, they are declared fake when presented to a central bank, and the presenter of the note is subsequently jailed and loses all of his assets.  The central bank then splits the proceeds from the notes with the Federal Reserve.  And the game goes on.
What happened in Chiasso is a perfect example.  When Yamaguchi and Watanabe were stopped in Chiasso, Italy, a whole new adventure began to take place.  Yamaguchi was carrying FRN’s which held no value, but the guards took the notes and brought the men before a judge.  They were then released because the court understood that the Family itself could bankrupt the Italian Government.
But the charade played on.  After looking over the notes on a computer, the U.S. claimed that the notes were fake.  Neil finds it  laughable now that he understands how things work and that they would do such a thing.
On the other hand, the Italian Financial Police declared the notes to be real.  In the end, the Italian Government and the NY Federal Reserve Bank split the funds 50/50.  Although many have heard that Yamaguchi and Watanabe each received 3 ½ years prison sentences in “Abstentia,” this is not so.  There are three data bases in Italy, and there is nothing on either one of these men.  Their names do not exist so what do we have?  They stole the notes!
Jean’s Dark Agenda
Addressing the most critical problem first, Jean is now attempting to interfere with the progress of releasing the collateral accounts.  She is calling members of the Dragon Family, complaining that Neil is not a worthy representative, among other things.  Little does she realize that the Family members she has talked with are not the members with whom Neil is dealing.
In her extreme delusion of having any kind of influence outside of being a blogger, Jean is so hell-bent on revenge at any cost that she would attempt to jeopardize all the work that has been done toward releasing the collateral accounts.  Without a doubt, her actions tragically demonstrate that she has no regard whatsoever for the people on this planet and that her sole motivation is to exact her treacherous vengeance.
With all that she has been doing and saying, Jean Haines is betraying the world at large.  This is a cold hard fact and not one that we state lightly.
We invite readers to look closely at the slander and smear campaign that Jean has embarked upon.  If one looks at Jean’s comments and her writing style and compare it with what has been written about the King of Hawaii and Neil and the Team, it becomes obvious to those with eyes to see that Jean herself has not been writing the majority of these recent accusations, outright lies and lies of omission.  She does post this under her name and is nonetheless responsible.
She did not interview the King of Hawaii, she did not interview Kauilapele, nor did she interview anyone from Hawaii.  This is the true definition of “Yellow Journalism.”  What she has presented is her obsession with carrying out a personal vendetta in the most malicious way possible.
So we would pose the question of why her staunch supporter, Graham, has not posted even so much as one comment to any of this?  Could it be that a cabal shill is too busy behind the scenes manipulating someone to assure that this plays out to the cabal’s advantage?  Under the guise of providing the “truth,” the overwhelming question for intelligent readers is exactly who is gaining benefit from her posts? Certainly not We the People.
The undeniable facts are:  there is much to be gained by the cabal in dismantling the increasing momentum to restore Hawaii’s sovereignty; and there is much to be gained by the cabal in distracting the world at large from realizing exactly what the King of Hawaii is actually doing, the fight he maintains against the cabal for the great injustices suffered by Hawaiians, and the symbolic stand he is taking on behalf of all people on this planet.  There is no one else in the Kingdom of Hawaii who is leading the way to help his people.
To truly seek the truth, look beyond the slander and see for yourself what he is doing by actually reading the documents on the King’s  website.    Read about his long-standing efforts and his communications to the Powers-That-Be.  You will find no scams or personal financial gains in what the King of Hawaii is doing.  Like Neil, his efforts against the cabal pose deathly risks on a moment-to-moment basis.
What they do is to toward the Ideal, a reality of justice and harmony for the planet and her creatures. This is the legacy that they intend to leave to this world.  These are not acts of desperate men looking to make a fast buck.  These are acts by men of honest vision, not young, reckless men who would risk everything simply for money.  And you can be sure that the cabal never wastes their time trying to get rid of anyone who poses no threat to their agenda.
In discerning statements made by Dr. Aidun, it needs to be made clear that his statements are his own and were not issued by us on our site nor by the King on the Kingdom of Hawaii’s site.  None of us had anything to do with Dr. Aidun’s statements.  We cannot control personal statements made by those who provide volunteer support services for our efforts.  Good, bad or ugly, freedom of speech applies here.  We are all imperfect creatures, however, it is to our advantage, humanity’s advantage, to utilize the best that an individual has to offer, and leave the rest.
Readers are directed to review our archives and see all of the information that we have provided – OUR WORK STANDS ON ITS OWN.  It is up to each individual to decide what our intent is.  While we understand the concept of “guilt by association,” the flip side to the coin is that we cannot and will not control personal responses to personal issues.
Although many unnecessary distractions have been thrown our way, we absolutely will not be deterred from our mission to do what is needed and what is rightfully deserved for humanity.  We provide the truth as it becomes known to us from the best, most credible sources available.  We do this for you.  While it is extremely difficult in these times to discern the information that is put out there, a vital guideline is to be aware of Actions – the actions being taken to make people aware of crimes against humanity and actions being taken to stop them.  You are the judge — actions reveal the truth rather than any form of individual ego machinations.  Our actions speak louder than words.
We thank those whose support has been unwavering because they realize our intent even amidst twisted and distorted campaigns to slander those whose actions are demonstrably for the good of all.  Intentionally or unintentionally, it’s tragic that detractors do nothing but support the cabal’s agenda.  It is only our unity in supporting Action that will free humanity from enslavement.
It has also come to our attention that Jean has been brewing more lies about an individual concerning a personal accusation of “sexual molestation.”  This makes no sense whatsoever other than being motivated by outrageous revenge.  We mention this in order to thwart her lie and issue a warning against severe retribution.
A definite pattern emerges in Jean’s short-lived associations with people who came to know her well:  Michael Dunn, Michael Calhoun, Frank Amadeo and Robert Miller no longer associate with her.  And contrary to what she has insinuated, Peter Eyre continues to be a friend and associate of Neil’s.
We’d hoped that after Neil’s last message to her that Jean would cease her vendetta campaign, but she has escalated this to the point that we have been forced once again to address it. While it is extremely distasteful to have to deal with sordid drama, and a completely unconstructive use of precious time, truth across the board can be the only order of the day.
It becomes a dirty game with distractions such as Jean and her team.  Real things, vital things, become increasing difficult to get done, but Neil continues to provide information to you because he feels you should know, that you have the right to know.  In many cases Neil has grown close to the people from both Jean’s site and Cosmic Voice.  He is loyal to his many friends and is most grateful for all of the support that he receives.
It has been a long and winding road, and now that some major blocks have been cleared, we can proceed undeterred with our work. Soon enough all will see and reap the rewards that we deserve to see in our lifetimes.
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