Thursday, January 28, 2016

1-28-16 Judge Anna von Reitz: FBI - commercial mercenaries


1-28-16 Judge Anna von Reitz: FBI - commercial mercenaries acting under color of law - are no longer public officers and have no "official duties".

Dear Readers, Are we just going to turn our heads and look the opposite direction and let these murdering SOB's get by with the murder of LaVoy Finicum.... The FBI is a defunct Bullshit organization and is now called THUGS FOR HIRE .... They are now known as the TFH....A first grader has more standing than these SOB's...WE need suggestions as to what we as NESARA and its Readers can do as the Military Leadership looks to be on the same playing field as theTFH ....and are totally worthless... NOT ONE MEMBER OF THE PENTAGON STOOD UP.....THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTHLESS...Please leave your comments as anonymous....we want to send the militias and the TFH a message...

Addressed to:
Ban Ki-moon
United Nations Secretary General
1st Avenue and 46th Street
New York NY 10017

Francois Hollande
55 Rue du Faubourg St. Honore
75008 Paris
Barack Hussein Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
In Re: American Amritsar Dear Sirs: We should have heard it at Ruby Ridge, and somehow, despite the facts, did not. A young Mother shot to death along with her baby and young son and the family dog for no reason by FBI Agents. We should have heard it again at Waco, Texas. A private community of people invaded, gassed, fire bombed--- again, with no credible reason by federal agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Exactly where were the stockpiles of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms at Waco? And now, a caravan of peaceful Americans on their way to a public meeting to discuss unlawful actions of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-- ambushed, murdered in cold blood, and subjected to false arrest by members of the FBI and "STATE" police. What "STATE" of Oregon would that be? A bankrupt corporate franchise of the French Corporation known as the UNITED STATES, or the actual state of the Union owed to the people of Oregon? Initial attempts are being made by the FBI to claim that it was being hindered in the accomplishment of their "official duties" -- -- let's make it very clear that the members of the FBI are no longer public officers and have no "official duties". They are commercial mercenaries acting under color of law at the behest of private, mostly foreign-owned banks, including the IMF, and dirty politicians. Just so everyone is clear here-- - the UN Corporation was set up in France several years before the United Nations was chartered. The UN Corporation chartered the IMF, also in France. The IMF then chartered the UNITED STATES, which set up franchises for itself called the STATE OF OREGON and the STATE OF WISCONSIN and so on, and set up shop here in the business of providing "essential governmental services". Since when did ambush, murder, false arrest, kidnapping and misrepresentation of our political status become a "service" that we are paying for? The facts of the matter are these: these "agencies" are nothing but private subcontractors of the UNITED STATES, INC. and its STATE OF OREGON franchise-- - foreign commercial mercenaries acting under color of law on our soil, wearing uniforms and flashing badges and pretending to be part of our lawful government when they are not. The FBI is a private security force hired and maintained for the purpose of racketeering under color of law in this country. It is always the same. Banks behind the scenes hire some of us to kill and defraud others of us and these "agents" commit these horrible crimes, because they are ignorant dumb brutes, trained from birth to take orders without question. Just like the Nazis. Just like the British at Amritsar. Just like the First Order troopers in the newest version of Star Wars. Always, we Americans seem to buy both ends of the stick, abused both coming and going. If we shoot, we shoot ourselves, because it is Americans who are being hired to do this dirty work for the British Crown and the French Government and the bankers in back of it all. This time, we have no excuse for not hearing the guns at Amritsar and Concord. The States of America are still alive, still here despite all the lies that the Queen and her minions can tell. Our people are still sovereign. We've been defrauded and abused by international banks and members of the Bar Associations, but then, who hasn't been? The fraud stretches back 150 years, but that is of no concern: there is no statute of limitation on the crime of fraud, and fraud vitiates all that it touches ever afterward. The Fraud Reset Button takes us back to 1860 and the election of Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer prohibited from holding any public office in our government by our actual Constitution known as The Constitution for the united States of America, but who was nonetheless elected to serve as "President" of the United States-- - a commercial trading company that Lincoln bankrupted in 1863. At the end of the Civil War those responsible booted up a new corporation calling itself The United States of America (Inc.) and they published a brand new corporate charter deceptively named "the Constitution of the United States of America" and they busily began amending it however they pleased without ratification by the states. All Amendments from the 13th onward are private by-laws of a private for-profit governmental services corporation and its successors, having no meaning or applicability as public law. Via the simple process of incorporation the con artists responsible removed the Federal Government off the jurisdiction of the land and out from under the actual Constitution and Law of the Land, and placed all their offices and operations in the international jurisdiction of the sea and under the Law of the Sea. Either by guile or by ignorance, state governments followed suit and incorporated their operations with the same result. So did the units of county government. They were bribed into doing this with promises of "federal revenue sharing"----- that is, kickbacks from IMF racketeering profits. Since then two large colluding banking cartels -- the Federal Reserve and the International Monetary Fund -- have kept us entertained with every form of banking and securities and bankruptcy and probate fraud imaginable. The IMF has been responsible for the actions at Ruby Ridge, at Waco, and now, in Oregon, where a sweet and innocent young man lays dead. His blood is on your hands. How much are we to charge you for what you can never undo or repay? You, Monsieur President Hollande, have sent your private-for profit corporations over here to do business selling us "governmental services" and let them run rampant, without enforcement of their charters and without respecting your treaty obligations owed to the united States of America and the American people. You have let them operate as inland pirates and racketeers on our shores for which we hold the French Government responsible. You, Mr. Obama, have followed your own master, the British Crown, and allowed the same despicable performance--- probate fraud, bankruptcy fraud, banking and securities fraud, racketeering, unlawful conversion of assets, mischaracterization of political status, violent armed extortion, kidnapping, inland piracy, press-ganging, identity theft, personage, barratry and more - - crimes that have been for the most part outlawed worldwide for between a hundred and two hundred years. For that, we hold the Federal United States and the Members of Congress and the British Government and the British Monarch responsible. We demand the immediate release and return of the Americans ambushed and placed under false arrest by the FBI in Oregon and the immediate arrest of the officers and their superiors responsible for this outrage. We are bringing charges to the local Common Law Grand Juries in Oregon against the corporate employee responsible for the execution-style killing of LaVoy Finicum. We expect this man to be indicted for aggravated and premeditated murder in the first degree while impersonating an officer and engaged in armed racketeering under color of law. Every man involved in this ambush, killing, and false arrest is an accomplice to this crime. All the bank officials and administrative officers including the members of the American Bar Association who have contributed to and preserved this system of violent fraud must be arrested and punished as befits their crimes as murderers and thieves. The offending banks must be liquidated and their assets returned to the people they have harmed and their heirs. Anna Maria Riezinger
c/o Post Office Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska RFD 99652


Anonymous said...

Government Corporations

The bottom line is that all governments are corporations and corporations are all fictions. Therefore governments have no power over the people on the land. People are NOT fictions. Persons are fictions based in FRAUD. So, even persons are NOT really fictions either because FRAUD vitiates any contract, nunc pro tunc (from the beginning) as if the contract never existed and there is no statute of limitations on fraud. Even if, there was a statute of limitations on fraud the statute itself would also be fiction because statutes are all copyrighted, corporate law which does NOT belong to the people. It is private, color of law, an abrogation of law, in regard to common law. So the problem is that we have all been brain washed, from the cradle by all manner of dis-information, education, government, media, religion, etc. that our government is government, of, by and for the people when it is actually of, by and for the Vatican, The City of London, the queen, Banks, etc., etc., etc. The bottom line is that all governments are corporations and corporations do NOT have jurisdiction over the people. Can Safeway, Inc. or any other corporation, arrest you or fine you or put you in jail? Well technically neither can any of the government corporations (fictions) usurping (stealing) legitimate governmental functions. The problem is, they have a whole bunch of guns and idiots willing to use them against the very people they are sworn to serve and protect. Also, the FBI and all 3 or more letter (acronym) agencies are sub-corporations of their parent corporation; thus they have no authority or jurisdiction over, We the People on the land.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to add; the facts are adequate, self-evidenced and bears the authentic stamp of truth. Ambassadors of truth and justice - that includes every living soul - should please provide a practical plan to establish peace and prosperity for all, no matter what, all of us have valuable contributions to make. It is imperative to maintain a vision and continuous thought of a balanced and loving earth together with its myriad of life forms. What we desire, think and feel we become. We have the power to maintain and initiate vibrations of our own choosing regardless of present circumstance. Our vibrations create our future. Consider any fine craft; in the same way we shall craft our future artfully, the result, a masterpiece.

slaveman said...

Often terrorism wears a badge,... as in this case. I am heart-sick over the murder of this gentle man,... and my heart goes out to his wife and children. How much more of this thuggery will the patriot American stand? The MSM still reports this as a 'gun battle' at a 'traffic stop'. This was an ambush,... including snipers in trees. Some traffic stop. We want to see the dash cams of all of their vehicles. We want to see UNALTERED, honest photos of the bullet-riddled vehicle LaVoy was driving. We DEMAND these THUGS be identified and prosecuted for their CRIMES. Unarmed and with his hands in the air LaVoy was shot in the face,... as he fell dead to the ground this champion of liberty was shot several times more. (this according to witnesses ON THE SCENE). I am appalled by the blatant LYING by the media's account. WE DEMAND THE DASH CAM FOOTAGE of this horrible incident.And don't try the usual bullshit, like, the cameras weren't working, etc. Rise up patriots,... and shake off your chains,... we have have had ENOUGH! Murder,... and murder pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

We NEED NAMES and badge numbers. "The Golden Rule"

Anonymous said...

didn't finish that "an eye for an eye " here- we need all of the mercs names-