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Jim Stone, Nov 21 2016

Go ahead and call the alt media "fake news". Go ahead and have Google continue denying ads to this web site (as has always been the case), and advance that to wiping out others, and go ahead and switch on the censor bots. The Alt media will beat you anyway. Want to know why? I can sum it up in a phrase:
People are not stupid.
All anyone in the alt media needs to do now is log onto youtube and get the facts straight from the President himself, as he records his own addresses and posts them for the public to see, without them getting washed by you, because he knows you are all proven liars. Oh, but I'd bet Youtube will ban him. So what. He's the President, and can just set up an equivalent and serve the truth from it. Do you think you can stop that? Anyone who blocked that with a spam filter would get busted by the NSA which is now under his control, and be jailed in minutes.
Overnight, the entire alt media can be credentialed as much as you are, and ALL THEY HAVE TO DO TO KICK YOUR BUTTS INTO THE GUTTER IS TELL THE TRUTH AS TRUMP SAID IT IN VIDEO, UNFILTERED. That is something you will never do, and Trump could make it so easy for the alt media to crush you just by doing that. GUESS WHAT? He's already doing it, one of those videos is already linked on this web site.
Rather than meet with a bunch of filthy lying despicable media whores, Trump can just do a state of the union address every single day. How are you, the scamming MSM, going to compete with that? What would anyone but an IDIOT do? Spend an hour with proven liars, or just sit in front of a web cam for an hour going down a list of daily items and posting it in full form? What would YOU DO if you faced your own meat grinder? Don't lie. Oh, forget it, that's too much to ask.

I make a serious effort to make this web site a prime hit of the most avoided relevant topics

And I try to keep it all accurate, and believe I hit 90+ percent accuracy, which is unusual considering the topics are often either obscure, extracted from conflicting lies to hit a correct outcome, or totally cutting edge where no one else has them until they find it here and re-post. A prime example of this was the Newsweek report, which I had confirmed and proven accurate 2 days before anyone else mentioned it. There have only been two things lately (in the past month) that I did not nail out of the many topics covered, and one was a spoof report about an FBI agent and his wife that were added to the Clinton body count (that I accidentally posted for a day and pulled), and Hillary did not die and or was not irrevocably detained without bail. However, the body double is still a reality. But the body double would not have "smelled like a goblin" and started attacking people on election night and I'll call that confirmation that in some venues (but not all) we still get the real Hillary. Too bad.

Anyway, I'll eat a crow wing over Hillary, but not the whole crow. There was a serious attempt to appoint her as President (like I was saying months ago but not recently), but that attempt has thus far failed. Let's keep it that way and stay on top of her blatant threats to the electoral college electors. Additionally, we need to make sure they stay the same people and are not mysteriously switched out under the radar. Now is NOT the time to take a nap.

Fukushima got hit by a 7.3 earthquake

The cooling systems failed on reactor 3 but it did not matter much because there is practically nothing left there to keep cool anyway. Non story.
Nov 21 2016


They thought they were going to get instructions on how to deal with Trump and get their press credentials for the white house, and instead got what some called a "Trump style firing squad (see the following capture:-) ]space: normal; word-spacing: 0px; text-transform: none; color: #000000; font: medium arial; letter-spacing: normal; text-indent: 0px;" tabindex="0" src="" alt="" />

Trump will get America OUT of the TPP

In a Youtube video he released to get around the scamming press, Trump has stated his first executive action will be toget America out of the TPP. ]font-size: medium;">What can I say? He's one of us! I strongly urge everyone out there to let him make his mistakes and correct them. He's the first president I know of that let his voter base select a huge portion of his cabinet. Some people are worried about a few things, but for the most part everyone I have come across online is for the most part impressed with Trump's discernment in who he is selecting to fill key positions. The potential for sabotage is still there, but I don't think we are in any danger of an acid bath. First truly good news in decades on the political front as far as I see it.

Trump to ban imports of Saudi oil

That's actually good news, and a great move. I absolutely HATE the Sauds, (long story there, and not the usual) it is based on knowing Saudi royal immigrants in America, where they abundantly showed how freaking stuck up and intellectually worthless they are, despite having pages and pages of credentials. But they have money so that makes it OK. ANYWAY:

There was a GIANT oil discovery in Texas, that is un doubtedly the largest discovery of oil on American soil in America's history. Even with it not totally prospected out, there was enough oil discovered to keep America's cars running from that ONE DEPOSIT ALONE to put 183,000 miles on every car, truck, van, and SUV in America if the average MPG with all of them bunched together is 25. Let's say this differently: The average American car gets 12,000 miles a year put on it. THIS ONE DEPOSIT IN TEXAS ALONE, BEFORE IT IS EVEN FULLY PROSPECTED OUT (so it is bound to be even larger than this) is enough, with average American driving, to keep everyone in America on the road for 15.28 years.
That's without even tapping any other American oil or importing from countries other than Saud.
So Trump really can tell the Sauds to stick it, style="font-size: small;"> ] it won't mean a thing for the American economy. GOOD MOVE. 50 laughs. Now let's see the Sauds try to find a way to pay for all the terror mayhem they so arrogantly cause in the middle east. PREDICTION: 17 Bugatti orders CANCELED.
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Donna McCartney: Trump cannot re-vitalize fossil fuel industry, "train has left the station" ]f;">EPA administrator Donna McCartney has issued an open statement, saying Trump will fail to re-vitalize fossil fuels and that clean energy will take over no matter what. She's DEAD WRONG.

FACT: If you took the entire Mojave wind farm in California, with hundreds if not thousands of giant wind turbines and used them to run the electrical equivalent of a large blast furnace and steel finishing line, it would not cut it. You HAVE TO use coal for that, and no green fantasy is ever going to change that reality.
The biggest enemy of American industry and "American greatness" is the EPA, which was used as a weapon against American industry to make it impossible to get anything industrial done by imposing stricter and stricter emissions standards on coal, until it became impossible to run industry. The EPA needs to be disbanded, DONE AWAY WITH TOTALLY.
Let me give you and example of why:
In America, if you want to run a blast furnace, the EPA got so invasive with emissions that you have to have the following systems: 1. A hydrofilter. This is a giant container of marbles that have water sprayed on them constantly while they are partially suspended by the force of the exhaust from the industrial process. The smoke gets stuck to the wet marbles and washes out a waste pipe and then goes to settling tanks, which is another huge system. SOUNDS GREAT. Here's why it is NOT GREAT: You have to have a GIANT, and I MEAN GIANT electrical motor to run a blower system strong enough to push the smoke through the filter. That costs an enormous amount of money in electricity. And the settling tanks have their own motors, and huge systems similar to a wastewater treatment plant for a large city. That is not cheap!
You also have to have bag houses. These are rows and rows of hundreds (or thousands) of fabric bags 30 feet tall that yet another huge blower has to force the smoke through. The fabric is woven tight enough to catch the smoke particles and the bags are shaken, and the smoke falls as a black powder into catch bins below them. Aside from the money it costs to maintain these systems, the electricity costs alone will kill a business, AND THE EPA DOES IT ON PURPOSE, TO DESTROY AMERICAN BUSINESS. I HAVE PROOF:
Back in the good old days, when the EPA was just getting going, industrial processes like blast furnaces started using electrostatic precipitators. And the effect was DRAMATIC, and I mean DRAMATIC, with 90 - 95 percent of emissions knocked out by that one device alone. That one device alone, which was CHEAP to operate was enough to get rid of practically all the smoke. That one device alone, which was CHEAP TO OPERATE turned the city sky blue again. Ditto for the cheap to operate catalytic converters on cars, which were introduced at around the same time.
But that did not cut it for the EPA, and it should have been enough if the environment was the objective. But no, the EPA instead sought out (with obvious intent only for the purpose of killing the country) tighter and tighter emissions standards that required ever more complex systems to meet the standards. In the end, things got so complex (even in the 90's) that 60 to 70 percent of the cost of running industry in America was emissions cleanup.That destroyed American competitiveness, and made it possible for a bunch of comparatively pathetic Chinese to overtake America economically.
People are quick to blame America's high wages for the jobs getting shipped overseas. Folks, that was NOT IT. Americans are so productive and intelligent at work, and produce such high quality that the wages can be paid NO SWEAT, and America before the EPA became weaponized proves it. It was BOOM TIME. After the EPA was allowed to run amok, emissions cleanup ALONE often exceeded total wages paid to employees by a huge margin. High wages demanded by American workers was NOT the problem because the American worker was worth the high wage. The real problem was the EPA.

And I have personal experience which proves the EPA was the problem

When I worked at a large steel mill (at an advanced level in automation and electronic controls) one job I had was to, on occasion, switch emission control systems because due to EPA regulations, you had to have two parallel systems in case one went down. And occasionally you had to switch one off for maintenance. These systems used SO MUCH POWER that we had to call the power company first, and warn them one was going to be started because if we did not, and they were not ready to increase their output it could trigger a blackout. There were individual motors in the system that by themselves created start up demands of over 50 megawatts. Once spun up, they'd only draw 7 megawatts or so, but WOW, what an electric bill for ONE motor! There was nothing else like that in the entire facility. And yes, the system ran so clean you could not tell anything was being made, there was no smoke AT ALL.

Here's the punch line: The EPA was threatening the facility with shut down, because they could walk around the premises with hand held sensors that could tell there was an industrial process happening, even though the average person would see no smoke and not smell jack. Every one of us knew that their only intention was to destroy American industry, because the only way to make it "cleaner" was to cut our throats and shut it down.

FACT: The EPA is an enemy on American soil, which seeks only to destroy the nation.

FACT: No country on earth has ever had industry survive as long as America's did with such tight environmental controls. And only American ingenuity made it possible for it to survive as long as it did.
FACT: All of America's competitors, who can somehow do it "better and cheaper" are allowed to run straight stacks and spew smoke like an 1800's locomotive. AT MOST, (in a few countries) they have to use afterburners (which are practically free) and electrostatic precipitators (which are virtually banned in America because they are "not good enough".) Reality - they are just too cheap to operate, and won't kill industry which is the true objective of the EPA.)
FACT: Industry makes a mess. But the most basic of efforts will get rid of 95 percent of that mess. Efforts that any business could survive. But 95 percent is just not "good enough" for the EPA, AND IF 95 PERCENT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, WHOEVER IS DECIDING IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH IS AN ENEMY OF THE STATE. That much should be OBVIOUS to anyone.
FACT: The EPA is run and inspired by communists, who are probably foreign agents on American soil that have only the objective of destroying America so communism elsewhere can take over. The only way to handle the problem is to shut down the EPA and repeal American emission standards to where they were in 1979, if not 1973. It was already good enough at that time. An electrostatic precipitator paired with an after burner really is good enough.
FACT: Get rid of the EPA, and the American workers can show their worth and get paid a high wage, rather than having all their pay get siphoned off to pay for ridiculously meticulous emissions cleanup. If one thing shows Democrat hypocrisy, it is the EPA they worked so hard to make so ridiculous, which made things so expensive that the American worker (who they claimed to support) got the shaft. That alone proves the "democrat" leadership, at the highest levels, cares about no one at all.


Anonymous said...

The EPA was formed by the stroke of a pen by Richard Nixon and not by Congress. They are unconstitutional and unlawfully formed, therefore Trump can eliminate the EPA with an Executive Order as they are just another economically destructive private corporation that has run amuck. While he is at it he might as well get rid of the rest of the other unconstitutional foreign alphabet gangs that have crippled American Industry and free market capitalism, specifically, the offshore terrorist organization known as the IRS.

Anonymous said...

All the heads of the EPA, today are....FIRED!!!!!!

And the sickos in the heads of all these departments...
YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!