Friday, June 22, 2018

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Do you want positive change?  Are you willing, ready, and motivated to be part of a HUGE movement
to make a difference for the better?  If you are seriously dissatisfied with government at ALL levels, and
REALLY WANT TO BE HEARD, here is your chance!  Get involved in forming your jural assemblies at the county and
state levels.  This is about self-governing, and duplicating the efforts of our founding fathers to restore the de jure government
OF, BY, AND FOR THE PEOPLE that we are owed.  It's up to US to come together and make a difference and a change!  It's time for UNITY, not division!  The power is with US, the people!  Forming these assemblies CAN and HAS made a difference.  Be a part of something that really
makes you proud!  Help your fellow Americans!  Only YOU can help make a difference!
Join with many thousands of common people around America and the world who are meeting and voicing their concerns!  Your participation
is needed!    
Send an email with your state name in the subject line, and put your name, county name, and an email or phone number
in the body of the email to:

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