Saturday, November 10, 2018

Manna World Holdings Trust --- More of the Same

By Anna Von Reitz

 First, the crime of fraud has no statute of limitations.  If I discover a fraud that happened in 1860 (and I have) and I report it and take exception to it today, the crime and all the subsequent history tainted by it, is still very much alive, still actionable, and still deserving remedy, cure, and divine service.

As a result, when something begins in error and fraud, it ends in the same status.  No progress toward any actual and honest solution is made until the fraud comes to an end. 

As long as FDR's "Bank Holiday" continues, the fraud continues.  As long as the "State of Emergency" continues, the fraud continues.  As long as the "United States" continues to run amok, so does the rest of the world.  And there is no way to fix this or end this condition absent the end of the fraud itself.

Second, the crime of piracy also has no statute of limitations. If my great-grandfather's gold was stolen by pirates (thieves of any sort acting in international jurisdiction) he is still the lawful owner and I, as his heir, am still owed the return of that gold from Interpol or any other international law enforcement agency that obtains custody of the stolen property. 

Now those who are responsible for this ongoing Mess have sought to make things easy on themselves and difficult for the rest of us by trying to seize all private assets and to dump our private assets into trusts, which are then combined and commingled into larger trusts----all controlled by them.  

While they try to justify this as the act of valid Trustees, the actual owners and purported donors never elected them to the job and this is in fact just more piracy, more unlawful seizure of our assets in international jurisdiction, more false claims of rights and interests that do not exist. 

The fact that the theft is more sophisticated and accomplished by paper transactions and keyboard strokes instead of cutlasses or broad axes, does not change the nature of the theft itself.  Nor its affects on actual people. 

In the case of  actual private assets (gold, silver, jewels, etc., ) that were deposited in Good Faith as Special Deposits in the banks, Manna World Holdings Trust is trying to claim control of those accounts and those assets with no valid authority at all. It's simply more piracy, more commandeering of assets, rights, and responsibilities that  belong to others. 

Those assets belong to the people and/or organizations that deposited them. 

Is that concept somehow suddenly difficult for everyone to understand?

And most especially, is it difficult for the bankers to understand?  

Because if our deposits are not secure, what do we need banks for?  

As holding tanks serving to make consolidated theft easier on the criminals? 

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