Sunday, December 30, 2018

PROOF POSITIVE: US Government Has Outright Lied About Chemtrails Since Early 1990s - Undeniable Official Docs! U.S. Air Force “Chemtrail” Publication and Chemistry Manual Found at a Major University Library

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US Government Has Outright Lied About Chemtrails Since Early 1990s
- Undeniable Official Docs!
U.S. Air Force “Chemtrail” Publication and Chemistry Manual Found at a Major University Library
This article shows photos of the Chemtrail manual in question, as well as links to the document so you can view or download it. As a medical doctor, this does NOT appear to be an ordinary level 100 chemistry class. The contents do cover subjects like acid rain laboratory which I would consider to be important to the subject of chemtrails, and not subjects for regular chemistry courses, though other courses are appropriate for first year chemistry.--dle
Good article on William Tompkins.
This Whistleblower Goes to Places You’ve Never Been To Before …

Good short video:
William Tompkins - Everything you know is wrong - Vid (4:30)

Steve Quayle joins Sheila on all the bizarre occurrences going on across the globe, including NYC ominous blue lights, power outages across the nation, what happened in Louisiana?. Why was 911 down and the internet? 58 min

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