Sunday, December 30, 2018

Subject: secret operations 12/29/18



From: Ernest Laverdiere Jr <>
Sent: Sat, Dec 29, 2018 9:22 am

Subject: secret operations 12/29/18
Here is Trumps plan which has been accomplished and is winding down.
1) Brought home entire Carrier Fleet of 12 ships to protect them from a rogue EMP attack.
2) Took over cabal communications like SAT, LF, VLF, Huawei and Space Force.
3) Gained control of rogue nukes and biologicals in North Korea Syria, Iran, and Ukraine.
4) Weakened media mind control via Q, Anons 4 chan, twitter, and Algorithms.
5) Overcame Obamas pardons and caught them in new crimes.
6) Severed financial funding loops regarding sanctions and tarriffs.
7) Strengthened home front via tax cuts, military budget and jobs.
8) Infiltrated and entrapped NGO's, BLM, Antifa, Red Cross, and US aid programs.
9) Blocked human Trafficking routes at border, Ports of Houston, Long Beach, and Miami.
10) Waiting for nations to wake up via Brexit and other programs.
11) Established control of Senate, SCOTUS, via Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Gitmo.
12) Bring back stolen gold assets to end the FED, Swift keys, rogue gold deposits and Blockchains.
13) Seize infrastructure assets that can be attacked like PG&E, CON ED, food water, and Shipping.
14) Destroy underground Bolt holes with EMP and not explosives under airports, power plants, reactors, and cemeteries.
   Now you can see what these rats were up to which has taken 39 years to discover and neutralize............................E.

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