Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fantastic Dinar Cash In Idea for "We The People"

My Dear Friends-
    Like most of you I’ve been thinking about how I can make a difference with this blessing we are about to receive.  As we all know, back in 2008, the “big” banks were given a blank check worth hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax dollars.  Paulson hoped the banks would use that money to give back to the American people and re-inject the economy.  As you all are aware, this did not happen.  Our hard earned money was given to these banks and they failed the American people.  Millions of families have been displaced <most of them hard working> from their homes due to foreclosure or loss of jobs   
It suddenly came to me that we, as a group, have a once in a lifetime opportunity to use our RV billions to influence a shift the banking practices here in the US.  The most powerful position we will have once the RV occurs, it is in that period of time just prior to depositing our new capital. They will all be clamoring for our new found wealth!!!  Case in point … A friend took a job at a less salary then she wanted, with the promise that in 30 days they would renegotiate her salary.  You probably know the end of this story…. Here’s the moral …. She had a heck of lot more power at the interview than she did 30 days later. Same holds with our RV wealth.  It will not be as easy to get what we want for the American people once these banks hold our money.
    The good news is … we do have choices as to who we cash out with, and that is a great leveraging tool for us to use.  We can let them know about these choices < dealer, currency exchange or other venues that will come to light once it RV’s> .  They also might say, that in order to get a low cash-in rate, we would have to keep our funds in their bank for 6 months or more . If we come together and insist ..We do have the power to influence the “rules”.  We also have an opportunity to reshape what these big banks do with this money that we might put in their bank… you get where I am going with this.  We as a group hold the power! 
    As a group, we will be cashing in Billions of Dollars and we have the power to assist other American by insisting that these banks do something in return to help kick-start the economy.  We should ask them to publically announce how they will choose to help the people in the United States.   I believe every American should be able to live the dream.
Help the American people to reach their American dreams by insisting that they changing banking practices and giving back to the economy by injecting our $$  for a much needed push that the us our economy..If they don’t want to change the way they do business we always have the option of placing our money in community banks that will boost the local economy. 


Anonymous said...

this RV thing smells like a SCAM every time I hear about it on this site, however he is right money in a local bank and credit union is the best place for your money, say no to Chase,Citibank,Wells Fargo,BOA!

Anonymous said...

Although this naive article writer has great intentions with what should be done with this new found wealth, IF THE DINAR EVER RV'S,but he/she may want to wake up and spend that new money in something that has REAL VALUE. GOLD, SILVER, LAND, and FOOD to feed your self and your love ones. Because ALL paper money is worthless and the IQD is no different than any other fiat currency. So once it RV's Buy all the things I have mentioned above including ammunition and weapons.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, let's form our own banks.