Friday, November 18, 2011

Re: Rothschild-owned Central Banks in ALL BUT THREE countries in 2011

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Re: Rothschild-owned Central Banks in ALL BUT THREE countries in 2011
Posted By: FreePlanet
Date: Friday, 18-Nov-2011 02:12:58

CLOSING SUMMARY: the accusation contained in the original source for this blogpost is causing some intense consternation across the globe. Many suggest that certain countries still own their own central banks and the BiS has nothing to do with the Rothschilds owning the world, some suggest that this accusation is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Personally, I have no idea if such 'gameplay' is just another part of the NEED TO KNOW Corporate War Game. And neither do you, so don't come across to high-falutin' when you (none of us) have all the facts.
Governments belong to You The People, never forget that.
Demand TOTAL DISCLOSURE of all Governments' Financial Secrets and Sleeping with the Enemy... which is all National Security really means, hiding the truth of the Game from You The People ... then you'll see the rats and cockroaches and other creepy crawlies scurrying around like some sleepy-head in slippers has turned on a light in the kitchen in the middle of the night, or overturned a damp log in the desperate forest mid-autumn.
You know that's the ONLY WAY you're really going to know what's being done in your 'tacit' i.e. unknowingly compliant name.


Anonymous said...

its easy enough to figure out??




if they use gold, silver, precious mentals, then they are owned by the people.

Anonymous said...

source is :
and,.....atexascash said...4:44 PM.......
When a baby is born in the United States, a birth certificate is registered with the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the State of birth. The key word here is "registered" as registered in international commerce. The baby becomes the surety, whose energy is due at some future date. When the birth certificate is registered in the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Department of Treasury issues a bond on the birth certificate ($1,000,000) and the bond is sold at some securities exchange and perhaps bought by the Federal Reserve Bank, which then uses it as collateral in order to issue Federal Reserve Notes or some other form of "debt obligation" (see 18 USC §411). The bond is then held in trust for the Federal Reserve at the Depository Trust Corp. At 55 Water Street, in New York City, about two blocks down the street from the Fed. It is a high rise office building and the sign out front reads "The Tower of Power".
........ and ....ecofuelsnz run your car on water said...3:35 AM .
As for Norway.. just because your law states that your cental bank is owned by the state this doesnt mean its not owned by Roshchild or part of the global central banking sytem. It is part of the global central banking sytem. Its the same in New Zealand. The public is told that our central bank is state owned but its actually run by the business round table. The reserve bank of new zealand is controlled by the new zealand cia and they control everything in NZ.. this is no theory here.. its fact.. read "the opal file" on google to learn more on new zealands control structure. Its the same in Norway or any country that is part of the corrupt United Nations system of servitude to central (reserve) banks. Its very naive to think that a central or reserve bank is legitimate just because its 'state owned'.. the state is also owned by the corrupt bankers that control their puppet politicians!
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