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“My Dad Helped the CIA Kill JFK!”
By Kevin Barrett
November 19, 2011
[Don't miss James Fetzer's talk Who Killed JFK? this Tuesday, November 22nd at the University of Wisconsin-Madison! Details here.]
Of all the big lies told about the JFK assassination, perhaps the biggest is: “I guess we’ll never really know what happened.”
Bullshit! We do know.
Some of us know because we have studied the issue. Others, like Saint John Hunt, son of CIA executive and covert action agent E. Howard Hunt, know because they got it straight from the horse’s mouth.
In 1979, as a 20-year-old undergraduate, I wrote an article for the Madison, WI Daily Cardinal compiling evidence that the CIA killed JFK.
Shortly after the article was submitted to a dozen or so publications, but before it was published, a woman appeared at my house and very politely announced she was a CIA-operated mind-control slave, brain wired with electrodes, whose job was to target enemies of the CIA for elimination.
The next day, I asked my politically-savvy journalism professor, John T. McNelly, what was THAT about. He said, “They’re just f**ing with you, kid. They’re trying to intimidate you.”
Saint John Hunt knows how badly “they” can f** with you. He helped his CIA-agent father Howard conceal money and documents during the Watergate scandal, and suffered the pain of having his mother, Dorothy Hunt, blown out of the sky under circumstances that are far beyond suspicious.
So Saint John Hunt gets my vote as one America’s greatest living heroes, for having the guts to stand up and tell the truth about his father’s confession to participating in the LBJ-approved, CIA-orchestrated assassination of John F. Kennedy.
His family didn’t want him to do it, the lawyers didn’t want him to do it, and of course the CIA didn’t want him to do it. But Saint John Hunt chose to live up to his arrangement with his dying father, who apparently felt some ambivalent remorse about his participation in “The Big Event” and, at the end of his life, asked his son to help expose the truth.

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