Friday, March 30, 2012

This happened on a beach in Brazil --- LOVE IT!

This happened on a beach in Brazil

For a change, humans acting as though they actually are imbued with humanity.


Desert Owl said...

I agree,love it too. But what is wrong with the women? True, a distressed animal can hurt you, but that never has and never will deter me from assisting immediately, at the very least trying to help there and then. Even now, nearing 70 years on earth, I could not just have stood there watching.
Another eye-opener: the Locals were first to help.

Anonymous said...

oh how awesome! that is absolutely wonderfull!

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing a long time ago that one of the signs that humanity was moving towards the light would be that cetaceans would be approaching the shorelines more and more often. When they beach themselves, They're not confused or trying to commit suicide. They are in fact trying to get closer to us!

This video is wonderful on two levels for me, both that the humans help the dolphins back into the water and that such a large pod would beach themselves all at once.

I believe the cetaceans are sentient, although they view the world in a way that's very alien to us. If we can learn to comminucate with dolhins it will be excellent preparation for when we start meeting the real extraterrestrials!