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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - March 27, 2012

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - March 27, 2012
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Date: Tuesday, 27-Mar-2012 21:46:24

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - March 27, 2012
6 Eb, 5 Mac, 8 Manik
Dratzo! We return! The time for the great shift in consciousness draws close. Your dark cabal faces a dilemma that gets harder by the day for it to handle, and we are ready to act as divine executors on behalf of the sacred secret societies appointed by the Ascended Masters. In short, an immense transformation of your reality is ready to begin. A number of key monetary programs are being prepared for global distribution, and relevant components of our various first-contact teams are in place to protect what is to be the initial foray into abundance for your world. This project kicks off a whole slew of activities that will set your reality on a path toward the Light! The Ascended Masters are setting up the new financial system as quickly as possible, and already the nations of the East are being groomed to accept this new system which ends the long financial dominance of the West, giving them true fiscal equality. Simultaneously, the bridging needed for the new governments is being brought into being by the numerous sacred societies founded in Europe centuries ago.
These European sacred societies are concentrating on the best way to remove the dark-centered governments which have kept your globe destabilized by the threat of nuclear war ever since the splitting of the atom in the 1940s. In addition, these same governments have invaded many nations throughout your world in order to maintain the fear and gross manipulation long employed by the Anunnaki and their many Earth-bound minions. The immense arrogance of the dark's strategy developed into tunnel vision, which over the last decade opened a way for the sacred societies to reveal a new and wondrous reality to you. This moment in your history also coincides with the many decrees of Heaven for your realm. These sacred edicts invited us to come here to carefully oversee a unique series of transformations, which is why we here above you in huge numbers to ensure that these decrees are carried out. As a result, the dark is no longer in charge of this world, and Earth humans dedicated to the Light have reached the prophesied point of success.
The work of the Light has brought you to the moment when a great prosperity is to sweep through your societies. This prosperity heralds a series of governmental changes which will enact, among many things, the legal basis of your freedom and individual sovereignty, accompanied by an official proclamation of this. It is a historic moment. For the first time since you were permitted to enter limited consciousness, you are to be acknowledged as worthy Beings by your former 'masters.' At a stroke you become their equal, able to wield justice and appropriate retribution for their crimes against you and your ancestors. This time is when the present reality collapses and is transformed into a vehicle capable of conveying you back to the very threshold of full consciousness. Our responsibility is to take you from that doorway through to your final transformation, which will allow you to take your place once again among your many spiritual and space families. This will be a moment of long-awaited celebration for us all!
In anticipation of bringing your planet and yourselves back into the Light and into full consciousness, we are increasing the sightings of our craft in your skies; they are making themselves more noticeable to you by decloaking in broad daylight and by being more dramatic in your night skies. Our message is, You are not alone! Further, Mother Earth is accelerating her transformation into a unified, 5-D-reality Being. In the eyes of your geologists and atmospheric scientists, the latest geological indices seem to point to the potential for worldwide catastrophe, but such is not the case. Mother Earth is indeed drastically altering her weather patterns by changing the jet streams that create the global climate; also, unusual heating and cooling states are changing the very nature of the Conveyor Belt that mixes the waters of your oceans, and this too influences your weather patterns. However, this is part of a positive process that will eventually bring together the waters and atmosphere of the surface with those of Inner Earth.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with an update of what is currently happening on your world. Presently, we are moving through the final days of the ultimatum that is forcing the dark cabal and its die-hard adherents to resign their public and ministerial offices. These coming official 'resignations' will signal the start of the process of a vast conveyance of power from the dark cabal to the agents of the Light. This process also parallels an immense transfer of money throughout your world. During this time, many banks will change hands from the cabal to delegates of the Light. In charge of these complex transactions are various elements of our secret sacred societies. In effect, a new financial system will rise up out of this change in bank ownership and it will be based on new gold-backed currencies. Once these proceedings are complete, the new governments will make their broadcasts.
The new governance in many nations will be secured by the power of the Light, the Agarthans, and the first-contact team. We are committed to ensuring that the holy edicts of Heaven are manifested here on Earth. All this is being done in order to set you free, and to move you through the next phases of your path to full consciousness. We are monitoring everything as these things come down the pike, as this massive transition is designed to be swift and benign to all life. For ages we have discussed within our holy communion how best to create this new reality; above all we dearly desire to present these things in a manner that is comprehensible and acceptable to you, and that truly serves the greater good. The divine purpose of our undertaking is to give you the opportunity to be free and sovereign. Much knowledge needs to be imparted to you during the coming months in order to reassure you and to retain your sacred trust.
Communication remains the key to everything we do, and so we have been careful to cover all the bases to keep you informed. We have asked the Galactic Federation to make itself fully known to you after disclosure is announced, and have asked the Agarthans to do likewise. Each of you needs to acquire full knowledge of what is happening and why, and where it is all headed. It is equally important for us to have feedback from you regarding this sudden flurry of events to hit your societies. We, the Ascended Masters, intend to appear and heal and bless all of you even before the mass landings. We sincerely ask for your feelings on these matters as the time has come to change how you interact with Heaven. You are each a sacred physical angel. You need to learn about your divine lineage and the sacred Orders you are a part of. Ponder on these matters, as Heaven is now returning in force to your world!
Today, we brought you another message. We are providing them to keep you informed as best we can about the events of the day from our perspective. We ask that you use this information to help others as well as yourselves to better understand what is now ready to happen across your world. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization


Anonymous said...

"ready to happen across your world"

But I just read that the bad guys are still fighting hard.

Didn't have to wait until tomorrow for any entirely different update.

Anonymous said...

Thank you G.F., Sheldon and John for all you have done so far. Please bring this to us for we need it very bad and I for one am ready. I have tried my best to spread the word about what is going on and what is coming but still people think I am a little nuts lol... It`s ok, They have been brainwashed. I will help them along as much as I can in understanding. I have always been a helper in many areas all my life and I look forward in continuing my help when needed. I dont want to sound greedy, which im am not, but I sure could use some of those blessings when the time comes so I too may get back on my feet in order to help folks who need it, A home, marriage, pay off debts would be a great start in getting my life in line.

I wish this for all people of the world. We certainly deserve it. Time to Rock n Roll! Peace to all! :)

Unknown said...

As a Christian I'm skeptical. As a human i hope that what you say is true. I hope that these claims come to fruition real soon. The world desperately needs change. The change you describe sounds awesome i am super excited about the acension and the dna changes do to the increased vibrations. Amazing time to be alive if this truely happens and the intention isnt evil, a seductive entrapment for men. Sad time to be alive if its not true, our future looks bleak through the eyes of normalacy. I live in western nebraska and wish that the federation ships would spend some time showing themselves here. Why dont you credit Jesus with creation and how can a person who believes that he is God trust those who dont credit him as such.

Anonymous said...

"We are increasing the sightings of our craft in your skies". Sorry but that is not enough, what we need is CLEAR sightings. That will make a difference, otherwise you are still behind the scene, still wasting the time. GET CLOSER. It is OR/OR, we are ready for a long time. Those who are not, it will never be no matter your approach. Boy, I really hope you read this.

Anonymous said...

why are these people trying so hard to gain your confidence. ill tell you why cause their reptillian and after they get all you worshiping them they will lead all you sheep to the slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Their intentions are good.
The road to Hell was paved with 'good' intentions.
They are too advanced for you to know what you 'lose' by opening the door to their 'extended stay'.
I have a right to say 'no' to their visit, so I have.
Many will accept what they bring, and will get their own experience in the process. Once off world, your right to change your mind will be gone. You will live out the experience you chose. This is a Free Will Planet.

People don't hear, here. As much as we can tell everyone, that every problem we experience here, we had a hand in creating, they sit there and say they had nothing to do with the problems and wait for someone else to do something about it.

If I took a poll on how many had the following contracts in place to give up their basic rights, the poll would be the majority of the people who answered the survey that said the CIA, FBI, TSA, NSA, and Homeland Security was the problem. The group that says 'all of the above'. Or the group that blames Obama for their financial situation right now.

Do you have a license to so something you should be able to do by birth right?
Have you joined an organization or group or country and vote in their elections?
Do you know the difference between lawful money and legal tender?
In your financial transactions have you made a selection as to which one you are using?
Do you know own a legal dictionary?
Do you know the difference between a person (a statutory person) and a People?

That's just the beginning. There is nothing here that we didn't create.
I repeat, there is nothing here that we didn't create and yet we want another group more advance who can read our minds and place thoughts in our heads to come here and fix what we create.

We have the power of creation. You think the Powers that Be extorted it with the ET's behind them. You wait until you welcome another ET group to give you some more experiences.

You'll again be doing what someone else wants you to do because you would again have created the experience that they will bring to you for you wanting them to come here and take over.

You have already a God/Creator, or did you not know that.

This is about placing a God before you.
Unintended consequences brings it's own experiences and you will have to live it out until there is an opportunity to change it.

If this planet is the Free Will planet and of your free will you chose an experience that lasts an infinity and beyond since there is no 'time and space', only space time. Well.
You would have chosen that just like you chose to be here and didn't learn how you play a role in everything you experience here.

Back off some of these agreements you've made and stop waiting on someone to 'save' you.

You have always been who you are waiting for.
I was who I was waiting for. I did my work, now it's time for my graduation. I know I did my work because I experienced the 'feet to the fire' experience and having learned what I needed to know and having taken the exam, the Matrix knows I'm ready to graduate.

This is a boot camp of sorts and you can't sit out the basic training and expect to go to the graduation and get rewarded.

You will have no more private thoughts, all emotions, feelings, fleeting ideas, fleeting lust, fleeting hate, every pain and depressive thought, everything will be known by your new masters as soon as you open that door and tell them to come into your world.

I just opened the door to my new world. I want to experience what my Creator already made for me without them forcing me to advance into telepathy and group think.

When that time comes I'll be ready for it. Not now.
My Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Anonymous said...

They read your thoughts. You want them, you will get them.
You get what you Desire.
As a Free will planet they cannot interfere with someone's right to not see them and to not know about them.
Karma is powerful, and useful.

Enjoy the world you and other create.
Out of the frying pan and into the fire just may be the same sensations.
Who needs a frying pan anyway. Can you see the light in that fire? It's there.
Enjoy your new experience you desire so much that you are impatient to experience.
Not all experiences have an end. Some experiences are eternal like the soul.

These times are all about separation and eternal judgment.
We create our own experiences of our own Free Will.
What you've gone through here, you had a hand in but you haven't looked at it to see what role you are playing.

They will enjoy being your new God, and they will remind you that you have a Creator and they serve him to.

The PTB served the Creator in this school of darkness, for it is in darkness that you notice the light. They did a good job I say.

Anonymous said...

Rainbow light orbs spotted over Perth inWestern Australian and in Brisbane in QLD, Australia. People are becoming more curious as to the lights. Its simply our family returning home to us, they have been kept from us all for so long. And all the nonsense about foreign beings coming to take over and hurt us is BS. Just think about it, what would be worst then some of the horrid business happening right now. The oppressive state of fear and terror that is hanging over the common person. We belong to mother earth, we are earthlings and will remain close to her for eternity. She is birthing a new world for her children, under the protection of our father. The beings that are visiting are knowledge bringers and they are of the light and they miss us all dearly. Its one big family reunion, one big celebration coming up. Peace, love and justice for the innocent, our mother earth ensures it for her children. All of those people that have hurt innocent people must be sacred, justice will be swift and and stern. May they heal their bodies from the hurt upon their souls.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is clear to see the fear coming from many lost souls still asleep. The ones of you that are so happy being a victim can continue to protect the statis quo and stay in this dark reality for another cycle if you want to. The only problem I see is it will be a very long time before you get another chance to ascend. However know that it does not matter how long you remain in the lower frequencies of 3rd as you have free will to do whatever you want...but ALL souls will return to the light/source sooner or later.
What many fail to realize is we are from the higher dimensions and all agreed to be in this project in the lowest level of 3D. We are ready now to return to our family and our higher levels of reality. You have been lied to about reincarnation and the facts are you have been returning life after life for 27,500 years now (one cycle) and that's a long time to wait again...but it is your choice. The earth and all that remain on it are moving from 3rd to 5th and anybody not of that event will be removed to another 3D planet to continue their journey. Nobody filled with fear or doubt will be able to remain on earth in the new higher frequency. If you are so filled with dogma from controlled religions and false teachings you will be stuck in your way of thinking as you do create your own reality from your thoughts.
To say they are here to kill or take over is so stupid on the face of it...you must not hear what your saying. Why are you not dead already if that is the case?
I spent 18 years in church & I walked away with more unanswered questions than truths. None of it adds up. God is not found in the chruch. And a bible will not get you to heaven. If it would then people would buy a basement full of them to hand out to their friends to get in. Step back & take a good look at the situation. People try to get close to the preacher because they think if they stay in good favor & close to him..they will surely go to heaven because all the preachers have a free pass for their deeds in life. How silly. Most I ever met were pure hypocrites. Dressing up to impress others to show they are better and worthy of heaven because they lived right by going to church & giving 10% to the church. If you are one of these type...you will never leave 3rd dimension and you will be stuck here for a long time to come...but that is your choice.
Hell is a lie. Death is a lie. You were born in sin is a lie. Fear of God is a lie. You are less than God is a lie. You are less than the creator is real. lol Wake up & snap out of it people.
Stop spreading the fear and doubt as YOU are the ones holding all the rest of us up from the changes we are here for as your negative thoughts effect the collective. You are the problem.
Get with the program or keep your negative thoughts to yourself. You have no right to hold back others due to your negative way of thinking.
Jim Jones had the cool-aid party long ago...don't come here to drink it. Mr.Ed

Anonymous said...

It seems that alot of people spend their time in church studying other people, not the Bible. This is unfortunate because these are two very different things. It is one type of hypocrisy condemning another type, with both falling short.

The spirit shown in the comment above is instructive. We will know them by their fruits.

If we want to sincerely know what Christianity is about we will have to stop focusing on other struggling people, in the same boat as we are, and start focusing on Jesus Christ. It's not "people-anity". It's "Christ-ianity". He is the only One who will never disappoint our need for the Divine.

Following Jesus Christ is neither the problem, nor negative. This could be understood if we preferred to listen to Him, rather than listen to others talk "about" Him. Many of our unanswered questions would be addressed.