Friday, July 20, 2012

Nibiru will make it's closest passage to Earth coming into our Solar System on August 17, 2012


July 18, 2012
Ladies and Gentlemen,

"No Need For Panic" is the title of my paper I wrote the Fall of 2005, published in January 2006.

This note is a follow-up to my paper.

Tuesday July 10th, one of my private trusted sources told me the following: He heard a woman telling her employer that she attended a classified briefing for spouses of D.O.D. personnel that are part of C.O.G. (Continuity Of Government) contingency planning. This may constitute 1 or 2 % of all D.O.D. personnel.

Prior to the briefing beginning, she had to sign a non-disclose agreement. During the briefing, she was told about Nibiru ( Planet X, Wormwood) and the soon-to-happen flooding of the Atlantic coast. She was shown a map that very closely resembled the map on my DVD showing flooding of North America coastal areas.

She was told to prepare for an evacuation order that would come soon, They were told they may have as much as two weeks warning, they may not. They were told they could bring one carry-on bag and one suitcase and that they would abandon all other possessions and property.

Monday July 16, I had another private source in Homeland Security verify the information of the above mentioned briefing.

Today I spoke with another source, Mr. Mike Harris. Mike is a fellow talk-show host at RBN with the time slot following mine. Mike has a private trusted source who is a high-ranking member of a foreign intelligence agency. This source tells Mike that Nibiru will make it's closest passage to Earth coming into our Solar System on August 17, 2012 and it's closest passage outward bound on September 26, 2012.

Mike has verified this intelligence with another private source, a former high-ranking member of the Reagan administration.

All intelligence received so far points to an Atlantic Ocean event (probably connected to the Canary Island risk of a land slide generating a tidal wave) There are some unknowns here, the exact nature of which areas are most at risk is one of them. The safe thing to assume/act on, is all coastal areas (800' altitude and lower) are at risk.

One of the things I learned in U.S. Military Intelligence School (as well as being criminal investigator since 1973) was to look for reliable sources who don't know each other, giving the same information. Here we have four reliable sources all saying the same thing.

I trust this intelligence enough to be taking personal action based on it.

We human beings go through this every 3,600 years. The range of effects run from mild irritation to killing most inhabitants of Earth with: major earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, 200 mph winds and meteor strikes.

On Wednesday, July 25th, Mike Harris will join me on my radio show as my guest. We will be discussing these matters.

That's at 0700 CDT 7/25 on Republic Broadcasting ( link at my web site )

This is an on-going intelligence gathering project. I will report my findings as they develop.


John Moore


Anonymous said...

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HOW MANY women will tell you that SEX EDUCATION IS CRITICAL in today's world? HOW MANY women BEAR THE BURDEN of it all?

SEX EDUCATION IS as necessary as HEALTH EDUCATION! It is a natural part of living and there is NOTHING wrong with learning the FACTS and in doing so, do things better!

Anonymous said...

John Moore is just another fear monger. When nothing happens between August 17 and September 26, everyone can go back to sleep and wait for his next upcoming disaster. Don't forget, he said that electronics and communications would be disrupted last Saturday because of a CME. Nada!

Anonymous said...

You people have been saying this crap for Five years now, always keep changing the date...WHAT ARE THE COORDINATES...of this OBJECT..??

Anonymous said...

Whenn I go to the link, I don't see this article.

Anonymous said...

Kerry's blog on July 20 has a 3AM update stating this is a psy op.

Anonymous said...

Please stop spreading fear.. There is no scientific prove pertaining to the existence of Nibiru or End of the Life As We Know It.

Anonymous said...

If Nibiru/large object comes around August 17, then the world powers should already know it and prepare for it. To prepare to evacuate their citizens. That is especially true for Russia that has only ~142 mln people and that CARES for her people. She cannot afford to lose let say 100 mln people or more, if she wants to survive as nation. There are enough cold war era underground cities, like that in Mezhgorie, Yamantau mt, ready for that. Rumors put that number of 200. Perhaps it will be disguised as WW3 prep. Or perhaps a real brief WW3 will break out soon before Nibiru. I don't know. But I know They know and will save most of their pop. Russia is in Prophecy and cannot just disappear from the map. Don't know about the rest nations. Many could vanish.

Raymond said...

Guys, seriously. You want destruction and disaster so badly? Niburu does not exist. If it would have, even us amateur astronomists would have seen it by now.
Do you seriously think a planet/brown dwarf sized object can be hiding behind the sun for so long, suddenly pop up, and reach earth within less than a month? Really?

Anonymous said...

If this were true, I do not know anything yet not formal, and from this time would be preparing for that fact, this is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Do not let yourselves be "harvested" out of season.
Jesus Christ

Unknown said...

Did anyone listen to his video? I did and what he is saying and how he is saying it sounds true. I mean really what do you have to lose if you prepare for something that does not happen. I would rather prepare for something that doesn't happen then not prepare for something that does happen.

Anonymous said...

It's Really amazing the level of stupidity some people have. A planet so big and it dind't show up July 21, now, they've changed the date. And they will change it, again and again and again. LOL.

Anonymous said...

13 hours 48 min o sec -8 24 25

Anonymous said...

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Go google all this and you will see the difference between when local communities controlled schools, and parents controlled the sex education of their children, rather than the state controlling and sticking their noses into families, we were much better off. Since when does Obama, with no history, have more knowledge about a families child than that family???