Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trump Gives 1 Speech That Changes Everything

“Statesman” Trump Gives 1 Speech That Changes Everything… Leaves Critics Helpless

Billionaire businessman and GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump has often been dismissed as a serious candidate by his critics because he is viewed as being too crass and obnoxious and not well-versed enough on national security and other policy issues.

In short, Trump has been largely written off as rather unstatesmanlike and unpresidential.

But during a week in which our nation’s top enemy launched an attack against not only a close ally and friend, but literally the seat of power of the European Union, Donald Trump gave a glimpse of a side of himself that was indeed rather statesmanlike, according to The Washington Times.

On Monday evening, Trump delivered a thoughtful, well-prepared and well-received speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, in which he gave a rather sobering assessment of the threats facing both the U.S. and our closest friends and allies, such as Israel, and what can be done to confront and defeat those threats.

The Most Presidential Speech 
By Donald Trump Ever! 


Through  that  speech,  Trump  showed  his  supporters  and  detractors  alike  that  he  was  indeed  well-informed  about  the  issues  and  capable  of  listening  to  advisers  and  allowing  their  knowledge  to  influence  and  build  on  his  own.

Mere hours after Trump’s speech had concluded, radical Islamic jihadists in Belgium set about proving their many threats were more than just empty words, launching a deadly and devastating attack in the heart of Brussels while 'president' Barack Obama watched a baseball game and later danced the night away.

While Obama essentially blew off the attack as little more than a distraction that he wouldn’t let get in the way of his palling around with a communist dictator, Trump immediately acknowledged the seriousness of the incident and reminded everyone that it is something he and his potential future administration would be focused on like a laser.

Should Trump continue to display statesmanlike moments like this on a regular basis going forward, he stands a good chance of being granted the opportunity by the voters to look and act presidential for the next four years from inside the Oval Office.

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