Tuesday, March 29, 2016

U.S. Government Committed Treason against Citizens

'U.S. Government' Committed Treason        against Citizens - Indefinite Detainment       PLUS Rights to Kill

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2011
The ' U.S. government', both the Congress and Senate and Obama, committed Treason against the U.S. Citizens!

The bill 1031 written by Senators McCain and Levin which was part of the Defense Bill for 2012, gives the U.S the right to use the military on U.S. streets and to be able to take and hold a U.S Citizen without rights to a lawyer, trial or charges for the rest of their lives! 

Besides that Graham on 12/15/11 on the Senate floor disclosed it gave the U.S. Rights to KILL U.S. Citizens also. 
To see that portion go here:

The Media has been silent about this! 99% of the American Public does not know about this new law!

Video of that disclosure is included in this video.

You do realize this is how the Nazis started.

Proof the FEMA Camps have begun preparing:



Anonymous said...

Yah Think!

Anonymous said...

And your point is?
The facts are US Citizens register to vote in this corporate structure.
They, US Citizens, know it's a fact that the United States is a federal corporation; where in the past they did not know.
They, US Citizens, still register to vote in it, watch the debates, and choose someone to represent them in the corporation.
When they go to vote, they have identifying information and give it so the people running the voting centers know they came there, of their free will, in person, and selected someone to represent them. [They do not know who One selects, but they know One was there to make the selection].

If in the process of being in the herd, the owner of the herd wants to cull the herd, these people have agreed to it, because they know.

This is not a matter of not knowing and having things done against your free will. This is a matter of knowing and choosing to take a chance it is not you they are talking to, or talking about when they decide to do something.

I do not know the point of this post, as I can imagine a US Citizen responding, in anger, because that's all I ever get response from is angry people. But anger reveals fear, because you are only angered if you fear you are losing or have something to lose, so it doesn't bother me that an angry US Citizen responds, but it is typical that angry people are members of the US Citizen(Ship) and like to be represented and like to complain or be angry.

I think it is a social experiment of the different types of people here.
I mean if there are humans, man, man-kind (a kind of man, looks like man, but not man), reptiles, ants, androids, clones, avians, hybrids, and others; this it is to be believed these different types have specific behaviors that belong to them.

I am guessing that if these people vote, and within that four year cycle a bill is introduced to 'delete' them from civilization, then they know how many millions are represented by that bill, and how many millions are not, and they have their names.

So I read this and wonder what is the point, because as it does not apply to me, I will not stop them from going to someone it does apply to, because they are a member by free will choice, and who am I to interfere with that membership?