Thursday, March 7, 2019

About the assemblies and something to be aware of. A plan of attack?

There is a safe way and a dangerous way to reseat the original jurisdiction assemblies. The safe way is to follow the footsteps of the founding fathers. The dangerous way is to create something different or new. Creating something different or new can be considered a coup. Creating a coup can attract the attention of the corporation in a seriously negative way. Our actions and workings must reflect our founding documents and the language used within. Words are defined using the 1828 Webster's Dictionary because it is the closest dictionary to the time of our country's founding. The experience and due diligence of tracing history has been done and blueprinted. The MGJA did this over a decade of experience and research in assembly.

Here is a taste of the works done by the MGJA over the years.

Now a project for the readers of this article. The cabal and the deep state can smell their end coming. If you think they will ignore the assemblies, you are in for a surprise. The project is to sit down and write on a piece of paper what the assemblies are, who is behind them, and who is doing the teaching to the other states. Now you want to obstruct and destroy the assemblies so the people do not lawfully return to self governing. You need to review your resources and abilities.

1. Who has big influence over the people that can be turned against them?
2. How can we use our resources of the combined agencies to pull a psyop?
3. How about the proven CIA operation Dismantle?
4. Do we have any Illuminati or Masons involved anywhere?
5. Do we have anyone that has been involved with the Pope or has a Catholic background that we can force to do our bidding?
6. Do we have the ability to use any directed energy weapons to force compliance?
7. Any silver tongues available who can inject rhetoric without proof and make people believe it?
8. Do we have a team of lawyers that can do some creative writing to inject Roman Admiralty words and phrases into the assemblies through an inside agent?
9. Can we sway the states coordinators from a proven system with bad information that seems appealing?
10. Can we get the Italian mafia involved?
11. Can we interrupt their communications?
12. Can we attack their websites?
13. Can we train provocateurs with the Rules For Radicals book?
14. Can we demonize the MGJA and those with knowledge who did it right?
15. How far can we push them before they catch on?
16. Can anyone think of anything else to inject?

Now with all this in mind, what would you do to stop the states assemblies or get them outside of the lawful path they are on? How can you kill a movement that is unrebutted for 7 years and stop the other states from duplicating it? What would the plan be? Are the people stupid enough to fall for it? Can it already be in play?

Dear heavenly father, please forgive them for they know not what they do.