Saturday, March 2, 2019

About the National Assembly and it's function versus the states assemblies

The National Assembly is a communications conduit for the states assemblies! It is a focal point for information and how people can reach out to their county and state assemblies! The National Assembly has no membership of it's own. The National Assembly has no leadership but the states themselves. When an email request to be connected with a state coordinator is received, the request is forwarded to who ever stepped up to receive the requests for your state assembly. Going through the content manager email protects the privacy of the parties involved. This is why the states coordinators / communications secretaries contact info is not on public display. When a new introduction post is created in the national assembly forums in your state's introductions sections, it is up to the states to deal with them. The National Assembly can do no more! All the power and action happens in your county and state assemblies! The National Assembly is not a reflection of a central bank! It is a reflection of many independent states who send reps forward to a central point at a national level to maintain harmony with each other.

When someone sends a request of removal to the national assembly email, what do you expect to happen? The National Assembly has no power to control what ever a state assembly decides what they do with their membership or records. You have a severe lack of understanding in the process of self governance if you are asking the national assembly to take any action to change a state assembly's business or records. The correct process is to have your county or state assembly handle your membership requests. Many states have members that the National Assembly does not know about. Not the National Assembly's business. If the states choose to keep the national level records current with their records in case something happens in the state assembly so there is a backup, then the states may do so. This is logic 101 folks! Show you have something between your ears! Do it right! Our founding fathers created this system to keep the power in the people's hands and within their state. Not at a national level that is proven dangerous to the people if the power is present there! Stop with the indoctrination of how a de facto corporation works! That does not apply here! This is the de jure! That means of your own right! So far the Utah assembly has figured this out and has done this procedure correctly. A few people wanted out and notified the Utah coordinator. Cheers to the Utah assembly and the members of it! Cheers to the people who wanted to go their own way! Got some pretty intelligent people there who know how to do it. The rest of us in our states have work to do and we are doing it.