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Blood Oath Fulfilled - Anna Von Reitz - And people following her now? - posted by Freewill - Amended by Sun Tzu: Sun Tzu say: "Just like the Cabal, she cannot infringe upon your God given Freewill without losing her soul, so she tells you straight up that she is bringing a fraud against you and that she has taken a blood oath to do so. Read the FIRST 4 PARAGRAPHS CLOSELY"

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Blood Oath Fulfilled

By Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I have a blood oath standing on the altar of the Universal Catholic Church.  Please note that the Universal Catholic Church is not the Roman Catholic Church, but the far, far greater Church at large.  
My Blood Oath clearly states to you--- as it did to Cardinal George of Chicago (see the actual letter addressed to him that is part of my archive at that I was putting my life and soul at risk to bring forward the Great Fraud against the American states and people for remedy.
She states she is bringing the fraud! Not exposing someone else's fraud!
In fact, under ecclesiastical court rules, nobody who isn't prepared to hazard their own life and soul against me in this matter is allowed to offer rebuttal.  And nobody has. 
Not a peep in rebuttal or denial of what I have said about the cheating and defrauding and press-ganging and breach of trust against the American states and people has ever been heard in the years since I placed my Blood Oath before the Vatican Chancery Court and the Holy See and I am sure that no such denial or rebuttal will ever be made, because what I have said is true and verifiable.

Anyone who tried to come against me would lose not only the argument, but would burn in eternal Hell according to Catholic Doctrine for placing my life and soul at risk for the sake of a self-interested lie.
It's like playing poker.  When the bid is insurmountably high, nobody takes it.  And I placed the bid insurmountably high for the sake of the truth and my country and my countrymen and my True Lord, Jesus, who is not dead and not a dead body, either.
The Bible teaches that the soul is in the blood. 
So when you seal testimony in blood, it is sealing the truth of it with your soul. 
Most of you have been deposed or given statements before Notary Publics or vows before clergymen--- promises that you have made to the best of your ability, oaths to tell the truth under penalty of perjury in admiralty courts, affirmations of truth in civil courts, and all of this is accepted as normal due process that people should be held accountable for telling the truth and should give some sign of consent to be punished if they are found to be willfully prevaricating. 
When you seal testimony in blood before the highest ecclesiastical and equity court in the world----and you are bringing charges against the Roman Pontiffs and British Monarchs for fraud, theft, and breach of trust and commercial contract for the last 150 years-- you had better believe that you have to post a bond backing your testimony in the most absolute and unequivocal terms possible: a blood oath. 
I knowingly, willingly hazarded my life and eternal soul as punishment for any willful lie--- but I also called the Cardinals, Pontiffs, and Monarchs on the carpet under the same risk. 
The fact that not one of them offered as much as a whisper---ever---in rebuttal tells you that what I have said is true and that my judgment in the matter stands as The Law binding upon the court, the Holy See, and their property managers at the Vatican and also upon their vassal lords.  They quite literally have nothing to say and therefore have to accept my decisions and pay whatever remedy I demand. 
My decision was to redeem the Kingdom of God they created in the name of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is my Lord's and founded on His Love, His Blood, His Soul, His Rule of Peace, His Law of Love, and His Father's Law of Free Will. 
The world is so utterly messed up, so violent, so confused, so deluded, so full of excrement and idolatry and vengeance and stupidity and lies of every kind that it must be remade in a different form. 
The old paradigm of the Holy See was pagan in origin and based on the Doctrine of Scarcity, a cruel yoke which presumes that everyone is guilty and that there is never enough of any good thing.  As a result, all commercial economies were reduced to being run on a premise of eternal debt and indebtedness.  One could only pay one's debts with more debts, sins with more sins, conflicts with more conflicts, until physical death released us from this Hell Hole that Satan and his servants made of it. 
Thus they had determined to live and force everyone else to live until such time as a physical manifestation of Jesus appeared and released the prisoners and redeemed the kingdom.  That has now been done.  Against all odds, I have appeared as His Fiduciary, fulfilled The Law and the Prophets, bound Satan, and My Lord has put him under my feet according to His Word. 
The new paradigm of the Holy See is to be made wholly in the image of Jesus and based on the Doctrine of Abundance, wherein every being is deemed innocent and there is enough of all things for men to live in peace and in the enjoyment of their own homes and where there is no such thing as debt held against us.  Instead, there will be credit afforded us, more than enough to fulfill the needs of every man, woman, and child, more than enough to build each community, clean up the environmental damage, and ensure that there is no longer any need for war or hunger or want or disease or death or crying. 
The entire debt-based system is being reversed and henceforth for 1,000 years it shall stand until the Final Test and the Lord of Heaven comes again.   
Your only requirement will be to keep the peace, love yourself and others equally, and respect the free will of others insofar as it hurts nothing. 
I would beg each one of you to make it your business to get up each day and make this world a better place, by whatever means you have, both small and great.
Beyond that, there is no true law, for our Father does not demand that you worship Him, though I say that all those who live and breathe and have their being in Him ought to worship our Father, for in All There Is there is nothing more or else or apart from Him to worship and so, all else is delusion---a matter of worshiping the creation instead of the Creator, or worshiping only a part of Him, as if He could be separated from Himself. 
Please bear in mind that aside from my willingness to serve Him, I have no great merit of my own; it is His Merit that has established the Kingdom of Heaven, His Wisdom that established its Law, and His Credit which pays all debts forevermore.  It is the Most Humble of the Most High who has won the Everlasting Victory and it is in His Name and the Name of His Kingdom that I have come and set my blood upon the cornerstone in defiance of The Lie and the Liars. 
So this is the meaning of my "Blood Oath" and this is why it was required of me and also all the many other years and ways of trial that brought me.
Those who are afraid of my Blood Oath have cause to be afraid, for it stands against their Master and his demons and all those who secretly serve him as the entrance to their grave; those who say that I have acted as an "agent of the Vatican" mistake my role and place, for I have not come to argue with property managers but to contend for the Throne of Grace.  
Surely, you have heard all your lives of Evil in High Places?  Surely, you have wondered how such Evil could be overthrown?   How, but for the Truth, issuing forth from His Mouth, who first named them the Synagogue of Satan?  How, but for the willingness of living flesh to obey Him and contest in the realm of the Spirit against the Princes of the Air? 
I am only a foot soldier of the True Lord; the equivalent of a lowly Lieutenant Colonel.

Try to imagine the glory that comes after? 
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Sun Tzu say:  


Anna is clearly announcing that she is putting her own soul in jeopardy if she did not give you advanced notice that she is "bringing the fraud against the American States," and notice that she did not say, "state of states," so she is actually bringing this fraud against We The People, awakened, and in the process of peaceably assembling.

By God The ONE Infinite Creator both mine and "Freewill's souls are pure and just by exposing Anna Von Reitz in her plot to further enslave the half sleepy eyed public for her masters at the Vatican.  I will let Freewill speak for himself, but I lay all that I am down for judgement by the ONE Infinite Creator, go ahead!  I willfully will let you try to claim my soul!  "Anna's Masters at the Vatican" and "Anna herself" or "their" master Satan, come and try to take my soul, for they shall be met with the Agents of the ONE Infinite Creator in my defense, I have been a divine instrument for the ONE Infinite Creator every since I asked and prayed continuously for the mission, and The ONE responded by allowing me to wield the Sword of the Spirit (The Word of God).

We The People of America, give you the benefit of the doubt Anna Von Reitz.  We must assume that you too are a victim just like us, and that perhaps you were forced into servitude of your Dark Lords, or perhaps you were tricked into performing your blood oath for Satan and his minion hoards.

Either way, We The People of Earth, Love you, as we know that both we, and you, are all part of the ONE, Infinite Creator, we welcome you to being ONE with us, once your soul and light body have learned the necessary lessons to be the ONE in UNITY with us.

Sun Tzu

Saturday, September 8, 2018

The Blood Oath

By Anna Von Reitz

If we are Christian we all have a Water Oath (Baptism) and a Blood Oath (Communion).  These are not our puny oaths. These are Covenant Oaths guaranteed by God.  When we do our part, He promises to do His.

In Communion we accept the Blood Oath of Jesus on the Cross declaring "It is finished!" 

When I accept His Oath and enter into Communion, His words apply to me--- it is finished and done. 

Satan has no more hold over me and I have no more debts to pay Satan.

In fact, Satan has no right to be here collecting anything from any of us.  Not one peso. Not one drop of blood.  Although we may commit many sins, there is only one forgiveness for all sins at all times, forevermore.  Jesus made the Covenant and He fulfilled it.  Period.


This is why I arrested Satan and had him put in chains.  This is why I will track down and arrest Lucifer, too.  They have no right to be here causing trouble for anyone.  We have all been paid for---- sheep and goats, too. 

So what is this nonsense that all the people of the world are suffering?  Say what?  Has not our King redeemed this Earth and does He not own the World, too? 

A young Luciferian recently dared to offer their stock-in-trade excuse to me: "Lucifer enlightened us and gave us knowledge." 

Yes, I replied, but knowledge of what?  ---- Falsehood and deceit, things that have no reason to exist.  

I might have added death, misery, war, prostitution, delusion, love of money and a whole long list of other things that we don't need, either.

Checkmate. End game. Again.

Sun Tzu say:
"For those who've drunk from the cup of the fruit of the poisonous tree, it must seem to far to go back to the light, and shorter to continue on into darkness.  As Jesus said, "No Flesh Shall Be Saved, and eventually all shall be raised up, so that they may become ONE, just as JESUS is ONE with the CREATOR.

Let all who read this know:
"All of you who read this, you too can become an agent of freedom, love, peace, and righteousness.  You too can become a divinely tuned instrument for the Creator's benevolent overtakings.  Just pray like this:
"Infinite Creator, please tune me to be your divine instrument of your benevolent beauty, tune my instrument to protect the weak, to install power in the courageous and righteous, to liberate humanity from the suffering of slavery, to install the RULE of LAW in every nation on Earth, to enforce every living man, women, and child, as sovereign as God created them at the time of their conception by their mother and father.  Let love, peace, freedom, and Spiritual Law become the LAWS of EARTH.

Then repeat the same type of prayer asking for the same divine tuning of your instrument from the Angels & Arch Angels.

Then repeat the same type of prayer asking for the same divine tuning of your instrument from Jesus Christ, OUR SAVIOR, who died on the cross for our sins, so that we may become ONE with our Creator.

So Be It.  Amen.