Saturday, March 24, 2012

Braindead ChiCom censorship goons fail to quash coup rumours.

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Picture: Bo Xilai. Pumpkin pie. 沒有更多的南瓜餅就會被吃掉博先生美國間諜 .

哦贈品! braindead ChiCom 審查暴徒未能推翻政變的傳言。秘密軍隊主導的政權變化,開始在北京舉行。Oh what a giveaway! Braindead ChiCom censorship goons fail to quash coup rumours. Covert army-driven régime change begins in Beijing.
The US Nazi-continuum’s Chongqing agent-in-place, Bo Xilai, was spotted going to get instructions from his Bush-syndicate CIA handler at the US consulate in Chengdu. The treacherous liaison was ghost-tracked by Chinese military intelligence. A clear out of Chinese nationals acting as US agents began. Then tanks appeared briefly on the streets of Beijing.

It was curious that China suddenly squashed the local bloggers who had accurately caught the scent. It was strange that the alternative news caches were suddenly deleted en masse at the servers. But that’s OK. Nothing to be worried about. Everything is hunky dory in Chinatown.

London-led Western corporate confusion can be viewed with amusement here (22.03.12), here (22.03.12), here (22.03.12) and here (16.03.12). And China tries to keep the situation as quiet as possible here (15.03.12).

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