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Obama's birth certificate may be forgery

Obama's birth certificate may be forgery

Mar 26, 2012 11:48 Moscow Time
Obama's birth certificate may be forgery
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Interview with Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, US.
Start from the beginning, why is this cold case squad that you had look at the President’s birth certificate and what do they come up with?
Well, first of all we have about 3 000 party members, have a cold case party, they worked for nothing, they are ex-cops and attorneys. And I decided when the Tea Party, about 250, asked me to investigate the President’s birth certificate and I decided to give it to the cold case party so not to cost tax-payers any money. They started the investigation and obviously I gave instructions to do everything they can to clear the President on this issue. But as they dug into the investigation they came up with some evidence which tends to probably indicate that the birth certificate and the selective service form could be forgeries.
So, a lot of people have heard about this controversy before and they’ve also heard about document examiners and experts in this field saying that this long form birth certificate is legitimate. What do you say to the people who say you are just digging up something that have already been refuted?
Well, I don’t know, refuted by whom? There has never been a law enforcing agency looking into this matter. So, you can get all these opinions from different so called experts but we looked at it and our people feel, I’m not going to get in all the technical details, but it is a computerized initiated birth certificate.
Why now? Obviously this controversy has been brewing for a number of years. Why are you just now sort of jumping into the fray with this birth certificate controversy?
Nobody came to me before. When you get 250 of my constituency come to me and say – please, look into it, why not look into it? When you come to me and ask me to look at possible violations of law, I did it. But once again I gave it to the volunteer party.
And what do you say to critics there in Maricopa County who say you have millions of people to look after millions of constituents. And in a big city like Phoenix and in a county like Maricopa County in Arizona there are murders and rapes, and robberies all the time that you should be pursuing and your critics will say that this is a needless distraction from the work of a Sheriff.
Once again this is a volunteer group of people, it does not cost the taxpayers any money, I mean we investigate every crime whether it is prostitution, drugs or whatever. So, I don’t know but that’s what I say to the people – this is just another investigation that we are doing and it does not even cost the taxpayers any money. I mean why don’t we say – why do cops go after hookers and DUI and all these minor things and not concentrate on murderers is my answer to those critics.
Your critics have also said that, you know, this is not your jurisdiction. You are not a federal law enforcement agent any more, I know you used to be, and you are not in the State of Hawaii where these birth certificates were generated. So, is this really your jurisdiction?
I think we have standing when the President and the White House goes public and show their birth certificates saying it is a valid birth certificate. That affects everybody in this country including Maricopa County if it is not valid. So, we do have standing here, I’m looking now after people of Maricopa County.
And what has been the reaction over these last few weeks since you announced the findings of your cold case party? What have you heard from constituents across Maricopa County?
Wherever I go people commend me for doing this. So, naturally this has been probably the biggest censorship and blackout in the history of journalism when no one from the national level will cover the story. You know, when I do something, whether it is saw taken underwear or chine gangs, what I feed to inmates, that goes national. I’ve been on 4 000 international profiles and national and yet this has been has been blacked out when I’m investigating this situation.
But the whole controversy about that – the President’s birth certificate has been covered by news outlets in the United States for years, most recently when Donald Trump brought that up as an issue and when you brought it up as an issue. You say there is a media blackout or censorship but there are hundreds if not thousands of news outlets who have been covering this story.
Well, I wish you would tell me who they are, I’m sure they are not national. CBS, ABC, cable? Just show me who has been covering it? They haven’t been covering. I’m not going to get into inside sources and state that they don’t want to cover it, that’s another issue when we are talking about the media. But where is all the news? You are calling me, you are dealing with Russia, so I have to talk to Russia to get this story out.
So, are you saying that you haven’t received any enquiries from any American new organizations about this story?
No. We got some to talk shows. But I haven’t been called by any major networks or cable. I’m on cable all the time – Fox, CNN, - and where are they. They are not calling me, they are calling me for everything else. You would think this will be an interest, especially the ladies during the investigation they slept at service, currently they just pulled out. I see this in web and I guess in other news outlets like yours but I don’t see any major outlets talking about it.
We had a press conference on March 1, meaning it was all over the place and they showed up to insult me and not look at the facts of the evidence that we put on the screen. They didn’t question the evidence which is interesting, they wanted to question what my motives were. And like you said that everybody has already reviewed this. Who is everybody else? I don’t see Utah’s Donald Trump, you are saying that he is a law enforcing guy. No. Actually he sent me a note last week commanding me undoing this. So, maybe he figures there is some smoke out there.
In the weeks and months after Donald Trump brought this up as an issue, now almost a year ago, there were a lot of news organizations who did their own investigations, I remember CNN in particular, and came to the conclusion that this is a valid birth certificate. Do you think it is possible that they’ve concluded that this issue is just a note issue?
Why you would look at CNN, on news outlets and talk about their evidence when already talked to a law enforcing agency? Who has more credibility CNN or the law enforcing agency.
Well, some would say an elected official who is by definition a law enforcement agent and also a politician running for reelection has another agenda as well, that what a lot of your critics say.
I’ve been reelected for five times. I’m sure you don’t need this to get elected issue, believe me. I can get elected I think on the words I make to inmates, I surely don’t need this issue. I’m doing something that I know might be rather controversial. But when people came to me and asked to look into it, why not give it to my volunteer party? So, I did. And I told them I want you to clear the President on this birth certificate but they came up with the evidence not clearing the President. That’s the way it is in law enforcement.
As you know and as a lot of our listeners know the Obama Administration and in particular the Justice Department has been investigating your department for a number of years and investigation actually goes back to the Bush Administration. Do you want to clear the air, is this a political payback against the Obama?
No, that’s not go back to the Bush Administration. There was a Mayor here and a couple of other democrats who went to the Justice Department at the later part of Bush’s term and complained about us – my office largely racial profiling. They never got there and get us, the Justice Department gets thousands of thousands of allegations and that doesn’t mean they investigated it. It was a hundred days after Obama took the office that they launched the investigation. So, I wanted to clear that up. And no, I’m not doing this because they have been looking at us, it has bearing on this.
So, this isn’t anyway a political payback against the President?
Standing against the President, like I say over and over again – I’m not accusing the President of any crime, I’m investigating the two possible forgeries in the Government documents. I’m not accusing him of being involved. We will see what happens as we keep pursuing this. This isn’t payback to the President. I do know he’s mentioned me at the White House three or four month ago, he doesn’t like the way I’m doing my illegal emigration. But that’s ok, it doesn’t bother me at all what he says, I’m doing my job. Change the laws if you don’t like what I’m doing.
It sounds like you have seen evidence that you think might lead you to believe that the President’s birth certificate is a forgery but you haven’t concluded that for certain. What makes you certain that it is a forgery or that it is authentic?
Well, we’ve done a research, I think any amateur could look at what we presented and come to the theory that it is not the true birth certificate. You know, I don’t run Hawaii, so I presume that we will be riding to Hawaii. And you know, from day one all I said – to clear the air look at the microfilm in Hawaii, if the President was born in a hospital, look at the microfilm and prove it, that’s all. We have two other twins who were born the day after and the day before, the microfilm shows that they were born, so let’s see the microfilm, forget the birth certificates if that’s an argument. Show the microfilm and that clears the air. Where is the microfilm?
As you know your critics have also said that the gentlemen from the cold case volunteer party that conducted this investigation have also now published a book that they selling on Amazon for $10. Do you think that they have a financial motive?
Hold on, the investigative reporter of WND has been looking at this for years. I do have some faith in investigative reporters. Sometimes they come up with good information like the Watergate, nobody cared about the Watergate until two investigative reporters came up with the evidence. So, they are very, very looking at it. The reason this was in a book, this was a press conference that I held and I got the words out knowing that the main media would not cover this press conference, I guess they did it live on the Internet. This was not authorized by me but I called the book like enhance press release. So, the guy run in this, my chief investigator and ex-cop, he didn’t make any money on this. This wasn’t a real book, I’m not a technical guy, but they recorded the statement to get word out.
But if they are selling it for $10 on the Amazon who is getting the money?
Well, I presume if anybody was getting the money, it wasn’t my guy but if he did it would go although with expenses to develop the investigation since we are not using the taxpayers money. If you want to talk about books, I see there are a lot of elected officials that write books while they are already in the office and talking about their duties. So, what is wrong if that did happen, but my guy didn’t, to write a short book to explain, doing the press conference, what really happened because we knew that the major media would not cover it. And I guess we were right because they are not covering it and at least other public avenues are able to look at this and have an idea of what we are doing.
Sheriff, thanks for your time, I appreciate it.

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