Thursday, March 29, 2012

Phoenix Call - World is dumping the dollar tomorrow

You Better listen to the Phoenix call tonight. Its coming down. We are fixing to have a one world currency.
All the Brick Countries are fixing to dump the dollar tomorrow.
The agreement is being signed tomorrow by the bricks

This is really Big People and it means the end of the Dollar and the USA as we have known it. Think about it, nothing is made here any longer. We depend on China for just about everything. We are nothing more than a service economy, dependent on other countries to provide us with all our toys. The Revaluation of currencies will occur after the agreement is signed. The good news is this could happen very fast.                                                  CLICK ON........                                                              


  1. Is the US Dollar Headed for a Major Fall?

    Next week there is a meeting of the BRIC nation over the use by the U.S. of the SWIFT system to block Iran from selling its oil. The BRIC nations are buyers of that oil. Their views on Iran’s nuclear policies do not go as far as refusing to buy their oil. The SWIFT system is the system used to make international payments and covers most acceptable currencies.

    This use of the international monetary system as a war machine has surprised and angered these nations who are meeting next week to discuss this and, no doubt, to work out ways to prevent the U.S. from exercising such power.

  2. NO .. maybe this is happening in another dimension. That is a possibility.

  3. End of the Dollar? Not a chance. No way. Should it happen? Yes, but it won't. There is not another currency to take its place. This will not happen today, tomorrow, next week, or the week after that.

  4. If this happens, you can bet that the U.S will start a war with Iran blocking all oil to the BRIC.

    1. CGI's Maryhrt: Brics to eye joint bank (India, China, Russia, Brazil, S Africa) exchange ties at summit…

      Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
      Date: Thursday, 29-Mar-2012 15:04:51


      The most relevant announcement from this week’s meeting in India of the countries’ leaders is likely to be plans for a joint development bank in the mold of the World Bank
      Frank Jack Daniel & Brian Winter / Reuters

      New Delhi: The Brics group of emerging world powerhouses – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – is expected to launch plans this week for a joint development bank and measures to bring their stock exchanges closer together.

      Link for more:

    2. war with Iran. Many galactic messages have told us that this will "NOT" be allowed and they will block any efforts to do so. I think this is pretty clear.

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  6. Well mod at Dinarvets...Maybe you can reinstate member BANE. He was banned for breaking NONE of the rules over there. It was a mod that was very religious and didn´t like when I posted some inconsistencies in the Bible. That breaks none of the rules of Adam´s site.

  7. To Anon 06:01 AM and 06:21 AM,
    The issue isn't that the dollar will END.
    The issue is that the dollar won't be the standard currency of the world anymore. Other currencies are taking over regionally. Open your mind and listen to the actual show. The whole thing.

  8. Making way for the new US currency - US Treasury Dollars.

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  10. Somebody is getting upset with the dollar. When more and more countries join the crowd and gradually start refusing it, the times when America was buying up the world's production with suitcases of freshly printed greenbacks will be over. And stuff will become expensive. What this may cause on the Main Street, is the topic of a (hyperbole) video called "The Day the Dollar Died" now circulating on youtube (I am in no way associated with nor do I know the makers, the "National Inflation Association"). Ironically, the video came out virtually at the same hour when the news about the China-Russia deal surfaced. What a timing.