Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinar Intel Update

Posted Today, 02:42 AM
10:43 PM [soonerfan62] Hey guys good Evening wanted to come in for a short while tonight and say hi and we have had a great day of intel

10:46 PM [soonerfan62] Guys hope you have your plan together because you don't have anytime left

10:47 PM [Shipcomingin] soonerfan62 Quit teasing us you big tease!!!!!!!
10:48 PM [soonerfan62] Shipcomingin No tease just fact, better be ready in hours

10:48 PM [TailDragger] soonerfan62 ok give it up
10:49 PM [soonerfan62] TailDragger Just did

10:50 PM [jan] soonerfan62 so ya think its gonna hit tonight or tomorrow night
10:51 PM [soonerfan62] jan Yes I am

10:50 PM [mshaddie4] soonerfan62 - please tell us something concrete - will tomorrow be a good day?
10:51 PM [soonerfan62] mshaddie4 Yes

10:52 PM [goshiluvu] soonerfan62 all things seemed to be aligned for a Sunday RV 
10:53 PM [soonerfan62] goshiluvu Yep

10:54 PM [marshww] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 do we need to stay up for 2 am ??
10:54 PM [soonerfan62] marshww Why, banks aren't open

10:54 PM [wildwes35] soonerfan62 Hey Brother man! You were serious when you said no more weekends! 
10:54 PM [soonerfan62] wildwes35 Yep

10:55 PM [TexasT] soonerfan62 if we stay up till 2am,,,could we see it please sir?
10:55 PM [soonerfan62] TexasT Could yes

10:56 PM [sfmhi] soonerfan62 - hon hugs. Is this the final weekend? 
10:56 PM [soonerfan62] sfmhi Yep

10:57 PM [rjandrj2] soonerfan62 if the banks, cbi and forex are all closed how could we possibly see it? 
10:57 PM [soonerfan62] rjandrj2 We will tell you

10:58 PM [..tigger1] soonerfan62 if CB is closed till April 2 How will we know with it being Sunday?
11:00 PM [soonerfan62] ..tigger1 We will tell you

11:01 PM [marshww] soonerfan62 did u listen to AQ today ??
11:02 PM [soonerfan62] marshww NO been busy

11:01 PM [TexasT] soonerfan62 are you sure it has not already happened???please sir
11:04 PM [soonerfan62] TexasT Could have 

11:06 PM [nagchunn] soonerfan62 going to Vegas next week. Would be nice to have some money to play with!
11:07 PM [soonerfan62] nagchunn You will have

11:07 PM [bogeyboy] soonerfan62 Where will it show since CBI is closed?
11:08 PM [soonerfan62] bogeyboy You won't we will

11:08 PM [TN Teacher] soonerfan62 THANKS so much for the info...any comment you would like to make on the rate? 
11:08 PM [soonerfan62] TN Teacher High

11:11 PM [soonerfan62] Guys you ought to be glad it has taken so long, that’s what’s causing the high rate

11:12 PM [punkin] soonerfan62 Sooner.............Did I miss good new?
11:13 PM [soonerfan62] punkin Nope just in time

11:12 PM [wildwes35] soonerfan62 Any word on the VND? Thanks
11:13 PM [soonerfan62] wildwes35 dollar

11:12 PM [rjg] soonerfan62 how do u really know the rate will be high when all we have been told for years is nobody knows rate or date
11:14 PM [soonerfan62] rjg You'll have to take my word or not 

11:15 PM [rjg] i just hope we have truly had our last weekend without seeing this rv finished
11:15 PM [soonerfan62] rjg More

11:18 PM [joyjoyjoyjoy] soonerfan62 thank you!! do you think everyone will have time to get cashed in at the high rate with the larger holders going first?
11:19 PM [soonerfan62] joyjoyjoyjoy Yes

11:20 PM [rjg] soonerfan62 awesome, thanks. Are you thinking tomorrow when forex opens
11:20 PM [soonerfan62] rjg Before

11:20 PM [sfmhi] soonerfan62 - one last question - We don't need to watch CBI because they are down until the 2nd right?? TY
11:21 PM [soonerfan62] sfmhi Right

11:20 PM [whoopi] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 soonerfan62 I was asked - by punkin - where would we cash in on Sunday. I said - take Monday off. Anything we are missing? THX 
11:22 PM [soonerfan62] whoopi Can't cash in on Sunday

11:21 PM [..tigger1] soonerfan62 do u have eyes at the bank
11:23 PM [soonerfan62] ..tigger1 Yea

11:22 PM [aceman] soonerfan62 if it is to revalue before forex opens how will the revalue be known?
11:24 PM [soonerfan62] aceman WE'll tell you

11:27 PM [joyjoyjoyjoy] Blessedby [joyjoyjoyjoy] soonerfan62 thank you!! do you think everyone will have time to get cashed in at the high rate with the larger holders going first? Missed soonerfan's response, scrolled off screen, but he responded with YES 
11:29 PM [soonerfan62] joyjoyjoyjoy Yes

11:30 PM [jnorm] soonerfan62 So we are looking forward to our morning coffee, Sunday paper, and news of an RV bright and early in the morning?
11:32 PM [soonerfan62] jnorm Maybe

11:33 PM [boomer1110] Soonerfan62 - Have fun working on your golf've earned it!
11:33 PM [soonerfan62] boomer1110 Don't have time to have fun right now

11:37 PM [CAP1] life is good in the neighborhood!!!! 

11:39 PM [snow queen1] CAP1 So tonight's our night???
11:39 PM [CAP1] snow queen1 - i believe so or tomorrow for sure. 

11:39 PM [FreewayBill] If you are all ready, i think it is time for all of you great Christian followers to Claim this RV in the name of Jesus Christ, the one who died so we could live......!!! What say you???

11:42 PM [FreewayBill] Soonerfan and Cap1 have some great intel but they won't tell anyone.... 

11:42 PM [CAP1] FreewayBill -you told us not to!!! 

11:43 PM [FreewayBill] CAP1 uhoh, that's right.... oops

11:43 PM [CAP1] guys, you are in such a great place tonight! The journey is over!! 

11:43 PM [TN Teacher] OK... soonerfan, FreewayBill, Cap1...Is this correct? RV Sunday...double digit Monday?
11:44 PM [CAP1] tn Teacher -yes 
11:44 PM [FreewayBill] tn Teacher you said IT..... Call the suv's, time to pick up the TEACHER.... 

11:42 PM [candles12] soonerfan62 i am being deployed to Boston Monday am early...i am worried what to do.....are you expecting it tonight???
11:44 PM [soonerfan62] candles12 Or tomorrow

11:45 PM [CAP1] with freeway bill and have the best of the best. No need to go hunting anywhere else. 

11:48 PM [gunny] soonerfan62 FreewayBill CAP1 So, has the summit kicked off??
11:49 PM [soonerfan62] gunny Yep

11:50 PM [ubetcha] soonerfan62 Did you make them a Offer they Couldn't Refuse???? 
11:50 PM [soonerfan62] ubetcha Yep

11:52 PM [gunny] soonerfan62 Are our lives fixin' to change for the better?? 
11:52 PM [soonerfan62] gunny Yep

11:52 PM [FreewayBill] I JUST WANT TO Say that I have met the nicest people on this site and throughout this whole dinar thing.... I have witnessed to many people and I have come to have so many friends that I hope to have for a long time... This whole thing has been a blessing and to think, we are going to get money too!!! 

11:53 PM [gunny] soonerfan62 TY sir!! So we should hear some good news in our morning?
11:53 PM [soonerfan62] gunny Could

11:55 PM [punkin] soonerfan62 How will we know if we RV'd on Sunday?
11:57 PM [soonerfan62] punkin We will tell you

11:59 PM [joyjoyjoyjoy] soonerfan62 FreewayBill stop teasing us and torturing us please tell us what you know! 
11:59 PM [soonerfan62] joyjoyjoyjoy We already have

12:01 AM [firefixer] Fb or sooner, are we looking at 4 or 14?????!
12:01 AM [FreewayBill] firefixer no

12:01 AM [peaches105] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 you think more than a dollar for the VND or higher 
12:01 AM [soonerfan62] peaches105 Close

12:09 AM [WIZ] True or False: banks cannot lock in a rate. They can only offer the rate of that day when you cash in.
12:09 AM [FreewayBill] wiz true 

12:08 AM [Jorel] soonerfan62 since you alluded to knowing the rate and date, would you be so kind as to SHARE IT
12:09 AM [soonerfan62] Jorel NO

12:09 AM [AbeFroman] FreewayBill soonerfan62 I heard the RV will be like Lindsay Lohans career.....Over soon and very HIGH!!!!! Is that your intel too??
12:10 AM [FreewayBill] AbeFroman i love the comparison, but not sure that you are going to get us to roll with that ONE.... 

12:10 AM [WIZ] FreewayBill If you have a reserve, can you lock in the rate?
12:10 AM [FreewayBill] WIZ YES

12:11 AM [joyjoyjoyjoy] soonerfan62 FreewayBill is it $22?
12:11 AM [soonerfan62] joyjoyjoyjoy No

12:11 AM [FIREFIGHTERGIRL] soonerfan62 is it between 1-10 
12:11 AM [soonerfan62] firefightergirl More 

12:14 AM [mimi2] soonerfan62 Can you tell us how high the VND will be?
12:16 AM [soonerfan62] mimi2 dollar

12:16 AM [marshww] FreewayBill i heard some wonderful things today... god is good .amen 
12:16 AM [FreewayBill] marshww AMEN

12:16 AM [Scotland69] Soonerfan62 - Do you or FB have any info for us tonight? 
12:17 AM [soonerfan62] Scotland69 Yea all good and soon

12:17 AM [FreewayBill] soonerfan62 I am getting ready for bed BROTHER..... Have a good night and take care of these PEOPLE...... Everyone soonerfan is the best of the BEST..... A great guy and i am proud to call him brother!!! Goodnight and god BLESS.... 

12:18 AM [soonerfan62] FreewayBill Kind words brother luv ya

12:19 AM [FIREFIGHTERGIRL] soonerfan62 soonerfan62 what time frame tomorrow do you think we will see something , do you have an idea??thanks sweetcakes for all you do, i've been really down, now you have my hopes up again very high...:heart: 
12:20 AM [soonerfan62] FIREFIGHTERGIRL Don't care if bank Monday

12:26 AM [soonerfan62] Guys go to bed , get up tomorrow and thank God for your blessing and your life will change by Monday. I am very tired and have Church tomorrow. Just know the ride is finally over and please pay it forward to all those that were not in this blessing like you. Great ride and lot of friends have been made. The fun is really beginning next week. Good night all, God Bless all of you and Luv ya all, Soonerfan62


Anonymous said...

John we all know your a good man and your hearts in the right place but I'm starting to think that all the so called gurus are working for some dinar bankers pumping things up to sell more Dinars Fueling the fire's not good

Anonymous said...

John, please post this as a "Headline" in your Blog. T

This video is true story about a man who had died and wanted to ask God for more time in his body.
The message here is that not all Christians will see the kingdom of God because we are in the Laodicean church age and many of us who think we are "Put Right" with God are not!

A Child Of The Most High God

LA said...

Where is the Wells Fargo cash-in information listed a week ago? It mentioned a group name to tell the banks at cash-in to get the same rsate as the dinar trader office.

Thanks a bunch, LA

Anonymous said...

best news yet for the dinar.

if they are going to wire 480M dollars to pay the egyptons, then without the RV they would have to wired dinar.

556 billion, 800 million at an assumed 1160 to 1 rate.


and it must begin by march 25th


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I don't own a single Dinar, I can this this whole ordeal from outside the box. If the Dinar RV does occur, it will be at the same time all the other currency RV's occur as we're returned to precious metal backed currency. At the same time, 80+ years of supressed technologies will be released, and Oil will become obsolete as an energy source.

public liability insurance cost said...

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Anonymous said...

That is correct. 195 countries are on board to RV. The RV does not happen until the arrests are done and we get a new regime in the U.S. and go back unter the Constitution and Common Law. There will also be regime changes for the other G5 countries. The first order of business under the new regine will be debt forgiveness. It is the new regime that will announce the new monetary system and new metals backed currency. After 70% of the PP letters go out, all 195+ countries will RV together.