Saturday, March 31, 2012

Restore America Program described by insider whistleblower

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Note - Tim Turner's False operation is revealed in the earlier portion. MUST LISTEN!


Anonymous said...

If this is going to happen, we could still be in for a long wait.

Dan said...

Are the Republic Declaration documents that Tim Turner have the states make up a year ago ALL Official and were these sent to The Hague?

When this comes down how soon will the IRS be disbanded, or really when will the employers be notified that there is NO MORE WITHHOLDING of ANY TAXES?

Maybe a list of questions should be placed on a website and maybe some answered if they can!

How many more people are going to die due to our military forces taking actions around the world as there is a HOLD on this ACTION of ARRESTS?

Desert Owl said...

I'm waiting for the transcript of this message as it sometimes very difficult to really catch what is being said.
On freedomreigns-dot-us it says arrests start April.
But why would a group like that advertise their plans so blatantly?
Something does not sound right here.
Having a website with questions & answers would make the whole plan even more obvious. In order for such a plan to succeed, secrecy is absolutely vital.

fedup said...

TPTW know that their time is up. Mentioning April as the month for arrests? This is when we will see everything on TV, as I have heard from other websites. Most have already been taken off planet and in remote places, so April is telling TPTW nothing; except what they already know. Any way, from what is being relayed; they are powerless. They can't cause any further damage, as they would have tried to position a false flag attack to coincide with anything happening.

Let's keep Source Light directed to Gaia; friends, family, enemies, the universe!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Restore America - More Info. In Ref to ....======== Submitted by a viewer. /// >Have you heard the Drake interview with Wilcock? You are the blog’s authority, in my opinion, on this subject matter. Will you please weigh in and share your thoughts with us. //// Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. I did listen to the interview, and even burned those MP3s to CDs to pass out to people. Excellent interview… Drake is filling in the final pieces to the puzzle I’ve been working on for over a year. I had originally joined the RuSA (Republic for the united States of America) because of their plan, and from what it sounds like Drake is representing the organization that was originally planning on backing RuSA. These were the mysterious representatives of the military that were going to back us and assist us in bringing the country back to it’s roots. RuSA had progressed nicely, managing to organize quite quickly and established strong groups in all of the 50 states. They had a good plan, one that from all intents and purposes had a strong chance of being successful. That is, until the true motives of the leaders came into view, revealing themselves as probable cabal agents that were ferreting out anyone who was willing to stand up to the government. It was most likely that they were never planning on finishing the paperwork, just to keep these people busy until it was too late. Their plan backfired though, in that their plan for restoration was actually sound. What they didn’t count on was people standing up for themselves and doing their own research. A strong movement was growing to kick out the leaders and replace them. While this movement was growing, someone in Pennsylvania found another very similar method and managed to achieve what RuSA had planned on their own, and then they passed this information to others. Within a month or so, a majority of the RuSA groups in each state agreed to disassociate themselves with RuSA and take the same path as Pennsylvania, bypassing RuSA. ....(....)

fedup said...

I just heard that "Drake" did not put the April date on the actions that they speak about. He said he doesn't know who did this.

check out: