Thursday, March 29, 2012

THRIVE will be available for FREE

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Dear Thrive Movement,

Since we launched in November, we have heard from many of you how critical you feel it is for the message of THRIVE to get out all over the world as quickly as possible.  

We hear you! And we feel the same. Now, thanks to your enthusiastic support - in buying the DVD, sharing the film with your communities and donating to the movement - we can make the movie free AND support the ongoing THRIVE movement.

We are excited to announce that THRIVE will be available for FREE on our website - - starting April 5, 2012!

Check out this video from Foster about our decision to go free and please
(click to watch)
spread the word!

We're counting on your support to help THRIVE
go viral in just one week by sharing the movie 
with your networks.

With excitement and gratitude,

Foster, Kimberly, and the THRIVE team


Anonymous said...

Good move! Lets make it viral people you got what you asked for! Lets rock the house with this! Lets make it the biggest viral vid. in history

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the movie.
What I do know is there are two types of people who have watched it.
Those that saw it thinking it has awakened them and it is the new solution and those that saw it and know they are awake and this is only a replacement for what is already here and is controlled by the same people.

How does it feel to be awake and not know if you are being deceived by those who were once hidden?
Aren't some of these people still waiting on outer entities to come and take control over their lives from the control of those that took over their lives?

I know why ascension is so hard for many to achieve. Everyone wants it but they are opening doors they have no idea the unintended consequences for. I am glad the Cabal taught me enough for these times so I don't get out of one trap and fall into another.

One thing for sure, the Cabal may have taken everything I would want to have owned, but they did not have my mind nor my thoughts.

As soon as you open the door for the 'new leaders' from outer world, they will have access to your thoughts. It is who they are, and what they do, it's like asking them not to breathe when they are around you. They read minds and will always know what you think and feel even though by being born here it is natural for you, but they don't have those emotional swings and random mental thoughts because in their world everyone knows so their thoughts and feelings have to be 'specific'.

Enjoy the 'new world' you create because this is the time for the kids to pick the 'next school' they will be attending.

Take care all. I am not getting any new teachers or leaders. I plan to take my freedom and walk off from all of these leadership and control and group options and just live and explore and experience like I was supposed to when I incarnated here.

Dolphin said...

This movie is available in ten languages, but still not available for the Deaf or Hard of hearing via English subtitles or closed captioning. This is very disappointing. I've heard good things about this film and have sent a contact note to the Thrive support email inquiring about this issue.

If anyone does know if this is available anywhere online to be viewed with English subtitles or captions, please let me know.


Dolphin said...

rcvd response from Thrive support - subtitles/captions are not yet available but they say they are actively working on it. :-)