Friday, March 30, 2012

WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT 4/2/12 --- Per John’s Business Opportunities links

This is a follow up Per John’s Business Opportunities links --- posted on this blog
History -- I am barely surviving like so many today and HATE waiting for this RV and prosperity programs distribution. Which never seem to arrive --- we know that story. 


Tired of the BS intel dis-info and want to do something to help us all out.

What is Johnny up to? Does it work? How much does it cost and what will it require. What have I made as a beginner with no expertise.

$ 416 profit the first 4 weeks with a very minimal investment (<$40). This was done at home behind my computer in my shorts! LOL! My goal is $ 2,000 per month.

I and we have been searching for an online money making operation with minimal investment of funds which runs automatically. No phone calls, no meetings, no inventory and minimal risk. I have been led to a former pastor Chris Attaway, a good honest soul who shares in our search for a moneymaking opportunity which is honorable and will add money to our families.

I posted a online link a few weeks ago from a system which had some rough edges. Many who signed up and then stopped because of no guidance what to do next. We have improved on it with the addition of
  •       Clear step by step instruction what to do
  •      videos explaining in detail the process
  •       online technical support on skype
  •       contact info for help
  •       continued support for your business growth
  •       webinars training with question/answer period

THIS IS A DIRECTED INVITATION FOR OUR FIRST WEBINAR THIS MONDAY AT 7:00 PM EST. Your questions and concerns will be answered.

This is directed only to those that have already visited my site.   

No exceptions as you need to have some knowledge of the subject first.

If interested in attending, 
send me an email to with subject  ’ WEBINAR 4/2/12’.  

Details of the Webinar will be provided in my email response, provided you have already visited my site.

Go forth and prosper.

John MacHaffie


Sanjeeb Sahu said...

Its really a good idea to think about some thing else to support the group. Pl. add me as it could be possible.
May God bless you.
Saneeb Sahu, Director BIRDS.

Anonymous said...

I actually have been doing something similar that a friend got me into. All you have to do is place an add for the company once a day and watch your earnings grow. Hope this may help a few souls make it while we wait for a blessing.