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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent UFO footage over LAS VEGAS (Video)

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Recent UFO footage over LAS VEGAS (Video)
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-Mar-2012 03:47:47

Recent UFO footage over LAS VEGAS BLVD - YouTube
Watch the WHOLE video! It gets really crazy at the 2:30-3:00 minute mark! At 2:58 you'll see an AMAZING pattern! In the first 1:30 I EASILY DEBUNK ALL THE BIRD/BAT THEORIST!
At a bare minimum watch the two video links found below. They are EXACTLY like the orbs in my video. And be mindful of the constant TRIANGLES and other shapes that are formed. THESE ARE NOT BIRDS! Period... point... BLANK! BIRDS FLY! They do not HOVER! They do not BLINK! Nor do they spawn from each other creating NEW BIRDS! Watch the LINKS before you run your mouth about how this isn't real! Your ass has been warned....


Anonymous said...

John, anyone who tries to debunk this, has drank waaaay to much fluoridated water!! AWESOME proof.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one! The galactic`s promised more visual sightings and they have come through in spades. keep it up galactic`s. people of earth really need to be woken up! they are very distracted and brain washed that you, the aliens are not real. So please give us more, give us something that cant be explained away so easily.Maybe you can make the empire state building or the statue of liberty disappear for a day now that would be an attention getter :)

Dan said...

If anyone would know it was Nikola Tesla that discovered a way for ANTI-gravity and could easily make a UFO, but now the Government has the technology that they stole from him and are using it on you to make you think there are ALIENS coming to take us and the Government has to call Martial Law to protect us!

"When he was 81, Tesla stated he had completed a "dynamic theory of gravity"."

Anonymous said...

I found this in the comments on Youtbe:
That is the real deal. And that's what u gotta do some times. Stop , look up and when u have a sighting share it with others.One good way to wake people up,especially when they are walking right past the freaken ufos. Nicely done my friend.
abstractspheres 8 hours ago 4
More amazing than the UFO's was that NOBODY WAS PAYING ATTENTION! Now to me... thats FASCINATING. I'll never get over it! I have heard from locals who live in the area that people off of the strip were calling 911 like crazy! ONLY TO BE TOLD THEY WERE BATS! Something else weird is that Barak Obama was in town that night. I'm not saying that has anything to do with it... But maybe they were trying to get his attention too? You just NEVER KNOW THESE DAYS! I'll never be surprised ever AGAIN!
UFOzAreVeryREAL in reply to abstractspheres 6 hours ago

Really? BO was in town? His daughter was in town during the last harp quake? Does anyone remember the norway spiral when BO was traveling for the peace prize? You would think that he would get the clue...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break it but they are still lights, in the eyes of the masses. Media can ridicule anybody if would say otherwise. Get closer guys, so there will be no confusion for anybody, even for media.

Anonymous said...

i agree with dan 100 percent those are our owe ships made by your corrupt government. there is or are no aliens coming to save us wake up people take your blinders off. look how many of these posts they keep putting on here they are trying to force all this alien stuff down your throat. and why you ask i dont really known but there planning something. dont believe the hype be smarter then them

Anonymous said...

john please listen to me i was a taxidriver for 5 years in las vegas ---- that guy is standing at the cosmopolitan looking toward the luxor look very close you can see the beam of light THE BIRDS ARE FLYING IN john you can see this every night the birds are flying in the light when they get out of the light you see them no more when we go the vegas ill show it to you and also show you all the hot spots

Anonymous said...

And what about the triangle then......pssst , your supposed to say those are TRAINED bats/birds...not just -ordinary - ones..

Anonymous said...

Its a bit hard to tell because of the night. Check this one out - good day time shot on national TV.