Saturday, March 24, 2012

Homeless to eat 'healthy' or starve in America

Subject: Homeless to eat 'healthy' or starve in America
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All over the country, major cities are banning the feeding of
homeless people.

The excuses they use to ban the feeding of the poor range from
assessing the nutritional content of donated food to beautifying
downtown areas and neighborhoods.

In New York, Mayor Bloomberg is worried about the sodium content.

Really? No salt or no food?

Talk about kicking people when they're down.


Goodman Green
- Brasscheck

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Anonymous said...

It just proves that the godless bastards just want people to die, and they just won't admit it.

Anonymous said...

Atleast someone cares about the health of their poor!!!! After all, it's no secret that poor people are forced to eat junk wherever they turn. They are forced to eat whatever they can get at soup kitchens and the like. Look at your dollar menus at fast food joints and go peruse the 'food' isles at your local dollar store. Even supermarkets are in on it. A head of broccoli costs more than a happy meal. We live in a very sick world where it has now become a privilege to eat healthy, just ask the rich who shop at the outrageously expensive Whole Foods. It will then become blatantly obvious that there's an agenda afoot that only serves the well-healed.

And all it does is make the poor sick so that they are forced to go to the ER or public funded clinic for basic medical treatment as they have no insurance. Who do you think pays for that? DUH!!! Depriving these people of their GOD given right to eat healthy ends up costing you more in the long run! Not very smart. Atleast Bloomberg has the brains and the heart to understand the logic and to do the math.

I pray that every poor person in NYC and all over the counry hears about this and then they ban together so that they can grow their own food on rooftop gardens. They don't want handouts, just a leg up so that they can help themselves and take charge of their own lives. Then, maybe the middle class will get a clue and plant gardens in their own backyards.

If we keep on doing what we are doing to each other, God will have to step in and make the corrections for us and that is coming upon us very soon. Jesus did say that we are to treat others that way that we in turn would like to be treated and that includes those less fortunate than ourselves. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Anonymous said...

That is great if that was true.... then have healthy foods, fruit and veggies available... and find ways to grow some healthy food.... That is the ultimate idea

In the meantime, get rid of GMO, Monsanto, get clean air and water and find ways to grow organic, have healthy supplements available... don't take away our health choices. Get rid of corporate interests everywhere! That can be our vision and set our intentions and make it happen!

We all deserve health and abundance... even the poorest among us... but don't use it as an excuse to let people starve!

Anonymous said...

...that's why there is a wonderful ORGANIC SOUP KITCHEN hee in Santa Barbara...thanks to conscious, caring beings!

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Santa Barbara and the conscious, caring beings!!!!