Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinar Intel - poppy 3

[poppy3] glory glory the heavens are opening up. Guys as you know i
try to stay positive all the time and always try to control my
emotions and confirm every word i get my hands on before exciting
everyone else. Well I just got one of the very important calls I have
been hoping for and it was a awesome call. This source is in the thick
of the meetings in Iraq and he for the first time called himself to
inform me agreements where made today that allows the RV and a couple
other things to happen prior to the summit.. Get that I said again
prior to the summit. He has never called the RV before and I
personally have complete confidence in his statement. There is only
one possible blowup that could take place that could prevent this
happening and if it does it could be a long time later so I and many
of my friends will pray continually that we have the favor to bring
this home for all people involved. Hang on friends the ride is coming
to a screeching halt and money will spill all over America. God’s love

[poppy3] OK just got a email saying the bankers in VND where told to
expect the dong to RV next week.. They got this notice Friday?? Don't
know this source well or their source so take as a rumor but it stands
to reason if the dinar goes so will all the rest. Poppy3


Anonymous said...

This is the message that is posted on the Forex website below concerning The Iraqi Dinar:

Mar 25, 2012
It isnt going to RV/RI. Obama needs to renew the excutive order that Bush did. It expires June 2012. It will RV by the end of 2012. The Dinarguru cite if you look it keeps getting more members. They are making money by lieing. No RV/RI until June.

Well, someone has his/her facts wrong. Does this hold any water? - J J

Desert Owl said...

Who is Obama to stand in the way of the King of kings, the Judge of judges? HE, who is in full control of His creation, is able cut Obama off in a moment, to bring that mans plans to naught today.

If HE allows this usurper, thief,liar and fraud
to have his way until June, then that is proof that all the channeled messages are a bunch of lies.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily. This is a freewill planet. God will allow divine intervention by the Galactic Federation or the Ashtar Command, only if the dark cabal tries to do something that will alter the ascension timeline. The intervention is such that the event falls to materialize and this is because Mother Earth's freewill to ascend trumps the dark cabal's freewill to prevent ascension. Ascension is the divine plan.