Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinar Cashing In --- Intel

5:23 PM stargirl:  [ AndyS]: Just wanted to let you know that what we learned yesterday about the Dinar RV is still the status today.

We had calls again today from the same sources who said they reconfirmed today that what they told us yesterday had not changed one iota. J

* It’s live in the 4 big banks which will be approved to do the exchange (as of Saturday night and still is live today though banks are closed)

* Banks should start cashing in on Monday (They allowed some people with political clout to cash out last night, so it’s true.)

* The rate is very very high – we will all be so happy with the rate! 
* They will require you to keep about 1/3 in their bank and the rest will be available as cash on a debit card to spend and get money out in the economy ASAP.

 * You will not have to do a mad dash and stand in line at a bank to cash it in – they don’t want lines at the bank that look like a run on the banks. Once it’s publicized that banks are able to exchange it you will need to call their private banking dept and get an appointment with them. How will we know what to do and when its time?

 * We do not think there is going to be any public announcement or official notification. This is going to happen outside of the news and media. We will know when the banks and currency exchanges and forex have changed the rate on the dinar and are willing to exchange it.

 * We’ll know when other people start saying they’ve cashed theirs in!!

 * We’ll call or email you as soon as we know for sure ourselves. ( Or you can please call us if you find out first! )

 * will be showing the new rates – look under sell dinar

* The BH Group will send you a notice of confirmation when it’s public and live – a webpage to go to where we can learn the specific instructions and details.

Note: Be sure you are on the BH Group list to be able to use their pre-negotiated group rate with Wells Fargo (and the other 3 banks if you’re not using Wells Fargo) and get other special banking privileges etc
5:12 PM Sam: stargirl does hammerman agree with this information excluding the bank packages

5:13 PM hammerman: not 100% just couse i cant comferm but did talk to him awhile on the phone an really sounds good so he said i could post


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Anonymous said...

We are waiting on arrest and and regime change. The new regime will announce the new monetary system and metals backed currency and the PP will go out. When 70% of the PP letters have gone out, 195 countries will RV at the same time. Therefore, keep your eye on arrests and regime change in the US, Germany, Italy, France and the UK.

John MacHaffie said...

I was told a lower % but do not know for sure. Time will tell. Thanks for the info.