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And the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:29 am" and GOD wrote the following:

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, and the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:31 am" and GOD wrote the following:

Please hear my plea for you to declare your covenant, I am the doorstep, I am the stumbling block.

And then the SPIRIT of GOD moved over me, then came the WORD of GOD, then thereupon the TIME on the CLOCK read, "2:42 am" and GOD wrote the following:

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light by Greg Giles - March 31, 2012

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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light by Greg Giles - March 31, 2012
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 31-Mar-2012 21:11:01

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light by Greg Giles - March 31, 2012
Hello my friends, in the days ahead there will be challenges that you will be required to rise up and face as courageously as you can, as there will be those of you who are asked to become leaders of your fellow man and lead them through the face of adversity. This is the reason some of you are here, and this is your purpose at this time. If you feel you are being called to the forefront of your people, then we say to you this is your call and you are hearing it loud and clear. We say to you, follow this beacon that will lead you to a destination that will see you taking charge of situations and assisting your brothers and sisters to make it through these days ahead with grace and confidence that they will make it through these events safely, seeing no harm come to them or their families who have trusted your leadership and have been inspired by your wisdom, your courage and your understanding of these events.
What you are being asked to do is to relive the events that have transpired here in the distant past, but this time you will gather all your resources, including each other, to assist you better handle these challenges and rise to the occasion, defeating any obstacle that presents itself in your path. You are being asked to face these challenges with courage and determination and a will to survive. What you are not being asked to do is to panic, to fear, to turn on each other, to quit, to feel sorry for yourselves and to allow these challenging events to overpower you and defeat you.
You all have gone through so much through your many incarnations into the physical, and all of these experiences have been stored within your subconscious as tools in your arsenal to allow you to better face the adversities of the period that you are in at this very moment. All of these past lives and all of these experiences were very important and for a reason, and that reason is now. You may view your past lives as your training ground to hone your skills that you will need to make it through the months ahead according to your terms, according to your vision of how you wish to experience your existence. You make the rules, you call the shots. You have the power and the means to experience the days ahead the way you wish to, and we ask you, do you have the determination, do you have the will, and do you have the courage to make it through these days ahead the way you wish to.
There will be many from this day forward who will choose many different paths of experience, and you will be required to make a decision as to whether you choose to be a follower or a leader. Many paths will present themselves, and many of those among you who will present themselves as leaders down these paths, but remember, there will be many leaders and many paths and not all of them will lead you through smooth roads and clear skies. It is up to you and no one else to choose if you wish to lead, if you wish to follow, and which path you will walk from this moment forward. There will be ‘false prophets’ who beg you to follow their Sirens call, and they will lead you down a path of destruction. Who is it that you are following? Why is it you are following this person? Why do you resonate with their preaching? Where will the path they are leading you down emerge?
It is time to reveal to you more of your purpose here, and the time has come for you to understand better your choices as the days are numbered and they grow shorter every moment. The days and months will pass by you very quickly and it will be soon that important choices present themselves to you, and it is of most importance for you to accurately recognize them and consciously realize that a choice is being offered you and that you must choose. There will be no way to move forward without choosing a path, and not choosing will result in you traveling down one of these paths whether you consciously made this decision or not.
As we have advised you all along, there is nothing to fear. This does not mean you cannot choose fear as one of your paths. All along all of your journeys you have always had the option of choosing the path of fear, or choosing the path of love. This is no different today, and will be no different tomorrow. You may if you wish, consciously choose each path presented to you based on these two differing emotions. We will not persuade you to choose either of these paths. You do not need our coaching any longer in this regard. Each of you by now understands, at least superficially, the differences between these two emotions and the qualities and traits that each of these paths will bring to your experience. Recognizing the differences between a path of fear and a path of love should come naturally to you. Which is the path that makes you feel good, makes you feel safe and secure, makes you feel loved, makes you feel confident, makes you feel empowered, and which is the path that instills you with fear, of emptiness, of insecurity, of uncertainty, of danger?
We will not point you in either direction down any of the paths presented before you as this is not why we are here, and it is not our right to influence you in this way. We are here to assist you in many ways, but we are not here to convince you how to proceed through your journey. We will offer you choices of our own, but you maintain the right to either accept or decline our assistance. No one will ever force anything upon you, and if they do, then you may immediately recognize this energy as either love or fear, light or dark. Some of what we offer you will benefit those of you who choose to proceed through the following days safely, seeing no harm come to them or their families, but again, it is your choice whether to accept these offerings.
The days ahead will rock the foundations of many of the lives of your people; there will be no doubt of this. How you respond as individuals and as a collective has been the subject of much debate and study for eons of time, and we are as uncertain how you will choose to experience these events ahead as some of you may be uncertain as well. What we plan to do is make your choices crystal clear, and to lay out for you like a roadmap these paths so you will be able to carefully study these lanes and more accurately see where each one leads. This is what we can do for you and we will do just this, and each and every one of you will have the opportunity to see clearly all the roads before you that will lead you from today to the end of this chapter in your history.
We feel that uncertainty is a cause of a great amount of the fear that many of you are feeling at this time, and it is uncertainty that we feel is an undue part of the equation and we will make every effort to remove this factor from the equation. We would like to say at this time that there will be at least one path that leads you through these events unscathed and unhurt, and that will allow you to experience your ascension into the higher realms according to the wishes many of you expressed before your current incarnations. This will be one of your choices, and this choice will not be taken away or disappear for any reason. Understanding this should put some of your minds at ease as you now know that this path exists and will present itself for you to consider and to choose if this is what you wish.
To recognize this path we suggest to you to review your tools that can help you better recognize and discriminate between the paths of love and fear. It will be up to you to make each decision going forward, and we wish you to always keep in mind that at any time you can exit one path and begin on another if you choose. You may find that you are walking on a path that begins to grow darker as night begins to set in. You may, if you choose, exit that path and step foot on the ground warmed by the light of the sun. There will be many opportunities for you to recognize which path it is you walk upon, and as we have said, we will do what we can to make your choices as clear as possible, but will not unduly influence your decision-making.
We understand many of you may be confused at this time and may be feeling fear as you are beginning to learn of events that will surely present themselves. We suggest to you to find your place of center, to remain calm and balanced, and to consider the choices before you. Proceeding in a calm and balanced unemotional state will better prepare your mind for the decisions you will have to make. Making any decisions from a state of imbalanced emotion may cause you to make decisions you feel at that time are in your best interest, but may lead you down a path you would not have chosen if you had remained emotionally balanced. This is why we tell you that fear and its many properties is so detrimental to your journey, as fear clouds your vision and confuses your decision making. Give yourself the opportunity to clearly choose the path you wish to travel by resisting any fear.
As we have said, there is nothing to fear, and at least one of your paths will be smooth, safe and secure, and will lead you through to your ascension. If you remain in a calm and balanced state of emotion this path will shine bright to you and will call you by your name, and there will be no way you can miss it if this is what you choose. Considering this, how important do you feel it is at this time to remove any fear that may dwell inside you and to resist it if it should knock upon your door? Will you make it a priority each and every day and give your sincerest efforts to examine your emotions and work to better control them? We suggest to you to do just this and put aside all of your 3rd dimensional distractions and work on this, studying your emotions and learning to better deal with them.
There are many Lightworkers out there among you who have trained extensively to be of service to you in this very field, and we say to you do not be shy and to ask for their guidance as this is why they are here and this is their mission at this time. If you are receiving guidance from another and they are assisting you to remove the obstacle of fear from your path, than we say to you that you have successfully found a worker of the light who is here in love and service at this time. If you are receiving guidance from another who is reinforcing your fears or adding to your fears in any way, we say to you walk away from this person as they may mean well, but they are not doing the work of the light that they may claim to be doing.
Again, we suggest to you to take as much time as you possibly can during each and every day and review carefully your emotions. Are you feeling calm reassurance and security, optimism, hope and courage, or are you becoming nervous and scared, unsure, unconfident, and frightened for your safety and the safety of your family? If you are, then we suggest to you to seek guidance from another. We suggest to you to begin to openly engage in conversation with others that you have met through communities of light and engage in conversations that will lead you to the guidance you seek. Those of the light who are highly trained, skilled, and very qualified to offer you this guidance are here in your world in great numbers and they are here throughout your online community, as they have followed their call in service for the light and they want nothing more than to be of service to you at this time. This is why they are Lightworkers, and this is why they are here, in honor and duty they will fulfill their missions. Allow them to do what they have come here to do and reach out to them as they will reach out to you, and this is how it will be from this day forward as none of you have to walk any of these paths along. We are here as well, we are watching over you, and we want nothing more than for you to successfully choose the path that you wish to travel and we will do all that we can to see to this. This is our assignment, and in honor of duty we will fulfill our mission as well.
For some of you, stored within your subconscious are memories of this past event, and this is all you will have of this emotion. You will not have to relive this past catastrophe if you do not choose to. This is your choice at this time. You will not have replayed in your mind the events of your past, and you will not have to relive this experience or the emotions tied to them. You are being given the opportunity to purify yourselves of this past traumatic incident. You are being given the opportunity to clear not only these deep rooted emotions seated within you, but also to eradicate this past event from your experience. This is a tremendous opportunity for you and everyone to clear the residue of this event from your memory banks. This is what many of you have come here to do, as these deep rooted memories and buried emotions have stifled somewhat your advancement.
You have come back here at this time with the opportunity to replay this event and achieve through this opportunity a new outcome. Tremendous effort has gone into the planning of this event by many beings and many organizations throughout this universe, and we say to you to take advantage of this opportunity given you as this opportunity will not be offered again. What you are being offered is so rare in this universe that we say to you it is likely this kind of opportunity will never be offered anyone anywhere again. Do you understand now a little better why you all are blessed to be here and why you are being given this opportunity?
Many of you have learned how important it is to clear deep-seated emotions that work to weigh you down and interfere with your progression through your path of existence. There are many techniques available to release these deep rooted emotions from yourselves, and this entire scenario of your world has been designed as a tool to assist you to release an experience that, for many of you, has been the most traumatic and is giving you the most trouble on your journey. By reliving this event and choosing a different outcome, you will have the ability to clear this negative energy from your being. Whether you choose to do this or not is entirely your decision, and we will honor each and every choice you make.
We will only say to you that a great deal of effort has gone into this process, and you have also gone through so much to reach this point to have before you this opportunity, and we say to you do not squander it, take full advantage of it, and do what it is you have come here to do. No matter the outcome, none of you will regret being given this opportunity, and again, what you choose to do with it is up to you. There were many who wished to be here at this time, but their desire could not be accommodated. You are one of the fortunate ones, and we remind you of this only to motivate you to take full advantage of this blessed opportunity. We see so many of you doing just that and taking full advantage of your opportunities at this time.
We say to you there is something else you can do as well that will not only benefit you, but your brothers and sisters as well, and that is to assist your brother and your sister to also use this opportunity to its fullest benefit. Those are some of your choices at this time, and as we have said, you will have many choices presented to you and we will do our part to make these choices as clear to you as we possibly can. We will do what we can and take every step necessary to allow you to recognize these choices, and let you know when it is time to choose.
Today you are being given the choice as to whether you wish to proceed with your learning and your growth, or whether you wish to go back to the lives that you have become accustomed to, close your doors and your windows and try to somehow block out the events that are transpiring around you. That is your choice today, and you are required to make a decision and then proceed with your life along that path. There will be new paths presented to you along the way, and you will have further opportunities to decide which way you would like to advance, or return back to where you are now and shut out the world around you. This is your choice, and we await your decision.
All along your journey you have had the opportunity to continue forward or stop your progress, and each and every one of you has chosen to move forward and that is why each and every one of you is here at this time today. We only suggest to you that you have gone this far and have gone through so much to reach this point, so why stop now when you are so very close to the goal you had in mind the day you set out on your very long journey.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles


Anonymous said...

How can someone write such long paragraphs of the same nonsense over and over again in different ways. Not only is it the same thing it's long & drawn out on top of it! Must be some kid in his lonely teenage room spewing out nothingness that has a big imagination!

Anonymous said...

--"Which is the path that makes you feel good, makes you feel safe and secure...and which is the path that instills you with fear, of emptiness, of insecurity, of uncertainty, of danger?"--

How is this wise and safe advice? Some people take this advice as preeminent--and shoot up with drugs, or sleep with someone else's spouse.

How are our feelings, when taken alone and as supreme, a safe guide? Our feelings are vulnerable things, and powerful. When misused, they can lead us against reason, common sense, and good education--with either emotions that feel positive, or negative.

I am thankful Jesus Christ didn't follow the path that "felt" good, when He struggled in Gethsemane.

Feelings are powerful "earth-moving" tools to build with, but not trustworthy architects of the blueprints. Not on their own.

--"We will not point you in either direction down any of the paths presented before you...it is not our right to influence you in this way...we are not here to convince you how to proceed..."--

These statements are untrue. These persons have been doing exactly these things. We all have a store of influence, and we must choose how we are going to use it--because we ARE going to use it. Using "influence" is not always a manifestation of self-serving manipulation, or force. It is a responsibility. Like money.

--"Are you feeling calm reassurance and security, optimism...or are you becoming nervous and scared...frightened for your safety and the safety of your family? If you are, then we suggest to you to seek guidance from another."--

Again, this article is self-contradictory in the area of 'feelings'. Emotions can be soothed and calmed with nice-sounding lies. Emotions can be fired with fear upon hearing a certain truth. Which would we prefer to have given to us? Rationally, truth is preferable, and we'd want to assimilate it; then, find an honest way to deal with the initial fear.

--"What we plan to do is make your choices crystal clear, and to lay out for you like a roadmap these paths so you will be able to carefully study these lanes and more accurately see where each one leads."--

In order to be able to trust an interpretation of 'maps and paths' and their outcomes, we must be able to trust the interpreters themselves. These persons have not demonstrated trustworthiness, according to God's Word.

"Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls." -Matthew 11:28,29

"Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness." -Isaiah 41:10

Anonymous said...

Ok, let us all not think about the 'pink elephant' in the room.

Please, it is definately unwise and not helpful to your unfoldment to get emotional about the 'pink elephant', do you understand? For heaven's sake 'pink elephants' are to be ignored and not thought of even if the 'pink elephant' seems to be present.

What is his 'pink elephant'? Why does he keep harping about it, as if we are not to bring it into our mind?

My conclusion is that Mr Giles has a hidden motive to keep bring up that one concept that we are well advised to disregard. Of course, he does not really want us to disregard it, he wants us to pay alot of attention to his concept of his 'pink elephant' or the emotional aspect of FEAR for a very blatant reason.
He is PROMOTING FEAR as a mind hypnosis technique, by repeating the word over and over and over (18 times in fact) which is not a very spiritual choice nor a very beneficial message to put forth to people that you care for.

I have suspected for many messages that he is writing for the agenda of the darker entities and is NOT a CLEAR channel for the forces of the LIGHT.

Sadly, this message shows to me his darker attitude and allegiance and he has attempted to influence and keep people thinking in the lower vibrations of FEAR and misguiding the people away from the LIGHT.

I have chosen to remember his intentions whenever I come across his articles as it is also wise to know what one's opponent is doing, so that corrective actions can be put forth when necessary.

Be at peace with one's self and with others, be in kindness to all, and love your own progress towards the Light of the ALL THAT IS.
Be in joy, as all is as it should be, except what you can do for yourself.
So, in happiness smile warmly much like the sun shines warmly.

Desert Owl said...

In agreement with messages above, the often repeated many words serve only one purpose: hypnosis of the masses to by choice accept the agenda of the dark.

Indeed, for many of us, the time to make a choice is running out fast. We don't have many choices, as Giles message says, but only TWO:
1. Physical life = final death (of body and spirit)
2. Spiritual life = everlasting life.(of spirit body)
Luke 17:33 "Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it."

Giles messages resonate with those who still fear physical death, as he promises "there will be at least one path that leads you through these events unscathed and unhurt,". at least???

Anonymous said...

It is merely an opportunity to choose an experience of fear or love. You have free will and can choose to upgrade your life by choosing a path of love or continue with the status quo of fear based thinking. I am choosing to experience the upgrade of LOVE.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all, There is only one prime Creator, He sent His only begotten Son to earth to take upon himself all the sins of man (meaning how man kind has missed the mark) We have all missed the mark. We were born knowing how to "do wrong" even as a little child knows when he told a lie. We knew it was wrong to hurt someone, or to steal or to talk terrible to others, being a naughty brat, right ? This is not even touching the tip of the iceberg concerning sins/missing the mark. However, Christ died, yes, he died and nailed all our sins on the cross. I myself could share with any who want to hear a true life time of events that are supernatural, and I don't mean some magic. All these events that have been showered into our lives (as well as hells to temper the steal in us) I would gladly share if you feel to ask. My pen name it Star and I am a light worker.