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Date: Wednesday, 28-Mar-2012 21:17:58

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny

Massive, unprecedented ET interventions are completely disrupting any and all plans to start World War III, according to multiple whistleblowers. This and other fascinating developments suggest that 2012 may live up to many prophets' expectations.
[PLEASE NOTE: This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts, but do not COPY and REPOST it, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!]
Whether we like it or not, everyone is now being confronted with evidence that the world is being controlled by powerful, occult, negative forces behind the scenes.
In my full-length e-book entitled Financial Tyranny, I shared everything I have gathered on this controversial subject -- since I first found out about it in 1992.
If you have already read Financial Tyranny, the full scope of the problem we now face will be much more apparent as you enter into this investigation. Some of it will become clear as you read this first section.
This is the sequel to Financial Tyranny -- where we talk about the "good side".
Multiple insider sources, each of whom have been "vetted out" for their credibility and trustworthiness, have now confirmed that mass arrests of thousands of key conspirators in this vast cabal are about to occur.
A highly secretive, highly coordinated operation -- working for the good of humanity -- is about to make its move.
The Pentagon "good guys" are now in full political and logistical cooperation with a remarkable 134-nation alliance -- to bring the perpetrators to justice and free our planet.
The security around this enormous operation has been vast. Even those who will be affected by it -- and arrested -- have no idea of the staggering scope of what is about to be revealed before the eyes of the public.
Very recently I had four hours of verbal discussion with a new, public, high-level whistleblower regarding these imminent mass arrests.
We are set to record an interview at 6PM Pacific time for public release on this website -- within hours of when this first section should be posted. I will post-produce and release this interview as soon as possible.
I fully confirmed this man's bonafides and his testimony with one of my top insiders, who I brought into the discussion.
Dozens of specific points, not available in any public form, were authenticated in this vetting-out process.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you David for all your hard work. This is just AWESOME! I cant wait to read more and hear the interview. Bad guys and gals, Your time in the sun is up!! It is time to board your trains to the Fema camps, bye bye!! See ya, wouldnt want to be ya!!!! Greed never pays! Something to think about as you all rot in prison.

The funny thing is, is that your lawyers and judges that kept you out of prison or out of trouble will be in prison too! hahahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

all i wanna know is when is the irs gonna go bye bye they cannot be aroud when all this goes down. so when will all them be arrested and eliminated

Deset Owl said...

Yes,indeed it looks like "every mountain and island is removed from its place" and the sealing will follow soon after.(Rev 6:14)
But beware :"Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from him." (Pr 24:18)
Re Fema camps - in the book of Enoch the Lords judgement is written:"With chains shall they be bound,
And in their assemblage-place of destruction shall they be imprisoned,
And all their works vanish from the face of the earth.
And from henceforth there shall be nothing corruptible; "

Anonymous said...

This article is just a RECAP of recent articles that most of us have already read. When is David going to put something really NEW out there by his so-called secret "insiders" that he's "vetted"?

Anonymous said...

....part1/7....source is:***
DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny.Written by David Wilcock , 09-28 March 2012 ....(....) EVERY EFFORT WILL BE MADE TO REASSURE AND PROTECT THE PUBLIC.The people who are about to do this, are well aware of every concern you have, as an informed reader of truth websites and materials. Martial law will NOT be declared, when this happens. The military will NOT take control of the government.Innocent civilians will NOT be imprisoned or harmed in any way.Any troops who attempt to carry out unlawful orders of this sort, on behalf of the "bad guys," will be outnumbered and resisted. Every effort will be made to focus on eliminating the problem -- and immediately returning the power to the people, in an orderly fashion. New elections will need to be organized, considering that many, if not most politicians in the United States could be found culpable -- either directly or through failure to have taken action. This alliance intends to break out free energy and many other technologies that were stolen from us. The fossil fuel economy ensured that occult global control and the systematic killing of our planet, would continue. THEY DIDN'T PLEDGE THEIR LIVES FOR THE COMFORT OF BANKERS.We now know that 90 percent of the US military are aware of this plan in some form -- and at least 60 percent are in support of it. Many more federal marshals, police, active and retired military, and civilians will help out once they realize what is happening. Our warriors pledged their lives to protect us..... They did not pledge their lives -- their blood -- to keep a handful of sociopathic, genocidal bankers in control of the planet, its people and its resources. ..We all have to live here. And if your superiors are systematically killing the planet, they are not superior.They are similar to a massive infection that must be treated with powerful antibiotics -- before it destroys the host. ***** UPDATE, SAME NIGHT: WOW! The interview was mind-blowing -- much better than I even expected -- and went on for three hours. It will be processed and released ASAP. More will be posted as soon as possible, but I am too tired to do any more tonight. This so far is about one sixth of the entire piece in size. Most of it is already written. One thing I still have to do is organize over 30 different links, to the Italian bonds scandal. Much of the rest after that, is already finished. Section III still needs a final "threading" as well. This investigation is spreading like wildfire. Truly astonishing. We've already exceeded 20,000 hits as of 1AM PST, and it only was posted as of 6PM PST -- a mere seven hours earlier. That's 2,857 hits an hour. There are already over 120 comments, and many of our articles never used to get that many, ever. I'm not saying this to brag. Rather, this reveals that you are getting the message -- and spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

........part2... .... The oldest, original prophecies were not doom and gloom oriented, at all. They indicated that although we would go through difficulties, like we've already been seeing, the end results would be extremely positive. / As I revealed in The Source Field Investigations,.... the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian astronomy, Greek astronomy and Hindu astronomy, all triangulated on the period of 2012-2014 as the end of the cycle -- ushering in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity.// The forces behind the great religions of the world, are not mythological. They are not historical artifacts buried away in scrolls and texts, fewer and fewer people bother to read. They've been here all along. They have openly walked among us in every ancient culture -- and were highly revered. They have their own rules, their own governing bodies, and their own code of ethics. They have avoided appearing in any obvious, worldwide, public fashion, for well over 1000 years now. Nonetheless, they have been thoroughly involved this entire time -- guiding and steering our evolution. This critical step allowed us to become "modern", and to give us the opportunity to forget that they ever really existed -- even as they continued to guide our development, behind the scenes. And now -- very recently -- the rules have changed... and they are being permitted to do much, much more to help the Earth and its people evolve into a higher state of consciousness.. (...) ....we will go through a variety of pieces of current-day evidence -- showing how Financial Tyranny is already very, very close to collapsing. One of the most shocking pieces of evidence, is a very public divorce between warring Illuminati factions -- namely JP Morgan/Federal Reserve versus the occult powers that have secretly occupied and seized control of the Vatican. After reviewing many of these types of current examples, we will then debut brand-new whistleblower testimony -- suggesting 9/11 was indeed an "inside job." This adds valuable context to our discussion of Financial Tyranny -- and gives even more evidence that the official story was a complete fabrication. We will also explore the shocking evidence that a 7.4 earthquake on March 20th in Mexico, was man-made -- for a nefarious purpose, by a group that knows it has run out of time. ....(...) .... Some of this new data came in the form of highly clever time-encoded prophecies, that could not be fully understood and appreciated, until the actual dates took place. As it turns out, the date of March 13th, 2012 was given, years in advance, as a pivotal moment in the defeat of the Old World Order. This was all documented -- and can easily be verified. I was stunned to discover this data, for the first time, on March 11, 2012. I would have loved to have been fast enough to get it posted the next day, but this investigation could not be rushed. ///

Anonymous said...

.....part3....March 13th was also when the ancient cycles of the Mayan Calendar went into full lock-step synchronization -- regardless of which of three counting systems you use.... A very interesting real-world correlation, occurred around the prophetic March 13th date. The very next day after this cycle synchronization occurred -- March 14th, 2012 -- a top Goldman Sachs official blew the whistle on Financial Tyranny... triggering an avalanche that has only just begun. ..... I have twenty years of documenting my dreams every morning. They have been remarkably accurate, in predicting the future.Four years after I began this practice, I established direct contact with the people who are helping this planet "from above."For this same reason, I do not see a difference between "angels" and "extraterrestrials."The media has manipulated us into believing extraterrestrials are scary creatures. Once people realize that the vast majority of them, are humans -- and in many cases nearly indistinguishable from us in their appearance -- the fear factor will significantly reduce. ......(...) Thankfully, we now have the full power of the Internet, as we move through the great prophetic year of 2012. Furthermore, the technologies we did not get public access to, are so advanced that everything we see in Star Trek, Stargate and just about any other sci-fi movie you can think of, is available now -- ready to use. ....Laughter and sarcasm is simply the result of an elaborate brainwashing campaign -- ongoing since the 1940s -- and it is rooted in fear. This fear was programmed -- by an astonishing crush of xenophobic Hollywood propaganda films. Regardless of most people's inability to believe such a vast conspiracy is possible, earth humanity is already an interstellar species. The truth simply hasn't been aired in the mainstream media... yet. ...Prior to the moment of mass, public Divine Intervention, the negative forces on Earth will be confused -- as many of their dirty tricks will be allowed to occur, while many others -- far more devastating -- are completely blocked.The negative elite intended for 9/11 to be the "kill shot", that would defeat all resistance -- and usher in the New World Order. History has a great sense of irony, as 9/11 became the critical error that triggered a global awakening -- and ensured the cabal's own defeat....If the rumors I am hearing are true, we will soon see mass arrests of many key conspirators in government, military, finance companies, defense contractors, media, pharmaceutical corporations and so on.

Anonymous said...

.........part4....The evidence that will be presented, will leave no conceivable room for doubt.... ... on Nov 23, 2011 -- the complaint was filed, for everyone to read. The legal expenses involved in its preparation, were vast. B.Fulford's credibility was significantly enhanced. He promised, and his sources delivered. Little did I know that by publicly tearing it apart and looking for flaws and weaknesses, I would be contacted by the alliance that filed it, and would become one of its strongest public advocates. DRAMATIC NEW DEVELOPMENTS.I can now say from firsthand knowledge, that this 134-nation alliance, is supporting an imminent, massive geopolitical shift -- into freedom.... Once we realize the human race is much, much more extensive than we thought, and that our relatives do indeed follow a Prime Directive, we will marvel at how many obvious signposts we have overlooked. For over 1200 years now, our ancient human allies have been using a unique method to communicate with us -- and all of these communications were focused on what is happening now. During the last 30 years in particular, they have used this system extensively -- revealing who they are, what they are doing, and why they are doing it. .... THE SIGNS ARE ALREADY THERE -- 358 TOP CEOs FLEE THE SINKING SHIP. The vast majority of trouble in the world, is being generated by a highly occult, highly secretive elite, hidden away in the G5 countries -- and manipulating the financial system, politicians and militaries behind the scenes.There are increasingly blatant signals that the mass arrests are about to happen. CEOs and top corporate executives are now resigning in massive numbers. ....(....)In case you haven't followed this story, Fox (News Corporation) was working with the police and the government to tap people's phone calls and voicemails, and publish disparaging information on celebrities and public figures, through these ill-gotten means. ....Feb 29th is the "Day Out of Time" immediately preceding the pivotal March 13th Mayan Calendar date -- where the cycles shift into full synchronization. /Rupert Murdoch's son, James Murdoch, resigned from his position as executive chairman of News International, on Febr 29th /...Little did we know that the "Day Out of Time" would become the very day that Fox News International effectively admitted, to the public, that the accusations against them, were true. The crimes they are accused of, could, and will, ultimately engulf a vast majority of the mainstream media -- in its totality. Not all journalists are culpable, but those who wanted to keep their jobs, have been heavily manipulated...

Anonymous said...

....part5..., in addition to the mass arrests of 47 people and the resignation of executive chairman James Murdoch, two senior journalists were so threatened by this imminent exposure of wrongdoing, that they tried to kill themselves. ....Obviously these criminal practices within the FoxNews empire, were not limited to the United Kingdom. It is very likely that other journalists, in other media conglomerates, are starting to feel the same sense of foreboding. How much have you been hearing about this "epic" story in the Federal Reserve-controlled American corporate media? ...the disclosure of what you are about to read, will pale in comparison to everything else that comes out. When you include the two other known operations, that have been reported -- code-named Elveden and Tuleta -- the total number of arrests has now encompassed a stunning 47 people.... American readers may not be aware of the power and magnitude of what is already happening in the UK -- but our next excerpt will spell it out very nicely....... It may also be significant that Murdoch announced his resignation on February 29, 2012.
from ...March 8, 2012 Update 12:35PM. CLANDESTINE SHADOW PHONE NETWORK also referred to, as an INTERNATIONAL INTRANET. ACCORDING TO A SOURCE: There is a deep shadow network behind the traditional telephone network, that you only get access to, by invitation. It involves people who are on the criminal side -- as well as, no doubt, government and alphabet agency types who tap into phone calls, and then sell them on a black market for lots of money. [They are sold] to, for example, HIGH FREQUENCY TRADERS (HFTs) -- who then use this info to make trades, currency calls, etc. ..You can see where a network like this, can be very advantageous to the participants......Murdoch's boys did not have to tap anyone's phone directly. Instead, they simply connected with an individual who then gave them access to this hidden phone network. They told them what calls, from which people, they wanted to PURCHASE... and paid them, for the 'tapped calls'. ....(...) There is no question that News International owns and runs the right-wing hate speech industry, in the US. They are now engulfed in a massive scandal on this front as well.Advertisers have abandoned Rush Limbaugh's program in droves -- 98 different corporations within days of when the problem started.This was triggered by the public uproar that occurred when Limbaugh labeled Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, as a "slut" and a "prostitute" -- for lobbying to provide better public access to birth control.The total number of companies that have dropped Rush Limbaugh, as of March 21, 2012, is now up to a staggering 142. .. I am now developing my own show, around the Source Field Investigations book. This is not just a "what if", but is already significantly far down the road. I have not published the details of this just yet, for everyone's protection -- but once we have a more stable footing, I will definitely do so. By the time we are ready to air the show, it may well be a very different world...

Anonymous said...

.....part6......The public hearings that will result from these mass arrests, will break the whole story of Financial Tyranny, wide open. This will happen right on schedule -- following prophecies that were given to us thousands of years ago. "MUPPETGATE" IS ANOTHER PEBBLE FROM THE COMING AVALANCHE.Greg Smith, a former high-ranking Goldman Sachs employee, blew the whistle in a New York Times editorial on March 14, 2012 -- triggering a revolutionary public awakening, now being called "Muppetgate.".... According to Smith, Goldman executives call their clients "Muppets" and treat them as pathetic sub-humans - purely to be exploited and stolen from. This has effectively revealed the sociopathic "Illuminati" mindset, to the mass public.....Goldman is a bank in denial and heading for a crash. I can’t see any President recruiting from Goldman again, given recent years. And unless things change, the bank will lose clients....Outbursts such as Smith’s ...makes it easier for companies and investors to drop Goldman.The bank needs to change, and has needed to do so for years. Some improvements have been made but they look superficial, and perception is nine tenths of reality here. Remember -- if Goldman Sachs crashes, so does the Federal Reserve.1 IN 10 WALL STREET BANKERS ARE CLINICAL PSYCHOPATHS.On March 2, 2012 -- just two days after the critical Feb. 29th "Day Out of Time" in the Mayan Calendar -- the Huffington Post ran an article that seemed to anticipate the bomb Greg Smith was about to drop on Goldman Sachs.This might sound like the punchline to a joke -- but the destruction of the planet is no laughing matter, and these people must be stopped. ***** One out of every 10 Wall Street employees is a clinical psychopath, the CFA Institute (an investment and financial analysis organization) reports in the latest issue of CFA Magazine. That makes psychopathy 10 times more prevalent among New York’s financial elite than among us plebeians, for which the accepted statistic is a more palatable one in 100. .... Goldman Sachs is one of the Federal Reserve banks. So is JP Morgan Chase. The lower-level employees probably don't know this, but the higher-ups at JP Morgan are directly aware, that an attack against Goldman, is a direct attack against JP Morgan, the Federal Reserve, and the Illuminati. ... Just five days after "Muppetgate," JP Morgan announced they were cutting off the Vatican Bank's private accounts, permanently -- by the end of the month. This is of monumental significance to our discussion. The Federal Reserve is literally dropping everything and running from any financial association with the Vatican -- as fast as they can.The divorce was announced on March 19th -- and will already be finalized as of March 30th. If nothing is going to happen, why would we see such urgency? Many "Truth" researchers have concluded that the Vatican has been penetrated at the highest levels by the Illuminati. This does not mean the Vatican itself is evil, nor are most of the people working there -- but they have a very serious problem to deal with. ..

Anonymous said...

.....part7...... Any significant exposure and downfall of the Vatican will, therefore, reveal an
incredible amount of sinister, hidden truth..... Ed Koni recently posted the new website .... without revealing what program it came from, or when it aired. No footage of the program is available on the site. .. ****....The closure move by JP Morgan Chase, ....-- was a further blow to the [Vatican's] IOR [bank], whose image has been tarnished by a string of scandals.//...This article by Activist Post features some of the juicier parts of our investigation, with credit: Secret “Occult Economy” Coming Out of the Shadows?**
******* ...Furthermore, within days after we published Finanical Tyranny, Lord James of Blackheath publicly blew the whistle on 15 trillion dollars of fraud, before the British Parliament -- validating everything we had just reported. Specifically, Blackheath discusses three sums of $5 trillion each -- corresponding to 750,000 metric TONS of gold. This is significantly more gold than has ever existed in the "legitimate", registered economy, which weighs in only around 120,000 metric tons....(...) OFF-MARKET GOLD ON "DEPOSIT".The "off-market" gold is much, much greater than the "legitimate" gold. Blackheath and his colleagues cannot comprehend what they are looking at, so naturally their first impulse is to dismiss the whole thing. Nonetheless, they have the "smoking gun" documents, to prove how much gold is really there. ..... As I revealed in Financial Tyranny, the "off-market" gold was secretly hidden away in various locations throughout Southeast Asia, by the Federal Reserve -- which is also known as the Bank for International Settlements. It will be quite a shock when people realize how much gold there really is -- and how it was systematically plundered from the world. The countries who surrendered their gold, were told it would usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. This obviously did not happen. Instead, confiscating the vast wealth of gold throughout the world -- from America, Europe and 85 percent of it from Asia -- created the opportunity for the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air, backed by nothing. This "magic printing press" allowed them to financially ruin just about everyone, seize natural resources, buy the media, starve impoverished countries, install puppet governments, and attempt to establish a world dictatorship. .... The day after Blackheath gave his speech, Italian authorities seized six trillion dollars' worth of Federal Reserve bonds. This story quickly spread like wildfire throughout the interna-tional mass media. These were in Chicago Federal Reserve boxes and chests, that looked exactly the same as the ones in pictures, the 134-nation alliance had given me, to publish in Financial Tyranny. *** This astonished even the most hardened skeptics -- who had just finished reading
our investigation. //// I must cut everything below this point for now, so I get this out before my interview at 6PM PST. MUCH MORE ON THE WAY, IMMINENTLY... STAY TUNED!!! ... Hits: 27770....
DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I -- Defeating Financial Tyranny.
Written by David Wilcock , 09 March - 28 March 2012 . ...144 comments...

Anonymous said...

The new paradigm is 'togetherness'. Most of us have read these articles. Not all of us.
He is getting everyone on the same page. I wonder about your temperment in our new paradigm of love and tolerance and patience.
Dr Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

You don't come across as someone who matters when you critique someone for being their 'true self' and doing things how they see it should be done.

The Moderator was nice and said, this is 1/5 of what he wanted to post.
If you saw the Financial Tyranny info, he posted the info in sections.
The moderator suggested creating your own blog if you have info and a better way of presenting what you want people to know.

How active have you been in this process? What 'thing' have you done that can be seen as a wound to Goliath to help bring him down?

How active are you now that Goliath is falling? Have you halted your activities and sitting and waiting or are you still involved?

Involvement doesn't mean killing, maiming, or destruction.
You can do things within their system just by knowing the rules that they keep breaking and Goliath will fall.

Morpheus told Neo "Their world is based on rules." He also told Neo he may appear faster but he was not.

Step into your Divinity and stop acting like a pouting unfortunate soul.

You are better than you think you are. You are more than you know.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we know David's intentions ,but we want the real meat, I feel it's around the corner.
Judging of the fact that plenty of other sources pointing indirectly that major truths will be revealed, political and financial thugs are uncovered and more of citizen uprising all over the planet.... I am impatiently wait to hear the good news all over the MMS.........

Anonymous said...

"Breathtaking" and the other flowery language David uses to REPEAT what OTHERS have written does not sit well with me. Where is his OWN "exposure" since he has such "secret sources"? Both this article -- so far -- and the 8 part series he RECAPPED before consist mostly of "others'" work. The people who read alternative media are quite capable of "putting it all together".

Anonymous said...

Read more being blocked.......this is the message that I get when attempting to read the rest of the blog:

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GET to /start-here/davids-blog/1035-divineintervention1 not supported.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache/2.2.17 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.17 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_bwlimited/1.4 Server at Port 80

Anonymous said...

Found an interesting comment on David's page:
Carl Shaman
March 30, 2012
Dear Brothers and Sisters... you probably have seen or read it already - but if not, here it goes...
It seems as if things are really, substantially and for sure happening - RIGHT NOW! Or at least the snowball has more than started rolling, in spite of being Spring outside.

The mirror of the financial and power elite seems to be more than cracking up.
According to the Forbes-list, no. 27 of the World's richest people are the Kwok brothers in Hong Kong.
They have just recently been arrested.

It was broadcasted earlier this morning (Fri. 30th of March) on CNN Europe´s financial news.
It's reported to be a huge scandal in Asia.

The Kwoks own $18.3 billion, the second-biggest family fortune in Hong Kong after Asia's richest man... Li Ka-shing.

Check it out...

And please keep remembering... everything is happening in a constant NOW - so let's keep visualizing our dreams coming true... and it will all manifest in due time. This while time is also on our side, and increasingly speeding up, besides that we are receiving tremendous help (which is needed at this point) from our very own multi-dimensional selves, meaning our galactic sisters and brothers.
These combined factors are what the cabal is fearing the most... that people awakening to an extended truth, shall be the ones turning the tides.. and together will be creating the tipping point, for the better and the good of all people... which actually also includes the cabal, by the way. Well, well...

So time is on our side... and the tables our turning for sure - and it's not just Spring in the air... there is also a lot of love & light! Namaste!