Monday, March 26, 2012

More Dinar Talk

cashinqueen] so are we assuming that with the summit starting tomorrow 27th will show us an rv today... or have they decided to show up with toliet paper LOL

[eleanor] Iraq needs a new currency,(LDs), with a higher value,(close to $1 as there used to using the US dollar), they also talk about dropping three zeroes(constantly), maybe the reason for .86, but they also need about $4.00 to support their budget(however they've been surviving on a tenth of a penny for over 8 years). The PTB have caused the banks here and abroad a great deal of money to prepare for this RV,yet only one Power in this universe knows what's going on. Just how smart are we?

cashinqueen] Showing up with currency worth toilet paper at a prominent event 
[jubalation] cashinqueen can you imagine such an important event with NO toilet paper? Huh? lol lo

[chiefapostle] lauelei gm Maliki has signed off and Shabibi made the RV (in country) announcement yesterday.We are waiting on the US to say it is live to the Banks. This is according to intel they have some confirmation and waiting on some more. This is still considered a rumor. 
[go-go-rv] chiefapostle or just intel?
Cheifapostle: Both

chiefapostle] go to cap1 or ptr forum it is there and i think recap the rest i heard on cc's yesterday. all is well. we must believe. it's too late for them to reschedule 
and the summit starts tomorrow. we must not doubt now there is not another date!

[go-go-rv] chiefapostle i pray they can't stop the RV from showing today

Bald Eagle] worldhope I would say that the time to announce it would be upon the 
opening of the meeting, since all these Countries own tons of the Dinar, they 
would be being paid nicely for being there! JMO

[Bald Eagle] Friends, please think about this. We are in an investment of Global 
Proportions. We are not a pivotal part of this EXCEPT that we have too much 
information. We are being fed bad data by the Govt. to keep everyone off 
balance. Sooo don't expect much,, other than an RV which is great! IMO

[Moonchild29] the problem is that the RV should have happened long ago.

[USAREMENTOR] Moonchild29 : you have to remember this RV morphed into a global re-alignment...

trex] The one good thing about delays, the rate we hear keeps going higher the langer we wait

jwaynec] I am with FWB on this it will be today/tomorrow as this is like a battleplan for all this to fall into place and the timing is perfect.

qf1]* FOLKS, no matter how loudly one proclaims the 'RV' is here. No matter who 
says, 'it can't go past this event or time' --- NOBODY knows when this is going 
to hit ... PERIOD! Are we closer? Yep, because time keeps moving forward. Can 
anyone predict the hour (or even the day)? Guesses at best.

[qf1] nbr3bagshotrow --- well, it isn't that 'sources' don't know -- it's that then 
the people take that info and try to predict a date, time and rate ... not smart 
when the target is missed everyday - multiple times per day. It is hard to hit a 
butterfly from 1000 yards away with a pellet gun. 

[qf1]** Just remember folks ... NOBODY knows the exact hour or probably even the exact day this RI/RV shall happen. We make 'best' guess assesments based on info we obtain. Please stay grounded and don't let anyone steal your joy! It is hard to hit a butterfly at a 1000yrds with a B-B gun. :)

generals64] Hey, i am still excited about the whole thing...I still believe it is real....I 
just want to go to the "Creative Writing Class" with some of the other guys/gals...

[mimi3] generals64 Are you still hearing shabb's made the announcement?
[generals64] mimi3 :...I';ve never heard any difference....

[generals64] mimi3 :...I was told EARLY this morning it would happen before 8:30 this morning....Hmmmm??????

[mimi3] I heard itfrom another source too!! one as educated as you!!
[mimi3] 2morrow is the summit !! that gives me real hope

eleanor] generals64 How do you really feel this morning. Do you feel you've been lied to or misinformed all along?

[generals64] I don't feel like I have been lied to as i think that most (notice most) of the intel providers are just repeating what they hear.... the people...Okie for 
instance hear from someone who supposedly knows....Our sources...same way...they only thing I don;t do nor does the people we work repeat what is floating in the GURU world.....

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Anonymous said...

I agree yesterday, I was on a conference call for over two hours, with the hostes talking about a lady who supposebly was pull from a bday party in Las Vegas to be in position today cause the RV was done and she had to be at the bank. I believe that if the info that supposebly is obtain from "intel" should be re check as perhaps they themselves do not know what they are saying, is the blind leading the blind and we stupidly, sit there and hear again and again and again and again and........