Wednesday, March 28, 2012

G. Thomas Gulick Update 3-28-12

Selected few;

During the e-teaching times, I get many 'iinquiry minds' asking for the far out details. The study of The Gatekeepers,
Quarterly Derivative Reports, RightSide Market and The Baltic Dry Index e-teaching. Each came about from our January 2000
to present family of like-minded relationships. Today, you are on my list to ask for some your brain power.

If you receive this e-mail it's because you make the difference in many of the extreme 'real news'
within our International Intelligence Reporting/Editors & Whistleblowers. Without getting into details of persons
of strange deaths of late, possible assassinations, I am seeking the knowing and understanding how it's done.
I know it's done but want to seek the how and provide the proof in later times. Get it?

Appears one must stay away from electronics, such as cell phones, or one could lose their head, have a sudden heart attack, at any age,
at any time, at any place in the world. Never to talk on a cell phone during gas pump use, etc.. The following is a place you can get educated for a fee.

I have set up 'My How Assassinations Happen Through Electronics - File" as my latest Project in Process. I expect this project in process to
take a lot of time since this knowing and understanding is like finding a pin in a hay stack! Again, it happens. We, together, are about to know
and understand the how?

If you are one of interest and would like such details as this Project In Process is completed, let me
know. In turn, I ask you to provide me with what you know and understand too. Again, let's share our
brain power to complete this task at hand.

In the meantime, catch to following:

Michael Savage on the Passing of Andrew Breitbart - (Radio Commentary Aired on March 1, 2012)
13 Minutes 14 Seconds
Uploaded by imitator777 on Mar 1, 2012
# # #
I have the sources to provide the answers. But see the importance of being more believable with the self-evident truths needed to simply
prove I am 100% right in making such reports. Tim Russert was my first of such knowing. Then Matt Simmons. Today, they are dead and
their knowing and understanding of history making corrupted events appear to have gone to their graves. Latest suspect. . . Breitbart.
What a waste!

No further mention of this Project in Process will be mentioned again. Are you in or not? That's my close and final close!
BONUS - Today, you have MASSIVE REAL NEWS at: dutchsinse 1 day ago - 
Ponder - New Madrid Fault????????????
Gerry Gullick

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