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"The Secret Gov is attempting to clamp down the lid on Pandora's Box.."

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Kerry Cassidy: "The Secret Gov is attempting to clamp down the lid on Pandora's Box.."
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Date: Tuesday, 27-Mar-2012 12:50:02

March 27, 2012
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This report dated May 18th comes of no surprise to those of us who deal with whistleblowers from above top secret however it is notable in that it brings into focus how a crackdown on revealing truth about violations within standard Matrix government also reveals a corresponding crackdown on all whistleblowers. It is obvious that any attempt to prosecute whistleblowers from black projects (top secret and above) would simply reveal that such projects exist and this they cannot have.
Place this report next to the recent lawsuit against Bill Brockbrader and Wolf radio and it immediately becomes clear that this may even be some attempt on the part of the Matrix government (by that I mean the surface government not to be confused with the REAL SECRET GOV operating with impunity without regard to protocols that demand representing the "People") to cross the line without appearing to do so. Again, as mentioned below in my statement "CAMELOT'S STAND ON THE MATTER" (see March 23) this attempt to prosecute a whistleblower by attempting to prove his above top secret unit (SEAL Team Nine) does not exist is an exercise in futility on their part.
This brings one around to the GARY McKINNON case where the government, again Matrix gov, crosses the line into the Secret Gov and does their bidding without quite knowing what they are supposed to do... and McKinnon, sadly, following the advice of counsel fell back on a defense of "aspergers's syndrome" for his defense tactic when taking the high road and emphasizing what he REALLY FOUND which was clear evidence of A SECRET SPACE PROGRAM that included off-world fleet to fleet transfers of materials and lists of officers apparently assigned OFF-PLANET.. that line of defense WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE LIKELY TO GET HIS CASE DROPPED simply because in prosecuting they force the issue of revealing the above top secret world they so desire to KEEP SECRET. You see the problem?
So herein is the dilemma that whistleblowers coming forward now face and that the Secret Gov must handle because once a person becomes public it is not so easy to simply 'knock them off'. Indeed what recourse do they have? The Secret Gov must act without revealing its true nature or mission and that requires of course, using the Matrix gov patsy's to do their bidding without knowing what or why they are doing what they are doing! An interesting quandary.
The bottom line here is two-fold:
1. The truth is coming out as part of the WAVE OF AWAKENING that is in part being stimulated by the incoming energies to our solar system and corresponding repair of DNA taking place in humanity's genome. This is happening simultaneously, that is the awareness reaching the hearts and minds while their DNA repairs itself in a sea of energy that even HAARP and chemstrails and bad food and water cannot contain...
2. The Secret Gov is attempting to clamp down the lid on Pandora's Box all the tighter while desperately trying to keep their very existence SECRET. Not an easy task.
Where is this leading? Well to a CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS where on the one hand the Secret Gov/Secret Space program ROGUE WORLD is fast colliding with the MUNDANE MATRIX GOV/ PROGRAMMED SHEEPLE contingent who are waking up at an astounding rate and no longer willing to be "managed"...
Watch as this cross-over begins in earnest because it is starting to happen NOW. This IS THE CONVERGENCE of TIMELINES.. this is where the Earth entity and Humanity as One BEGIN TO COME INTO SELF REALIZATION. As this happens and the chakras of Earth and Humanity open and CONNECT... resulting in a gradual but permanent state of enlightenment also known as "Ascension".
It is however important to note that this awakening and corresponding MERGE is not going to come easily or without pain to both sides... The force of resistance increases with respect to the FORCE OF CHANGE... and some sparks and the sound of things smashing together is unavoidable as long as the force of status quo refuses to acknowledge it's shadow self also known as "the light". This will be accomplished regardless of their preference. However note it may take longer and look like the dark side is prevailing for longer than one would wish simply because they are going to fight so hard against it.
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Anonymous said...

Plaintiff can't prove Seal Team 6 does not exist just like Bill can't prove it does if it's above top secret.
Hiring an attorney seems to be the trick in this situation.
Representation by attorney creates its own conflicts and gives jurisdiction where none would be had.
If both are military, there must be some 'standard' process they use to resolve disputes and this could be an attempt to bring out whether Bill knows what he's supposed to do when sued.

I thought we were through with conflicts and wars and ready to ascend. I see we still have mixed frequencies, so I'll patiently await the rapture (separation) because I no longer want to experience life in a world where brothers are against brothers in a very public dispute over superficial harm and superficial injury.

Anonymous said...

Not up to date information...
This was from an article posted MAY 18, 2011.
Kerry Cassidy IS a determined journalist, but she is really negative and ignores the hope that is spreading. Despite this 10 month old warning, we still have whistleblowers over and over again.

Anonymous said...

"However note it may take longer and look like the dark side is prevailing for longer than one would wish simply because they are going to fight so hard against it."

"Imminent" and "soon" isn't happening.

There is a simple solution. You have to kill them before they kill you.

fedup said...


911 Suspects: Explosive Connections

Pete L. said...

I totaly agree with soon and imminent not cutting it! They have been saying all along that they have been arresting, then Fulford said yesterday that the new money system was online and that Japan was going to make an announcement. No evidence of anything happening. They were also given until DEC 23 2011 to give it up, now the deadline is March 31 2012. I SAY IF THINGS DON'T HAPPEN RIGHT AFTER THAT THAT WE ALL REVOLT!!!!!!!

FED UP !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am with you Pete!