Sunday, March 11, 2012


Another fasten your seat belts report on Sunday 3/11/12:

This has been sourced from 3 continents from multiple sources:

1) Global Settlements  - The sign offs in Hong Kong should have been done under extremely tight security. They all should be done by now, no wait - we are still waiting for the fellow from London (from about 3 weeks ago) and I honestly don't know the real status. The fellow from London represents Europe and is the top dog ---- and his life has been threatened by the bad guys over and over. He is the final one to sign. My respect and appreciation for his diligence on this matter.

2) Financial Markets -- Also been advised that Greece was the holdup. They and Ireland have thumbed there noses at the 'fake fraudulent debt' of the Dark Cabal Bankers. The Euro and the markets shall CRASH on Monday, 3-12-12 and/or early next week. The fake paper derivatives from the dark cabal bankers are one of the primary causes. These markets and the dark bankers are to fail to bring on the new global financial marketplace. Don't believe the dis info by the mass media press - it is to crash.

Notice how many top level bankers all over the world have resigned lately? It is in the hundreds. What do they know or more important -- what have they been told?

When the markets crash, the New GOLD Backed currency system will be presented as the solution. It is all already in place worldwide and awaiting the Official Announcement from London early next week, hopefully 
on Monday. This Announcement of the GOLD BACKED CURRENCIES and Basil III banking will include the announcement of the Global Revaluation of Currencies otherwise known as the RV. The RV of the Iraq Dinar is included and most probably may show up on the banks Monday Morning here in the USA.  

Dark Cabal and Illuminati Bankers crash, and the new banking system is awaiting. Maximum concern, worry and panic for the bad guys. There ill-gotten paper money will be worthless. Fortunes lost overnight.

It is written in the Bible "The Meek Will Inherit The Earth". Whether you believe or not - it is happening!

This is time of the greatest switch over of fortunes from the bad guys to the good guys in mankind history.

Thank You LORD!

4) PP Prosperity Programs Deliveries
The P/F Penalties & Fines portions (USA Only) of the programs must go out before the RV. When the RV is announced on Monday (hopefully), the PP P/F letters have been delivered already and a certain percentage has been signed off in the bank.

5) NESARA Announcement
Last week I was advised it was to be announced this week. Obviously there was a delay and it now appears the Greece situation was one of the causes. NESARA shall be announced after the GOLD Financial system within a few days (we hope). NESARA is legally supported per several Supreme Court Rulings which now is to be expedited. These may be done with or without the NESARA label.  

6) Prosperity Programs Distributions
These WILL start after the banking announcement. Long overdue and my heart goes out for everyone suffering. GOD's Blessings shall commence.

7) OPC Distributions
OPC which stands for Operation Compassion will assist in the distribution of Blessings with a wonderful team of angels. We know we are all hurting and we will hustle to get the job done. OPC was founded by regular folks with big hearts from all other the world. We are not sanctioned by any gov or religious body --- we come from the heart for distributing Our LOVING LORD's Blessings. 

My salute to all those dedicated light workers, white knights, good guys, opc angels, galactic friends and our spiritual guides who made this happen. Thank You.

Thank You LORD

GOD Bless You And Yours,

John MacHaffie -- HIS humble servant

This intel is written on jello and subject to change. LOL!


Renegade Zero said...

I can't thank you enough, the good guys for making all of this possible, thank you all blessed souls of the light. May the good guys win.

May the light go with you always!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Praise YHWH the bush cabal will be stopped

Anonymous said...

Thank you John for sharing you are a truly great man and noble patriot. Please keep us informed of any developments.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the chemtrails will stop tomorrow? They are really terrible at the moment :(

Anonymous said...

Far from benevolent.
Simply this new system is Totalitarian in nature.
Resign the "weak links" that showed incompetency during the "old" monetary system, so that when a new system is created, there is no threat of "leaks" into the activities within this new system.

Very malevolent, and why wouldn't it be... 7 billion people cant all be billionaires living in mansions along the coast.
Ne = Fallen
Sa = Ones
Ra = Principality

John MacHaffie said...

To 5:37 anon

BULLSHIT --- your negativity is showing. Now which dept of the dark cabal do you work for?

Don't waste our time.

John MacHaffie said...

Fully expect the Evergreen gangsters shall be rounded up shortly. Perhaps they can have cells next to Bill Gates.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:37am
If I were a billionaire, I wouldn't live in a mansion nor along the coast. I'd roam free across the continents and exercise my right to reside in a tent or a teepee if I wanted to.
Some of us, after these experiences in the dark, have moved beyond materialism and want to be truly free from the controls that money had on us. If there is no scarcity then there is nothing to hoard.
I'm hoping for the two earth scenario because i do want the future I seek, but I want no more of the future where people like you can't get over separation and the 'us and them' mentality.
One Earth will know the truth, All is equal (even if they were all ga-zillionaires) and All is One (including one with the planet).
Greed may have it's place on the other Earth, but this one is tired of it and so AM I.
I know that by living in the light, I've done things to make this come to fruition. I learned so much over the years, and I know that for Goliath to fall, it took one rock and someone with the spirit and the intention to make it happen. That One could not just stand there and hold it either. And if he'd told others he could bring down Goliath with a rock, they'd have scoffed at him anyway.
I can imagine the damage Goliath created on the way down.
Nov 28th 2010 prediction of March 14, 2012 - not saying it's true, just adding something to look at if you are seeking.
Feb 20th 2012 video about March 2012 - June 2012
Foretelling of Unknown events in March 2012
Sign of Fed desperation - sterilization? purchase bonds with borrowed money at low interest to remove it from the system? What? End game is here. Fed never cared about removing what they created (un-creation, un-created).
In a collapsed system, the ponzi stops working everywhere and on everyone before a reboot into the new system of abundance. What will happen when people find out they don't have anything in their retirement funds or that Social Security check is not coming or those food stamps aren't coming? FEAR of the unknown had been instilled in so many they'd give up freedom for protection from it. How many hearts can last long enough to make it through this change from the dark (that they've known all their life and tolerated) to the light (that is unknown to them and the unknown is scary to them)?

Anonymous said...

Let's put the COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS to work for us and envision the LAST arrest being done! Picture it in your minds and send our energy on it until it is done!!

Then we can proceed with all that we have been waiting for :)

Keep in mind, according to the 'LAW OF ATTRACTION'...WHATEVER you focus will attract.


Thank you John!!

Anonymous said...

Hi John

would you please elaborate more on this statement "PP Prosperity Programs Deliveries
The P/F Penalties & Fines portions (USA Only) of the programs must go out before the RV. When the RV is announced on Monday (hopefully), the PP P/F letters have been delivered already and a certain percentage has been signed off in the bank.

Anonymous said...

"7 billion people cant all be billionaires living in mansions along the coast". We all can't have homes along the coast, due to lack of space, but everyone will have homes, no more homelessness!(yay) BTW I won't buy a mansion even if I was a billionaire overnight(though I don't expect to happen) IMO, 99% of the people will not buy mansion either, I think the 99% are very practical people, unlike the elite 1%. They mostly will buy a normal home(nothing fancy) and use their wealth wisely.

I personally don't think this new system is malevolent - it's only malevolent for the dark cabal, who basically put all their eggs into one basket, their arrogance got the best of them! Of course the proof will be in the pudding(i.e. seeing our life,wealth grow in a short period of time).

It is a known fact that with the amount of money spent on just WW2 alone, that same money would of been enough to buy homes for everyone in the US, but the cabal prefer to use that money to destroy and create chaos - they had their chance, now a new page is about to turn, a story is about to happen.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he/she is a dark cabal member, life is full of grey areas. Most likely he/she is a Christian base on "fallen ones principality". Like I said the proof will be in the pudding, we'll have to see how our lives,society,banking changes before we can say this is benevolent or malevolent. Alot people are awake, it would be extremely hard to pull a fast one on the 99%, empty promise of hope and change won't cut it this time.

Anonymous said...

I am in every prosperity program out there and I have yet to receive any letter to go to any bank nor have any of the 32 other parties I know that are in various programs as well. So, forgive my reluctence to embrace the message that letters have been received and some have been in the banks. I will only believe this when I or someone I know gets their letter. In other words I have heard all this before and it has never come yo pass. I'll be positive though and go out on my front porch and sit and wait for the delivery guys to show up. They will have an extra hour of daylight to find me today. Wait...I think I will take a nap instead.

Dragonfly Helper said...

Thank you John for all your hard work!
Peace, Love and Joy

John MacHaffie said...

Hey --- Read the message
"The P/F Penalties & Fines portions (USA Only) of the programs must go out before the RV. When the RV is announced on Monday (hopefully), the PP P/F letters have been delivered already and a certain percentage has been signed off in the bank."

The RV is to follow deliveries. Have we had an RV yet? NO

The delivery process can be done in the morning and a few hrs later the RV can be called.


Anonymous said...

Thank you John!
It is good to know you are on our side.
I love ALL of your posetive posts! I check them daily!

Anonymous said...

Romans 8:28 in The Holy Bible says this -- "And we know that in all things God (this is the Godhead; The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit) works for the good of those who love him (CHRIST JESUS -- OUR SAVIOR, LORD, HEALER, AND SOON COMING KING), who[a] have been called according to his purpose." Bottom line folks is there is only ONE KING (JESUS THE CHRIST) and HIS KINGDOM, ONE KINGDOM; nothing more and certainly nothing less. And it is a KINGDOM without lack and without end. So be is written! It would be good form for us to remember as The Sons of God (the male and female of God) according to Genesis and The Book of John "who" we are and "whose" we are for such a time as this! Anything beyond that merely grieves and breaks the heart of Our Heavenly Father and Creator; Our Abba Father! There is and forever will be ORDER in The Kingdom of God IN CHRIST THE ETERNAL KING OF KINGS and it is this bottom line according to Matthew 6:33 that says, "But seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." So what are you (are we) seeking? Remember this...God SEES the true hearts of mankind and HE will not be fooled or mocked -- most humbly stated. IF IT IS ONLY MONEY YOU SEEK, BEWARE! "For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows." 1 Timothy 6:10 So let us be careful and prayerful about the things we do and say in this season! Don't get pierced with many sorrows! Instead REJOICE in this -- "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Anonymous said...

I would probably be beneficial for many to search why US when of the gold standard adter the depression. Also if you look up the new dollar that will be printed, there is no reference to asset based currency as is required by law. On the front of the $100 bill, copper is referenced, but not gold. In a day and age where Glass Steagal has been removed after 30 years of trying by the finance industry. When that type of deregulation was also supported by the countries 4 top financial advisers and proven to giving banking massive profits and parachutes for its executives at the expense of global economic collapse and unprecedented numbers of people unemployed and long term unemployed, the industry still refusing to fix the problems, clearly intending to do it again. The industry also literally wrote Dodd Frank themselves which amounts to no regulation. This industry that profits so much from the Federal Reserve would never allow it to go away. Never, never, never. - this guys are only in it for themselves and not for the country. If currency is going to get re-evaluated and that re-evaluation is expected to go upward, it will create inflation. If that were to happen, the country would need to have a central bank with the ability to handle inflation. At this time, I see no evidence of that. As far as more arrests in the finance industry, I'm sure most agree that would be best (ideal) for the country for justice o be served, but these folks are so corrupt and will connected, it just seems impossible and unrealistic unless you have a person that is no nonsense and willing to risk their career for doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...