Thursday, March 1, 2012


This is one of those Rare “FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS” Intel reports.

I received permission from higher ups to post this as You All Need To Know.
According to several high level and down the rabbit hole sources, this was relayed to me.

These are rumors and yet to be verified. Use discernment.

Geithner, our ‘in-trouble ‘Fed Treasury boy was detained and is now under protective custody. In the questioning process, he revealed all the alleged attempted thefts of George Bush Sr. related to the Global Settlements and PP distributions.

George Bush Sr. under questioning revealed that Bill Gates’s team was responsible for the software controlled hacking of the accounts. Over 40 trap doors were discovered that directed stolen funds to be deposited in offshore accounts of Bush Sr, Obama and others. These have been found and plugged by the White Knights Computer Experts with Galactic Assistance.

Bill Gates was flown to China for a nasty confrontation on the matter.
It is alleged that Bill Gates is now under arrest & protective custody. He is alleged being charged with over 30 counts of treason. It also alleged that Bill Gates was the one delaying the RV as he had control of the red button which interfered with the processing.

It is also alleged that Henry Kissinger is under arrest as well as many of the Dark Cabal Families.
The Dark Cabal Rats are panicky and turning on each others. They are threatening to kill each other and that is one reason they are under protective custody.

As always this intel is written on jello and may change anytime.

Thank You White Knights, Thank You Galactics, Thank You LORD

John MacHaffie  HIS Humble Servant


Anonymous said...

Why are the big banks telling people they can deposit their dinars 1 to 1 and then have them active at RV?

How is this any different from a s;imy street dealer, who cashes in on the ignorant and desperate?

It reminds me of the speculators under Alexander Hamilton's scheme in the 1790s who bought up notes from the farmers and redeemed them for a bundle.

The banks say they are doing it to ease all the "turmoil" among Dinar holders.

What can anyone say to that?

Please tell me my intuition is wrong about these banks.

Anonymous said...

good news for humanity thank you lord.

Anonymous said...

Greetings All,

I believe that if You Are drawn to this site and the information therein. There is a obligation to create a new earth vision of peace,prosperity,truth,co operation with all idividuals on and off planet. John put this info up,,lets do our part and create a vision of the events unfolding,arrests,prosperity,co creation with God ect ect.,,its not enough to just read,,one must take action,,,pray,,think of the new earth where these injustices are not allowed,,create a vision Heart centered and Believe in Your Vision.
Lets Stop sitting on the side lines and Use the Mind and Heart together to create a New Earth.
Create a vision,,Whatever You Believe in Pray and Ask for Believe it and You Will Recieve It.

Anonymous said...

I was really excited and about to forward to my group then I saw the spacemen were involved and it stopped me cold.

Anonymous said...

I agree.......FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS....DEAD James 2:17

Jan said...

What is RV?

fedup said...

Monday, February 27, 2012
Informants are lined up for ongoing investigations for insider trading, investigators likened the probes to penetrating a secret society
Possibly related articles .. link .. Poof ~ Sunday, February 26, 2012 ~ High Time We Went! and link ..A March 31st Deadline Has Been Delivered To The Committee Of 300 By The Gnostic “Illuminati” Faction .. Fulford ...
February 27, 2012

FBI sees more hedge fund trading probe informants

New York, The FBI says it has enough informants lined up to keep its investigations of suspected illegal insider trading at hedge funds going for at least five more years.

In a briefing on Monday with reporters at the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation just blocks away from Wall Street, agents who manage squads of investigators likened the probes to penetrating a secret society.

The investigations are building on a mission dubbed "Perfect Hedge" that have led to the prosecutions of multimillionaire Galleon Group hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam and dozens of traders, executives and research consultants since late 2009.

"We have cooperators set up for years to come," said David Chaves, a supervisory special agent for securities and commodities fraud investigations.

Read Full Article Here
Posted by kel at 7:29 PM

Anonymous said...

John, Please Post this on your website.

GODS judgement on America a must see, really this is a must see !!!!!!!
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn discusses ancient biblical prophesy known as The Harbinger that concerns the future of America.

A Child Of The Most High God

Anonymous said...

Thank you White Hats ...

Anonymous said...

Does it say that in this article? I must have missed it. Personally, after all these so called "public servants" who continually have served themselves and their buddies....I really don't trust anyone. I wouldn't let the dinar out of my hands and trustingly put it in some Bank. As a matter of fact, they would have to authenticate and sign off right in front of my eyes that it is verified authentic by 2 managers of the bank, and credit to my account the proper amount before I'm even satisfied. Hope that helps. That's just the way I feel about it. I've had too many cons pulled on me so far in this life, and I don't intend to let it happen again.

Anonymous said...

John, you might want to post this one - intel from Ben Fulford

Dinar Issue 1 – Bush Sr and Clinton New World Disorder is Losing Control

A Child Of The Most High God

John MacHaffie said...

Oh really --- Are you so not aware of what is really happening now. I strongly suggest you do your homework.

Anonymous said...

Reader J: "Not with cameras on every corner and drones in the sky's today."
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail] Date: Saturday, 11-Feb-2012 22:06:09
In Response To: America - Welcome to the Fourth Reich (Lion) ----------- Thanks, J ///
Patriots can never take back what they believe to be theirs, that Nation forged out of the wilderness and wrenched from English control, so long ago. Not with cameras on every corner and drones in the sky's today. ------------ This is the way I see it, in simple terms. We're screwed. There are not enough patriots who even understand who the real enemy, is. Do you realize how many American's are waving the military on to war in another country, while not getting the fact they are under attack by the same a-holes they are flag-waving for? The CORPORATE US/NATO/MilitaryIndustrialComplex/Israel/UN/British/French Alliance has declared war on the entire world. When I say the whole world, I include America. The fascist Nazi psychopaths of the Corporate US Government have declared war on their own people - you and me. Ignorant? Absolutely. Insane? Of course. Psychopaths? It's a given. Any way to avoid the collapse of American society? Sure. Arrest Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, Kissinger, and Brzezinski, for treason NOW. Arrest Ban Ki Moon NOW. Arrest the administrators of Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, Citi Bank (One Main Financial), and JP Morgan - Chase NOW. Arrest the entire Obama administration NOW.Arrest the entire congress, and put them in prison NOW.
Arrest all members of the Supreme Court NOW. Arrest the administrators of the FED - NOW. Arrest the Pentagon Joint Chiefs for war crimes NOW. Arrest the Corporate CEO's of all the WMD manufacturers NOW.The only way to stop this train wreck, is to get real nasty. Do you know of anyone who has the balls to do it? And...that's just on the local side...
On the international front - The insane psychopaths of CORPORATE US/NATO/MilitaryIndustrialComplex/Israel/UN/British/French Alliance have declared war on the entire world. Is anyone out there foolish enough to believe the rest of the world will NOT strike back? .....(....) Articles In This Thread: America - Welcome to the Fourth Reich (views: 725) Lion -- Saturday, 11-Feb-2012 19:39:59 // Reader J: "Not with cameras on every corner and drones in the sky's today." (views: 191) Lion -- Saturday, 11-Feb-2012 22:06:09 // Was last Sunday's Super Bowl game rigged (so the Patriots wouldn't win)? (views: 587) NaturalWisdom -- Saturday, 11-Feb-2012 22:27:43 // Reader M: "A nice piece of propaganda with all the trimmings." (views: 147) Lion -- Sunday, 12-Feb-2012 08:51:25;read=230035

Anonymous said...


To even consider that we are the only Beings in Our Milky Way Region of Space and in other areas,,,, is just plane Dumb. Its is that people are affraid to realize the version of reality that has been told to us Is a lie to try to keep us all confused.
We see that now with the fed,wallstreet ,,ect.ect.
Our Steller Family from the Stars is Helping.
Wake Up..

John MacHaffie said...


Geeee I may have this one right LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Very well exclaimed! Manifest all day, every day! Peace and Love and Light~ We are all a beautiful Creator! We are all a beautiful God!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so ready for these characters to be locked up and throw away the keys! Declaring it is time now....

Every man, woman and child deserve health, wealth and prosperity in every area of their lives. The oceans, the land, the food, the air, and the water deserve to be clean and safe. The animals, the birds and the fish and even the insects deserve to be free and healthy. Affirming goodness to spread throughout the lands and oceans! Amen, Alleleuia!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to have confused you. I was referring to a post I saw about the banks offering a 1 to 1 deal. I was so angry, I am so angry at these big bankster that I came on here and posted. But I figure it is relevant to the arrests.

You know Socrates said to keep doctors and lawyers as far away from the stae as you can. I would include bankers in that.

Anonymous said...

I've been troubled by the basic design of our world, wherein a never ending cascade of death is necessary for life. From the smallest bacteria, which we kill millions of in our mouths alone, to the thousands of tons of fish that must be killed to keep a killer whale alive. I can't escape the conclusion that this is a sick galactic play, based on and composed of endless death. A benevolent creator ( omnipotent, omniscient ) could have designed otherwise. I could be just stupid, but fail to understand why a loving maker of all things would base life on endless death, killing and suffering. The older I get, the less I see any loving design or benevolence, just cosmic chaos in a random pattern, unguided by any hand. This may be our lot, and I live for today, unconvinced there was ever a wheel for the cosmic driver to fall asleep at. I'm still looking for the driver........

Balkan Terrorism Editor said...

They all work together and are once again pulling a scam on the American public since even 1776 as history confirms. They are playing good cop vs bad cop on us as they have always done.

An actual Quote from FDR: (Illuminati and Member of FreeMasons)

March 4, 1939 - Quote from a report of the secret committee by President Roosevelt,;

“I am making no concessions to business, or for relief. I have a military machine sufficient to stop any organized revolt. I am putting MY PEOPLE ahead of all instruments. I’ll have had a full understanding with Chamberlain, and we will destroy this unemployed condition with a WAR, and a WAR only. To Hell with the American people, as far as a Democracy is concerned. It does not exist. It never did, and we will never let it happen that way. I am going to crush business, infest America with all the aliens possible, and in the last analysis, declare Martial Law, and confiscate everything I need for a true and forceful Dictatorship. My New Deal is a failure, and I know it, but no one else will tell me that I must discontinue my present activities, and program.”

From the Secret Audience with the Military Appropriation Committee;
The Ways and Means Committee;
The Special War Finance Committee;

This copy was presented to me by mail through Senator Lundeen.” The Red Fog over America” by William Guy Carr, 1955.


The enemy is the Jesuits, 26 families of the Illuminati, Masons (33rd Degree +) and Political zionist from Priesthood to Committee of the 300 et al Knights of Malta etc.

Anonymous said...

Where is the confirmation-PLEASE!
Just a reminder- We have MANY good people in politics, government etc who have had to play the role until enough "TRUTH" was gathered to have even these unconfirmed reports. We want the BIG GUYS who pull the strings not all the good ones who have information and have been holding the Light even as they appeared to be working with the Dark. The Truth will come out- send Light and Love- not anger and fear! Thank you Light Workers everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can't find a definition for RV.

Balkan Terrorism Editor said...

All the good ones are controlled or subjugated to the Wicca or Illuminati. There are no good ones in control not even one. None of the presidential candidates are working for the USA. Paul is a Rosicruian, or other such mason.
Mitt Romney (Mormon and Mason, Luciferian,)
Ron Paul Rosicrucian and Mason, Luciferian
Rick Santorum (Knights of Malta - sworn alligiance to the English crown and a mason)
Newt Gingrich (useful idiot and mason)

Lightworkers follow the doctrine of Lucifer (Sanat Kumara) who is head of the fallen angels or referred to as the Hierarchy. We know.

Balkan Terrorism Editor said...

Fulford, like Alex Jones are controlled by the globalist as controlled opposition. Fulford works for the Rockefellers, pretending to give the interview he gave and he was in control of the Rockefellers is a fraudulent event. They are playing good cop/bad Cop once again on the world population this time.

Anonymous said...

rv is the revaluation of the money there will be a new value to it.

Anonymous said...

a voice of reason, finally lol thanks, I think I was too amused by all the eagerness and desperation to believe anyone in anything, instead of learning the tragic lesson from all their pain, human beings never cease to stupefy me, sorry my mind often drifts, any how thanks for rounding up the herd, they never learn. a few tips I humbly offer

The evil that men do

The Sociopath Masochist

T he enemy has evolved

H abile and agile

E lusive and evasive

S moke and mirror

O smosis by omission

C hameleon collusion

I carus betrayed by the leap of faith

O ppression by devotion

P raised in sympathy

A ttrition of animosity

T ribal crusades, racial bloodshed

H istory lost in noble translation

M antras defaced

A rt of war dishonored

S ubconscious insurrection

O utnumbered in the field

C hange the ordinance

H arvest the science

I ncrease the odds

S educe and subdue

T herapy by terror


Divisive tactics and new protocols

D ivide to unite

I solate to undermine

V iolate and victimize

I nsulate the ignorance

S edate the sacred

I llicitly masked by

V estige and valor

E ngineer a threat

T he deeper the vein the greater the impact

A pocalyptic prophecies to resonate the creed

C ontrabands and fanatics to terrify a nation

T ailor a cape, feign the fame and claim the flair

I dentify the detractors; mobilize a militia

C all upon the patriots; fan the flames

S afety and security demand sacrifice from us all

A nalyze trends and traits, encourage predictability

N egotiate greed to contract untapped resources

D eploy new recruits to spread the disease

N ow as access shrinks the Globe

E xorcise the Holy Ghost in the name of God

W in over belief; crucify the nonbelievers

P ose as the savior

R aise the stakes

O bjectify faith

T ap into the psyche, corrupt thoughts and steal dreams

O pposing the momentum of truth’s always in vain

C ontribute to the cause, gain trust, disclose “secrets”

O ligarchy in camouflage, slight of hand to misdirect

L ead the movement; disseminate disinformation

S uccumb to liberate, emancipate to enslave.

Anonymous said...


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