Saturday, May 31, 2014

More Rumors, and Opinions Saturday Afternoon

More Rumors, and Opinions Saturday Afternoon


[landons nana] @originalmarkz: Lawn work Saturday.... See even guru's have to do chores...

[Dinarblessed] Sounds like he wanted to let us know that he would be busy today...... but imo that still leaves late this afternoon or evening..... lol

[roudy] I, and my sources, have always tried to give a heads up about the agenda of the power sources that are controlling this RV/CE/GFR. Their agenda is not ours. Do not be deluded into thinking that the signatory referenced by BG,Okie, Tony and others is acting alone.

[roudy] This signatory is backed by a vast network of professionals who are lobbying to get this vast financial event to fruition. This means that they can, and will, move their influence where ever it is nesessary. Whether it is in this country or out is just putting pressure where it does the most good.
[kenbo] roudy so you are saying that since the signators have met with continued resistance here in the USA that they intend to move their influance elsewhere to accomplish the RV?

[roudy] The U.S. , thinking that they have some influence over the financial backing of this financial reset, is just shooting themselves in the foot. The loss they will incur if they do not release their hold on this reset will be more than they realize.

[roudy] The pressure to move their backing to another source, it seems , is pressure to get the release that is desired. If the U.S. releases the RV/CE/GFR it would be the quickest way to end this standoff. If it goes elsewhere it is anyone's guess.

[ChildOfGod] roudy praying they get their act together and QUICK!

[roudy] It is a shame that all who live in this great and wonderful country find that those who are, supposedly, running it are purposely and self-servingly causing untold misery and degredation to those, here and abroad, who count on them for guidance and leadership.

[ChildOfGod] roudy Amen!

[ivy10] Exogen just reported that it is a full misinformation campaign right now.

[wannabelieve] IF USA does loses its gold backing, and the TRN's are out, it may be a good idea to NOT convert your dinar and VND into fiat toilet paper

 [kenbo] wannabelieve always have said to diversify everything including currency

[ChildOfGod] wannabelieve US cannot move forward without asset-backed currency, so its a moot subject IMHO

[misskitty05] Here's a newsflash folks ... this is a currency speculation ... we're not supposed to figure it out .... there are people out there who either knowingly or unknowingly mislead us ... there are a few kernels of truth mixed in here and there ... that is the nature of this beast imo



[1yinca] GM TNT...what did you think about the BellaGrits post on that what Tony was talking about?

 [spades] 1yinca ... one would have to believe in a gcr new republic thing for it to mean anything . I believe all of that is just a side show to keep the masses entertained . Imo

 [1yinca] spades I picked up on some of that but what about the US being left behind?

[spades] 1yinca we have nothing to worry about . This will happen when it is time . Just sit back relax and enjoy the show .

 [spades] 1yinca ... nations lead nations follow . The sun rises and set on many an empire . . We will be alright . I as an American know that we are a strong people who don't like to follow or be told what to do so . We will be just fine .

 [kenbo] one thing to remember.. when this rv goes international....every one that has dinar will be able exchange for the international rate. Some will have better rates but no one will need to take less

 [1yinca] I don't expect to see it till the new GOI is seated....if it comes earlier...hooray


Boisedago: What effect is the signatory who was backing the world wide sale of the new US Treasury Reserve Notes with gold bullion, withdrawing their support and moving over to China?  This move makes all of the notes produced and sold by the US virtually worthless.  To quote a source:

"Breach of contract by the U.S. Treasury and amid interference by IMF (International Monetary Fund), Managing Director, Christine LaGarde, President Obama, several key members of the U.S. Congress, Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, and the World Bank has fueled the pullout.

The gold bullion provided by the signatory would have backed the new U.S. Treasury Reserve Notes, known commonly as the TRN.

Use of the new TRN which would primarily occur between central banks, would stabilize the world economy, solve the U.S. debt crisis, provide the basis for debt forgiveness and the standardization and revaluation of all world currencies under a new gold backed system known as the “Global Reset” by those involved in the process".


Forestrain:  sounds like the US would have to be stupid to pass this up. And, the US is not stupid so what is it we don't know. Hmmm I guess we'll see in the wash.


dbcbillStupid is as stupid does, goes a twist on the old adage. Greed and the lust for power have made many a person 'stupid'. Let's hope we'll see in the wash. I'll not be surprised to see several foolish politicians and bankers wash out.


JuanValdez:  One possible significance of the ''pullout'' could be that, IF TRUE, as Okie seems to confirm, any TRN -based exchange / private placement transactions prior to this date leaves the Elite holding bank credits that are most likely expressed in terms of the alleged bona fide TRN / USTN currency. 

That is, they 'exchanged' for and did business with their iqd / iqn holdings expressed in terms of new currency most likely.  This is speculation only. 

 But, why would they agree to accept old FRN currency units for their gold-backed or asset-backed dinar when they could most likely compel performance on such exchanges / contracts in terms of the new yet-to-be officially released TRN / USTN????

The pullback by a major collateral source would cause the entire scheme of the TRN to go sideways, and cause the banks to have to deal with refunding / returning iqd / iqn instruments which they may not themselves even hold any longer....who knows?? 

 It also causes the banks to have to generate another go-round of digital and paper trail making for all previous parties who exchanged or contracted with them in advance of official release. 

By coming back to the bank to state a claim, on the basis created by the pullback of collateral, they are in essence making a fraudulent claim based upon a hypothetical criminal conversion and violation of their 'public trust' (if involved in gov't units), or otherwise, trading in commerce with a currency that was at the time not yet internationally recognized. 

Just thinking out of the box.  Juan



Millie :What does this mean for us Frank. Is this good news?
Thank you

Announcement From CBI

The Republic of Iraq
The Central Bank of Iraq

Greetings: To all exchange companies and money transfer companies

Based on the provisions of paragraph 2 of Article 4 of the code of the Central Bank of Iraq, and the decision of the Board of Directors taken at meeting number 1511 on 4/30/2014, the agreement is as follows:

1. All exchange companies are to purchase the dollar directly from the CBI (wire transfer or cash). This is done through submitting an application to the foreign currency exchange window, following the mechanisims and instructions numbered 9/3/21 dated 1/26/2014.

2. Opening accounts in the Dinar and Dollar for the exchange companies for this bank should be done through the banking system (ICBS) for the purpose of foreign currency purchase.

This should be done in the following manner:

A. Current accounts will be opened in Dinars through the (ICBS) banking system for every company according to the request made by the company. The company is not provided with checkbooks for this account.

B. A code will be given to each account to deposit funds into the account through the (RTGS) system from the accounts of the exchanges.

C. An account will be opened using the Dollar for each company, and they will be provided checkbooks for the purpose of withdrawing the dollars sold by the bank, provided that this bank provides the names on the authorized withdrawals and copies of their signatures. The checkbooks are to be authorized exclusively for the purpose of withdrawing the dollar for it's purposes.

D. As for the exchange, the companies will submit a formal letter signed and authorized (2 authorizations) entitled to The Direct General of Exchanges.

3. The company's quantity sold in cash should not exceed 20% of the company's capital for the purpose of direct sales.

4. Create units for supervising compliance and money laundering.

5. The money transfer companies are to provide us with the monthly balance, checked and signed by another legal accountant. This will show the extent of this company's commitment to instructions number 19 of the year 2014.

With Respect,
General Director of the Agency
Abd Al-Abbas Khalaf Sultan


Aggiedad77:  First to note.....I'm doing this in RED with Frank's permission......he would have posted but as I type he is getting his feet wet.

FAMILY......Frank and I were searching for this article yesterday.....we both missed benblessed1 put it up on yesterday's thread....and here it shows up again.....this time it got the necessary also ties in with the posts that WalkingStick has been posting today


Please spend some time studying this CBI the news articles and try and understand what it does this affect the CBI......the vendors......the Monetary Reform steps....share your ideas and thoughts

This is another step in the process......another step closer to what we all seek

Frank will explain more on the CC on Monday....

but he is looking for input from anyone who is willing to a respectful manner.

Blessings to you all   Randy

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